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Twinrova and Ganon are only in Password or Linked games of "The Legend of Zelda: 
Oracle of Seasons" and "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages." You see Twinrova 
throughout the game and then you'll get to save Zelda at one point. After Onox 
(Seasons) or Veran (Ages) you get to see fight them by going to the warp by the 
Great Maku Tree. To get to Twinrova, look at the statues. Go the direction the ARE 
NOT looking at for a while and you'll get there.

  -------          |
     |  \        / |  |---   |--|  ---  \    /  ---
     |   \  /\  /  |  |   |  |    |   |  \  /  |   |
     |    \/  \/   |  |   |  |     ---    \/    ---|

Your Battle with Twinrova will have two parts. When the twins attack as separate 
creatures, you can turn their powers onto each other.Use your sword to reflect the 
fiery beams in the direction of the icy enemy and the icy beam in the direction of 
the fiery enemy. After they merge, stop their attack with your powered-up sword, 
then hit them with Scent Seeds. When the floor transforms, avoid dangerous areas and 
keep fighting.


 |      |
 |    --   ---   |---   ---  |---
 |      | |   |  |   | |   | |   |
  -----    ---|  |   |  ---| |   |

Links most infamous enemy makes a triumpphant return after you defeat Twintova. 
Unless you have the Master Sword,>

      To get the Master Sword, talk to the zora in the Hero's Cave of Oracle of 
Seasons. He'll tell you a secret. Tell it to King Zora in Oracle of Ages and you'll 
get a level up sword. King Zora will tell you a secret. Tell that secret to Farore 
in the Great Maku Tree of Oracle of Seasons. If you have the Noble Sword (L-2 sword) 
you'll get the the Master Sword (L-3 sword). If you have the Wooden sword (L-1 sword)
then you'll get the L-2 sword but you'll get the L-3 sword by the trading 
sequence...  but, if you wan't to do it the easy way, go to the lost woods' stump 
and go left in this order of changing seasons: Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer. The 
sword will be waiting.


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