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                    Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse
                           General FAQ 
                           Version 1.1

I    .- Disclaimer
II   .- Version History
III  .- Objective of the Game
IV   .- Monster Info
V    .- Weapon & Armor Info
VI   .- Attributes List
VII  .- Tips
VIII .- Credits

 *Note: This isnt a finished FAQ but hopefully I will have
 the completed version in a week or two...I hope this preliminary
 data helps you some..
                     D I S C L A I M E R
This document was made to share and gather the info I found 
while playing the game and surfing the web mainly to get some
recognition within the gaming community. 

Feel free to post this document in your homepage as long
as it is not edited in any way without my permission,
and if you mail me about its usefulness it will make me feel
a lot whole better about this work ^_^.

My e-mail: [email protected]

                      Version History
[23/08/01]-> 8:00pm
Finished Monster Info and 80% of the Weapon info sections.

[26/08/01]-> 7:00pm
The FAQ has been stopped until certain questions are answered.
Im checking the boards...

[06/09/01]-> 7:12 pm
I added several explanations to the FAQ, and since most of
my questions remain unanswered, im gonna post this preliminary
FAQ to see if you people can help me out, Im currently level 71
in the game and April is about to start in a week(im talking about
the game time), so im going pretty good. I have one of the Shadow
Lord Bane weapons and will update the FAQ as soon as I uncover more
info or if I recieve e-mails with data that can be of use inside the

[07/09/01]-> 2:20pm
Fixed the FAQ, the names and got the Planesword and the RockHammer,
added a little table to the Weapon section about it.

Added 4 more "special items", im level 85, I expect to finish
the game, or at least get to the dungeon bosses next week and
get some info on them here, I made some notes about the attributes
% limits, just some ramblings, nothing conclusive.
                      Game Objective
In a dark age, the ancient people of Gothos fought an evil
being called The Shadow Lord and banished him. Now, 999 years
after the incident the Shadow's Lord shattered mind has been
calling out his minions to prepare the land for his coming.

The people of Gothos need you to protect them and help them
build their civilization so they can stand up to the Shadow
Lord and his evil minions.

Your goal as a player is to do small quests and destroy as
much monsters as possible before the 1000th year of the Shadow
Lord's banishment arrives and thus bringing him back to life.

The Shadow lord's minions are organized in three separate
tribes: The Undead, The Forgotten and The Mutants, it is your
job to stop them from killing innocent villagers and destroy
their plans to weaken civilization for the final battle once
The Shadow Lord arrives.

To put it in more direct terms:
Kill stuff and help people until the new year comes.
Oh, and get experience to reach level 100 so you can kill
the last boss easily.

The prosperity of the people of Gothos is reflected in the
three global variables: Research, Military and Economic.

These variables grow when you finish quests or sell weapons
and armor in the respective town the variable is in.

Once a variable gets high enough, special weapons will appear
in that town, also better weapons will be manufactured with
more attributes.

Towns chart:
|Town Name|Next City|Dungeon   |BattleGround|Resource|Variable|
|Westhaven|Hom      |Necropolis|Tanglewood  |Crystals|Economic|
|Hom      |Rygard   |Lost City |Badlands    |Gems    |Research|
|Rygard   |Westhaven|Anc.Forest|FrozenWastes|Ooze    |Military|

Type of Quests:
1a)Dungeon Hunt: 
Retrieve the next city's stolen relic in the
next city's dungeon.

1b)Dungeon Hunt:
Kill a tough monster in the next city's dungeon.

Rescue people from the next city's battleground.

Rescue people from that city's dungeon.

Do battle in that city's battleground.

Defend the next city from a monster raid.

5a)Donate resource: Donate an insane amount of a type of
resource in exchange of next to nothing development in
a global variable.

5b)Donate Gold: Donate gold to develop the town's global

Each town has a relic(you often get sent out to recover it)
in which you can increase your character attributes when you
aquire a certain reagent for it and operate the obelisk the
relic is in.

