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|                                Gears of War 3                               |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
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I. Important Information__________________________________________________[II0]

II. Walkthrough___________________________________________________________[W00]

    Act 1_________________________________________________________________[W01]

    Act 2_________________________________________________________________[W02]

    Act 3_________________________________________________________________[W03]

    Act 4_________________________________________________________________[W04]

    Act 5_________________________________________________________________[W05]

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                         ||  Important Information  ||                    [II0]
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                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
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===================================| ===== |===================================
                                   |       |
                                   | Act 1 |                              [W01]
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{ Prologue }

When you gain control of Marcus, use the Left Thumbstick to move and the 
Right Thumbstick to look around. Follow Anya to the door at the end. You will
reappear outside in a courtyard. Move forward, past the fountain, and the 
structures ahead will rebuild themselves. Go through the arch and use the A 
button to take cover behind the low wall ahead. There are Locust on the other
side that you need to hold off. While in cover, hold the Left Trigger to aim 
and use the Right Trigger to shoot. If you shoot without aiming while in cover,
you will simply blind fire.

Use the Right Bumper to reload. You may notice that when you reload, a bar 
appears underneath the weapon icon in the top right corner. If you press the
Right Bumper again while the moving cursor is over the white part of the bar,
you will perform a perfect reload. This shortens the reload time and usually
adds some kind of bonus to your ammo for a few seconds. If you press the Right
Bumper when the cursor is over the grey part of the bar, you'll reload quicker,
but won't get any bonus. Pressing the Right Bumper when the cursor is over the
black parts of bar will cause your gun to jam.

Keep wasting enemies until a Corpser shows up. It's the large spider-like 
creature. You can't destroy it, but after several seconds it gets sucked into
the vortex. Shortly after that, a cutscene plays that ends the Prologue.

{ Chapter 1: Anchored }

Hold the Left Bumper to view your objective, which is marked with the star. In
combat, holding the Left Bumper also tells you where your teammates are at.
Head into the hallway and open the next door on your right. After talking to 
Dom, continue through the ship. In non-combat situations, hold A to jog. In 
combat situations, holding A makes you do a roadie run, which is great for 
moving to cover quickly. After the cutscene with Anya, move towards the 
next door. Use the directional pad to equip a weapon. Once the door opens, you
will have to deal with Polyps. These spider-like Lambent creatures are small,
fast, and come in packs. Move through the door and turn right. More Polyps 
come downstairs.

There's a Lambent monster to deal with at the top of the stairs. Shoot the 
glowing parts to take him down quickly. Once he's gone, some Lambent Drones 
drop onto the deck of the ship. Take them out and move towards the nearby 
control room. Another creature comes out of the large hole in the ship, and you
are prompted to use the chainsaw on your gun to end him. Lambent creatures do 
explode when they're killed, but if you're killing them via melee, the 
explosion will do very little damage to you. Once the area is clear, hit the 

After the next cutscene you'll have to deal with more Glowies dropping onto the
deck ahead of you. There's also a creature on the bridge. Once the first wave
is down, move up a bit and take out the next group that drops in. One final 
wave drops in after that. Take them out and scavenge for ammo, then head 
upstairs. There are a couple of Longshot sniper rifles up here, if you'd 
rather use them. Just make sure to exchange it with the shotgun, not the 
Lancer. Mid-range weapons are invaluable in this game.

After the cutscene, keep an eye out on the right for a small "room". You can 
melee/chainsaw the crates out of the way and enter the "room", where you'll
find ammo and a couple of Frag Grenades. At this point, you'll also be told
about spotting. Aiming at someone and click in the Left Thumbstick tags them.
This has mixed success when going through with AI teammates, but can be 
great for marking important targets if you're doing this with actual people.
After taking out the first group of Glowies, head back towards the lift you 
raised earlier and deal with more enemies. This is a good time to try out 
the grenades.

Carmine raises the lift for you, and more enemies drop onto the deck ahead. 
Take them out and deal with the Lambent that come up from below deck, then 
head down. At the bottom of the stairs you should see a fire extinguisher. 
Pick it up and use it like a weapon on the fires. Aim for the floor. After a 
bit you'll run into more Lambent. Switch to a weapon to drop the extinguisher.
Deal with the group besieging Prescott to end this chapter.

{ Chapter 2: Abandon Ship }

Take out the group of Polyps that drop down from the pipes. There are Lambent
creatures in the next room. Take cover behind one of the tables and Marcus 
will automatically flip it over. Clear the area out and move into the store 
room. Go forward and grab the ammo from the box if you need it. There's also
a Boltok Pistol here, if you're looking for a sidearm with more punch. You 
need to take cover here and then press forward and A to vault over the cover
to get to the other part of the room.

The large bay area ahead is filled with enemies. Watch for a guy or two on the
walkway up and to your right, as well. Clear it out and move around to the 
helicopter. After Marcus tells the pilot he'll take care of the lift, Lambent
bust in from the door ahead of you. They also populate the same walkway as 
before. Move up to the control room. There's a single enemy in here. Once he's
taken care of, use the switch inside and then move on to another bay area 
filled with Lambent enemies.

As soon as you reach this next bay, you should notice a switch ahead of you.
Use it to lower some of the cover, exposing your enemies. Kill them all and
a Leviathan tentacles destroys the helicopter and drops in some Polyps. 
Destroy the Polyps, but ignore the tentacle. Instead, make your way towards 
the stairs leading up to the control room. Lambent bust in through the 
opposite door, just like before. There will also be one or two on the walkway,
and another one inside the actual control room. Hit the switch in there to 
trigger a cutscene.

