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1. Where is Liberty City?
2. Exploration Methods
 a. Hellway Method 
 b. MJ Method
 c. The Grenade Launcher Method 
 d. Jetmaxin' Method
3. Safe Travel Tips
4. Tourist Attractions 
5. Contacts 
6. Useful Codes

   Where Is Liberty City?
Its The City on GTAIII, and GTA Liberty City Stories.

 Exploration Methods
a. Method 1: Hellway
Difficulty: 6/10 
Cheat Device Needed? Yes 
This is perhaps one of the more difficult and longest routes to take, 
but with this method you have admission to Liberty City all the time, 
so in order for you to travel back after completing the game, Hellway 
is the only alternative.

First off enable the "Unlimited Height on Jetpack" code and enter the 
Ganton Gym and spawn a Jetpack inside and launch yourself up above 
the gym door and travel to the Warehouse in Black hell and land on 
the reflective ground and walk to the blip and enter. Once you are 
inside mark Liberty City on the map, preferably the small solid area 
and travel from the Warehouse interior hell to there. Congratulations 
you have now taken the Hellway, have fun exploring a good 70% portion 
of Portland.


b. Method 2: Taking MJ 
Difficulty: 3/10 
Cheat Device Needed? No 
If you don't have access to a Cheat Enhancer this is for you. This is 
a ridiculously easy method to explore Liberty City, but sadly only by 
foot. You are also limited to only the solid parts of the city, so 
get your camera packed and start touring!

In order to do this ridiculously easy method you will need to start 
the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission. When you are up to the point 
needing to kill the Forelli member outside don't kill him, run down 
the steps and go into the small enclosed area behind the open wall on 
the back right of the yard and go to the left edge behind the tree 
and stand on the snow mound facing north on the light grey brick 
wall. Now activate the 'Mega Jump" cheat and jump over the wall. You 
will now be in an emaciated alleyway covered by snow. Now follow it 
turning right then right again until you are at yet another dead end 
and stop, these walls are not solid. Now face east on the left wall 
near the end of that alley and have a small run up and jump as you 
hit the wall. If successful you will land out on the road of the 
Bistro, to make it easier to know where to land do the "See through 
Walls" trick. Have fun walking around observing the city by foot, 
watch out for the unsolid areas and use the 'Spark Trick".


c. Method 3: Grenade Launching  
Difficulty: 8/10 
Cheat Device Needed? No 
Another method for those without Cheat Enhancers. This is a very 
difficult method and involves plenty luck and ample patience. You 
launch yourself over a wall by a ricocheting grenade. Sound easy 
enough for you? 

This method involves you to be in the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission. 
Kill everyone besides the Forelli member outside and push the car 
away from him as he will try shooting you whilst the car is in the 
way and blow himself up therefore you will pass the mission, which 
isn't what you want to do. Now go to the back of the small enclosed 
area on your right as mentioned in "Method 2" and go to the highest 
snow mound facing North West between the light grey brick wall and 
the other wall. Now throw a grenade to the wall and jump to coincide 
with the explosion and you should be on the walls ledge. If you 
failed your first attempt you will definitely need to use a health 
cheat of some kind, and you are advised to bring some body armour too 
if you wish to not use cheats. Now do the same and get into the Alley 
as mentioned in "Method 2" and activate the Mega Jump cheat and 
follow the procedure as mentioned in 'Method 2". Remember the "Spark 
Trick" is your moral lead in exploring on foot.


d. Method 4: Jetmaxin'
Difficulty: 0/10 
Cheat Device Needed? Yes 
This is the easiest method of them all but involves the use of a 
Cheat Enhancer. 

Again, this method involves you to be in the "Saint Mark's Bistro" 
mission, but first enable the Low Gravity (Unlimited Height on 
Jetpack) code. When you are in Liberty City go out of the Bistro and 
into the courtyard where the Forelli member is and spawn a Jetpack, 
now just fly off and explore ALL of Liberty City. Easy!

 Safe Travel Tips
Spark Trick:
Shooting a solid object with any gun will ignite a spark, if however 
no spark entails the object is not solid, there for you will go/fall 
through it. Use this for assistance when exploring Liberty City by 
See Through Walls:
Equip the Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher and go up close to the 
wall/object you wish to look through and aim with R1 then turn 180 
degrees and let go. Now repeat 180 degrees back to the object you 
were facing previously and you should effectively be looking through 

Pack a Camera:
It's always good to pack a camera with you for PROOF. Taking 
snapshots around the place will archive your journey and could be 
viewed when back home in San Andreas. Harp on to your friends!

 Tourist Attractions 
This section is more a "Things to see" section which will entail 
several things you can see in Liberty City. 
Bistro Exterior:
If you walk up the steps of the Bistro and look at the windows, you 
can look through inside of the Bistro Kitchen and hear opera music. 

Portland Hospital:
Go to the same location of the hospital north east of Liberty City in 
GTA3 to see it looks the exact same. Not solid though. 
Hyman Stadium in Liberty City:
Near Liberty City the Hyman Memorial Stadium from Vice City is 
floating around. When you are near you should hear some stadium 
music. It is the same arena model for Dirtring and Bloodring in Vice 
City. In the centre there is a ramp square, which is the only solid 

[email protected]

 Usefull Codes
Mega Jump: 
Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Left, Right, Square, R2, R2

L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Down Left Right L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Down Left Right

Cheat Enhancer Codes
Unlimited Height on Jetpack: (Use L2 and R2 to move around at high 
1024E2E4 00003BB0

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