Potent Candle->Intellect up.
Power  Ore   ->Strength up.
Life   Seed  ->Health up. 
                      Monster Info

----------------------*The Undead*-----------------------------------
The Undead are composed of Ghosts,Ghouls,Fiends and Vampires.
The Undead are weak to Fire and do Lightning damage.
The Undead allow Forgotten to live with them in "Necropolis".

Ghosts are floating creatures made of mist, they do not show
up in the radar and usually come in red or blue.

Ghouls are the walking dead, people who have been killed by
the Undead return as the rotten ghouls who wear tattered
clothes and attack you with either lightning or their plague-
infested claws.

Fiends are big undead monsters of flesh, bone and pain, they
only attack you with their claws and are very fast.

Vampires are "chosen" humans who have joined the rank of the
undead to serve as well-dressed and commanding figures, they
usually shock you with their powerful lightning attack or 
swing at you with their rapiers if you get too close. 

Sabres          do more damage to Vampire and Ghouls.
Broad Swords    do more damage to Ghosts and Fiends.

Beware when fighting a higher level Fiend, his melee attacks
are very powerful, try the hit & run tactic.

----------------------*The Forgotten*-----------------------------------
The Forgotten are composed of Dragus,Hunters,Slayers and Titans.
The Forgotten are weak to Poison and do Fire Damage.
The Forgotten allow Mutants to live with them in "The Lost City"

Dragus are descendants of dragons, they are two-legged fire
breathers and they bite you with their fangs when you get close.

Hunters are fire-shooting humanoids that attack you with their
crossbows. They are deadly in groups, because they attack from afar.

Slayers are the spell-casters of the Forgotten who attack you with
3 human-seeking flames from afar and attack with their swords in 
melee, they are very fast.

Titans are big stone humanoids, the slowest and strongest of the
Forgotten, their melee attack can kill you in seconds if their
level is higher than yours, they sometimes shoot fire like Hunters.

Scythes         do more damage to Dragu and Hunters.
Maces           do more damage to Slayers and Titans.

Beware getting attack by a group of Hunters or Slayers and
a Titan, Titans usually take long to kill and while youre 
killing him, the other Forgotten can scorch you to death.
Try taking out the Hunters or slayers first..or use the mace
special attack.
----------------------*The Mutants*------------------------------------
The Mutants are composed of the Devolved,Crawlers,Cerebri
and Biomechs.
The Mutants are weak to Lightning and do Poison Damage.
The Mutants allow Undead to live with them in the "Lost Forest".

Devolved look like big lizards, they spit poison at you and
attack you with their tail if you get too close.

Crawlers and Big One-Eyed spiders, they attack from afar with their
poison and bite you with their fangs in melee combat.

Cerebri are "chosen" humans who were submitted into a mutating
process and the result was a humanoid capable of striding very
fast, they have some kind of wings on their back, spit poison and
attack you with their fists in melee combat, they usually fly
towards you very fast and spit poison.

BioMechs are Biological Mechanical monsters that spray poison
in a stream around them, they look like fat humanoids with
a backpack.

Axes            do more damage to Devolved and Crawlers.
Vampire Swords  do more damage to Cerebri and BioMechs.

Biomechs are very strong, even stronger than titans, it will
take several blows to finish them off, use the vampire's sword
special attack to kill him quicker while you heal the damage
he is going to deal you while doing so.
                      Weapon & Armor Info
All Weapons have special attacks that are devastating to
a certain type of monster, to do this attack you can either
hold down the R1 button and attack, or hold down your attack

The Sabre special attack is a piercing move.

The Broad Sword special attack is a huge downward chop.

The Scythe special attack are 3 charging slashes.

The Mace special attack is spinning real fast with it
like a propeller and smashing any monster around you.

The Axe special attack are charging chops.

The Vampire sword special attack is a wide slash, in
addition it steals life from the monster and adds it
to your HP. (It wont work against undead because they
are dead)

The Rune Sword special attack damages every monster
in the screen with your spirit power..the more spirit
power you have the stronger the attack.