There will be a few enemies waiting for you at the top. Deal with them and use
the valve, then do the same with the next set of enemies and the valve. When
you see the guy with the fire extinguisher get blown up, use his extinguisher
to put out the fires. Move to the third valve to trigger a cutscene. Keep 
going until the tentacle tears through the hull of the ship. You'll now have to
deal with Lambent on the other side of the room. Take out the two guys on the
top level and a Leviathan tentacle will take care of the bottom two. Now fend
off Polyps for a while. Shortly after the Leviathan takes a bite of the ship, 
a couple more Lambent Drones occupy the lower floor on the other side of the 
room. Deal with them and a bridge drops for you to cross.

After using the next door you'll be back up on deck. Run across to the stairs
before you're crushed by the containers, then hit the switch next to the bay
door. Inside you'll find two Silverbacks. Get inside one and you'll see its 
health bar pop up at the bottom of the screen. You can still take damage 
though, if you get hit in the back. The basic weapon you'll have is a heavy 
turret. It comes with infinite ammo, but must be allowed to cool off after 
sustained use. If you press the A button, you'll become immobile, but your 
legs will double as cover. This is useful in co-op. Your main weapon also 
changes to a rocket launcher, though you have limited rockets. Exit the bay
and press B once you reach the gate to kick it open. Pressing B at any other 
time will cause you to stomp the ground, damaging enemies near you.

The Leviathan comes out again and starts eating the ship. Shoot the big eye
until it pops, then start shooting the beast in the face until it goes away.
Lambent Drones and Polyps will start jumping on the ship, so defend yourself
until the Leviathan comes back. Shoot it in the face and the mouth to make it
go away, then deal with the lesser enemies. The Leviathan surfaces one last 
time. Keep shooting it in the mouth. When it goes down again, the chapter ends.

{ Chapter 3: Homecoming }

Once in control of Cole, head forward to the gate if you're looking for a 
couple of weapons. Otherwise, head left, down the street. Keep going until 
you reach a cutscene. After that, head into the playground. You'll run into 
more Lambent here. The Druges (large Lambent creatures from the ship that 
don't do much but explode) have been given an upgrade. If you shoot them 
enough now, they'll sprout tentacles that shoot highly damaging balls of 
imulsion at you. Shoot the tops of the tentacles to destroy them. You'll also 
have to deal with your first Lambent Stalk. The stalks have multiple pods on 
them that spawn enemies. Shoot the pods first. You'll know you've gotten them
all when the stalk loses its color. Deal with the rest of the enemies and 
another stalk pops up. Take these guys down and move into the street.

You'll immediately run into Lambent Wretches. There are some more creatures at
the end of the street as well. After taking them down, move through the razor
wire. Three Lambent Stalks pop up in front of the grocery store. Deal with 
all the enemies and move inside. Destroy the boards. When you head towards the
shelves, Lambent Stalks come up and dump out a few enemies. They also tear a 
hole in the roof, and a ton of Polyps fall down into the store. At this point,
head to the far right side of the room for some ammo. There's also a Boomshot
by the checkout counters. Another Lambent Stalk pops up after you clear out 
the first group of enemies. You'll then move through two doors.

The way forward is blocked by a large locker. There's a loader in the room to
the left of the locker. Destroy the large crate in front of the switch, then 
use the switch to open the door. Get in the loader and use it to move the 
locker. There's a crate full of food in the middle of the room here. Use the 
loader to pick it up. Get out of the loader and enter the next room (the one
with the Gears logo in it) if you're looking for ammo. Enter the loader again
and kick down the bay door with "Emergency Exit" above it. There are several 
enemies outside around a Lambent Stalk. Use the loader to kick the car out of
the way, then exit it and clear the area. Another Stalk pops up on the other
side of the gap. Once the entire area is clear, get back in the loader, move
the van, and head for the smoke to finish this chapter.

{ Chapter 4: Helping Hand }

After passing over the imulsion pit and reaching solid ground, look by the 
truck on your right for some ammo and a Longshot. There are a ton of enemies 
ahead of you, including a new Lambent creature called a Gunker. These guys are
large, take a lot of damage, and hurl highly damaging balls of imulsion at you.
If you've still got the Boomshot, now is a good time to use it. If you've 
picked up the Longshot, aim for the small yellow sac on the front of the 
Gunker to do maximum damage. Also, don't get close to it. If you do, the 
Gunker will use that freakishly long arm to stab at you. Take this first 
group out and a Stalk up ahead throws out another Gunker. While moving towards
the Stalk, keep an eye out on the left side for a Boomshot by a destroyed 
road. A final Stalk appears after taking down the second one, but doesn't 
deliver a Gunker.

Follow the woman through the camp. When you go through some doors and pull your
gun back out, make a U-turn to the right, around the blue container with the 
white cog on it. There's a brown container back here with a Boomshot in it.
Keep following the woman to a pile of ammo. Use it to refill your own guns, 
then head through the next gate when it opens up. Two Lambent Stalks will 
dump enemies in the next area, including a Gunker. Once the area is clear, 
explore the right side, behind one of the platforms, for a Boomshot. If you 
don't already have one, pick this up. You will need it.

Move through the next building, which is empty, and you'll come to a locked 
gate. You must now hold this position against some Lambent that are dropped
right on your doorstep. This includes two Gunkers (one at a time though).
They will constantly fling imulsion bombs at you, so stay on the move. Take 
them all out to end the chapter.

{ Chapter 5: MVP }

After you hit the cutscene, you'll be given a choice to either take the upper
or lower path. They both lead to the exact same room, but the lower path puts
you directly in the shit. The upper path allows you to flank the enemies, but
at the expense of some cover. Either way, once you've wiped the first group 
out, another wave comes through the South Gate. A Gunker and some Wretches are
part of it. Now head through the South Gate and go right just before you pass
through the fence area. There's some ammo by the vending machines here.

