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Welcome to my guide for the latest entry in the Assassin's Creed series:
Syndicate. This is a semi-historical action-adventure game with stealth elements,
playing in an open world. You play as twins Jacob and Evie Fyre, fighting against
the Templars in the London of 1868.

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Screen Display
Lower Left Corner

The minimap is displayed here, the indicator in the middle facing the direction
you're looking at. The small white triangle at the edge of the minimap marks
north. If an area is covered with fog, bring up your large map, mark the nearest
viewpoint (indicated by an eagle sign) and travel towards it. Synchonize with the
viewpoint to clear the mist. Yellow indicators on your minimap are alerted
enemies, red ones are engaging your in combat. Below the minimap is a number that
represents your current level. The greater the difference between you and your
enemies' level, the easier/harder fights will be. If you are higher-leveled,
fights are easier, if you are lower-leveled, fights are harder. Enemy levels
appear above their head after you mark them with Eagle Vision, centering them in
your screen during this modus. The bar to the left of the minimap is your health
bar, the bar to the right is the skill point meter, indicating how much EXP you
need in order to receive another distributable skill point.
Lower Right Corner

At the top of the lower right corner is an icon that represents your currently
held weapon/item. You can switch this to something else by pressing left/right on
the directional pad. Underneath this icon are the current commands that you can
execute with your assassin, some of which are contextual. When you enter Free
Running, the commands change.
Stealth Basics

Whenever (potential) enemies are nearby, a stealth ring will form around your
assassin. When you are still completely undetected, the ring will feature white
bars pointing either down, up, or both up/down. The lines only appear at a certain
part of the circle, aiming at the direction a potential threat is located. If the
bars, akin to soundwave/music player bars, point up, this means the person is
standing at a higher level than you. If the bars point down then they are below
you. If the bars point both up/down, they're on the same level as you.

When an enemy notices you, the ring will turn solid and a pointy arrow aims in the
direction of the person who noticed you. The ring will quickly fill up with a grey
color. In this phase, (potential) enemies are only curious as to who you are, but
will have made no judgement yet. If you're quick to move out of their line of
sight, for example by moving around a corner or quickly climbing or rope-launching
to a rooftop, the ring will go away. When you fail to do so, the ring will quickly
turn yellow. This indicates that the enemy looking at you is suspicious about you,
and a yellow marker also appears above their head, filling up just as quickly as
the ring. Before it's filled you can still assassinate them in a quick window of
opportunity. When it's filled they will come investigate to see who you are. The
final phase has the ring turn red, after which the enemies fully engage into
combat with you.

Protectors (Police Officers, Royal Guards) act somewhat differently. Although they
will regularly take notice of you as indicated by the stealth ring, they only come
after you when illegal or suspicious actions are performed, such as kidnapping
someone. Upgrading 'Police Bribes' will make them turn away when kidnapping
people, but outright murder in the street can't and won't be tolerated.

When you're discovered you can either fight or vanish/flee. To vanish, move around
a corner, blend in with the crowd, use a smoke bomb or any other method to break
the line of sight of your enemies. A silhouette will appear, marking your last
known position. Move away further to erase the alert status completely.
Combat Basics

Combat in Assassin's Creed involves hand-to-hand, close-quarters melee attacks and
throwing knives or shooting guns. You can regularly attack any nearby enemy by
pressing Square (PS4) / X (Xbox) repeatedly to pummel them with combos. If you
switch to an other target during a combo, the first hit you land on the second
target inflicts a bonus 25% damage, so switching regularly is recommendable. Every
now and then, enemies will retaliate with attacks of their own. Their health bar
will flash yellow for an instance, and often the button you need to press is
indicated above their heads, filling up quickly to show you how much time you have
left to press Circle (PS4) / B (Xbox). Doing so successfully allows you to
continue your combo uninterrupted. If you fail, the enemy will have broken your
combo. Worse, failing to counter an enemy attack makes it possible for them to
sometimes unleash an ('unstoppable') counter. Continue to counter their attacks to
regain the edge in battle again.

Enemies can also block your attacks. Their health bar turns lined to further
indicate their defensive stance. When this happens, hit X (PS4) / A (Xbox) to
break their defense and continue your combo. You can also hit X (PS4) / A (Xbox)
to briefly stun enemies. One last thing you need to be careful of during combat is
incoming long-range attacks, notably gunshots. Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox) will
appear above your own head, quickly filling up to show how little time you have
left to prevent a potentially fatal injury and perform a counter-shot if you have
a loaded gun or knives of your own equipped. You can also quick-shoot enemies
during combat without interrupting melee combos.
Essential Moves
Assasination Types

There are roughly seven ways to (stealth-)assassinate people, not including
outright combat situations considering those require your cover to be blown. As a
rule, an assassination can only be done while not (fully) detected yet, and the
enemy needs to be glowing red.

1. Regular/Same ground assassination (full stealth). This is an assassination of a
target at the same level as you. Approach them quietly from the back to perform
this. It attracts very little attention.

