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Written by cosmos_wand and updated December 30, 2004
Mail me @: [email protected]

       Welcome fellow gamer to, “Gamers Guide For THUG2”! I have written this guide 
not only to help me remember what to do in the game, but to help all of the other 
gamers out there. Please, I have written this guide, so do not copy it or reproduce 
it in any way. If that is okay with you, then let’s get started.

       When you first begin your game, you will have to create a custom skater. 
Simply go to Create-a-Mode to get started. There you can make your ultimate skater. 
The way they look does not affect your game play. Once done, save and you are ready 
to go.

       Then, click on “Story Mode”. I will not be covering “Classic Mode” or any 
other mode, so please do not email me about it.

       Once you get there, create a file and name it. Then choose your difficulty 
level. Once done, get ready to play. 

       You will probably will start by seeing a video about you being kidnapped and 
being chosen to be on Bam or Tony’s team for the, “World Destruction Tour”. After 
watching the cutscene they give you, you will arrive in the training area. Here you 
can skate around and increase your stats. When you start, Tony Hawk is standing 
right next to you. Don’t talk to him yet. Skate on down the ramp and you will soon 
se a car that kind of looks like a taxi. There should be a skater there named Rodney 
Mullen. Talk to him and do the tricks he tells you to do. Once you complete his 
tricks, go talk to Tony. Then he will take you on over to Boston.

       You will begin the game standing next to Tony. See the arcade machine? Skate 
on over to it and start your high score run. The easiest way for me to do this is to 
manual and press x x, y y, x y, etc. Once you have done that you should earn some 

	Another easy goal to accomplish is finding the pro skater you chose as your 
partner at the beginning. He is at the side of the library facing where the large 
ship is. Find him and unlock the goals.

	Pretty close to where you found the pro, there should be an oval shaped 
place that would be great for grinding if those metal things were not the there. You 
will need to find Jesse James. Skate on over to the place where there are all the 
statues in front. The should be a man standing near the gate. He tells you he wants 
a drink. Skate down the ramp and Jesse James will be there. Now you can grind off 
the metal things and race Paulie.

	To find BF (Ben Franklin) skate inside where the statues are. Go to the left 
side of the ramp and spine transfer into the glass. Follow him and then you can play 
as him.

	To be continued…

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