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Shadows of the Damned
Gem/Upgrade Guide
Written by Goldom
Version 1.21

Table of Contents
1. Introduction             [SECT01]
2. About White Gems         [SECT02]
3. Tips & Bugs              [SECT03]
4. About Red Gems           [SECT04]
5. Red Gem Location Guide   [SECT05]
6. How to Spend Red Gems    [SECT06]
7. Version History          [SECT07]
8. Closing & Credits        [SECT08]

1. Introduction [SECT01]
If you've come this far, you're here for one thing probably: the red gem
location guide. I suggest looking through the tips section first, since most
of the red gems in SotD are purchased. This means that maximizing your white
gems is of paramount importance.

2. About White Gems [SECT02]
White gems in Shadows of the Damned are currency. You can use them to purchase
ammo, drinks, and most importantly, red gems. There are not enough red gems
hidden in the game to upgrade all your stats, so you will have to buy the
rest. The cost of drinks and ammo remain the same on all difficulties, while
the cost of each red gem varies by difficulty:

Lemon Hunter (easy): 45 white gems
Demon Hunter (normal): 75 white gems
Legion Hunter (hard): 120 white gems
Satanic Hell (very hard): 150 white gems

(Unlock Satanic Hell by beating Legion Hunter).

Every enemy you kill will drop either a pile of white gems OR an ammo box.
On easy and normal, regular, humanoid demons drop 3 white gems each. On hard
and very hard, they drop only 2. Larger enemies drop more, but similarly
offer fewer on hard/very hard.

3. Tips & Bugs [SECT03]
*The most important tip I can give you for maximizing your gems is: don't buy
drinks or ammo. Ever. There is no need. Even on hard, I finished with dozens
of drinks left over, purchasing none. As for ammo...

*Every boss room contains infinitely respawning ammo of all three types.
Keep your ammo count up throughout the fight, and you can finish each boss 
with a full stock.

*Shoot out slightly-glowing crates and barrels to find extra ammo, drinks and
white gems. Many red gems are hidden in them too, so shoot them all if you
can't find a red gem in the guide.

*You can eke out a few extra gems from humanoid demons using a certain move.
Shoot out their legs, then approach them and tap the prompt button. Garcia
will step on the demon repeatedly, earning a white gem for each step. You
can earn a few extra gems per enemy this way, depending on its remaining
health. Normal enemies on normal difficulties give 1-5 gems, but I've seen the
stronger humanoid demons on very hard give up to 13 extra gems through this.
Note that these are in addition to the 2-3 they may drop after dying.

*Later in the game, you will encounter large enemies with red lights on their
heads. The game will teach you to use darkness to kill these enemies. However,
taking them out manually will net you a huge pile of white gems. Though it's
slower, these enemies are easy to dodge, so take the time to earn the extra
cash. I suggest sticky bombs to the face.

*If you're running low on drinks and don't want to spend the gems, either
dying or quitting and reloading will take you back to the last save point but
replenish your entire health bar. It's a bit cheap, but up to you if you want
to take advantage of it.

*Similarly, every time you upgrade your health, you will be completely healed,
so save those health upgrades for times you're already injured.

*Very few places in the game allow for unlimited white gem farming, and most
of those that do aren't very fast. I will note during the red gem guide the
best areas to gather white gems if you want to pick up some extras.

*BAD BUG* If you pick up a red gem, then die before a save point, you will
respawn without the gem, but it may not reappear where you picked it up. If
this happens, quit out of the game right away and reload your save. It should
appear as normal.

*GOOD BUG* The way the game resets only some things when loading can actually
come in handy too. You can collect certain red gems multiple times with a
trick. Pick up the gem, then proceed to the next save point. Quit, then load
the game, and go back and pick up the gem a second time. Because most save
points lock the path behind you, you can only perform this trick on certain
gems. I will note each red gem in the guide that can be doubled in this way.
It's up to you if you want to cheat in this way, but I frankly say go for it,
because it's the only way to get 80 red gems on normal difficulty without
excessive white gem farming. There's no real need if you're doing it on easy.

4. About Red Gems [SECT04]
Red gems upgrade Garcia's stats. There are a total of 80 possible upgrades,
and a total of 40 red gems hidden in the game. Taking into account the
potential doubled gems, you can pick up a total of 47 red gems.
That means for all upgrades, you'll need to buy the other 33, and thus earn
at least:
45 75 120 150
1,485 white gems on easy
2,475 white gems on normal
3,960 white gems on hard
4,950 white gems on very hard

Or, if you don't want to exploit the bug, you will need to buy 40, costing:

1,800 white gems on easy
3,000 white gems on normal
4,800 white gems on hard
6,000 white gems on very hard

Obviously, if you're going for the achievement/trophy for getting all the gems,
you'll save yourself a ton of time by playing on easy. To put these numbers
into perspective: if you're frugal, you can get that many white gems on easy
without going out of your way to farm. For normal, you can PROBABLY make it
without farming IF you use the bug, but I'd farm an extra 100-200 to be safe.
If not using the bug, plan to farm 400-600 gems.
Don't even bother trying for 80/80 on hard or very hard, seriously.