2. Regular/Same ground assassination (free running). This is also an assassination
of a target at the same level as you, except this time you rush over towards them.
If done successfully (and it may fail if the target fully notices you beforehand),
it draws more attention than usual, but you can compensate this by immediately
rushing on to a different place.

3. Double Assassination. This is a contextual assassination on the same ground,
where you approach two targets from the back and kill them.

4. Air Assassination. This is an assassination from a higher vantage point. The
enemy needs to be sufficiently close below you so they're marked red. This type of
assassination draws a lot of attention and the attack takes a little bit longer
than usual.

5. Cover Assassination. While in a cover position behind a wall or an object such
as a crate, or when hidden inside a haystack, you can assassinate targets that
walk very closeby or towards you. If you need to lure an enemy towards your
position, whistle by pressing down on the directional pad.

6. Hanging Assassination. When you are hanging from a ledge or a window and an
enemy is standing above you, it's possible to pull your target to the streets
below, instantly killing them.

7. Rope Zipline Assassination. If you've created a rope with the rope launcher and
you're hanging above an enemy, an air assassination is possible.
Eagle Vision

This mode is turned on (only while not Free Running) by pressing L3 / Left Stick.
It highlights enemies red, allies green, police blue and objects of interest white
(such as hanging barrels, chests, alarm bells, dynamite. You cannot perma-mark
objects, but to permanenly mark people, move the camera so that they're aligned in
the center of the screen. Upgrade Eagle Vision 2 as soon as possible to make
marked people visible/glow through walls. Eagle Vision 3 expands the effective
range in which people are marked.
Rope Launcher

You acquire the rope launcher somewhere during sequence three. Press L1 (PS4) / LB
(Xbox) when the icon appears at the top of the screen to instantly eject a rope
and launch yourself towards the top or near-top of a building. If a grapple point
appears straight ahead (when you are, for example, already positioned on a
building yourself), eject the rope to travel towards that point faster. When
you're ziplinging down a rope, use the left stick to adjust your speed. Hanging
above an enemy allows for Air Assassinations. Whoopie.
Conquering London
The Map

Press the touchpad (PS4) or Back button (Xbox) to enter the map menu. If you want
to clear up the fog of a portion of the map, visit a high viewpoint (marked by
eagles) and synchronize at its position. When you do so, you'll also be able to
Fast Travel to its position, a very handy perk. There are various icons on the
map. Story icons are large golden indicators, while Conquest Activities - missions
you need to do in order to take control of a portion of London - are marked by
emblems. In each borough, four Conquest Activities must be finished. This unlocks
a gang fight (and a boss fight afterwards); complete this and the borough will be
Conquest Activities

Child Liberation: Requires you to free sets of children working in a factory.
Templar Hunt: Requires you to assassinate Templar(s).Gang Stronghold: Requires you
to clear out a Blighter stronghold.
Bounty Hunt: Requires you to kidnap an enemy and place them into a carriage, then
driving them to the designated waypoint.

These activities, as mentioned, unlock a Gang War. This is a fight with you and
your Rooks against the Blighters, followed by a Boss Fight.
Sequence 1 - A Spanner In The Works

Rewards: Pounds: 1000, EXP: 2000, Extra: Belts - Initiate Belt
Video Support:

The first sequence you play as Jacob. There are no optional collectibles or
anything, since this is essentially a tutorial chapter in which you learn how to
control your characters and interact with the environment. Approach the doors in
the distance to find that they're closed. Turn around and move up the ramp. Hold
down R2 / RT to enable Free Running, which allows you to climb and jump huge
distances. Proceed to the other side of the room to reach a catwalk with a valve.
Turn it, then move on to the next. There are three of them in total, which can be
easily found since they're marked. When you've sabotaged the factory, one of the
thugs will enter. Air Assassinate him since you're already standing in a perfect
(tutorial) position for this. Enemies will start to glow when they're down below
and closeby enough for an Air Assassination.

Outside, a short combat training will commence. Your can regularly attack enemies
with Square (PS4) / X (Xbox), counter attack at the right time when the game
prompts you to by pressing Circle (PS4) / B (Xbox), or push through your enemy's
defense with X (PS4) / A (Xbox). As long as an enemy is blocking, you cannot land
hits on them, so you'll need to break their defense first. Later on you will be
able to dodge pistol shots by timely pressing Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox). Continue
through the large doors to proceed.

Climb the structure to the left of the speeching man and make your way to the
crane at the end by using Free Running mode with R2 / RT. Hold the X / A button as
well to go up. At the end of the crane, leap down to the wooden beam attached to
the wooden scaffold below and use Free Running Down mode by holding R2 / RT and
Circle / B. There's a thug nearby, so enter into combat with him and defeat him.
If you're quick and he hasn't fully noticed you yet, a swift assassination is
possible. Loot the body with Circle / B.

