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                        How to Get More Puzzles On 

                             ~*Go! Sudoku*~

Okay, there's tons of puzzles already on there, but if you are Sudoku crazy, 
then there is a way to get even more! Just follow the steps. You must have 
Windows XP or later because Windows 98 does not recognize the PSP. You must 
also have a USB cable compatable with the PSP.


Step 1:   Go to

Step 2:   Click on Downloads.

Step 3:   Scroll down and click the difficulty you want and the download 
should start.

Step 4:   Click save when the window pops up. Save it to My Documents or 
somewhere you can find it.

Step 5:   When the download is complete click close.

Step 6:   Now plug in the PSP with the USB cable. Then click USB connection on 
your PSP under Settings.

Step 7:   Then open the zipped file and place the text file under what should 
be the removable disk F:/ in my computer.

Step 8:   Place it in PSP\SAVEDATA\ULUS100950000

Step 9:   Now remember only to place the text file or it won't work.

Step 10: Create a new folder in PSP\SAVEDATA\ULUS100950000 named Downloads

Step 11: Place the text file in it. 

Step 12: Now when you start the game go to Play new Puzzles on the menu and it 
should be there. If not e-mail me at the below address and I'll help you.

Step 13: Do it again if desired for the the other difficulties.

Step 14: PLAY!


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              Don't copy it without asking. E-mail me at 
                           [email protected]

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