There are 4 types of gun: Pistol,Repeater,Longshot and Blaster.

Repeaters are most useful against the Mutants.
Longshots are most useful against the Undead.
Blasters  are most useful against the Forgotten.
Pistols are well-rounded and are quick with a decent range.}

Hold down the button where you have the pistol, so you can
fire continously.(until you run out of ammo)

Additionally there are 3 "Shadow Lord Banes" weapons
that can be used to destroy the 3 forms of the Shadow Lord,
and 3 extra special items that will help you in the game.
In order:
a gun, a bomb, a sword, a potion, a symbiote and a bracer.

The symbiote(talisman) will enable you to make Anna move by herself,
killing monsters, getting items and destroying breakable objects 
while you type a FAQ(or do something else), however, she will only
use the weapon in the button X and will not heal herself when she
is about to die.(very limited AI)

The following is a small table with these special items.

[Seller |  Town   |Variable ###]
|Item Name    : Description    |

[Brody   |Westhaven|Economic 400]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Rockhammer   : Shatters the first Shadow Lord incarnation.  |
[Jenkins |   Hom   |Research 450]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Cluster Bomb : Shatters the second Shadow Lord incarnation. |
[Adam    | Rygard  |Military 400]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Plane Sword  : Shatters the third Shadow Lord incarnation.  |
[Agatha  |   Hom   |Research 400]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Elixir       : Gain full health and spirit, automatic.      |
[Smythe  |Westhaven|Economic 450]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Talisman     : Enable optional use of Anna's AI battle mode.|
[Paladine|  Rygard |Military 450]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|Sun Bracer  : Absorbs 75% of damage dealt by the Shadow Lord|
There are 3 types of defensive gear: Armor,Bracers and Boots.

To use your bracers or your boots, hold down the button where
you assigned it to block or jump.

Plate   armor: Strong against Melee, weak against magic.
Leather armor: Strong against Magic, weak against melee.
Chain    Mail: Good   against Melee, Good against magic. 

The Leather armor, additionally helps you avoid critical hits.
The Chain armor helps you avoid knockdowns.

Bracers help you block attacks at your spirit's expense.
Bracers have 3 special attributes:
Counterattack,Dodge and Push, They are automatic and can be are used
when you get hit by a monster.

Boots allow you to jump over most monsters and attacks.
Boots have 3 special attributes:
Fly,Reaper and Whirlwind,hold down the button as long as you
can to use them.

Weapons and Armor have attributes that will be explained below.
Deals the percentage of your damage as  Damage. 
Increase XP:
You get x% more xp from a kill.
Treasure Hunter:
You get x% more gold from a bag of coins.
Item Hunter:
You get x% more chance of finding an item after a kill or in
treasures and destructable objects.
Increase Health/Spirit:
Increases your HP/Spirit by x% percent.
Critical Hit:
Adds %x more chance to deal a critical hit to the victim.
Adds %x more chance to Knockback/Stun your opponent.
It has x% percent of hitting that particular monster with a 
critical hit.
It deals %x more damage to that particular type of monster.
Resist :
It protects you x% percent of the total damage inflicted on you
by that type of Element
Resist Knockback/Stun:
It reduces your chances of falling down/being stunned when
recieving a critical hit by x%.
Resist Melee
It protects you x% percent of the total damage inflicted on you
by melee damage.
                          Playing Tips
A)Manage your time: Dont go around traveling randomly in Gothos.
If you need to go from Westhaven to Rygard go through the Frozen
Waste and waste some mutants. (It will take about 20 game-time
minutes), youll get needed resources,xp and maybe new weapons and
not to mention a good quantity of money.

B)Buy the good stuff: Buy elemental weapons, Item hunter and
Increase Xp gear. If you cant find a good one, save the game,
quit, then load the game..the shopkeepers will sell you different
items each time you do this, keep doing this until you have something
decent to go hunt with.

