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Game: SSX Tricky
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: E for Everyone


1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Controls
4. Single Event
5. Race
6. Showoff
7. Time Challenge
8. Practice
9. Trick Book
10. Extra non-relevant stuff

1. Introduction

SSX Tricky, the second installment of SSX on the Playstation 2, focuses more on 
tricks than on racing. I’m not saying that the first SSX didn’t focus at all on 
tricks but SSX Tricky is the game for doing massive amounts of tricks. 

2. Legal Stuff

This walkthrough/strategy guide/ FAQ is not to be copied or sold for any cost. No 
part of this document may not be reproduced or sold without written permission from 
the author. 

3. Controls

The controls for SSX Tricky are pretty much the same as the original SSX.

Forward- to build speed
Down- to check your speed
R1, R2, L1, L2- Grab board
X- crouch
Square- boost/speed burst
Tweak (in air)- square
Right joystick- pushes opponent
Start- pause the game

4. Single Event

This is for one to two players in a race, showoff, or time challenge contest. 
Remember to select your difficulty if you are playing solo.
The difficulties are Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro. 
NOTE: Both players can play as the same character. 
NOTE: Only the levels unlocked in world circuit can be played in single event. (You 
start out with Garibaldi, Snowdream, and Elysium Alps)

5. Race

(This is pretty self-explanatory) 
Whoever comes in first place wins. When playing in world circuit you must come in 
first, second, or third three times to win a medal.
(The quarter finals, the semi-finals, and the finals)

6. Showoff

Showoff takes place on the same tracks as Race and Time Challenge. For this you need 
to earn an X amount of trick points to win a medal. I have listed the trick point 
requirements for the tracks below.

         Garibaldi		Snowdream		Elysium Alps	
Gold	 50,000			95,000			225,000
Silver   40.000			65,000			150,000
Bronze   25,000			35,000			75,000
	Mesablanca	Merquiry City 		Tokyo Megaplex
Gold 	225,000		275,000			300,000
Silver	150,000		175,000			225,000
Bronze	75,000		125,000			100,00

              Aloha Ice Jam					Alaska
Gold		175,000						500,000
Silver	        115,000						300,000
Bronze	        75,000						150,000

7. Time Challenge

Try to beat the clock on each track.
HINT: Try to find other pathways and cut corners as much as possible.

8. Practice

In this mode you are in control of everything. You can work on your tricks or just 
play a track without any set time, place, or trick point total.

9. Trick Book

The Trick Book is a list of tricks that a character knows. And when you do a trick 
in the chapter you are on, a little camera should show up at the bottom of the 
screen indicating that you have done a new trick. There are seven chapters of 
tricks, for each chapter you complete you earn a new outfit for that character. When 
all of the chapters in the trick book are complete your will be awarded the 

10. Extra Non-relevant stuff

If you want to see all of the strategy guides done by me, you can see them on my 
website at www.geocities.com/codeworld1, while you are there you can vote for 
favorite video game system ever!


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