It's a good idea to enter sneak mode whenever there are potential enemies nearby,
and such is the case right now. You enter sneak mode by pressing X / A. If you
want to scan the area for enemies (red), persons of interest (yellow), police
officers (blue), or allies (green), press the Left Stick to enter Eagle Vision. If
you look at a highlighted person they will be marked, after which they're even
visible through walls - a handy perk.

Now's a good time to take a look at your stealth ring; whenever enemies are nearby
it will automatically appear. Bars that are similar looking to audio graphs will
appear pointing down (the enemy is in that direction, below you) or up (the enemy
is in that direction, above you). If an enemy is at the same level as you, the
graph appears on both sides.

You can test your skills on thugs in the area, or you can make your way to the
green hexagonal marker on your map, leading to the 'Ferris Ironworks' building.
You'll probably need to defeat several thugs around here before approaching the
doors. To open the large doors, interact with the wheel next to them.

Defeat the thug behind the doors, then proceed to the large iron forging machine
in the middle of the room and defeat the two thugs nearby. Continue to the right
part of the area to defeat three more thugs, then spot the green hexagonal marker
and climb to the upper floor to reach it. There are no enemies in this large hall
that contains a train, so head up the stairs at the far end to reach the next
marker. Proceed through the small hall to trigger a scene.

Now all you have to do is reach Ferris, but you're free to take whatever route you
wish. Defeating and looting thugs can be fun, although it's more faster if you
avoid some of them. Taking the high route, moving over metal beams and bars allows
you to reach the highest entry point, through a hole in the building where Ferris
is located (he is marked with a red indicator). Move through the hole onto a metal
pipe and you can Air Assassinate Ferris without any problems whatsoever.

After this, all you have to do is make your way through the adjacent hall as
indicated by green markers, then hop onto the train. Defeat several thugs and a
scene will play. Simply head all the way down to finish the sequence.
Sequence 2 - A Simple Plan

Rewards: Pounds: 1000, EXP: 2000, Extra: Capes - Thrifty Cloak
Challenges: 1. Air Assassinate Brewster. 2. Kill enemies with hanging barrels (5).
Video Support:

During this second tutorial sequence you'll be in control of Evie. When you gain
control of her, press down on the D-pad to whistle. When you're behind cover, this
draws the attention of one nearby guard who'll come investigate. As soon as he
glows red, assassinate him silently. Move up to the next and kill him either
regularly or manually throw a knife at his head. The third thug up ahead is best
killed with two quick thrown knifes. Keep in mind, however, that your supply of
knives is limited and that you'll want to loot your enemies whenever your supply
isn't maxed out.

Continue to move to the front of the train and you'll soon run into two more
thugs. One of them can be assassinated instantly, the other will probably have to
be defeated regularly. Proceed over the next few wagons, move past the family and
defeat two more thugs on top of the wagon up front. The next wagon holds a Chest
(guarded by one thug). Once you reach London in the next sequence, Chests will
start counting towards the total amount found. For now, just enjoy the extra items.

Move to the far end of the train and decouple the locomotive from the rest of the
train. After the scene you'll be at Croydon Station.

Wait for the group of thugs to move out of the area - good riddance. It's possible
to take them all on at once, but definitely not necessary. Up ahead on the left
side are a thug and a (bold) brute; on the right side is one more brute. Curve to
the left and avoid the thug until you reach the brute and assassinate him. You can
now move back to your starting position and approach the thug from the back to
kill him. The last brute shouldn't be much of a problem either. Look for a
tower-like structure just up ahead in the middle of the area and climb it all the
way to the top towards the waypoint to trigger a scene. Enter Eagle Vision
afterwards and mark all nearby enemies, then perform a Leap of Faith.

Stay in the haystack until the two thugs finish conversing. When they're
separated, whistle (press down on the D-pad) to lure the one closest by towards
you and immediately assassinate him when he glows red. Move to the other thug for
a swift assassination.

On the (initial) right part of the area, spot the building with the 'Croydon
Station 1860' sign and climb it. Enter Eagle Vision to spot one sole thug directly
below you and two more thugs conversing underneath a bunch of hanging barrels;
throw a knife at the barrels to defeat both of them and immediately assassinate
the last thug directly underneath you for a swift clearing of this part of the
area. Defeating enemies by dropping hanging barrels on top of them is part of an
optional objective - you need to defeat five targets in total in this fashion, so
three more to go.

Head to the far, far left side of the area again and mark the sole thug guarding
the area. Once you've taken him out, carefully proceed further and spot two more
thugs in the distance near a train. One is standing still, the other is walking
by. Wait for the second to stop and stand close to the other thug so you can throw
a well-aimed knife at the barrels hanging above them for another two takedowns.
There's also a thug down below, slightly to the right of this position, whom you
can easily Air Assassinate.

Although it's better to avoid the main/middle area, considering there are at least
seven enemies around there (including two at the upper walkway), it's still a good
idea to sneak a little closer and throw a knife at the hanging barrels. One of the
brutes should be beneath it, finishing the optional objective. If not, there's
another set of hanging barrels on the other side of this building, and a thug will
regularly move underneath it (as you as you've not been discovered or anything).

