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Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin walkthrough for Silent Assassins

Copyright 2002


Author: Absence

Game designers: Eidos

FAQ Version: 2.0

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ THIS FIRST

     Hello this is a walkthrough for getting the silent assassin ranking in
Hitman 2.  You'll notice that this walkthrough is void of smaller details like
how to get from one location to another unless there is a specific route that I
think you should take.  For your convenience and for your  own enjoyment
playing hitman 2 I would advise playing the game through once in normal with
the ability to see everyone on the map so you get a good understanding of what
you're up against and where to go.  You may even develop your own way to
beating the level.  This walkthrough is for the professional difficulty rating
and there are some minor differences between the two but nothing you can't
handle. But if you want to read the walkthrough along with your play... the
game will be a breeze.  I found the game personally to be a lot more fun when
trying to get the silent assassin ranking.  It just feels cool knowing no one
even knew you were there.

   ---  A Few things to Remember ---

* Doors:  They are an assassin's best friend, in real life and in the game. 
When doors open you can stand in there path and they stay open until you move
or you close them, but they shield you.  Secondly they make it easy to nab a
fast walking patrol guard as well.

* Guns:  I'll point out where the guns are if you'd like to collect the guns as
we go along.  If you're going for silent assassin I do have to warn you,
getting all the guns as well is next to impossible.  There's a couple that
aren't just sitting around for you to pick up and there are a few that are
rifles so you can't walk around in public with them.  I'll put a list at the
end of where to get all the guns because I know filling up all those blank
spots on the wall feels mighty good.

* Running/patience:  I like to run as much as possible, personally.  It’s bad
enough I have to wait up to a minute sometimes for a guard to move around and
then sneak past him when he does.  So I run as much as possible.  As silly as
it seems the guards get really suspicious of people running sometimes even far
away.  In the dessert they can hear you for miles it's amazing. Guards get
really suspicious after you complete an objective too sometimes whether or not
"they know" about the assassination they get jumpy enough to attack you at any

* Killing Guards:  As long as you only kill one guard and fire only one shot
the entire level you can get away with it.  Or kill 2 guards with no shots. 
You’ll still get an SA rating but you can’t alert anyone to you presence.  I
chose to just ignore these possibilities though.

* Equipment for the silent assassin:  All you will ever need to take with you
is the anesthetic and the pistol 9mm SD.  That's it, every time.  And even then
the pistol is just for fun.  (in case you decide you want to cap everyone in
site, or if you’re just returning the favor)

      TABLE OF CONTENTS************************

      (The notepad program in Windows and other programs usually feature a
search utility, hold ctrl and press f)

       Mission 1:  ANATHEMA (Find keyword: ass1)
       Mission 2:  St. Petersburg Stakeout (ass2)
       Mission 3:  Kirov Park Meeting  (ass3)
       Mission 4:  Tube way Torpedo  (ass4)
       Mission 5:  Invitation to a party  (ass5)
       Mission 6:  Tracking Hayamoto  (ass6)
       Mission 7:  Hidden Valley  (ass7)
       Mission 8:  At the Gates  (ass8)
       Mission 9:  Shogun Showdown  (ass9)
       Mission 10: Killing in the Basement (ass10)
       Mission 11: Graveyard Shift   (ass11)
       Mission 12: Jacuzzi Job  (ass12)
       Mission 13:   Murder at the Bazaar  (ass13)
       Mission 14:   Motorcade Interception  (ass14)
       Mission 15:   Tunnel Rat  (ass15)
       Mission 16:   Temple City Ambush   (ass16)
       Mission 17:   The Death of Hanelore   (ass17)
       Mission 18:   Terminal Hospitality   (ass18)
       Mission 19:   St. Petersburg Revisited  (ass19)
       Mission 20:   Redemption at Gontranno  (assholieo)

       Storyline: complete spoiler   (journal)

        Where to find the guns: (g30 /or/ gunsinmyass)

       Contact INFO   (Absence)

