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  Yo wassup guys&gals, im Spectre, or like people like to call me, Spec. Heres the 
lowdown on Jedi Knight force powers, which are what in my opinion what sets Jedi 
Knight apart from another Doom copy with lumicent swords, a.k.a lightsabers.
 So here it is:

Force Jump:

Type: Neutral

How to use it:  This is a very useful force. All it is is a very high jump, but u 
can take many shortcuts and get to some pretty good items around the ;levels with 
it. If you start it and hold the key until the sound is at its highest pitch, then 
let go, you will get a higher jump.

How to stop it:  There is no definite way to stop a Force Jump. But all it is is a 
very high jump, so high that its absolutely no use in battle. If they are using it 
in battle theyre just escaping.

Force Speed:

Type: Neutral

How to use it: This is a Never-Leave-Home-Without force. It lets you run. Very, very 
fast run. Use it to gain more mobility in battle, run over mines unbtouched, or 
escape/catch up to someone.

How to stop it: Once again, not applicable. The only way i have ever seen someone 
stop speed was to get in their way, causing the speedster to turn and crash into a 
wall, hurting themselves. The stopper then slashed them with a lightsaber. This is 
most effective on a ledge thaty overlooks a fall to oblivion or so far down they'll 
either have a hard time going back up, or be seriously hurt.

Force Seeing:

Type: Neutral

How to use: This is a very good force. It turns your vision green and a little 
worse, but its worth it. It lets you see players that are using Protection. You 
cannot be Blinded while Seeing, either. However, turning seeing on while blinded 
wont fix it. In fact, you will only use up mana, cbecause as you are blinded, you 
obviously cant see someone persuading. There is also a very useful trick to use with 
it: In the game, press Tab, then - until you can see the whole map. Then turn on 
seeing and the little black dots represent the other players. USE THIS ALL THE 

How to stop it: Um, well, ypu can Blind them, which will make seeing useless, but it 
wont work if they already have seeing turned on. Otherwise, kill them while they are 
staring at that stupid map of theirs and there goes your seeing problem lol.

Force Pull

Type: Neutral

How to use it: This really ruins a gunner's day.If you aim it at a person, it will 
pull any weapon other than a lightsaber and their fists out of their hands and to 
you. Repeatedly use this to grab all their weapons. You can also pull items towards 
you with this. Useful if you and an opponnent are racing towards and item.

How to stop it: Turn on Absorb and it wont work anymore on you. If you are using 
Persuasion, they cant target you, so start the invisibility. Um... turn on speed and 
run around a lot so they cant aim at you lol... or repeatedly Jump so they still 
cant aim at you... but thats about it.

Force Healing

Type: Light

How to use it:  This power heals your HP. Just that. There is a 1 second delay 
before you use it and you actually get the HP though.

How to stop it: Just take off HP fastaer than they can heal it. This shouldnt be too 
hard, considering the delay and the fact that it costs a horrific amount of mana, 
meaning they porbabaly cant fight back or protect themselves with force.

Force Absorb

Type: Light

How to use it: This stops all opponnents from using throw, pull and blinding on you. 
Jedi will have blinding, most people will use pull on you if you use weapons other 
than lightsaber, but as throw doesnt deal a lot of damage, it will seldom be used on 

How to stop it: There is no way to stop it, but most people will 
Grip you. You wont recieve the damage, but you will be immobilized. They will then 
kill you quickly.

Force Persuasion

Type: Light

How to use it: This force makes you invisible. You cannot be targeted by Pull, Throw 
or Grip. This is the 3rd most whined about force power in Jedi Knight, so it is 
obviously very useful, but... there is a very easy way to stop it.

How to stop it: The way to stop persuasion is seeing. If you know there is a player 
that persuades, keep up seeing all the time. Use the map meanwhile. If you are not, 
turn up your speakers and ACTUALLY LISTEN FOR THE SOUND. Its like a high kind of 
humming. Once you hear it, use seeing right away. If you are using seeing, it only 
makes them visible. They still cannot be targeted by grip, throw, or pull.