Keep going until you hit a cutscene. You will now be on the thrashball field
in some kind of pseudo-flashback. Just move foward to the bomb, then back to 
where you started. That ends the flashback, and you can head on to the next
cutscene. You wind up inside a slow-moving elevator while Lambent fill up the
floors in front of you. By the third floor, fuel tanks start showing up as 
well. On the fourth floor you'll have to use the fuel tanks to take out a 
Gunker that drops in. One final cutscene marks the end of this chapter.

{ Chapter 6: Hanging By A Thread}

While sliding down the zipline, use your Boltok with infinite ammo to peg the
fuel tanks. You eventually land in an area with a Gunker, some Druges, and 
other assorted Lambent. After the next cutscene, you'll be facing some Locust
that have barricaded up the toll booth area. There's a turret directly in front
of you that you should take out first. You'll also find multiple snipers on the
wall. Finally, watch out for a guy on the right part of the wall with a One 
Shot. This weapon is extremely powerful and will kill you in one shot, 
obviously. You can see the red laser from it, and you'll hear a beeping sound
when the weapon is being aimed. After taking out the first turret, another one
pops up on the far right, but you can just shoot the fuel tanks next to it to
send it crumbling off the side of the bridge. Once the area starts to clear 
out, a few more Locust come from the left.

When the doors open, immediately move back and take cover. There are Locust 
right on the other side, including Butchers and Boomers. You can use the 
nearest turret to take them out, but do it quickly. You're a sitting duck for a
Boomer in that thing. Once they're all dead, scavenge the area. You'll find 
Retro Lancers here for the first time. They pack a punch, but suffer from 
severe recoil, and only have a bayonet instead of a chainsaw.

The next enclosed area has more Locust and turrets. After clearing the first
group out, keep an eye on the left side for a van. There's a ladder nearby 
that you can use to get down on a lower catwalk. This leads you behind the 
second group of enemies. In the final area, you can blow the huge explosive 
tank to lower a section of the bridge for an alternate way up, or you can just
use the ladders up ahead. Either way, you come to a group of Locust and a 
Boomer. You're eventually given another choice: either take the lower catwalks
or go forward on the lower deck of the bridge. Again, both choices lead right
to the same room, though the catwalks allow you to come up behind the main 

After the cutscene, move forward and a box of Tickers drops down by you. The
lower deck area ahead is filled with Tickers. Once you're up on the actual 
bridge, you'll have to worry about mortars. Move from one open container to the
other until you reach the mortar crew, then take them out. A Gas Barge comes
in and blows away the little structure by you. Avoid its rockets and shoot the
red containers on the deck of the barge to blow it up. Now go down to the 
lower deck of the bridge again. There are Polyps to deal with here and a couple
of Locust at the end.

Once up top, there are more Locust to take out, including a turret and a guy
in the back with a One Shot. When you get close to the box with the Tickers, 
more enemies come from behind you. Ignore them and use the box of Tickers to 
finish the first Act.

===================================| ===== |===================================
                                   |       |
                                   | Act 2 |                              [W02]
                                   |       |
===================================| ===== |===================================

{ Chapter 1: Shipwreck }

Move forward and start picking up weapons. You'll run into Wild Tickers here.
They don't explode or even attack you, but they do eat ammo on the ground, so
deal with them quickly. There are a lot of Locust to take out in the next open
area. After the next cutscene, you'll be back in control of Marcus. There are
more Locust ahead of you, including snipers on the bridges and two Savage 
Boomers. Instead of Boomshots, Savage Boomers use Diggers, weapons that send 
out an explosive that travels under cover, then pops up in your face.

The way up will be littered with a couple of Locust here and there. When you 
reach the Siege Beast, eliminate its crew and then use it to destroy the two
other Siege Beasts. It's a catapult, but the shot lands on the reticule, so 
don't worry about trying to arc it or anything like that. After that, a 
Brumak comes into the area. It can't take many hits from the Siege Beast 
though, so put it down and head on. A few Locust emerge on your right, by some
ammo, as you're heading downhill. You soon reach a beach where Anya and Jace 
are fighting off a bunch of Locust. Wipe them out to trigger a cutscene.

You'll now have to defend your position against a horde of enemies. There's an
ammo stockpile around here. Fend off the Locust until a Brumak shows up. Lay 
into the rocket launcher over his head to do some damage. Try to lure him as 
close to the container area as possible, then circle around. If you can lay 
into the tanks on his back, you'll do even more damage. This is kind of 
difficult though, since he always seems to know where you're at. Just take 
potshots if you have to.

{ Chapter 2: House of Sand }

After passing the cages, you'll be in a relatively open area. Something 
ahead burrows underground and starts moving your way. If it reaches you, it 
will stab at you, so stay on the move. Eventually it surfaces, and it turns 
out to be a miniature Corpser. The front legs are armored, so you'll have to 
shoot it in the back or wait until it raises up and shoot it in the front.
Kill it and deal with the lone Drone that comes out. The next area has more 
Locust, including Tickers, a Savage Boomer, and a Grinder on a platform looking
over the area. Killing the Grinder drops a Mulcher, and you should pick it up.

When you get close to the door, enemies start popping up behind you. Included
in this group are Kantus types that wield Cleavers. They act like fast 
Butchers, basically, so don't let them get close. Clear the area and move 
through the door, then immediately head down the path to your left. A Siege
Beast will start shooting at you. Clear out the first camp, but don't rush 
too far up. Locust emerge at the top of the hill when you get far enough, 
and Tickers will rush you. When it's clear, head up the ladders and use the 
Siege Beast up here to take care of the enemies ahead. It only has three shots,
so check your aim. From here, it's a straight shot to the end of the chapter.

