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                         Zelda: Ocarina of Time

1. Info of Me
2. FAQs
3. End Credits

1. Info of Me

Hi, I'm guy77. I've made 1 FAQ of Zelda for the GameCube. This is one of my 
favorite games of all time. I'm sure everyone likes this game, unless you haven't 
played it. This is the longest FAQs i've meade so far, besides my Beginning Hero of 
Time FAQ for the N64. So, you need help? This FAQ just might help you out.

2. FAQs

-Okay, I went through the right door in the treasure room of the Gerudo 
Training Ground. I am short one key. Where is it? Or am I just not gonna get

To get the 8th key, you must have the Silver Gauntlets (from the Spirit 
Temple as a child). Go to the room with the Wolfos. Go to the gray block. 
Grab it (since you now have the Gauntlets) and push it until it falls down. 
Go into the door revealed.

Kill all the Like Likes in the room. Do not open the chest on the ledge. The 
revealed chest is only a Huge Rupee. Use the Lens of Truth and look for a 
secret chest in one of the Like Like pits. Open it for the 8th Key!

-How do I get a double magic bar?

Go to the Death Mountain Cavern using the entrance from Darunia's Room. Go on
the other side of the bridge to your right. Use the hammer on the rocks 
blocking the cave. Go inside the cave.

-The Giant's Knife keeps breaking! How can I stop it from doing that?

Don't use it. Seriously, it will break after you use it 3-4 times. You cannot 
stop it. But an alternative is to get the Biggoron's Sword. It is just like 
the Giant's Knife, but it DOES NOT BREAK! Look in the Hard to Find Items 
Section for it.

-How do I get the second Deku Nut upgrade?

Fall into the secret pit in the bushes in the area with two Scrubs in the 
Lost Woods. Wear a Mask of Truth and see what happens.

-Can I beat the marathon guy?

There is no way to beat him. He will always win by 1 second.

-How come Zora's Domain is frozen after you beat the Water Temple?

I have no idea.

-When you say first and second upgrade, does it mean there are two ways to
upgrade or are they two different ones?

They are two entirely different ones.

-What are the maxes for all the items (w/ upgrades)?

Deku Sticks - 30 -=- Deku Nuts - 40 -=- Deku Seeds - 50 -=- Bombs - 40
Arrows - 50 -=- Bombchu - 50

-I know that the Graveyard Heart is randomly placed, any tips on where it is?

Well, I all I can say is that the Heart is only in a Soil spot, not in the 
rocky area.

-How do I get to the fairy on top of Death Mountain?

First, you need to get the bombs from Dodongo Cavern. After that, instead of
taking the path to Goron City, take the path to the west of the flag. Blow up
the boulders that are blocking the way. When you reach the top, you can blow
up the rock there to reveal a pit (only containing a cow and some rupees).
Keep going north. After some time, the screen will turn red and rocks will
start falling. Make sure to equip your Hylian Shield now. Whenever your 
shadow seems to get bigger, just hold the shield until all the rocks are done 
hitting you. Keep going north until it stops falling.

At the ivy, just Z-Target the Skullwalltulas and fire the Slingshot at them.
Climb up until you reach the top (there is the owl there so you can't miss 
it). Bomb the odd looking wall that is west of the owl. Go into the revealed

-How come the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods and the Cows won't talk to me?

The Skull Kid will not talk to you until you play Saria's Song for him. The
Cows will not talk to you until you play Epona's Song for them. You can not
talk to the Cows outside of playing the Song.

-How do I get the Gerudo Training Pass?

Just free all 4 carpenters from Gerudo Fortress.

-How do I get the Eyedrops?

Give the Old Man at Lake Hylia the Eyeball Frog.

-What's up with the 2nd upgrade for the Deku Nuts?

I don't know why people are having trouble with this. I guess the only other 
problem is that you have to it at a certain point, I did mine before turning 

-Where is the Boomerang?

It is the big treasure of Jabu-Jabu's Belly. You can get it in the 
northeastern most point on the first floor.

-Where is the Bow?

It is the big treasure of the Forest Temple. You can find it in the circular
room east of the first messed up room (the one with the boss key treasure box
hanging on the wall).

-How do you get past the 1st room in the secret tomb (the Royal Graves at the
Kakariko Graveyard)?

Kill all the Keese in the room.

-How do you turn into a child again after adulthood?

Go to the Temple of Time. Go to where the Master Sword was. If you beat the 
Forest Temple, Sheik will tell you how.

