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L     U  U   I    GGG   I  '' SSS
L     U  U   I   G      I  '   S
L     U  U   I   G  G   I       S
LLLL   UU    I    GGG   I     SS
       M A N S I O N

Gallery Ghosts

Floating Whirlindas
Madame Clairvoya
Mr. Luggs
Biff Atlas
Miss Petunia
Slim Bankshot
Uncle Grimmly
Clockwork Soldiers
Sue Pea
Sir Winston
Vincent Van Gore
King Boo
Developer Interview
New Mansions
Legal Stuff


Neville is the easiest of Gallery Ghosts.  Wait until he yawns, then suck him in!


Lydia's a little harder.  Use the vacuum to pull back the curtains, so that leaves 
will fly in.  As soon as Lydia says "Oh dear... such a draft..." shine the light on 
her and suck her in!


Make the rocking horse rock with suction power.  Chauncey will wake up and order you 
to play.  Avoid the teddies and suck the ball in, then tap R quickly to launch the 
ball at Chauncey.  After the short movie, avoid Chauncey's rocking horses, and 
balls, then suck in the remaining ball, and toss it at Chauncey.  He will become 
vulnerable to suction power.


Floating Whirlindas=================================================================

Stick close to the Wirlindas with your back turned to see them.  When they bow, 
that's your chance to suuuuuck them in.

Madame Clairvoya====================================================================

Get all of Mario's items (cap, shoe, glove, letter, star)in order for Madame 
Clairvoya to become vulnerable.


The floating candles in the middle of the main hall is unlit.  Use fire to light 
them.  When you do so, Shivers will appear and freak out.  Follow him to the 
butler's room.  When he sits down, he can be caught.


Knock on every instrument (and dance to the jiggle)to make Melody appear.  Go to the 
piano last, answer her question (either Underwater or Super Mario Bros. 3), and 
she'll send her sheets out.  Suck them in, and quickly grab Melody for capture.

Mr. Luggs===========================================================================

Use your fire power to light the candles on the table.  Capture all the waiter 
ghosts, then suck up Mr. Luggs' supper.  He'll react by coughing up fireballs.  
Dodge the fireballs, and when Mr. Luggs gets tired, capture him, the greedy pig.


Water Spooky's bowl.  Spooky should wake up, and try to lunge at you.  Run around 
the garden for a bit, and when Mr. Bones pops up, suck him in.  A bone should fly 
around and land close to Spooky.  Spooky will eat the bone.  That's your chance to 
use suction power!


Pull in the shadowy spirits and launch them at Bogmire.  When Bogmire is covered, 
you can pull him in to your Poltergust 3000.


Biff Atlas==========================================================================

Hit the punching bags toward Biff - but don't get in the way when it comes zooming 
back!  When you hit Biff three times with the punching bags, he'll fall and be 
vulnerable for capture.

Miss Petunia========================================================================

Use your new found Ice Element to freeze Miss petunia so she'll be available for the 


Investigate the yarn balls to let them loose.  Suck them in, and shoot them at 
Nana.  All three must be shot at Nana in order for her to become vulnerable.

Slim Bankshot=======================================================================

Slim Bankshot is so good at pool, he sends the balls flying off the table!  Suck in 
a ball, then fire it at Slim and then suck him in.


Use the vacuum to move the mobile in circles.  The twins will appear.  Tell them 
that you want to play, then leave the room.  Go back in, and vacuum at the five 
boxes.  The twins are in the boxes that shudder.  When you find both of them, 
they'll get onto veichles and attack.  Suck up the car one first by using suction 
power to get him off the car.  Then vacuum him.  Now go for the plane.  Avoid his 
bombs, though.


Suck in the huge Boo and throw him at the spiky horn on one of the unicorns.  He 
will POP, and 15 boos will fly around.  Use the ice power to freeze the boos and 
suck them in.  After a while, Boolossus will form again and attack, though with 
fewer boos.  When the last boo is gone, you win.