{ Chapter 3: Forced Entry }

There are five guards in the beginning of this chapter that patrol around
big white horns. These horns are alarms. If you can take out all five without
them sounding an alarm, there will be a lot less Locust to deal with. The 
first guy is at the bottom of the hill directly in front of you. He's alone, 
so just mow him down and keep going. Deal with the Tickers in the area, then
find the Longshot and One Shot propped up against some crates. Use either of 
them to deal with the two Drones on the wall in the distance. Shoot the 
patrolling guard first, then reload. The next guard will be alerted and head
for the alarm. Shoot the yellow glowing explosives next to the alarm when the
guard is near them to take him down.

Turn the corner and you'll see the final two guards on the wall above the 
huge gate. They are both about the same distance from the horn, so this will
require you to be quick with the sniper. Wait until both have moved away from
the center, then take out the enemy on the left. Reload (doesn't have to be 
perfect, just in the gray area) and immediately look to the right of the 
horn. The other guard should pass right in front of your scope, so let him 
have it. A side door opens below. Take care of the Locust that come out of it
and head inside.

Move through the ammo-filled area. Once outside, there are more Locust to deal
with. You can move onto the wall where the Locust were stationed, and use this
to move around and defeat the enemies, but it's a lot easier to just keep 
going forward, past the wall, into the cave-room. Deal with the enemies in 
here, then hop on the nearby turret. Shoot the glowing explosive things inside
the central building here to deal with the turret on top, then prepare to take
on two Savage Boomers that come through the door on the far side. Go through
that door and deal with the other Locust here, including the turret. There's
a switch on the pillar next to the turret that opens the final door.

{ Chapter 4: Trench Run }

A Gas Barge almost immediately enters the picture. When it does, run forward,
into the first bunker. The Gas Barge will coat the area in bombs. When it 
lets up, move to the next bunker. Keep this up until the barge finally goes
away. You eventually come to an area on top of the bunkers, and it's filled 
with Locust. Take them out and head into the trenches again. You find yourself
in some kind of Ticker prison with a few more Locust. Further ahead, you find
a Ticker assembly line. Shoot the Tickers to make them drop and explode on the
Locust. More Tickers will constantly come through on the chains, so watch out.
Use the same Ticker drop strategy for the next group of Locust.

When you get locked in the arena type area, deal with the mini-Corpser and the
exit door opens. Two Drones and a Butcher come through. Head on and climb the 
ladder. The eggs on the floor in this chamber contain Corpser Hatchlings. 
These guys have no armor and are easy to deal with. Unfortunately, all of the 
eggs start to hatch, so fight them off until the actual Corpser shows up. 
Destroy one of her eyes and she'll retreat and send more Corpser Hatchlings 
and two mini-Corpsers your way. These mini-Corpsers do not have armor on their
legs, so shoot them anywhere. Once the wave is gone, the mother comes back 
into action. First, she'll pound the ground, which causes rocks to fall from 
the ceiling. Then she'll rush you again. Take out another eye and she'll 
retreat and send more of her children your way. Keep this dance up until she's
completely blind. She'll then start rushing around the room, destroying the 
pillars and you if you get in the way. The exit gate falls over, so go to it
while avoiding the Corpser to finish this chapter.

{ Chapter 5: Hijack }

Immediately there are enemies to deal with, including small floating bags 
with guns attached to them. When you pass through the open gate, look to the 
right of it for a gate you can kick in. There's ammo in here, along with a 
Boomshot and some grenades. There is a turret up ahead as well. Clear the 
entire area out and head to the landing platform lift.

Once at the top, you'll have to stay alive while the Gas Barge circles the 
area, shooting at you with the rocket turrets. Just stay on the opposite side
of the barge and you'll be fine. It also drops in a couple of guards every 
half-cycle around the platform. After four drops, the barge finally lands. 
Mop up the rest of the enemies on board and move towards it to trigger a 

{ Chapter 6: Airborne }

Hop on the front right rocket turret. When you get to the other two Gas 
Barges, try to arc your shots so that the rockets hit the red ammo containers
on the ships. You'll land afterwards and fight some Locust on the ground. In 
that area, watch for an enemy on top of the gate to your left, as well as 
someone in the building ahead of you. Eventually a Reaver lands on that same 
building, so lay into it. When the Reaver emits a red laser, it's about to 
shoot a rocket. Clear the area and Dizzy opens a storage room filled with 
weapons and ammo for you to scavenge.

When you head back towards the barge, the previously closed gate is blown open
by Locust. There are quite a few enemies over here, including Reavers that 
periodically land. Use the One Shot or the Hammer of Dawn to put them down.
There's a big explosive tank on the back of a truck on the other side of the 
street in that area as well. Clean up and head back to the barge to end this

{ Chapter 7: Touchdown }

After riding on the barge for a bit, other Gas Barges start circling around 
you. Use the rocket turrets to send them down. Eventually Reavers also join
the fray. You'll have to lead your shots with the turrets to kill them. Of 
course, whether you kill them or not, after a while they disappear. Shortly
after that, Queen Myrrah comes in on her giant moth. You can't damage her; you
can only survive. When the queen stops on one side of the barge, take cover on
that side quickly, because the moth is about to unleash a UV attack that does
a ton of damage over a huge area. After a few of these UV blasts, the barge 
goes down, and Act 2 is over.

