Fun Multiplayer Games - Guide for GoldenEye 007

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These are games you can play in multiplayer modes. I will tell you at least  how 
many people you need for each game.

Jail tag. 3 players. My friends taught me this. There are three people. A guard, a 
rescuer and a prisoner(there can be two if you have four players.) You have to have 
the bunker level unlocked in multiplayer mode. The prisoner is in a cell. The guard 
makes sure he don't escape. The rescuer gets a gun, kills the guard and rescues the 
prisoner. The prisoner gets a gun and ammo. They both have to get outside alive. 
Then they both try to kill each other. Heheheheheh

Hide and go BLAM.2 players. This works for every level. One person's it. The other 
people hide. The person thats it can't look at anyone elses screen. Neither can the 
prisoners. Looking at the other screens is cheesy. Simple as this, the person thats 
it finds a hider and blows them away. Then they are it.

 Toilet Warfare. 2 people. Go on multiplayer mode and pick grenades(grenade 
launchers are better) as weapons and 
the facility as the level. Everyone goes out and gets a full load of grenades. Pick 
a stall on one side of the room while the other player goes to the other side. They 
have to be lined up. Now grab your grenades and stand on top of the toilet. Throw 
grenades over the top into the other stall. If you both have tall people you can 
shoot at each other. If you have four then you have teams. when you run out of ammo 
and you go out to get more nobody can shoot at you.

Sniper Teams. 4 players. There are two teams. The snipers and the victims. Pick 
snipers for the weapons and the complex for the level. The two people on the sniper 
team is the sniper and the machine gunner. The sniper has a sniper rifle and the 
machine gunner has an automatic. They hide out in one of the secret sniping 
locations and the victims have to be below them at all times. The victims are the 
clearer and the heavy weapons guy. The clearer has an automatic gun and the heavy 
weapons guy has something explosive. If the victims kill the snipers they become the 
snipers. The clearer becomes the sniper and the heavy weapons dude becomes the 

If you think these games are stupid than keep it to yourselves because I had to 
think of these.  

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