Uncle Grimmly=======================================================================

Go to the closet on the second floor.  When grimly puts up his hands to scare you, 
shine the light on him.  That's your cue to cath him!

Clockwork Soldiers==================================================================

Interact with all the clocks in the room to awaken the soldiers.  When they pop 
their corks, suck them in!

Sue Pea=============================================================================

Spray water at Sue three times for her to wake up and become vulnerable.


Freeze Jarvis seven times for him to be ready to catch.

Sir Winston=========================================================================

Shoot fire at the wood piles to awaken Winston.  Melt Sir Winston's ice block and 
suck up.

Vincent Van Gore====================================================================

Defeat all of Vincent's ghosts to make him vulnerable.

King Boo============================================================================

When Bowser tosses spiked balls at you, suck one up and launch it at Bowser when he 
breathes fire.  His head will pop off (ewww... gross!),and King Boo will fly out.  
Suck upKing Boo while avoiding the head's ice attacks.
When the king returns to Bowser's body with 200 HP or less, bBowser will put his 
head on backward and wander around the arena stupidly.  Wait for him to put his head 




Gallery Ghosts will have different poses depending on how well you caught them.
If you managed to take away 90HP or more in a single try, they'll be gold.  If you 
managed 50HP or more, they'll be silver.  And if you got less than 50HP, they'll be 

Developer Interview=================================================================

NINTENDO POWER: Tell us about the process of selecting Luigi as the star of the 
first adventure title for Nintendo GameCube.

MR. SUGIYAMA: We started with the idea of making a game in which the player explored 
a huge house, walking back and forth between the rooms.  The house started as a 
Japanese-style Ninja house.  When we changed it to an American-style haunted 
mansion, we tried to think of a character who would work in those surroundings.  
Because the house is filled with ghosts, we wanted a character with a cowardly 
personality.  That's why we decided that Luigi would be a good choice.

MR. KONNO: Mario has too much of a reputation for being a hero to be be believeable 
as the frightened explorer of a haunted house.

NP: You don't give a hint about the warp mirrors in the game.  Why not?

MR. K: We figured that every player would use the Game Boy Horror to examine one of 
the mirrors sooner or later.  The mirror in the foyer is sort of a hint.  Because 
the distance between the mirror and the place that you warp to is short, some people 
find that to be a little confusing, but it works for most players.

NP: There is a line of coins that leads to a trap door in the first hallway that you 

MR. K: We also lead players to the trap doors by the design of the patsh of the 
escaping boos.  I've watched many testers follow boos to the trap doors then get 
flattened when they try to open it.  Then I laugh over their shoulders.

NP: The way Luigi calls for Mario when you press A was a nice touch.

MR. K: That was something we added over the course of development.  There wasn't 
much to do with the A button, except for examining objects and opening doors.  One 
of our staff members suggested that Luigi should call out for Mario, since Luigi's 
main motivation is to find his brother.  There are about 30 variations in the way 
that Luigi calls for Mario.  They vary depending on his health.

NP: Another nice touch is the way tha Luigi hums and whistles along with the music.

Mr. K: The sound staff added that feature after E3.  They thought that the 
background music wasn't very fun, so they came up with the idea that Luigi would 
interact with the music.  The programming schedule was pretty tight, but we resolved 
to challenge ourselves and we were able to add that feature in time.

NP: Did you intend to make the game scary?

MR. S: No.  We wanted Luigi to be frightened, but we didn't have any desire to scare 

New Mansions========================================================================

In addition to saving Mario and returning ghosts to the gallery, you'll be able to 
buy a new house at the end of the game.  If you collected a lot of money, it will be 
huge.  If you didn't, it'll be more modest.  See my guide of Behind The Scenes for a 
full list of the mansions you can get.

To get the whole mansion, you need over 100,000,000G

Legal Stuff=========================================================================

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Copyright 2002 Adam Comix Inc.  (whatever that means)

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