Get Past The First 3 Bosses - Guide for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

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Metal Gear Solid: 2 Sons of Liberty

And so the tradition begins, no fancy leadering.  If you are having trouble with one 
of the 3 first bosses on MGS2 then this is the FAQ for you.  


1.	1st Boss
2.	2nd Boss
3.	3rd Boss

1.)	This is the first boss of the game.  You are on the top of a ship.  I must 
admit that this boss is kind of hard.   It took me a while to beat her, but I did it 
and I am here to help you with her.  Ok, at first you can shoot her with your M9, 
but pretty soon that tactic will not work.  So this is what you have to do; you have 
to through a stun grenade at her and it will knock her out.  After she is knocked 
out you have beaten her for the time.  You will not have to fight her again in this 
mission.  Congratulations, you beat the first boss!

2.)	Now you have a boss that is easy if you know how to beat her.  This boss is 
the easiest boss I have faced so far.  All you have to do is not get hit by her 
electric shock beams.  (Don’t stand in the same place for long)  After you have kept 
away from her shock beams for long enough a guy by the name of Vamp will come down 
the elevator and you will shoot him in a cut scene.  You now will watch a cut scene 
and will have beaten the second boss!

3.)	Before you even attempt this mission you need to get your “Sensor A” up so 
you can find the bombs Fatman places.  You will have to use the coolant spray on the 
bombs, so be ready to work under pressure.  Now, in this mission the boss will 
roller skate around planting bombs until he decides to take a break from planting 
bombs and wants to fight you with his gun.  What you should do is run away and don’t 
let him shoot you until he stops planting bombs all together.  Fatman has a coat on 
that bullets do not penetrate it.  So, what you should do is wait for him to stand 
still and them shoot him in the chest area so he falls down on the ground.  When he 
is on the ground you should shoot him in the head.  Keep doing this until he has 
lost all of his health.  Once he is almost dead he will arm a BIG bomb that could 
take out the whole structure.  The bomb is under him so you will have to go by his 
feet and hit the “Square” button to pick him up and drag him away from the bomb.  
Once he is off of the bomb you can go use your coolant on the bomb to disarm it and 
beat Fatman!

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