If you aren't going for the achievement/trophy, check out the red gem
spending section, as you really don't need all 80 upgrades to beat the game.

One neat thing to remember: you can buy infinite red gems, so if you miss one
of the hidden gems, there's no need to restart the whole game.

5. Red Gem Location Guide [SECT05]
If you skipped right here from the table of contents, but want all 80 gems for
the achievement/trophy, back up and read the last few sections. Only 36 (or 
43) of the 80 needed are found in the following guide.

Okay, ready? Let's get gem hunting.

Act 1-1 (0 gems)

Act 2-1 (5 gems)
1. Unmissable. The first red gems are pointed out in dialogue. Simply approach
them after Garcia asks about them.

2. With #1.

3. With #1.

4. After the cutscene where you see the hand dropping enemies for the first
time, run past where the hand appeared. The red gem is hiding behind a small
wall along the back wall of the room.
*Special Note* This gem can be infinitely farmed if you so desire. After
getting it, head through the door and save. Then reload, and run back to the
door. It'll be locked, but the cutscene will repeat, teleporting you back
into the room. Get the gem again, then back to the door and wait for the save.
Reload, repeat, etc. I am not counting this anywhere in the gem count, since
it's not the same as the *GOOD BUG*, and you could get all 80 gems right here
if you really want to.
*Special Note Disclaimer* I have never done this myself, but am adding it
because there are videos of it circulating the Internet. People say it's legit,
but also that it may not work every time. YMMV.

5. After the cutscene where demons are spawning out of corpses, smash in all
the wooden planks in the area, behind one lies a strawberry. Backtrack
to a baby-door across from a poster and use the berry to find the gem.

*White gem farming spot* In the area with the darkness hand, you can light a
goat and have a small room to kill unlimited enemies, two at a time. It's very
cramped though, so be careful.

Act 2-2 (0 gems)

Act 2-3 (4 or 5 gems)
1. A bit after your second encounter with darkness-spewing crawlers, you'll
climb a ladder and then jump out a window. Immediately after the jump, turn
right and proceed to find the red gem in an alcove on the left.
*This gem can be doubled using the *GOOD BUG* described in "Tips & Bugs."*

*White gem farming spot* In the graveyard, a large head will spawn endless
demons until you shoot out its red glowy spots. You can rack up as many
white gems as you like by standing outside the darkness and taking out the
regular enemies.

2. While riding the chandelier, swing around and pick up every white gem in
the shaft and ram into every demon on the walls. For getting all the white
gems you'll find one red gem at the top of the ride, and for killing all the 
demons, another two.

3. With #2

4. With #2.

Act 2-4 (0 gems)

Act 3-1 (3 gems)
1. The first gem is sitting in Christopher's garden near the beginning of the

2. After finding the first strawberry underground, continue straight, then
take a left to find a red gem in the dead end.

*White gem farming spot* Just like in the graveyard. There's a non-dark tunnel
you can sit in to kill the spawning demons for a while. It also has a big white
gem in a crate.

3. Before blowing open the huge cracked wall at the end of the stage, blow up
the smaller door to the right first to find a red gem (and a huge white gem).

Act 3-2 (4 gems)
1. As soon as you enter the forest, turn left and use an explosive to break
the cracked log. Pass by it and blow open the wall to find the gem.

2. In the first area with crawler cages, a small path leads to a gem

3. The second time you fall in the water off a bridge, head towards the
drowning Paula. Turn left and blow through a cracked log to get the gem. Now
before going on, consider...

*White gem farming spot* Until you catch up with the drowning Paula, you can
spawn infinite demons in the water. I consider this spot the best for farming
in the game, due to speed and safety. Whenever you're in the water, up to 3
demons will appear. Step out of the water onto a land mass and they stop
spawning. So you can take them at whatever speed you like. There's even a
drink machine right by the red gem area if you need it. The only downside
to this area is the inability to do the stomp for extra gems while in the
water, but I still found it faster than any other area.

4. When you see Paula run into a cave, turn right and follow the path to a
cracked wall. Head inside for some goodies and a red gem.

