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                               ITEM LIST
|Young Link|
These items are only useable by young link

Deku Stick: Deku sticks work like a sword, but are much weaker. They break 
very easily. Deku sticks can also work as torches. Find them after defeating 
Deku babas or buy them in stores 

Fairy Slingshot: Use the slingshot to shoot enemies or objects that are far 
away. Tilt and hold the C Stick to change the view to behind Links hands. Aim 
with the control stick and release the C stick to shoot. If you use L-
targeting before shooting, your accuracy will increase greatly. If you just 
tilt and hold the C stick, you can aim the slingshot without shooting it. 
Collect Deku seeds to refill your ammo

Boomerang: If you throw it, it comes back! The boomerang can stun or defeat 
enemies. Use L-targeting to improve your accuracy. Some enemies can only be 
defeated with the boomerang

|Adult link|
These items are only useable by Adult link

Fairy Bow: Shoot enemies or switches with the fairy bow. It works the same as 
the fairy slingshot. As your adventure progresses, you will find three magic 
arrows, each with different effects:
1: Fire arrow- Sets fire to unlit torchs and burns enemies
2: Ice arrow- Freezes enemies
3: Light arrow- Destroys the orbs in ganons castle and hurts ganondorf

Hookshot: This is a hook at the end of an expandable chain that can grab onto 
certain objects. The hookshot is helpful when your trying to get to hard-to-
reach places. A red dot marks the distance you can travel. The hookshot can 
also be used as a weapon (even underwater). When using it, if you see a red 
dot, your target is in rage. As the adventure progresses, you can extend the 
length of your chain.

Megaton Hammer: Move big blocks or activate a rusted switch with the hammer. 
You can also use it as a weapon.

These items can be used by both young and adult link.

Deku nut: Throw a Deku nut on the ground to create a bright flash of light, 
temporarily stunning enemies. The Deku nut cannot stun all enemies. Deku nuts 
can be found practically everywhere.

Ocarina of time: Play the ocarina at certain times and special things may 
happen. With the ocarina, you can also warp to other places.

Fairy Ocarina: Until you get the ocarina of time, you’ll make music with this 

Lens of Truth: See which walls are real and which are fake with the Lens of 
Truth. Using this item consumes magic.

Bomb: Damage enemies or blow up walls with the bomb. Be careful not to get too 
close to the blast or you may get hurt. Bombs explode approximately four 
seconds after you pick them up.

Bombchu: Pick up a Bombchu and set it at your feet. It will start running by 
itself. If it hits and object or runs for a while without hitting anything, it 
will explode. Once it starts running, you have no control over it.

Magic bean: If you place a magic bean in a certain location, it will 
eventually sprout. L targeting comes in hand when trying to decide where to 
plant a magic bean.

Din’s Fire: Fire wraps around link’s body, protecting him from harm. This is 
very helpful when you’re surrounded by a large number of enemies.

Farore’s Wind: Farore’s Wind surrounds link’s body with a green light, and the 
spot where you first use it will be set as a warp point. If you use the magic 
again at a different location, you will warp back to the original warp point. 
Select “Dispel the warp point” to set a new warp point location.

Nayru’s Love: A blue light surrounds link, protecting him from enemy harm. It 
wears off after a short time.

Empty Bottle: Bottles can carry medicine, milk or other important things. You 
can use them whenever you need to. Your inventory cannot exceed four bottles 
without the bottle trick, and you cannot buy them anywhere. Look everywhere 
and talk to everyone to find them. They are very useful.

Green Potion: Completely refills magic meter

Red Potion: Completely refills life energy

Blue Potion: Completely refills life and magic

|Special items|
These items are very special and you will obtain throughout your journey as 
both young and adult link.

Kokiri sword: Link must find this sword

Master sword: This legendary sword is you main sword nad is found in the 
temple of time

Giants knife: This sword is used with two hands but it is very powerful

Deku shield: This shield is made of wood and is not very durable. Be careful 
if you get on fire it will burn up.

Hylian shield: Hylian soldiers use this shield. It’s very strong, and you can 
use it as young link to get past the falling rocks you find in certain places.

Mirror shield: The mirror shield deflects special attacks. And reflects light, 
very useful in the spirit temple!

Kokiri tunic: Link begins the game wearing this.

Goron tunic: Intense heat is not a problem if link wears this.

Zora tunic: Stay underwater for long periods of time wearing this.

Kokiri boots: This is link’s standard choice of footwear.

Iron boots: Use the iron boots to walk on the bottom of lake Hylia.

Hover boots: Walk in thin air with the hover boots. Doesn't last very long so 
be careful

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