       ***********************MISSIONS OH YEAH**************************

-------MISSION 1:  ANATHEMA   ass1 ---------------

   	This mission is one of the easy one's in the game.  It may seem complicated
but once you watch where everyone is going, and what not, it is actually quite
simple.  The only thing is you have to be some what patient this level is kind
of jumpy.  You move one place, wait, move, wait and so on.  Oh and plenty
thanks to the most awesome door in the game.  You'll see witch one I'm talking
about when you get there.
        First wait on the top of the hill for a bit.  You could kill/drug and
get the clothes of the mafia guard the delivery boy, or even the postman, but I
just like to walk right in and kill that fat bastard for kidnapping Vittiro. 
It's a federal offense you know.  A guy will come out of  the door directly in
front of you.  He'll come out and take a wiz on the tree there.  I'm not going
to stop you from checking out his dong.  He does have one, and even though the
ladies in the game are sexy you can't do anything with them other than place
them in erotic poses.  Hey I know I got a lot of time on my hands.  And I don't
mind playing with the dead bodies.  It's a video game don't look at me like
that.    After that guy goes back a guard will walk by the door.  Move to the
door once he is out of earshot and then peek through the keyhole.  The guard
standing there will walk to the right after a little while.  Open the door and
walk to the left down to the bottom of the hill.  Here if you walk and hug the
wall you'll be able to get over to that wall that has no business being there. 
If you hear some guy yelling don't worry because the postman has just showed up
at the front gate.  Then once you get behind the wall you can walk over to the
left side of it and run/walk up to the house, no worries, because you're far
enough away from the guards to not get recognized.
        Run run run, up to the side of the house where the pool is Wait for the
suited guard to go away this may be tricky because he stands right behind the
first tree so watch for his shadow. Then walk around the perimeter of the
little hill or duck walk if you feel more comfortable and work your way over to
the ladder. The son and the brother should be there talking so be careful.  If
you've made it this far another guard should've recently patrolled and went
back in. If not make sure he can't see you and go up the ladder.  Once on the
roof go stand and wait for the brother and son to go inside.  Then as soon as
their completely inside run around to the west door on the balcony and wait as
much off to the right of it as you can get.  This is the door I was talking
about.  Just move in as close to the door and as far to the right as you can
get. Shoving yourself in the corner behind the door. The brother will walk by
and then go back in. A guard will come too, you have to wait until the guard
comes if you go in after the brother goes in the don will have walked to his
bedroom to swing his golf club.  Wait until the suited guard who comes shortly
after to go back inside and then go into sneak mode and strangle the Don.  Take
the room key and his revolver if you like.  Then head out the east balcony
door.  Hide on the eastside of the roof.
        Hide good, the guy walking in the pool area can easily spot you if
you're running or something.  Wait for the two guys to stop peeing and wait for
the guard to patrol the pool area again.  Go down the ladder and wait by the
bottom of the steps until the brother and son go inside and the guard is either
walking the other way or inside.  When the coast is clear, follow in after the
brother and son.  They'll go to the kitchen. You should walk to the end of the
hallway and go through the southern door and then hide in the room just off to
your right.   A guard will walk that hallway on patrol.  I've noticed that
sometimes there is a different pattern for this guard to walk.  I think if
someone finds the don he'll walk through the kitchen and upstairs, but
normally, watch through the keyhole and when you see him go back to the right
sneak into the hallway. Keep sneaking into the kitchen, sneak right into the
basement and then walk to open the cell door.  Then to escape stand by the
entrance of the basement that lets you see up into the yard.  You can go on the
outside of the door there and crouch in the corner and the guard won't see you.
 Wait for the guard here to pass to the left, count three seconds and then
strut your stuff all the way to the side door you came in and right out of the
    Take a bow.