In any case, there are several (better) ways to sneak into the building. For
example, consider going in via the tunnels on the left side of the area (where you
defeated the second batch of two thugs underneath barrels). There's a thug inside
the tunnels that you can easily assassinate, and you can make your way to the top
floor quite easily, snatching the contents of a Chest on the intermediate floor of
the building (use Eagle Vision to spot it fairly easily). Alternatively you can
just climb to the roof of this building and drop down via one of the windows. In
any case, the top floor houses the prisoner. Throw a smoke bomb at the two thugs
interrogating him and defeat them. Also take note of the clothes cabinet; although
it's not needed at the moment, it's good to know you can hide in these.

When you're all done, continue by going outside. Defeat the nearby thug and look
down to spot several thugs and brutes watching a brute and a thug fighting on a
stage. You can throw a knife at the barrels hanging above them if you haven't yet
completed the optional side objective. Alternatively just ignore the entire scene
and head right to the middle of the train station's area (with a round shape).
Defeat any thugs and brutes here, then be on your way.

Before you can continue, you'll first need to backtrack a little; follow the green
marker that leads back to a building to the side of the main building. There are
three to four thugs in here, one of whom has a key; he's marked yellow. Climb up
and perform an Air Assassination when he's done conversing, then either take out
the remaining ones or be on your way to the far end of the round area with the

You can enter this building via the main entrance, or via a hole in the ground
inbetween two locomotives, close to two conversing people. Going via the hole
skips two encounters with thugs, since you're headed to the right. If you wish you
can still clear the building; climbing to the upper part of the room helps you
with Air Assassinations. You can find a Chest somewhere in the middle of the
ground floor area, against the wall (use Eagle Vision). When you're done playing
around, defeat (preferably Air Assassinate) the brute standing watch against the
exit doors to the far right and go through.

Ride the elevator down. You can now purchase several skills: Double Assassination,
Eagle Vision 2 and Loot Takedown are recommended options. You'll be using Double
Assassination just in a moment, while Eagle Vision greatly expands its usefulness
by marking enemies through walls. Loot Takedown is just convenient for speed; when
you assassinate someone you don't have to loot them anymore since this is done

Sneak up on the two thugs standing with their backs turned towards you, allowing
for an easy takedown, then take out the thug behind the corner. Go up the steps
and perform another Double Assassination on the two thugs up ahead. Before
continuing onward, turn around 180 degrees and search the back corner of this room
for a Chest. (Obviously the Prima Games OSG missed this.) Continue through the
sewers by hopping over the pipes until you reach David Brewster.

In the hall down below, just around the corner, you'll spot a brute down below
whom you can Air Assassinate. One of the two thugs above will move away as you
approach from above, so you can assassinate one of them easily. With the other out
of the way, defeat the nearby brute, then assassinate the thug who walked away.

Climb the iron railing and move over the iron walls to reach higher ground.
(There's a chest on the ground floor, but it's not worth your trouble.) Stay on
the upper level. You can move from iron beam to iron beam until you reach David
Brewster (located down below). Wait for him to move directly underneath you so he
glows red, allowing for an Air Assassination. After the scene, make a run for it,
moving from waypoint to waypoint. After that, simply exit the linear tunnel.
Sequence 3.1 - Somewhere That's Green

Rewards: Pounds: 410 (+75), EXP: 250 (+100)
Challenges: 1. Arrive before Evie.
Video Support:

Now that you've finally made it to London, a small introductory mission starts.
First you'll have to chase the pickpocket boy; simply dash after him, following
the yellow marker. After a short while you'll run into two thugs. Beat them and
walk towards Evie, then rush - in a straight line - to the very far end until you
reach a large building with a rope. Quickly cut it to reach the roof, then
continue over the nearby beam to the adjacent building and the waypoint. If done
correctly you'll have beaten Evie, which is an optional objective.

Climb the enormous chimney and synchronize with the vantage point, then perform a
leap of faith. (Synchronizing with a vantage point - marked by eagle icons - will
clear up the map more and more.) Follow Green until a scene plays. After this
you'll need to either lose your opponents or defeat them by ramming them at high
speed. Speeding up can be done by pressing X / A. Ramming is done by steering left
or right (after speeding up) and pressing Square / X. Return to the marker when
you're finished.

If you wish, update Jacob's skills with Double Assassination, Eagle Vision 2, Loot
Takedown and Health Boost 1. Step inside the building to trigger a scene and
finish the sequence.
Sequence 3.2 - Child Liberation: To Catch An Urchin

Rewards: Pounds: 132 (+75), EXP: 200 (+100)
Challenges: Do not trigger the alarm.
Video Support:

You can now freely roam the map. Bring up the map by pressing the touch pad. Here
you can select locations and place markers yourself for easier navigation. It's a
big city, after all. Your goal is to conquer city map segments, one at a time. In
order to do so you'll have to complete main missions in that map segment and
defeat the boss that becomes available after doing the missions. The red haze on
the map will go away after getting rid of the Templars this way in any segment.
Let's get started, shall we?