Act 3-3 (3 gems)
1. During the first escape sequence, shoot the first barrel you come across
to find the gem.

2. In a darkness area, after a boss, you will see the exit straight ahead,
down then up some stairs. Instead, turn right at the bottom of the steps and
go up to get the red gem first. Try to leave one of the hearts on your way
for the trip back to avoid darkness damage.

3. During the trek with the sushi light, you'll enter a dead end with some
barrels. The lone barrel on the right contains the gem.

Act 3-4 (0 gems)

Act 4-1 (0 gems)

Act 4-2 (1 gem)
1. Pick up all 50 white gems in the level to win a red gem at the end. You
should have 18 gems by the first save point and 21 by the second. If your
count is low, quit out and reload your save before shooting the save point.
If I may offer a general tip: don't go rushing in to collect white gems, or
you'll regret it. Stay on the left and wait until the path is clear.

Act 4-3 (5 gems)
*Look at the wall signs to determine your current circle*

1. In the third circle, Gluttony, you'll enter a patch of darkness to shoot
out some dark cores. After reaching the goat head in the middle of the
darkness, continue on and turn left. Run down to the red gem at the end of
the hallway.

2. In circle six, Heresy, you will fight a bunch of crawlers and an
invisible demon. After beating them all, head toward the exit door, but turn
around before passing through it. The red gem should be straight ahead.

3. The seventh circle, Violence, has three cracked doors in it. The first
leads to some ammo boxes. The second has this gem in it.

4. Continue on to door #3 to find this gem inside a crate. Get the gem
before blasting the light barrels across from the door, or you will trigger
a boss fight and miss your chance.

5. In the eighth circle, Fraud, you will follow another sushi light around
the stacks. After you reach the end gate, kill all the remaining demons
until the gate opens. Before heading through it, step sideways into the
darkness where a light barrel is sitting (or was sitting, if you already shot
it). Facing directly away from the exit gate, run straight forward all the
way to the gem, then turn around and head back to the exit.

Act 4-4 (1 gem)
1. Just like Act 4-2, you need to collect 50 white gems to win a red gem. Look
to have 14 gems by the first save point and 28 by the second.

Act 4-5 (3 or 8! gems)
1. Before blowing through the second cracked wall in the level, head across a
bridge to its left. Take out the bird-head and get the gem out of a barrel.

Get ready for some insane gem doubling.

2. After the darkness takes over the city, you'll find a firework launcher
behind a wood plank. Right next to it is a cracked door with the red gem.
*You can QUADRUPLE this gem with the *GOOD BUG*. Basically, just do the trick
every save point, and return here as often as possible.*

3. After stopping the darkness hand, but before entering the gate to chase
Paula, pass by the gate and head behind some buildings. Enter the darkness
and shoot out three cores to unlock a small hut with the gem inside.
*You can TRIPLE this gem with the *GOOD BUG*. You can return to it each time
you go back to get copies of gem #2, except for the first time which occurs
before finding gem #3.*

Act 4-6 (1 gem)
1. Just like Acts 4-2 and 4-4. You need to find 12 white gems before the first
save point, 20 by the second, and 38 by the third. You should have 41 total
when you reach the boss, who will drop the last 9.

Act 5-1 (3 or 4 gems)
1. After fighting the new electrical demon with the big pinchers, shoot open
a barrel in the same room near the green mesh wall. If you pick this up before
the fight, then die, you'll have to reload your save to get around the bad bug
and respawn the gem, so wait until you win the fight to be safe.
*This gem can be doubled using the *GOOD BUG*.*

2. In a small room, enter the alcove a spinny-blade demon attacks from and
blast open a crate for the gem.

3. During the sequence where you shoot several cores to destroy the blindness
hand, you'll enter a room where you use the skull-ball to hit a core. Shoot
the barrel in this small room for the gem.

*You can perform the *GOOD BUG* after killing the giant demon in order to
respawn him once and kill him again for another pile o' white gems.*

Act 5-2 (4 gems)
1. Use the first mouth statue you encounter to spin the platform up, then left
twice. Run over to the exposed gem.

2. After shooting the goat head on a rotating cube, head to your right before
going through the gates. You'll find some stairs to a red gem.

3. I've gotten reports there are additional stairs down to yet another gem.
I haven't seen it for myself, but have a look.

4. Right after the last gem, head through the gates and turn the next
platform you find down twice to reveal the red gem.

*Buy all your remaining gems now* This is the last time you'll meet
Christopher. If you don't have enough white gems to buy your way to red gem
#77 at this point, it's too late. When you're done buying gems, blow the rest
of your cash on drinks and ammo, since it has no other use here on out.

