free m16 ammo - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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First complete Copland mission then get the Cop uniform and go to the Fort 
baxter air base and type in DOWN,LEFT,UP,LEFT,X,R2,R1,L2,L1 during game play 
and watch the army fight each other when someone dies get their gun repeat till
you get 10'000 ammo so you get infinity ammo be careful they might shoot you if 
one of the following happens:
1.they might have nobody else to kill. don't have the cop uniform. accidentally shoot them(they might not care)
4.a bullet shoots you accidentally
if this happens 1 happens kill them with a gun(i use shotgun)
if 2 or 3 happens run to a tower or kill them but more might attack you
or if 4 happens move out of the way try not to shoot them back or they will 
shoot you on purpose.

Thank you 4 reading this 

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