Drug the postman while he’s peeing stash his body.  Wait for the guard to walk
by the south east entrance, peek through the keyhole wait for the guard to go
to the right again. Walk up to the garage sneak in and take the rifle.  Go up
on the hill and snipe the Don when he’s behind the house a little.  Go drug the
postman again.  Drop your guns.  Walk up to the house, walk to the side and get
the room key off his body lying on the ground and then deliver the flowers. 
When the guard follows the maid walk to the door directly to your right.  Sneak
into the basement and walk off the property same as above.
If you’ve done everything right I’ve noticed the guard outside the kitchen is
still facing due north, or maybe you can even make him look that way.  Either
or, if you simply go into sneak mode and fall off the roof behind him onto the
same platform then you can sneak down the stairs and skip the whole going
through the house routine.
((((((((ALTERNATIVE ROUTE))))))))
It’s easy to leave with the car this way.  As soon as you start run to the door
that you would normally go through.  Then when the guard comes out to pee sneak
through the door and then take off running all the way around to the pool area
and then duck behind the farthest tree to the left along the backside of the
pool.  Eventually the brother, and son will go to take a pee too on the tree
there.  Sneak shadow them and use the anesthetic on them both, first on the son
and then on the brother.  I usually spend the full five bottles on both of
them.  Then take the key from the brother, the one wearing white.  At that time
a guard should be coming out.  So you want to run to the ladder when the coast
is clear and then run around and sneak into the Don’s room in one non-stop
motion.  The guard will decide to patrol out in the yard for some reason at
this time.  He doesn’t do it unless you knock those guys out, it kind of
stinks.  Then head out over the roof again and drop down behind the guy outside
the kitchen.  You’ll probably have got a warning already because the guard
found the unconscious guys in the back yard, but don’t worry it won’t change
anything for you.  Then go check on Vittoro in the basement and then run to the
backside of the garage and go through the door there and escape in the car. 

----------Mission 2:  St. Petersburg Stakeout    ass2 -----------------------

     Another easy level. And fun.  Once the mission has started run to the
locker.  Make sure those two bozos aren't around.  This part I hate.  Those
guys are walking around completely at random.  So what you need to do is take
the sniper rifle, equip it, take at least the sniper ammo and then make it to
the escalator.  The only advice I can offer is to stay in the dark as much as
possible and don't run in plain view too close to them.  They don't really look
side to side a whole lot so you can hide in that cubby if need be and remember
you can jump on the train tracks and get back up on those ladders.  Once at the
top of the escalator you need to go in that room to the left and not up the
rest of  the stairs.  Wait, listen, as you get there because there is a guard
that walks down those stairs down the stairs to the left and then back up and
out to the street.  He should be just leaving as you get there.  Usually is for
me.  If you don't hear anything the coast is probably clear by now.  Then look
down the stair well for the guard to pass back off to the right.  Then walk
down the stairs and wait for him to walk behind those lockers there.  Then head
into the room to your right.  Pick the lock on the next door and head off
through the sewer.
       You want to head to the sewer opening directly north of you.  You know
you're at the right spot if there is a truck there.  A guard here will walk
around the corner of the building to the west and then walk behind the truck. 
When he's behind the truck walk up and put on the soldier uniform on your side
of the truck.  Then run to the apartment building staying a bit away from the
patrolling guards.  As long as you don't come right up on them you can run. 
Work that extra fat off.  When you get to the apartment walk in through the
left most door head down the hall take the right down the stairs and then
follow that hallway up the stairs until you get to the fourth floor, which is
the top floor.  Then find the open window.  It's easiest to get there if you go
through the door at the very top of the stairs.  You should make note of the
ladder on the fourth floor.  It's going to come in handy. Go snipe the general.
 Dropping the rifle doesn't hurt it actually saves you a lot of trouble,
holstering it has a near effect.
        Run for that ladder.  When in the attic, duck down in the corner that's
behind the ladder.  If you go around behind where the ladder is and duck down
you'll be good.  You should be able to see the guard.  You’ll see that he
spazes out and runs at you then stops and turns around at starts going
downstairs.  Then go into sneak mode and sneak to the ladder.  Then sneak about
to the first corner on the 4th floor and then start walking to avoid the other
guard.    Once outside run, go ahead keep running.  Hitmen need to stay in
shape.  As long as you don't come right up on some soldier you'll be fine, and
if you do just walk until you're out of their range.  The quickest and most
clear path is back the way you came. It's by far the safest.  Remember to peek
through the one door so that the guard is patrolling behind the lockers again
when you come out.
       Quick, simple, and silent.