As the game mentions, it's good to know that you can switch characters as long as
you're not on a mission (memory). Press Options / Menu and then press R3 to
switch. Jacob and Evie share money and EXP, but their gear and skills are unlocked
separately. Now's a good time to buy Jacob a Noble Cane-Sword (and equip it),
while equipping him with an Initiate Belt. Equip Evie with a Thrifty Cloak.

First off, let's start with a simple mission. Select Child Liberation: To Catch An
Urchin from the right side of your map and mark it. If done correctly, a marker
now appears in the world so you can easily find the starting point for this
memory. You'll have to rescue several children - three groups of three - from the

Make your way to the large building in the distance and avoid any nearby enemies.
Scale up the walls until you reach the roof. From here you can find an open
entrance on one of the lower roofs. Quietly take out the thug here and climb the
railing. Scan the entire area with Eagle Vision (preferably Eagle Vision 2, so you
can see and mark through walls). There's a (yellowish glowing) leader on the level
below you. When he turns his back towards you, drop down one level and assassinate
him. Quickly throw a knife or two at the other thug in the distance (or
alternatively assassinate him if you can do so silently). Free the three children
working on the corner.

The other two groups of three children are working on the level below and the
ground floor respectively. Quietly dispatch the nearby thugs and free them to
complete this mission. If no one sounded the alarm, then great; this completes the
optional objective.
Sequence 3.3 - Abberline, We Presume

Rewards: Pounds: 132 (+75), EXP: 200 (+100)
Challenges: Bring back the target alive.
Video Support:

This is a short and easy bounty hunt mission in which you must take a brute
prisoner. Select the mission marker on your map and head towards it. Climb the
nearby building to reach the waypoint. From here you have an excellent view over
the area. Mark all enemies and identify your (yellow) target. Perform a leap of
faith when he gets relatively close to the haystack and move out when he turns his
back on you. Grab him from behind (no pun intended) and quickly move him to the
carriage in the alley, but be sure not to run into any enemies (or police). Ride
the carriage along the designated trail to finish the memory.
Sequence 3.4 - Templar Hunt: Harold Drake

Rewards: Pounds: 132 (+75), EXP: 200 (+100)
Challenges: Kill the target with a crate of dynamite.
Video Support:

This is another short mission. Move to the marker and climb the glass roof of the
building. Mark everyone inside, including your target who is marked yellow, and
move around the roof until you've found an open window. Wait for your target to
inspect a crate of dynamite and take a good aim at it to blow him to smithereens.
All you have to do now is exit the area.
Sequence 3.5 - Gang Stronghold: Spitalfields

Rewards: Pounds: 264 (+75), EXP: 250 (+100)
Challenges: Free and protect captured Clinkers
Video Support:

This memory requires you to go into Blighters territory and defeat various
enemies. There's a new type of enemy on the side of the stronghold, called a
Lookout. This type of enemy is fast but weak and will call for reinforcements when
they spot you. Taking out the various thugs in the area shouldn't be too hard;
there's one near a leap of faith haystack and various others can be approached
from the back. Keep an eye out for the Clinker near the execution stage; defeat
the two thugs in one swift assassination from the back. Lastly there's a sniper
guarding the nearby building; scout the area again with Eagle Vision 2 and mark
her. Approaching her from the back is best, as usual.
Sequence 3.6 - Gang War: Rexford Kaylock

Rewards: Pounds: 164, EXP: 200, Extra: Adept Cane-Sword
No Challenges

If you've done the Gang Stronghold (Spitalfields) last, you will automatically
commence the Gang War. First off, you're up against a group of Blighters, but
fortunately you're accompanied by your own Rooks. Although it's possible to ease
the battle slightly by hurling a Smoke Bomb at the Blighters, you can definitely
go in 'guns blazing' and just pummel everyone to death regularly.

Shortly after this, Kaylock jumps on a moving train. Quickly catch up and make
your way towards him. If you have any throwing knifes, simply hurl them at him
with the quick throw command, then rush towards him for a finishing combo.
Alternatively you can just attempt to finish him with mere melee attacks, but be
prepared to break his defense and counterattack at the right times.

The Train Hideout is yours afterwards. When the scenes are over, speak with Agnes
and check the safe. You'll receive a regular income from here and the safe is
restocked every 30 minutes. Next up are Gang Upgrades. You can enter this menu by
checking out the map in the other train car or you can enter the main menu and
simply select it from there. Purchase Medicine Market and if you can, Police
Bribes and Rook Training 1.
Sequence 3.7 - Freedom of the Press

Rewards: Pounds: 1500 (+75), EXP: 4000 (+100), Extra: Outdoorsman Outfit
Challenges: 1. Air assassinate a guard from a zipline. 2. Install the fuses
without going 30m in altitude.
Video Support:

This memory takes place in Lambeth. Head to the icon. When you've met Alex and
watched the scene, enter the carriage and drive to the marker next to the Big Ben.
You'll now have to ascend it to the top, which isn't too hard with the rope
launcher. Simply look up and press L1 / LB. The fuse box is on the platform with
the bell. Now descend, but don't go down all the way; stay at least on the
adjacent buildings connecting the towers. That way you'll stay just above 30
meters. Avoid (or kill) the guards patrolling here. Alternatively you can use the
rope launcher and aim it at the other towers. At the next tower, drop down to
install the fuse, then use the rope launcher to connect to a nearby spire. You'll
even catch a Helix Glitch while moving towards it with the rope. Make your way to
the last tower with the rope launcher again and install the final fuse. Exit the
Big Ben area and return to the carriage.

