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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Super Smash Bros.
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The Questions:

Q: Just what is Super Smash Bros. ?
A: Super Smash Bros. is a 2-D platform melee (mah-lay)that is one of the best games
of our time!  It's very simple.  All you have to do is make sure you win!  Knock 
your opponents off the arena using items, your character's special attacks, or with 
your character's bare hands!  Choose from six or more characters that are from other 
Nintendo games, and that's the best bit!

Q: How do you play?
A: It's very simple.  Here are the button configurations -

A button = punch (tap it 2 or more times for a punch combo)
B button = special attack
use the joystick to move your character.  Down to crouch and up to jump.
C-Buttons = jump (press it again while in midair for a bigger jump)
move the joystick up and B = special jump attack (except for Yoshi)
move the joystick down and B = special land attack
L button = fighter stance
R button = grab another character
A button in front of an item = pick up the item
hold the Z button = shield
move the joystick in a direction and A button = strong attack
tap the joystick in a direction and A button = smash attack
A button while holding an item = use the item

Also, if you wait long enough at the starting screen (where you press start), you'll 
get to see a `How To Play` movie.

Q: Is Wario, Mario's enemy, in the game as a playable character?
A: I'm sorry to say that there isn't a playable character called
Wario in it.  If there was, I would have already found him.  Of
course, the closest thing you are going to get to Wario is to be Mario and change 
his clothing yellow and purple.

Question sent in by Soccerswirl06

Q: How do you get the secret characters?
A: Get Jigglypuff by completing 1-P Mode with any difficulty, any number of lives, 
and no continues.  Get Luigi by completing Break the Targets with the six characters.
Get Captain Falcon by completing 1-P Mode with any difficulty, any number of lives 
and under 15 minutes.  No continuing.  Get Ness by beating 1-P Mode with 3 lives, 
difficulty Normal, and no continues.

Question sent in by Kehrbykid

Q: How do you get Mushroom Kingdom?
A: Beat 1-P Mode with all six characters OR do 100 vs. matches.

Question sent in by Mamasann1

Q: How do you beat Kirby and Jigglypuff's Board The Platforms?
A: I have come up with the following:

To beat Kirby's Board The Platforms (it took me some time too!) Get the three 
platforms at where you start.  Then get the fourth platform.  Make like a stone to 
get past the bouncy thingees, then use the stone to get the fifth platform (the one 
that goes down quickly.  It WILL take you a few tries, but you'll get it in the 
end).  Then, get the next platform by getting on the one moving upwards.  After 
that, slide down and get past the obstacle, or the bouncy thingee and down that 
tunnel.  To get to that very high platform, you need to fly as high as possible, 
then use your Up+B move.  Float down and into the alcove.  Fly towards the other 
high platfrom, and use your Up+B move again.  Now, float down, and fly onto the last 

Jigglypuff's(Purin's) is the hardest, especially at the last platform.Grab the first 
few platforms until you reach the bouncy thingees that fly around like a crazed 
banana.  Try to time their flight patterns and grab the platforms.  Use your shield 
often.  Now grab the platform that goes down (the one before the last platform).  
Now, to get the VERY HARD platform, Jump (only once) toward it, do two B's, fly 
twice, two B's, fly twice, e.t.c. until you reach the platform.

Question sent in by son_of_wisdomfolly

Q: How do you get the japanese menu?
A: This japanese menu is only available on the japanese version of Super Smash Bros. 
and it takes 100vs. matches to get it.

Question sent in by son_of_wisdomfolly

Q: How do I beat Yoshi's Break The Targets?
A: First, get all the easy targets.  To get the high up ones, use your egg throw 
(Up+B).  In case you still can't get one, hold up+b while the egg flies.  There's a 
target that is covered by a wall near where you start.  Use your smash attack at the 
wall to break the target.  When you go to the target beneath the floor, get onto the 
moving platform.  When it stops closest to the target, jump off and midair jump 
towards the target.  Use your egg throw to get it if you are too far away to use the 
A button on it.

Question sent in by mew0080

Q: Can I get Captain Falcon's racetrack as a level?
A: Nope.  The only level you can unlock is the Mushroom Kingdom.

Question sent in by SoccerdudeED

Q: There is a very high target on link's break the targets.  How do I get it?
A: Have you tried the bomb or link's up+B?  Do everything you can.  All I have to 

Question sent in by rkb22now

Q: Getting Ness is tough!  I keep losing my lives.  Do you have any advice?
A: OK, first off you want a character who is pretty tough to push around.
I'd suggest DK because:

He is a heavy character and therefore can't be pushed off the arena easily.
His Spinning Kong (Up + B) and Earthquake (Down + tap continuously B) are good for 
keeping an opponent at a distance.
His Power Punch (press B and wait for DK to stop, then B again)can send an enemy 

Question sent in by masterdranzer10

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