===================================| ===== |===================================
                                   |       |
                                   | Act 3 |                              [W03]
                                   |       |
===================================| ===== |===================================

{ Chapter 1: Unbreakable }

Stock up on ammo, there's plenty of it, and follow Delta Squad to the front 
gate. There's a ton of ammo and weapons laying around the area for you to 
choose from. You'll need to hold the front gate for a while against hordes of
Locust. Most are Drones, but there are also Grinders and Reavers thrown in.
You can use the turrets if you like, though they overheat rather quickly. 
Eventually a Siege Beast comes in and destroy the front gate, so fall back to 
the second gate. Deal with the enemies until a group of Maulers and Grinders
show up. You can take them out and continue taking them out, but they'll just
keep sending them. If you want to move forward in the mission, you have to 
let a group of Maulers through to destroy the second gate.

Fall back to the inner courtyard and defend for a while. Eventually endless
waves of Boomers come in and start pelting the final door with rockets. There
isn't much you can do about this, and soon enemies will start flooding the 
garage where you started at. Keep holding them back until Hoffman mentions 
the "Last Resort". Around this point, a huge fuel tank will be dumped into the 
inner courtyard, so back out there. When it drops, shoot it until it explodes 
to end this chapter.

{ Chapter 2: Rescue }

At the very beginning you're given a choice: either ride out to rescue Sam and
Anya yourself, or stay on the walls and provide covering fire. One is 
obviously safer than the other. Either way, you'll need to take out as many 
Locust as you can. Once you start heading back to the fort, Lambent join the 
party as well. Just keep pushing through the enemies. When you get close to 
the fort entrance, a Lambent Berserker hops out of one of the Stalks. This 
thing is faster and stronger than a normal Berserker, but also easier to kill.
When it charges, just dodge it and continue heading for the front gate.

After the cutscene, you'll have to fight the Lambent Beserker. When it charges
at you, the ribs in the middle of its chest open up, revealing a bright yellow
weakspot. Lay into it as much as possible, then dodge at the last second. 
Sometimes the Berserker will jump towards you and stomp the ground, so watch 
for that. Once you've damaged it quite a bit, it will start leaking imulsion 
all over the ground when it moves somewhere. Avoid this and continue firing at
the weak point to take this thing down.

{ Chapter 3: Breakneck Run }

You'll be stuck in the back of a truck for this, wielding the Vulcan chain 
gun. Don't worry about the Reavers until they land on the road in front of 
you. After a bit, you'll have to shoot some pipes to blow a hole in them. Aim
for the imulsion on the top of the pipe when you're doing this. The next part
has you fending off mini-Corpsers. Once you near the airfield, Dizzy turns off
onto the runway. Shoot the huge explosive things in front of you to destroy
the enemies and also the road ahead. You'll now be stuck in some sand, so fend
off the Locust until you get out. As you go through the airfield, you'll pass
by a ton of Locust that really can't do you any harm. Just aim for yellow 
explosives whenever possible. Don't worry about the Brumak at the end; he's 
taken care of via cutscene.

{ Chapter 4: Ghost Town }

The first part of this is just a lot of walking around. When Sam points out the
charges on a nearby pipe, move to it and disarm it. You'll have to disarm two
more charges before you come across the crazy old man who laid them. Before 
following him, go all the way down the stairs in front of you. There's a 
Scorcher down here if you want it. It'll come in handy here in a bit. Now head
back up the stairs and outside. Destroy the boards on the door to the Deli and
move through it, then into the sewers. Shortly after you find the old man dead
on the ground, a cutscene is triggered.

You will now have to fight off Lambent Humans. Unlike Lambent Locust, these 
guys don't really know how to do anything except run at you in large packs.
They go down easy, but there are a ton of them to deal with. This is where
the Scorcher can come in handy. Keep moving forward and you'll eventually come
to a room that's a dead end. Shortly after Marcus makes a remark about lowering
the ramp, some Lambent Humans bust through a wall on the opposite side of the 
canal. Go through the hole they've opened and use the valve.

Once outside, move through the courtyard to the large building ahead. You'll
find a Vulcan on the ground. Use it to fend off the horde of Lambent Humans 
that come your way. After about a minute, the Stranded guy inside lowers the 
ladders for you to get in. This ends the chapter.

{ Chapter 5: Brothers to the End }

Fight your way out of the building and into the back yard. Hold off the horde
of Lambent Humans until they bust through a door in the back left corner of 
the yard. Wipe them out and move through the newly created hole. Keep fighting
your way to the church cemetery. When you get there, some Lambent Humans come
out of the church to attack you. Hold them off for a bit, then enter the 
church and move down into the vaults.

After using the lift, you wind up on a platform above the ground. Locust will
come through the bridge for a while now, and there are a few Boomers with 
them. They eventually start grappling up to your position, so watch your back.
After a while, Lambent Humans come from behind you, and then Lambent Stalks 
start dumping Glowies all over the platform. Shortly after the third Stalk 
comes up in the middle, the third Act is finished.

===================================| ===== |===================================
                                   |       |
                                   | Act 4 |                              [W04]
                                   |       |
===================================| ===== |===================================

{ Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes }

Note: If you can, avoid touching or shooting any of the ash statues while 
going through this first chapter. Doing so will net you an achievement and a 
little bonus once you're inside Griffin's tower.

You'll be doing a lot of walking. When you see the first ammo container, pick 
it up and head inside the building. A piano is pushed and falls through the 
floor. Go downstairs and back outside, then immediately seek cover. Someone
is triggering traps ahead of you. Keep moving forward until the Ash Man starts
shooting. He's not shooting at you, he's targetting an explosive tank ahead 
of you, so take cover. Just after this, he releases a box of Polyps. Take them
out and enter the next door.