The memory isn't over yet though. You'll have to loot 200 metal components from
somewhere in order to get the Smoke Bomb upgrade. There will be two markers with
two loot locations; both are required visits. At one of them, a Sniper is standing
watch on a nearby building's roof. Use Eagle Vision to mark all enemies and move
to the top of an other building and use the rope launcher to connect to a spot
just beyond the sniper. This way you can Air Assassinate her. Kill the brute with
a knife headshot and use the rope launcher to Air Assassinate the nearby thug. You
can now defeat the remaining two thugs and loot the chest.

The last part of the mission essentially involves the same routine. Approach from
the nearby building roofs, preferably kill a brute with a throwing knife and Air
Assassinate one or two enemies, then finish the remaining ones. Loot the chest and
dive into the menu to craft the Smoke Bomb Upgrade. You probably don't have a lot
of supplies right now, but soon you'll want to upgrade some of your gear too. If
you can upgrade your throwing knifes, do so to allow for a higher chance of
killing enemies with a headshot. Return to Alex and Jacob to end the memory.
Sequence 4.1 - A Spoonful of Syrup

Rewards: Pounds: 410 (+75), EXP: 250 (+100), Extra: Brass Knuckles - Crow's Strength
Challenges: 1. Steal the plan undetected. 2. Remain undetected (in the factory).
Video Support:

For this memory it's recommended to have some Smoke Bombs in your inventory. This
helps significantly with completing the first optional mission task. When you
start this mission, follow the syrup drug trader either into the sewer pipe, or
alternatively just stay on street level and follow the marker; you'll actually
catch him quicker this way, though it's a less spectacular chase. In any case,
once you've tackled him he'll tell you where to look.

Make your way to the next marker and scan the area with Eagle Vision to spot the
distributor. When he moves to his carriage, sneak to the road and snatch a
carriage yourself, then follow him about 200 meters further down the street. Here
he'll dismount the carriage and go into an alley. You now have a few options. If
you don't care about the optional objective you can just waste all thugs and
brutes but this is actually not recommended, considering the two brutes in the
backseat of the carriage are level 5 and pack quite a punch.

A better idea is to knife-headshot the driver, quickly hide around the corner at
the end of the street, climb the building and wait for the two brutes to come
investigate (they are allowed to see you, it's just the distributor that cannot
see you at any time, though you cannot kill the distributor either and then snatch
his pocket - this doesn't count).

When the distributor returns, quickly throw a Smoke Bomb at him, rush over and
snatch the information from his back pocket, then be on your way to the factory it

Move to the far side of the factory, where a brute is patrolling. As soon as he
turns his back on you, assassinate him. Use Eagle Vision to mark everyone. There's
a nearby thug that you can headshot with a knife (or alternatively ignore). When
the distribution boss moves up to the second level, scale up the walls in that
direction and wait for him to move on the catwalk; approach him from the back to
kidnap him. Now simply move out of the factory the way you came and interrogate
him when you're out of the enemy territory.
Sequence 4.2 - Unnatural Selection

Rewards: Pounds: 410 (+75), EXP: 250 (+100), Extra: Belt - Dark Leather Belt
Challenges: 1. Kill everyone in the building with the gas.

This memory begins with you standing on top of a building, looking at a factory
with a lot of Blighters in front of it. You can take out several Blighters at once
by waiting for them to walk underneath the hanging barrels above the front door
and throwing a knife at it. There are also hanging barrels from the building
you're standing on, and a Blighter will walk underneath them every now and then.
There are two stacks of hay down below and you can use either to whistle-lure
enemies towards you, taking them out one by one. When there are only one or two
remaining, simply take them out regularly with assassinations or combat.

Open the door and follow Darwin around. When he turns the valve, head upstairs and
scan your surroundings to spot various Blighters (also on upper levels). There's a
female enemy to the left and a brute and thug on the room to the right. First deal
with the female enemy on the left; move over the railing and climb to the other
side of the area whenever she's in the room, so you can approach her from the back.

Keep in mind: if you want to complete the challenge you CANNOT kill anyone. What
IS allowed, however, is strangling people with Circle / B while approaching them
stealthily from the back. With her taken care of, move to the nearbly valve on
this side of the area and open it. Move to the end of the path and whenever the
thug is in the room with the brute, move over the pipe. Wait for the thug to
appear and strangle him unconscious. This only leaves the brute in the room. Wait
for him to move and approach him from the back (if he doesn't move at all, try
whistling, although you need to be fast since the brute goes into suspicion mode).
In any case, turn the valve here and move over the pipe to the other side again.