Force Protection

Type: Light

How to use it: This protects you from everything except Lightning, Lightsabers, 
Destruction, Rail Detonators, Concussion Rifles, Thermal Detonators, and Sequencer 
Charges. Basically what it is is a 200HP shield that lasts for 53 seconds. All of 
the above wear down the shield, not destroy or ignore it. Oops, i just told how to 
destroy it as well. lol

Force Throw

Type: Dark

How to use it: This throws something at your opponent. As the power deals very 
little damage, i do not use this force power. Please e-mail me @ the adress on the 
bottom and tell me what you can throw so i can finish this. Dont use this power. 
Besides the setback that the room has to have throwable objects, and you will often 
have to resort to giving items to your opponnent as well as damaging him, do not use 
this power. Do not even assign strars to this, as they will be wasted.

How to stop it: Absorb, Persuasion, Protection, dodging. The best way to dodge is to 
strafe ( move sideways and faster than normal). The buttons for this are a and s.

Force Grip

Type: Dark

How to use it: This is the best power in the game.It costs little mana, and takes 
away a bunch of HP, if not all of it from your opponnent. What it does, is it stops 
your opponnent from moving while dealing immense damage to them. The only drawback 
is that the range is very short, so wait for them to come to you, dont run around 
after them.

How to stop it: Absorb, Persuasion, Protection. Absorb doesnt really stop it because 
it still immobilizes them. If you are trapped under it, force jump your way out of 
range, because that is the onky way you will be able to move. Once you are out of 
range, turn on speed and run away.

Force Lightning

Type: Dark

How to use it: A better title would be How not to use it. Just dont. It deals little 
damage, is easy to dodge, and is very innacurate. An improvement over Throw, but 
still dont use it.

How to stop it: Dodge it. Stafe, Jump, Speed, Persuasion, whatever. You should not 
be using much mana to not get hit. If oyu are hit, it doesnt matter. You will not be 
dealt much damage. Just swoop in and Grip them or slash them with a saber or gun 
them down or something.

Force Destruction

Type: Dark

How to use it: This is a very good power. It fires a fireball wherever you like. It 
goes on until it hits something. The best way to use it is to fire at the floor 
around your oponnent to prevent missing them completely, as it does massive splash 
damage. Fire it into a crowd for optimum results. Its not very good sniping because 
it costs a lot of mana.

How to stop it: You cant. You can only dodge it, which is tough because of the 
splash damage this deals. Hint: Jerec, the final bos of single player, wil use this 
power often and well. Strafe around the room gripping or use it yourself if you are 
dark, or turn on protection and dive in the carnage with your saber.

Force Deadly Sight

Type: Dark

GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER USE 
IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!! USE 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, the explaining. Deadly sight 
costs a boatload ( Titanic-load) of mana, and does virtually the same thing as Grip. 
Drawbacks: only 14 secs long, almost less damage than lightning, jusat a little over 
throw, easy to escape, and wipes your mana poower dry. Not good. Once people see 
that you have this power, they will lose all pity for you. I will have negative pity 
on you, as will all who have played this game for a long time and know how it works. 
Peple will kill you relentlessly and quickly, and using sight will increase that.

How to stop it: Dont worry about stopping it, just kill it. Destruct them from a 
distance, go in and grip them and strafe in a circle so they cant aim at you 
properly, or slash them. That, or stick 100000000000000000000000000000000 rockets on 
them with a rail detonator. Heh.


The perfect dark Jedi:

4 Stars on all neutral powers
4 stars on Grip
4 stras on destruction

The perfect mixed jedi (only works with level 6-Disciple):

4 stars on all neutral powers
4 stars on grip
4 stars on persuasion

Notes: Protection can only be assigned stars if your othwr powers are all light.
       Deadly Sight can only be assigned stars if all your other powers are dark. 
Its not worth losing your neutral powers for this crap that does not even deserve to 
be a force power.

My e-mail: [email protected] e-mail me readers with opinions, trash talk, and info. 
If i recieve something that i missed in here, i will add it. Plz e-mail me teling me 
what objects you can force throw.

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