A lit explosive tank will drop in on you shortly after moving through the 
door, so stay back. When Marcus says that you should check out the noise, it's
just another Lancer trap. Keep going and deal with the Polyps that drop in on
you. You soon reach the main building, but take cover, because the humans 
inside will open fire on you with turrets. Just stay put for several seconds
and a Lambent Stalk pops up. Deal with it and the other enemies and then move
forward to meet the Ash Man. Follow him until you move through a blue door.
At this point, keep an eye out for a room blocked off by bars on your right.
Go up to the bars. If you didn't disturb any of the ash remains in the city,
you'll receive the achievement here, and you will be granted access to the 
room. Inside you'll find Boomshots, Torque Bows, and Incendiary Grenades.
Talk to Griffin, then leave the tower to end the chapter.

{ Chapter 2: Crater }

Move forward until you hit a bunch of Lambent. Once they're down, vault over
a piece of debris and continue forward. Some Polyps drop down in front of you.
Shortly after that, you can go downstairs or you can continue forward. Both
lead to the same place, and both paths are filled with Lambent. If you're 
doing this solo on a harder difficulty, you might want to take the top path.
Your AI teammates can get bogged down easily up here. After dealing with a 
load of enemies, stock up on ammo and move on.

After the cave-in behind you, deal with the Polyps and you'll be in front of
the refinery. There are a ton of Lambent to deal with again, and pods will 
reappear on the Lambent Stalk even after you've destroyed them all. Head inside
the refinery when you're done there and stock up on ammo. There are two wooden
doors on either side of the entrance door. Behind one you'll find a Mulcher, 
which you will soon find useful. Behind the other is the generator switch you
need to use. Now hit an elevator button and find a place to hold up at. 
Lambent Humans will come out of the elevator you've called. Use the Mulcher 
here only if you also have a heavy hitting weapon with you like the Boomshot.
Otherwise, save it, you might need it (read the next paragraph for more info).
Glowies will come down all of the elevators and they'll also come out of the
vents. Once each elevator has dumped its load of former humans on you, they 
will bust through the exit doors.

Head upstairs and onto the lift, then push the car. After riding it for a few
seconds, a Gunker drops into the middle of the lift. You will be stuck here,
mere feet away from the Gunker. His main attack will be shooting that weird 
arm at you. If you have a heavy weapon or a Mulcher, now is the time to use 
it. Once you've defeated him and the lift reaches the top, the chapter ends.

{ Chapter 3: Hang 'em High }

Move around the building to the cable car and start it up. It's still hooked to
the building, so exit it and continue on, through the razor wire. You'll face
some Lambent Humans over here, and a whole lot more inside the building. When
you reach the cable, chainsaw/melee it and grab the weapons and ammo laying 
around. There are more Lambent Humans to deal with on your way back out of the
building. Once inside the cable car, take cover. Gas Barges will come up on 
either side of you as you travel back to Griffin's tower. Luckily, they ride
slightly lower than you, so staying behind cover on one side is sufficient to
stop all bullets. The barges pull away as you near the tower.

Once you reach the tower, you'll have to fight your way through a bunch of 
Locust, including Shriekers (the floating bags with guns on them). This whole
tower is pretty simple. There's a ton of ammo laying around, and before too 
long you'll find yourself on the roof with Dizzy. This ends the chapter.

{ Chapter 4: Batten Down the Hatches }

You're immediately thrown into battle with some Shriekers. Just ahead and to
the left, there's also a turret, a Boomer, some other Locust, and a Gas Barge
that hovers around for a bit. You may notice some mine carts on the tracks. 
Right by those carts you should find a switch. Flip it, then take cover behind
the carts. They'll slowly move along the track, and you'll automatically move
with them. This is a great way to move forward without exposing yourself.
After taking out this first group, you'll find more Shriekers. There's also 
some Locust holding the position in front of the hangar door. Take them out and
head inside.

Move through the empty sub hangar. Once outside, go down the steps to your 
right for some ammo. Cross the wooden bridge and prepare to deal a Locust 
and a big Serapede. Serapedes are armor-plated, and the only way to kill them
is by shooting the green tip of their tail. This will blow up a segment of it.
Keep doing this to take it down. Another Serapede comes out, along with a 
couple of snipers and some more Locust. Eliminate all of them, then head 
inside the next hangar.

{ Chapter 5: Bon Voyage }

Right off the bat you're given a choice. If you're playing solo, it doesn't 
matter what you do first, because you'll have to do both anyway. If you 
choose to find the rotor first, you'll wind up in a room with some Wretches.
Eventually the exit door starts to open, allowing in more Wretches and a few 
Tickers. Once the door opens completely, move outside and deal with the Locust
here. Keep going and you reach an area with Shriekers and two turrets at the
far end. Deal with the Shriekers and note the unstable artillery shells that
Marcus points out. You can push these carts down into the buildings with the 
turrets. Be careful though: the turrets can shoot the mine carts while you're 
pushing them and put you down.

After using the lift, you wind up back outside with more Locust. There's a 
Kantus on top of the structure, and there's a Grinder and a Boomer floating 
around. Shriekers also show up, and eventually a Gas Barge drops in more troops
at the far side of the area. Take them all down and move into the next 
building. There's one final group of Locust to deal with before you reach the 
rotor. Find the loader, also on the upper level, and pick the rotor up, then
carry it through two doors. Park the loader behind some cover, then get out 
and clean up the Locust out here. A Reaver will also land in the area. Once 
they're gone, it's a straight shot back to the sub.

Now you need to get the fuel. In the first room you enter that has enemies in
it, circle around them to the right and deal with the Kantus in the back, 
otherwise he'll just keep resurrecting everybody. Clear the room and head out
to the docks. Once there, keep an eye on the right wall for a door you can 
open with a Silverback behind it. It makes this a lot easier. There are a ton
of Locust ahead, including riders on Bloodmounts. The ship itself has a few 
Locust, including a sniper and a turret. If you don't have the Silverback, 
look for the mine carts. There's another switch here that moves them towards
the switch you need to hit to move the ramp into position.