-How do I get the bottle at Lake Hylia?

You must have a diving depth of 6. To do that, get the Silver Scale. To get 
the Silver Scale win the Zora rupee collecting game (just west of King Zora's

-Where is Saria in the Lost Woods?

Just go to the sacred meadow and keep going north.

-Any tips on finding the running man?

He keeps moving so walk around Hyrule field until you see him.

-How do I get to the boss room in the Forest Temple?

My tip here: You can grab and move the gray pillars.

-How come the Big Rolling Goron says to stop bothering him and watch his wild

You need to use a bomb, not a bomb flower to stop him.

-Do I need to use a special lure to get the 15-18 pounder?

Nope, you can use your regular lure.

-Any more keys for the Gerudo Training Room?

Use the Lens of Truth just on the top southwest corner of the first right 
room. Climb the secret passage for a key.

-How do you get a magic plant?

Use a Magic Bean near the soft plots of soil (they have a hole in them).

-Where are the Hover and Iron boots?

They are the big treasures of the Spirit Temple and Ice Cavern respectively.

-Where is the Desert Colossus?

You can only get there as an adult and it is after the Gerudo Fortress.

-How do you become an adult?

After getting all 3 stones, go to Hyrule Castle. Get the Ocarina of Time in 
the moat. Go to the Temple of Time. Play the Song of Time in front of the 
altar. Take out the Master Sword in the secret room.

-How do you get to the Bottom of the Well dungeon?

Learn the Song of Storms from the windmill guy in the future. Go back, play 
it for the same guy again. The water will drain and you can climb in.

-Where is the Spirit Temple?

It is in the Desert Colossus.

-How do I get to the Soft Soil in the Death Mt. Crater?

Just play the Bolero of Fire as a child.

-How do I get and use bugs?

When you see a bug, use a bottle near it. Then, go to a soft soil spot and 
use the bug. You can recapture them since 3 come out of every use.

-How do I cucco glide?

Just hold on to the Cucco and jump from a high ledge. You will slowly glide.

-Where is the switch that can only be flipped by a spin attack?

In the Water Temple.

-Eye of truth, Lens of truth. Are they the same thing?

Yes. The item is called Lens of Truth.

-Where do you go after the Water Temple?

Go to the Bottom of the Well dungeon.

-How do you get to Fire Temple?

After using the entrance to the Cavern from Darunia's Room, go to the broken 
bridge (to your immediate left). Use the Hookshot on the top wooden part. You
will move over. When it stops extending, you will remain hanging from the 
bridge. Just pull yourself up and continue on.

-How do you get to the boss in the Fire Temple?

Go into the big room (looks like a backward C, has secret fire walls and fake
doors. From the first entrance jump onto the little platform just ahead of 
it. Use the hammer on the face to make the whole pillar fall down. It will 
fall into the room just before the boss. You can use that pillar to jump over
to where to the boss is.

-Where is the "old hag" in Kakariko Village?

Go to the first Potion Shop. When you were a child, there was a carpenter 
blocking the back exit. You can now use that exit. Once outside, you will be 
in a fenced in area of Kakariko Village. Go to the only other house there. 
That is where the old hag is.

-How do you get into the other part of Gerudo Valley?

It is impossible as a child. When you are an adult however, just use Epona to
jump across the bridge or use your Hookshot/Longshot on the sign to cross.

-In the archery game do you have to be 10/10 or you just need to hit 10?

You just need to hit 10. The number of nuts you use does not matter.

-I can't find one of your Gold Skulltulas!

Remember, Gold Skulltulas only come out at night.

-Can you stop the blades in ice cavern?

Sorry, no.

-Where do I get the bombs?

It is the big treasure of the Dodongo Cavern.

-Which Big Goron do I give the Broken Goron Sword to?

You give it to the one at the top of Death Mountain Trail, not the one in the
Goron City, that is Medigoron.

-When I beat the game, how come it does not save?

When you restart a game you just beaten, you will always start at the bottom 
floor of Ganon's Castle.

-Where is the Boss Key in the Spirit Temple?

It is found in the room that can only be unlocked by playing Zelda's Lullaby.
(4F, must be adult).

-Where is the mirror shield?

The mirror shield is the big treasure of the Spirit Temple when you are an 

-How do I get the Goron Bracelet?

Play Saria's Song in front of Darunia in Goron City.

-How do I get the medallions?

You get a freebie for turning into an adult, you get the other five from 
beating the five dungeons of the world.