Two more valves need to be opened/sabotaged, and they are on the next level, also
located on the central device, directly above the previous two valves. Head back
to the room where you strangled the female Blighter and head up the stairs. Scan
the area again if you hadn't already. and head up the long stairs to reach the
next level. There's a sole thug patrolling at the end of the walkway, but he'll
always stop right before the valve (so if you move to the valve, he won't spot
you). Turn the valve and wait for the thug to turn his back on you, the strangle
him. On the other side of the area, a thug and a brute are moving as a pair.
They'll move to the valve on the other side, then into the nearby room and from
there to the adjacent room. Wait for them to go to the valve. When they move away
into the other room, climb the metal structure in the middle of the area and make
your way to the valve. Quickly drop down and turn it, then move to the stairs in
the corner (opposite of the enemy pair).

On the next level you'll face a patrolling Blighter pair moving in a circle around
the central walkway, a thug moving back and forth on the opposite walkway, and a
brute on the left walkway. Your goal is to sneak - unseen - to the switch at the
walkway furthest away from you (as marked by the indicator). Wait for the pair to
move away and when the coast is clear, either knock out the sole thug Blighter in
the building you pass (if he has his back turned towards you) or climb over it.
When you make a run for the switch, be sure not to be seen by the brute on the
other side. In any case, once you hit the switch, quickly run over the nearby ramp
to the right, climbing the chains and pipes to the small window in the distance
(which is marked). This is easier than it looks. Congratulations, you've completed
the mission and challenge.
Sequence 4.3 - On The Origin Of Syrup

Rewards: Pounds: 410, EXP: 250, Extra: Schematic - Reinforced Gauntlet Schematic
No Challenges

This is a fairly short and relatively easy mission with its name coming from
Darwin's masterpiece "On the Origin of Species". When the carriage moves away,
quickly dash after it and hijack the empty carriage on the road (it should be
there, if not, hijack an other carriage as long as no police or Blighters are in
it). Follow the carriage until you've moved right next to it, then press L1 / LB
when the game prompts you to in order to reach your own carriage's roof. Face the
other carriage and press R1 / RB or alternatively jump on it regularly. On this
carriage, move to the driver and remove him from his spot with Circle / B. After
this, all you have to do is inflict enough damage to the carriage so that you get
the information you need. Don't ram police or Blighter carriages though; that
would unnecessarily complicate matters. Simply ram normal carriages until the
damage has been done.
Sequence 4.4 - Cable News

Rewards: Pounds: 500 (+100), EXP: 1250 (+125)
Challenges: 1. Use darts on fire sources near enemies.

This mission introduces Hallucinogenic Darts to your inventory, and Alex gives you
two for free. When you hit an enemy with it, a purple icon appears next to their
head and they'll attack anyone in their vicinity. If their allies are the only
ones nearby (and you are out of sight), they'll thus start bashing their allies.
When all non-hallucinating enemies in the vicinity are defeated, they'll collapse
themselves. It's good to know that you can use the darts on fires/heat sources to
create a blast, with the hallucinogen spreading to all enemies nearby the fire.

Make your way to the docks as indicated and move close to the middle. The
challenge still allows you to take out enemies, as long as you inflict nine
enemies with hallucinogen by way of fire blasts. On the dock, three Rooks are held
captive and several Blighters are standing guard. Use a dart on the fire there to
knock the first two off your list. Kill any remaining thugs and free the Rooks,
then check the middle of the area. If there's a thug here, knock him out with a
dart by shooting the fire bin. Otherwise, just check the nearby chest (locate it
with Eagle Vision) to collect two darts.

Move to the dock on the side of the area and shoot the fire bin with a dart to hit
at least one more enemy with it for the challenge. Once you defeat the other thug
and brute (or wait for them to battle it out), open the large crate to collect the
first of three cable lines.

Move up the nearby stairs and hide behind the stack of wood, where you can open
the chest for two more darts. There are quite a lot of thugs and a brute up ahead.
One thug is standing near a fire bin to the left. Wait for the brute to stand
close to him, then shoot the fire with a dart to hit them both. They'll then
battle it out with each other and the other thugs. (If you hadn't done so yet, you
should check the middle of the area again too, to possibly spot a brute standing
near the fire bin there. Hit the fire - and him - with it, then either kill him or
lure him to the nearby remaining thugs.)

Continue to the area with thugs underneath an open building and try shooting the
fire bin with at least one of them standing nearby. You can open the chest on the
walkway to collect two new darts. If you fail to shoot the fire bin with one of
the thugs standing nearby, try luring one of them close to it, although this may
be tricky. In any case, collect the second of three cable lines from the large
crate here.