Once on the ship, clear it out and deal with the Locust that come out of the
crane control room. Inside you'll find ammo and a Hammer of Dawn. Now head 
back out onto the ship. Two Reavers drop in, and a Gas Barge starts unloading
troops, including Bloodmounts. Deal with all of them and head back to the sub.
You'll now have to escort the sub. Each time a door opens, you'll need to deal
with the group of enemies behind it. This happens three times. When you reach 
the final group, you can head forward into the room marked with the 1 for a 
Vulcan, or you can go down the stairs to your right for a One Shot. Either 
way, clear the place out, and be sure to pick up any Boomshots you may find.
You will need them.

In the final area, you will have to deal with an Armored Kantus. These guys 
are impervious to everything except explosives, which is where the Boomshot
comes in handy. You can also use grenades and Torque Bows. The Armored Kantus
attacks with dual-wielded Gorgon Pistols, but it'll also sometimes roll into 
a ball, hedgehog style, and roll towards you. Once you put the first one down,
another one comes in, along with some other Locust. Search the sides of the 
area for ammo, and pick up Torque Bows off of dead Locust if you desperately
need something to take the Kantus down with. Once this batch is dead, you'll
have to deal with two more waves. Each wave consists of an Armored Kantus, 
some Locust, and a Serapede. Once they're all dead, use the valve to end 
the chapter.

{ Chapter 6: Watery Grave }

You'll be stuck in a weapon pod on the submarine for the duration of this 
chapter. When the weapons come on, shoot the boards ahead of the sub. You'll
soon come across some big fish-like creatures. They'll start slamming into the
front of the sub before too long, so take them out quickly. You may notice a 
blue flash every once in a while on your HUD, much like the red flash you 
get when you're taking damage from a certain direction. This is the sonar, and
it lets you know where things are coming from.

Before long you run into a Leviathan. Shoot it in the face to get it off of 
your back. When Dizzy steers into the minefield, blow the mines of your way
before they hit the ship. Eventually the sub goes through some arches, and you
will have to shoot the Leviathan in the mouth to get it to move out of the way.
After this the Leviathan gets stuck trying to chase you, but it will grab the
sub with a tentacle and start pulling you back. Shoot it in the mouth again
to finally put it down. Just after this you enter the maelstrom. Destroy 
what mines you can as you get swept around in this whirlpool.

After leaving the maelstrom, you'll encounter turrets that come out of the 
seabed and launch torpedos at you. Take out the torpedos first, then aim for
the turrets when you see them. Blow the huge doors open when you come to them.
The next area has you shooting down a bunch of torpedos, and finally two 
turrets. The fourth Act ends shortly after this.

===================================| ===== |===================================
                                   |       |
                                   | Act 5 |                              [W05]
                                   |       |
===================================| ===== |===================================

{ Chapter 1: Home Away From Home }

Move up and you'll encounter a line of Locust patrolling the area. One or two
well placed grenades can take them all out, since they don't know you're there
yet. There are more Locust up ahead, including one on the turret. Once you 
reach the platform, a train comes in and unloads more troops. There's a turret
at the end of the train, next to some fuel tanks. Shoot the fuel tanks to 
blow the whole train up, then clear the area out to trigger a cutscene.

When Adam Fenix mentions the Silverback, turn left at the next intersection 
to find it. Use the nearby switch to release it, then hop in. There's a single
Theron up ahead, and more after that. A Reaver will land in front of you as
you exit the small canyon. You'll find more enemies when you empty out onto 
the beach. The Locust will occupy trenches in the area, so hurry up and flush
them out. Also, watch your back. They like to sneak up on you. After destroying
the next Reaver, a mortar time starts shelling your position. Head into the 
caves to your left and kill the enemies there. When you exit the caves, go 
into the trenches to your left and fight your way through.

The front door is blocked, so backtrack to some large doors, which will now 
open. Kill the two Boomers and head inside. Once you reach the train tracks, 
kill everyone on the opposite side, the head over there and flip the switch.
You'll need to ditch the Silverback now. Run along the tracks and up onto the 
next platform before the train comes through. The next room is filled with 
enemies, including two Boomers. Clear them out to end the chapter.

{ Chapter 2: Blackout }

Your first objective is to get on the elevator, but don't even approach it 
yet. Instead, look at it, then look on the wall to your right. You should see
a bay door here. The button is partially hidden, but you can open this door 
and hop into the Silverback inside. Get in the elevator. When it stops, all 
four doors around you are open, and you'll have to hold off some enemies, 
including Wretches and Locust with Scorchers. If you head down the hallways 
marked 3 or 4, you'll come to another room with Locust and a switch to turn 
on the lights, but you don't have to do this. Head through hallways 1 or 2
to reach a room with Locust and ladders going up.

Once outside, you'll face a Reaver, some Locust (including a sniper), and 
then another Reaver. When you get closer to the maelstrom tower, deal with the
Locust and Shriekers, and an Armored Kantus will come out. There are a couple 
of Frag Grenades on the right side of the area if you need them. Use the 
elevator. When it stops, clear the room out ahead of you and move to the next
cutscene. The hallways after this are filled with Theron and Scorcher Drones.
When you go downstairs, you'll be in the generator room with Scorcher Drones 
and Wretches. Hit the first switch in front of you. The second switch is in 
roughly the same spot on the next generator down. The final switch is on the 
left side of the last generator.

You now have to shut down five coolant valves. Head forward and deal with the
two Locust, then turn off the valve directly in front of you, on the center 
circular structure. Deal with the Locust that show up in the rooms nearby, 
then head towards the next valve, which is on the same level. When you get 
near it, a Grinder comes through a nearby door. Take him out and use the 
valve. Take out the Locust in the room by the stairs, then go down them. There
are grenades nearby, and an Armored Kantus rolls in. Take him out and use the
valve, clear the room that fills with Locust, and move on. You should find a 
Boomshot laying around here somewhere as well. The last two valves are on the 
bottom floor, guarded by two Armored Kantus. Once they've all been shut down,
you'll have one minute to get out of here. The final room has a Grinder in it.
Just run past him to finish the chapter.

{ Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise }

The first area has you fighting through a ton of Locust to reach the main 
building. Fortunately, you'll have both air support and Jack, who can stun 
enemies now. When you reach the Siege Beast, your air support is taken down.
Eliminate the crew and use the catapult to take out the Gas Barges that come 
your way. If a barge is far away, you might have to lead your shot. Aim as low
as possible so your shots stay in the air for a shorter amount of time.

Move through the hotel. Once you're back outside, start taking down Locust 
again. A Gas Barge drops a few Theron off. Defeat them and clear out the 
Siege Beast crew, then use it to deal with some Reavers. After several seconds,
you are ordered to bombard the dam. Three shots from the catapult is enough 
to break it and flood the area. Once you're inside the next building, move 
through the door and prepare to take out some Locust dropping in from the 
roof. You can go right, up some stairs, for a better vantage point. A Boomer
and a Mauler are also floating around here. When the first group goes down, 
Bloodmounts come in with more Locust. Once the area is clear, pick up any
explosive weapons you find laying around.

The last Siege Beast is outside. Unfortunately, it's guarded by a Gas Barge 
and a ton of Locust, including two Armored Kantus. When you wipe them all 
out, use the Siege Beast to destroy the barge. Aim for the middle of the 
balloon part of the barge to tag it.

{ Chapter 4: Threshold }

When you're back outside, a mortar team ahead will start shelling you. You 
need to fight your way around to that mortar, through a bunch of Locust, 
including an Armored Kantus. The mortar will damage Locust as well, so use it 
to take out the Armored Kantus. When you make it, take the mortar with you to
the sandbags. Stock up on ammo and approach the door. You will now have to 
hold this position while Lambent creatures are dropped right on your doorstep.
Included in this bunch is a Gunker. Use the mortar to deal some serious damage
to him, and then use the Mulcher behind the sandbags to help mop up everything

{ Chapter 5: Ascension }

Keep going and you'll soon come to a room filled with Locust. At the top, 
defeat everyone up here, including the Bloodmounts and the Reaver that drops 
in. There is a mortar behind the desk up here, and ammo boxes and grenades by
the two elevators at the far end. Punch one of the elevator buttons. You will
now have to defend this position from Lambent forces. After a while, the 
elevators start working, so hop in. A couple of Locust will try to grapple into
your lift while you're going up. When the elevator you're in topples over, 
take cover at the entrance and vault over it to get onto the next elevator.

You'll soon be in another area filled with Locust. Keep working your way up 
and Queen Myrrah comes in on her giant moth. There won't be anymore Locust 
to bug you, so just dart from cover to cover, making your way higher while 
avoiding the UV ray. Eventually you reach a floor where you have to sever 
three cables holding a chandelier-type thing above the queen. Once you've 
done that, you'll automatically enter the next lift.

You'll eventually come out behind a Theron and a Grinder. There's a Mauler and
another Locust across the room. Take them out and start clearing the hallway.
There's a turret at the far end. If you explore the side rooms, you'll find 
weapons and ammo. Once you reach the red lasers, you'll need to enter the 
rooms to the left and right and shut off switches in both. Each room is 
small, but filled with Locust. Head back to the main door and enter it when
that's done. After the cutscene, man the turret back out in the hallway and 
clear it out. A Lambent Stalk dumps more enemies into the area. You can destroy
all of the pods on the stalk if you just move your reticule over it and watch
for it to turn red. Once they've all been taken out, use the elevator to end
this chapter.

{ Chapter 6: Reckoning }

The rooftop area is filled with both Locust and Lambent. Start wiping them out.
After a while, Carmine comes by in a helicopter to offer air support. Note the
ammo crates near the central structure. Don't use these unless you have to.
This is kind of a long battle, and while there will be plenty of enemies, 
being able to fully stock up from one box is invaluable. Eventually Queen
Myrrah shoots Carmine down and starts hovering around the area. Take cover 
behind an arch and wait for the UV beam, then start shooting the moth in the
mouth. The queen will move around after taking some damage. Eventually the 
moth crashes onto the roof. A bunch of terminal things come up out of the 
ground around the central structure, and two of them hold Hammer of Dawns. Use
one of the hammers on the moth while it's flailing about on the roof. It will
drop off and some Shriekers and other assorted enemies come in. Take cover 
immediately, because the moth will now climb back onto the roof, shoot a UV 
beam, then climb back down. It will keep doing this a few times.

She will then become airborne again. Repeat the cycle of shooting her in the 
mouth until she hits the ground, then using the hammer of dawn on her. After 
doing this two or three times, the moth will latch onto the main tower. You 
must quickly empty a ton of bullets into the bright spots on its back. This is
made especially annoying by the arrival of a ton of Shriekers and other Locust.
They show up everywhere, and if you're trying to get the queen off of the 
tower, you will almost always be exposed. There really isn't much you can do
about this, as the enemies will always pour in. You just have to hope that your
teammates come pick you up. When you shoot the moth's back enough, it will 
climb up and get hit by the beam of energy coming out of the tower. Keep an 
eye on where it ends up, and take cover. It will immediately coat the area in
UV beams. Keep shooting it in the mouth, and try to ignore the other enemies 
as much as you can. If the queen is allowed to fly onto the tower three times,
she usually winds up killing Adam Fenix. One final hammer strike should be 
enough to put the moth monster and its rider down permanently.

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