-Where is the 64th Gold Skulltula?

The 64th Gold Skulltula is in the room with the many exploding bomb plants. 
(When you have to use one to blow all of them at once to bring down the 

-How do you do the horse archery game as a adult?

After getting the Gerudo Training Pass, go to the east part of the outside 
fortress and talk to the lady under the canopy. She only appears at day.

-How do you learn the Song of Storms?

As an adult, go to windmill at Kakariko Village. Go to the grinding organ guy
and take out your ocarina when you are next to him. If you are close enough 
he will teach you the Song of Storms.

-How do you get to Impa's roof as an adult?

Use the Hookshot/Longshot on the wooden part of the roof.

-How do I take down the 64th Skulltula?

Use your Slingshot to kill it and the Boomerang to grab the token.

-What do you do in the moving blade room in Dodongo Cavern?

First, pass by the moving spikes and get to the east part of the room. Move 
the gray block so that you can climb on top of it so you can get to the 
ladder. Go up the ladder and jump off the little ledge near the blocked door 
to the platform with the Bomb Plant. Pick up and throw the Bomb Plant at the 
blocked door. After the door has been revealed, go through and pass through 
all the rooms until you get back to moving blade room. Just jump through all 
the ledges until you reach the big treasure chest on the other side. You will 
then get the Bomb Bag!

-Is it possible to learn Song of Storms as a kid?


-When do you learn Epona's Song?

You can learn it any time after waking up Malon's father at Hyrule Castle. A 
good choice would to do right after meeting Zelda.

-How do you beat Deadhand?

The way to beat him is hard to figure out in the beginning. First, you have 
to let one of the hands grab you so you are somewhat stunned. Deadhand will 
comes toward you. Press your buttons rapidly so you can escape the grasp of 
the hand. When you are free, Deadhand should be nearby. When he begins to 
attack you (by biting) slash him with your sword. Repeat until dead.

-How do you get onto the ledge in the moving fire wall room in the Fire 

Just use a regular running jump. You can make it if you hold the stick all 
the way.

-Can you use bugs on already seeded soft spots?


-How do you get the Fairy Ocarina from Saria?

After beating the Deku Tree, just leave using the Hyrule Field exit.

-Where is the soft soil spot in the Lost Woods (near Forest Stage)?

Really can't miss it, but it's near the Scrub towards the right.

-What is the purpose of the Scarecrow that appears when you play the 
Scarecrow's Song?

You can Hookshot onto it if you can reach it.

-How many hearts can Link get (maximum)?

2 rows of 10 Hearts (20 hearts maximum).

-How do you enter the Shadow Temple?

Just light all of the torches in room.

-Where do I get the mirror shield?

It is the big treasure of the Spirit Temple.

-In the Water Temple, if the water is at the highest point, can you lower it

Yeah, just use the same switch you used the first time.

-What are Silver Hands (as referred to in Gerudo Training Ground)?

The Silver Gauntlets.

-Who or what is Pierre?

The Scarecrow that appears after using the Scarecrow song.

-Where is the Big Goron that sells the Giant's Knife?

Medigoron can be found in Goron City.

-How come the Hyrule Castle guards keep throwing me out?

You are too close to them, you have to avoid getting close to them.

-How do you enter Jabu-Jabu Belly?

Place a fish right next to his mouth.

-What does the switch that can only be activated by a spin slash do?

It opens a gate in the Water Temple.

-Where is the eel in the Fishing Pond?

It is as random as the fish, but look around some of the spots where big fish

-When does the Mask Shop open?

After you beat the Dodongo Cavern.

-How do you get back onto the ledge after hitting all 4 statues in the Gerudo
Training Ground?

Just pass through all the rooms until you get back to the main entrance. 
After that, just use the entrance to the first room and go through all the
rooms until you get back to the statue room.

-Where is the Longshot?

The Longshot is the big treasure of the Water Temple.

-Can I get Epona without Epona's Song?


-How come some things cost more money that I can hold?

You can get better wallets at the Gold Skulltula house.

-How can you unmelt the ice in Zora's Domain?

You can't. It's stays frozen forever. There is no way to thaugh it.

-How do you get Blue Fire?

Buy it from the Potion shop or use a bottle near a Blue Fire flame.

3. End Credits

     Copyright 2004   guy77   [email protected]

               All Rights Reserved

  I hope this FAQ helped you out. Check out more FAQs by me, guy77, later on!

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