The last large crate is down the street. Shoot the fire bin with the brute and
thug nearby to finish the challenge (provided everything went well so far) and
finish the last thug near the large crate around the corner by luring him towards
you with a whistle, then perform a cover assassination.

After this you'll need to quickly make your way to the boat depicted in the short
scene, so rush back to the dock and Free Run over obstacles and boats until you
reach it. Defeat the three enemies and open the chest, then quickly make your way
off the boat and out of the area.
Sequence 4.5 - The Crate Escape

Rewards: Pounds: 500, EXP: 500, Extra: Cape - Hunter's Mantle
No Challenges

This is a short mission where the game recommends you to upgrade your firearm.
It's not necessary, but you will want to have your bullets maxed out before you start.

At the starting position of this memory, shoot the rope launcher to the top of the
boat mast right in front of you and collect a Helix Glitch along the way, then
continue straight to the roof of the building in front of you. Stand on the corner
and scan the area with Eagle Vision. To the right, below you, spot two enemies
standing close to a fire bin. Shoot a halucinogenic dart at it (aim carefully) to
hit them both at once.

Move a little further on the roof and spot a sniper on a balcony down below. Use
the rope launcher to create a zipline above the sniper, allowing an Air
Assassination. Climb the building and also Air Assassinate the thug standing below
you (whenever the brute on the street has his back turned towards you). Finish the
brute next, but beware of any nearby Templars - finish those too. The last two
enemies in the area are a sniper on a balcony (simply climb there, preferably to
the roof to Air Assassinate her) and a Templar standing near a fire bin and a
carriage. You can approach him from the back.

Enter the carriage and inspect the chest to trigger a scene. A chase starts
afterwards, with Jacob automatically controlling the vehicle. You must defeat the
enemies coming after you. You'll essentially need to shoot enemies from their
carriages, and whenever someone lands on your own vehicle, quickly combat them.
Aim carefully, since your ammo supply is limited. If you do run out of bullets,
switch to throwing knives and hold out as long as you can. The chase should be
over when you start to run out of ammunition. Quickly make your escape when the
carriage stops.
Sequence 4.6 - Playing It By Ear

Rewards: Pounds: 750 (+100), EXP: 500 (+125), Extra: Outfits - Defender's Garb
Challenges: 1. Discover all of Kenway's memorabilia collection (7 total). 2.
Complete the piano puzzle without hitting a false note.

This memory is accessed from the train hideout. Speak with Henry (indicated by a
golden icon) to start it. When he's on the carriage, ride towards your
destination, a large mansion you need to infiltrate. First locate the small boat
in the mansion's main gate by entering Eagle Vision.

There are various entry points, but it doesn't really matter which one you take.
For directional purposes, I suggest you choose the same entry point as in this
guide. Let's pick the building's north wall, where an open window on the lower
left side grants you access to the building. This is close to a stack of hay in
which you can hide to lure/take out enemies. Remember that you can know what's
north by checking your minimap and spotting the small white triangle on the edge
of the circle. Take out the enemy in the garden (plus perhaps one or two at most
who might come investigate), then climb through the building and take out the
templar inside this room.

Move through the adjacent hall and enter Eagle Vision. Inspect the ship on the
cabinet to find the first of seven memorabilia, then pick the door at the end of
the hall and loot the chest inside this room. Enter the main hall via the nearby
doorway in the hall. In the main hall are three memorabilia in total. There are
guns on the lower right of the stairs, close to your current position, and you can
spot crossed swords on the other, lower left side of the stairs. The top walkway
has a Templar patrolling, but he can be taken out from behind or with a cover
assassination. A hat memorabilia can be found in the middle of the walkway.

The hall to the left of the stairs (or south part of the mansion) has a locked
door as you enter; unlock it and assassinate the Templar, who often looks out of
the window (enter Eagle Vision and wait for him to stand there). Move through this
dining room to the adjacent chamber and kill the brute. He's often looking at a
map on a cabinet, which is another memorabilia. Return to the main hall and move
to the other upper hall section. There's a Templar patrolling here, but he'll
often look out of the nearby window. A cover assassination is also possible by
waiting at the doorway.

Defeat the Templar in the first room adjacent to this hall and search the small
desk near the windows for another artifact. It's a small paper weight, so search
carefully. There's nothing else of interest here in this hall, so move back
through the main hall and go downstairs. Enter Eagle Vision mode. Henry is
probably standing in the hall to the south already, where you can also find the
last memorabilia. Do NOT enter the room with the piano yet (which lights up yellow
in Eagle Vision), but FIRST check out the ship memorabilia in this hall. When
you've found all seven and completed the challenge, then and only then enter the
piano room.

Here you must find a clue as to what to play on the piano. This isn't hard to do -
enter Eagle Vision and spot the clue on the wall. The tones you need to hit are
DADEFD. You can easily remember the first part by thinking of a dad/father, and
memorize the second part for the short term, then play the piano. Do it right in
one try to also complete the second 'challenge'. Head down the stairs, inspect the
desk, then turn the large wheel and make your way through the tunnel.

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