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Table of contents
1-Fence throw
3-bone breaker
4-car drop
5-arm in car
6a- scary gray dude
6b-scary gray dude
7-car hit
8-door slam


people ask me all the time, do you know any funny things to do on this game. my
answer is yes. So i will post this on here.

1.  this is the first funny thing is and easy one.
   take anyone that can survive possibly being dragged on the ground. Then pick
them up with pk, but be by a fence. Then push them towards the middle of the
fence. This doesn't always work, so keep on trying, and don't get frustrated.

2.  The 2nd funny thing is also easy if you have ok pk. (enough to puck up a car
or big vehicle)
   find any person, then pick a vehicle that has a good amount of health. This
works best when both the person, and the vehicle are majestic, then take the
car, pk it, then smash it up and down on the person until the glitch occurs.
Then suddenly, he will fall through the ground, and into water. This works best
at a 4 way intersect in the capital city. Note: this won't always work. But it
is very funny if done right.
3.  Another funny thing to do is a guaranteed  thing to work out. (if you have
good aim)
   When there is a person, and  tree, bring up the volume, make sure you can
hear sound effects, then pick the person up with pk, and slam him into a tree,
is sound like every bone in his body snapped a billion times. Not the funniest
4.  Here is another little chuckle maker.

   This works anywhere, pick up a car that is in front of someone then wait for
them to stare at the car. you can tell that they are when you look at their
head, they will move it with the car, then pick it over them, and drop.

5.  This is a 75% chance of working. But is funny.
   Whenever a majestic is coming out of a vehicle, pick up the vehicle, and pull
it in or out, depending on where it is. then either one or both will fall out
and that is  little funny, but sometimes, there will be a glitch. a part of
their body will get stuck in either the door, or the car, and then they will be
stuck there. (if they both fall out, drop the car on them if they fall under the
6a.  This is my personal favorite.(this only works with civilians) part 1 of
scary gray dude

   Find someone, get a clone of them, then take them, or someone else and put
them on top of a building.  then, as quickly as possible, get out of a clone of
the person. Then jump behind the person and when they get up, they will see you,
and be so scared, that they will fall of the building, killing them self.

6b.  the second part of the scary gray dude.
   all you have to do is be in a clone, and be by some deep water with no
obstacles, like a fence, or vehicle, and have a person by their, not being
scared. then get on the other side of them (the side away from the deep water)
then take off the clone, and it will scare them into the ocean, killing them self.

7.  Yet another funny thing, is the called the hit one.

   walk as a clone, in the right side of the road, when someone is coming in
their car, jump in front of it, only when it is a little bit away from you. If
timed right, the car will hit you, knocking you under it sometimes. if you get
stuck under it, and keep falling down, push the analog stick in only one
direction, and after about 30 seconds, you'll be out. if there is someone else
walking nearby, they will throw up, but you can't see the vomit.

8.  This is the last thing, and is the hardest to do by far.

   When there is a majestic, put him by the door, when it is closed. Then find
the part of the car that opens the door by shocking it, then when the guy stands
up, shock that part, and the guy will fall to the ground hurt badly.

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