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 Welcome Back! For a minute, I thought u gave up! I'm not going to do the Hero Story 
for now until I reach stage 7 in dark story. 

                        Dark Story:Stage 3-Sand Ocean 

Video Sequence:Eggman heads for the pyramid to return to the base. He'll figure out 
a way to the space colony ARK. 

Mission 1:return 2 Hidden Base-In the beginning, there are 3 paths:1 forward, the 
other block by crates(large cannon req.), and the other is far off(Jet Engine 
req.).  Don't fall in the quicksand and try to lock on to many enemies. You can't 
hold the lock on laser forever. 
Results:A(25,000 or more), B(23,00-24,999), C(20,000-22,999), D(18,000-19,999). 

mission 2:Collect 100 rings-If you don't get hit, collect every ring in the main 
path, and hit a balloon in the air, you'll have it in under 2:00, much less than the 
original A rank time. 
Results:A(3:29 or less), B(3:30-3:59), C(4:00-4:29), D(4:30-4:59). 

Mission 3:Find the lost Chao(Jet Engine and Large Cannon req.)-On the rotating 
platform near the second point marker, there is a platform with a spring. Hover to 
the platform(avoid the spring) and the next one. Hover near the fence and blast the 
containers, then hover to the next one, then hover and walk at the altar to find the 
fuzzy one. 
Results:A(2:59 or less), B(3:00-3:29), C(3:30-3:59), D(4:00-4:29). 

Mission 4:Return to Hidden base in 4:00(Jet Engine rec.)-Hover to the nearest 
platform when you reach moving platforms. 
Results:Same as Mission 1.  

Mission 5:Disapeared moving platforms and more enemies. 
Results:1,000 points lower, but D Rank is 5,000 points lower. 

Power-up(Jet Engine Req.):Remember about the 3 paths? It's on the far left platform 
left of the rotating platform in the beginning. 

Chao Box 1-Near the swinging spike balls near the third pillar. 
Chao Box 2-Near a pillar way after the first point marker. 
Chao Box 3-Near a large altar on tall platforms. 

Video Sequence:Eggman watches a news flash about "Sonic''(more like Shadow)  
stealing a Chaos Emerald from the bank. 

                    Dark Story:Stage 4-Radical Highway 
Power-up(Air Shoes Req.):After taking a pulley and bouncing up, go to the left and 
somersault under the roller. Light Dash across the rings, then use the springs to 
get the Flame Ring. This ring upgrades the somersault into the fire somersault, 
which can break open iron containers. 

Chao Boxes: 
1-left at the stack of boxes. 
2-Below a series of enemies. 
3-Near the Road Closed sign hidden in crates. 

Mission 1-Break trough the besieging Military-There are plenty of safety nets in 
this highway. A useful one is after the second point marker, when you reach a ramp 
to get launched to a spring after loops. That takes you to the bridge-support tower. 
Fail to reach, and the air will carry you. 
Results:A(14,000-or more), B(11,000-13,999), C(8,000-10,999), D(6,000-7,999). 

Mission 2:Collect 100 rings(Air Shoes rec.)-Stay in the middle of the road. It's 
easier with air shoes. If you have air shoes, then take the path to the flame ring. 
Results:A(1:19 or less), B(1:20-1:39), C(1:40-1:59), D(2:00-2:29). 

Mission 3:Find the Lost Chao(Mystic Melody Req.)-Get to the top of the pinnacles as 
mentioned in mission 1. When you reach the bridge-support tower, grind the left rail 
behind you and play Mystic Melody at the shrine to make platforms appear. 
Results:A(2:29 or less), B(2:30-2:44), C(2:45-2:59), D(3:00-3:29).

Misson 4:Reach the goal on 3:00(Air Shoes Req.)-Light dash whenever possible, launch 
from every ramp, and swing from every pole. Take the high route(the route to the  
ridge-support tower) and grind the front left rail for a shortcut. 
Results:B rank is 1,000 points more, and C and D rank is 2,000 points more. 

Mission 5:Clear Hard Mode(Air Shoes Req.)-More enemies, safety net near the high 
route is gone. Next to elevators, perform a homing attack on the gold enemy before 
it disappears. On the high route perform a homing attack on the enemy near 2 series 
of rings, then light dash on it,  
Results:2,000 points more than rankings from previous mission. 

Video Sequence:Shadow is on top of the big foot robot, showing Sonic the Chaos 

                     Dark Story:Stage 5-Egg Quarters 
Power-up:Fire a rocket in the Egg Fish Chamber, then enter the room where the rocket 
was heading for. Search around for the Pick Nails, which teaches you to dig. To dig 
on the ground, press A, then B or hit Y until Dig appears in the action window, then 
press B. To dig in the walls press B on the wall. 

Chao Boxes: 
1-Play Mystic Melody in the Snake Altar, then jump in the swirl. 
2-Green room left of Egg SNake Chamber. 
3-Right hand corner of he room where the Pick Nails are. 

Mission 1- Find the 3 Gate Keys-Beware of Beetle robots. The screen slightly turns 
green when a robt comes. If it spots you, he'll shoot an unavoidble laser. Hide in 
the shadows. This level is divided in 4 sections:you begin in the Egg Scorpion 
Chamber in the south, Egg Fish in the east, Snake at the north, and Snake Altar in 
the west. 
Results:A(12,000 or more), B(10,000-11,999), C(8,000-9,999), D(6,000-7,999). 

That's all 4 now! I'll continue the missions next time, but let's look at Chao 

There are five basic types of chao:neutral,hero,dark,angel,devil. I'm not sure if 
there is an angel or devil. It's probably the Chaos Chao. Now , here's the 
characters new look! 

To unlock a secondary costume for a character, get the All A Rank emblem for the 
character(achieve a ranks in all missions). 

I'll finish the missions, get back at Hero Story, then look a ta new story. 

Here are previous guides I had with following stages and secrets:  

First encounter:Iron Gate, City Escape(Mission 1) 
First encounter part 2:City Escape(Mission 2-5), Wild Canyon, Dry Lagoon, Chao GBA, 
CHaos type. 

Next guide:Egg Quarters(Mission 2-5), Dark STage 6-8, Hero Stage 3.

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