Act 5-3 (3 gems)
1. At the (really easy) Pachinko game, kill the two demons inside before
hitting the two cores. When you do so, the red gem will appear on the path out
of the room.

2. After your second trip through the darkness, head up the spine-stairs and
shoot the barrel directly in front of you.

3. In the area Johnson calls a "maze," take the middle door, straight ahead of
you. Pass through the small darkness area into a flower patch. After a scene,
turn left immediately and pass through the door into a small red room. Shoot
the barrel in the back corner for the final red gem in the game.


6. How to Spend Red Gems [SECT06]
So, if you don't get all 80 gems, how should you spend the few you do have?
Or, even if you are going for them all, what's the best order to prioritize?

All the upgrades sound pretty good, but in fact, some give way more value for
your gem. Here are my personal opinions on each stat, in menu order.

1. Weapon damage upgrades:
One of the most useful upgrades. Each gem in one of these slots gives a pretty
noticeable damage increase, so you should aim to max them all by the end of
the game. Every weapon has its uses, but prioritize whichever you prefer
One little tip: on my first playthrough, I found the blue gun set useless and
neglected its upgrades, only to find it REALLY helps to have it strong for
the final fight.

2. Weapon reload upgrades:
These are very minor improvements. Consider that reloading takes about 1-2
seconds to begin with, and it has five gem slots to upgrade. So each changes
very little. Putting in 1-2 on your favorite gun helps, but don't bother
topping them off unless you have gems to spare.

3. Weapon capacity upgrades:
These increase the clip size of your guns, but also important, they boost the
maximum number of ammo you can hold at a time too. I suggest 1-2 gems for the
red and green gun sets, and at least 3 for the blue gun set, since it goes
through ammo so fast.

4. Light shot fire rate:
Try out the light shot and notice how it fires pretty fast without any help.
So blowing 5 gems on it is totally unnecessary. Put 1 gem into it, and it'll
be fast enough to de-darkify a demon and stun it again before it gets to you.
That's really all you need.

5. Light shot size:
I was hoping this one would turn the light shot into a huge ball of fire. It
does not. I wouldn't spend a single gem here until you're satisfied with
everything else first.

6. Light shot stun time:
This can be pretty handy to make the game easier. It is also nice to be able
to stun Paula during escape sequences for a few seconds. (Hint hint, you can
do that). However, a single gem is really enough to give you the time to
approach a demon and use a finishing move on it, so only go over 2 gems in
if you've taken care of the essentials already.

7. Torch:
The number of gem slots for this is ridiculous. With no upgrades, charging the
torch for a insta-kill takes maybe 2-3 seconds. Yes, if you throw in the whole
line of gems, it's practically instant, but the move kinda sucks to begin with
since nearly every enemy it works on can also be light shot/finishing move'd
faster and safer. I suggest 1 gem in it to get it to a reasonable speed, then
put it on the back burner.

8. Health:
This should be your top priority along with damage upgrades. Health upgrades
provide a very substantial boost to your health bar, and you'll want them all
by the end of the game. Like I mentioned in the tips, inserting gems here
also provides a complete heal, so upgrade it when you're hurt and save on

7. Version History [SECT07]

1.21 (11-14-11)
Added: Long overdue gem in 5-2

1.2 (7-18-11)
Added: Special note in 2-1
Added: Missing gem in 5-2
Change: Redid total gem math to compensate
Change: Updated credits

1.11 (6-29-11)
Added: Two red gems for killing chandelier demons
Change: Redid total gem math to compensate
Change: Updated credits
Change: Modified title to match GameFAQs listing
Fix: Added some missing periods

1.1 (6-25-11)
Added: Additional dupeable gems
Added: Satanic Hard information
Change: Reformatted red gem guide
Change: Reworded some descriptions
Change: Improved white gem farming locations
Fix: 1 spelling error
Fix: Stomp white gem count

1.0 (6-24-11)
Unpublished original edition

8. Closing & Credits [SECT08]
Many thanks to SUDA51, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yamaoka for teaming up to
bring us this game, and of course the many, many others who worked on its
development. Thanks to EA for bringing it out in the US.
Most of the info contained herein comes from running through the game 4 times,
but thanks to the many forum posts by different people all over the Internet
for pointing out the gem doubling bug. Thanks to GameFAQs user Nriepw for
pointing out the red gems for killing demons with the chandelier. Thanks to
a note from Gino about a missing gem in 5-2.
For any errors needing correction, please send me (Goldom) a note through
GameFAQs messages.
This guide was written for GameFAQs, and if you put it somewhere else, well,
you really shouldn't have without asking me, should you?

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