Gameshark Codes - Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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Unlock Characters 
80093878 FFFF
8009387E FFFF 

Unlock Match Options 
80093886 FFFF 

Unlock Entrance Music 
80093D28 FFFF
80093D2C FFFF 

Press Select to Reset Timer 
D008525A FFFE
8008BD90 0000 

Press L2 For Max Special P1 
D008525A FEFF
800BA5A0 0005 

Control Modifier P1 
800BA4A8 ???? 

Press L1 For Max Special P2 
D008525A FBFF
800C69A0 0005 

Control Modifier P2 
800C68A8 ???? 

Press R2 For Max Special P3 
D008525A FDFF
800D2DA0 0005 

Control Modifier P3 
800D2CA8 ???? 

Press R1 For Max Special P4 
D008525A F7FF
800DF1A0 0005 

Control Modifier P4 
800DF0A8 ???? 

Infinite Specials Top Left 
800BA5A0 0005 

Infinite Specials Top Right 
800C69A0 0005 

Infinite Specials Bottom Left 
800D2DA0 0005 

Infinite Specials Bottom Right 
800DF1A0 0005 

Infinite Specials Human Players 
D00BA4A8 0101
800BA5A0 0005
D00C68A8 0101
800C69A0 0005
D00D2CA8 0101
800D2DA0 0005
D00DF0A8 0101
800DF1A0 0005 

No Specials Computer Players 
D00BA4A8 0000
800BA5A0 0000
D00C68A8 0000
800C69A0 0000
D00D2CA8 0000
800D2DA0 0000
D00DF0A8 0000
800DF1A0 0000 

Infinite Ability Points 
D00EB21A AC82
800EB21A 2400
800EB2DA 2400
D00EB39A AC82
800EB39A 2400
D00EAB82 AE50
800EAB82 2400 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Control Modifier Codes 
0000 - CPU
0101 - Human 

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