C)Always bring the right gear: Be equipped for the job. If you
are fighting Mutants, bring a Electrical weapon and some Poison
Resistance Armor. Forgotten, bring poison weapons and Fire resistance.
Undead, Fire weapons and Lightning Resistance.

D)Potions for the mind and the body: Always have your potions full, you
will never know when you are going to need them. Use the quit and load
trick to get all 6 of them while in a town that sells them.

E)Save Often: Specially when you find a reagent for the relics or have
found a very cool weapon or armor, or after fighting through 3 very hard
levels to get the stolen relic and finally aquiring it.

F)Always have an escape route: Bring some boots with fly to escape from
certain death when you are being ganged upon, or if you feel that you 
cannot fly out of the situation to use a healing potion, press start and
go to a nearby town..Its better to waste 3 game-time hours traveling there
than dying and wasting 3 game-time days.

G)Kill off snipers first: Kill off monsters who stay out of screen range
shooting at you first, specially when you are fighting a tough Titan and
you have 4 hunters shooting at you.

H)Bosses are easy without their mobs: Try to kill off the lesser monsters
before attempting to kill the harder one.

I)If everything else fails: Hit and Run.

J)DO NOT Donate resources as a quest: Resources are very, very important for
getting cool items, 14 Power gems is not worth a freaking +1 Research point.

K)Bombs are for chumps: Too slow, too few, having a decent firearm is better.

L)Guns are cool: If you find a gun with elemental damage above 40%, BUY IT!
You can use this gun to attack from afar at a group of monsters, and due to
the elemental damage, they'll drop like flies! This is specially useful when
needing to kill a group of monsters you got as quest in a battleground or
to do battle with 90+ monsters in there. Dont worry about the ammo, just do
the save,buy&quit trick to refill it quickly at a town. I got this great 
longshot gun with 72% Fire damage, 64% Fiend slayer and 34% Vampire slayer..
I cry of joy when I use it when battling Undead.

M)Vampire Swords are your friends: What better way to get health than to 
steal it from your enemies? This technique doesnt work on the Undead tho,
luckily for us, Forgotten can be found among the Undead in Necropolis
and Tanglewood, and they have juicy blood to steal!
Thanks to the Metro3d board for the armor info and the bug confirmation.
Thanks to steelcow for giving me the idea of making the faq for
Thanks to my 3 boxes of coke for helping me get through the long hours 
of playing the game and the hours that are still to come.
Thanks to my girlfriend for giving me time to play the game instead
of being with her.
Thanks to for being a very,very fast FAQ site and letting
me post all my 5 FAQ's there.

Again, any questions, comments, messages of congratulations or of recognition are
welcomed in the inbox at: [email protected]  Thank you for reading my FAQ!  =D

Personal Notes:
(Ignore this, this is just some things Im working on at the time I decided to post
 the FAQ)

Increase Health Gear:
Level 78
Health Stat: 210
Armor : 62%
Scythe: 79%
Bracer: 93%

Health without gear      : 11065
Armor:(11065*.62)        = 6860.3
Health with armor only   : [14362] = (11065 + 3297)

Health without gear      : 11065
Scythe:(11065*.79)       = 8741.35
Health with scythe only  : [15114] = (11065 + 4049) 

8741.35-6860.3 = 1881.05
15114-14362    = 752

Health without gear      : 11065
Bracer:(11065*.93)       = 10290.45
Health with bracer only  : [15734] = (11065 + 4669)

Health with bracer and Scythe: 18810
Bracer + Scythe = (4669+4049) = 8718
11065+8718 = doesnt add up..


Health with Scythe and Armor: 18412
Scythe + Armor = (4049+3297) = 7346
11065+7346 = 18411..this is so close...maybe they rounded it up..


Health with all 3: 18810....AHA! There's a limit!
My guess is the limit's 150%
I need something that gives me about 9-20% to check this..

I got an armor with 47% Increase Health, add it to the
Bracer that gives me 93-->140..

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