----------Mission 3:  Kirov Park Meeting    ass3 -------------------

     Man, 47 even looks cool riding in his dinky boat.  Okay first things
first.  Run up around those dumpsters go around the right side or the guard
patrolling will see you.  Run up to your stuff and duck. Pick up a car bomb,
the SVD sniper rifle and the ammo if you wish.  You really only have one shot
anyways.  You can get the rest of the stuff but you won't need it.  Wait for
the patrolling guard to walk back to the corner.  He then turns around and
stands a little bit.  Then he turns and walks back along the side of the
building.  Then go down the sewer directly to the east of the dumpsters in the
middle of the street.
        Then go up the sewer to the south west of you location and plant the
car bomb.  Then go to the sewer opening that is closest to the west of that
one.  Here there is a guard to the east that patrols back and forth.  Wait for
him to go around the corner and then run up to the side of the building and
watch him.  Wait until he goes the other direction and around the corner.  Then
run up and pick the lock on the gate.  Then run around the right side of the
tower as far as you can go and duck down.  Wait for him to walk by to the left
again.  Then run around to the other side of the tower. Stand or duck in a spot
where you can see the door but are still hidden by the tower. Get out the
anesthetic and wait for him to stand in front of the door you just picked.  Go
into sneak mode and sneak completely up on him.  Give him a full dose.  Just
hold down the button when come through the door and when you get right up on
him you'll take him down.  Then keep holding the button until you stand back
up.  You'll notice the little bottles disappearing in the upper right hand
        Then climb up the tower take the shot aiming for the guy in the black
clothing.  Run back out of the level the way you came in.  The only guard you
need to watch out for is the first one, again.

Submitted by John
Equip Needed: Sniper Rifle
Aprox Silent Assassin Completion Time: 3min 30sec

If you already have a Sniper Rifle, equip it before you start the mission, if
not then get the one from behind the dumpsters then follow these instructions.

Right at the start of the level, run up the steps, turn right and run towards
the church keeping close to the wall on the right.  Stand by the southern most
corner of the Church and aim you sniper rifle towards the park, wait for a bit
and eventually the two targets will meet and hug a couple of times.  Shoot them
while they are hugging, killing them both
with the one shot and then just run back to you boat.  Not quite as fun as the
other ways but an easy and quick way to get S.A. rating.

Best wishes

---------Mission 4:  Tube way Torpedo      ass4        ---------------------

       This is by far one of the strangest levels of the game.  I don't know
why.  I have seen a bug with this level from reading the forums but it never
happens to me.  You have to place the minibomb and sometimes it blows up before
you can move out of the way.  This has never happened to me and I've never
heard of a way around it so watch out.  You start in the sewers with only one
way out.  When you get up the ladder drug the first guard you get to.  Drag his
body just behind the crates there, take his clothes.  Walk over to the stairs
if the guard patrolling here is on the ground go up the stairs and take the
other stairs down to your equipment. If he's on the platform just walk over to
your equipment.  Then take the cell phone, the pager, the mini-bomb, and the
bomb remote and walk to the corner right there.  Wait for the guard to go
answer the phone.  Then go down the sewer where he was standing and head north
and go out the other sewer.
        Run up those wood steps and when the coast is clear jump down between
the tarped crates.  There is a guard that patrols back and forth north-east of
where you're at.  Wait until the guard passing by in front of you isn't there
and that guard is just turning around and going out of view.  Follow him up the
ramp and then hide behind the tarped crate at the end of the ramp.  When he
comes back out walk into the building follow the walls to the right until you
to the elevator.  There's a guy patrolling inside the building I know if you
walk straight for the elevator you might cut across his path and he'll open
fire on you, but if think the path is clear go for it.  When you're awarded the
save use it before getting off the elevator.
        Keep walking straight.  You can try to get the weapon they give you but
it's an AK and you probably already have one so there's not really a point. 
You keep going straight down the tunnel walking on the opposite side of the
tunnel as the guards, they'll get a little suspicious but not enough.  Imagine
like it's driving try to respect your lane and his lane, give him enough room. 
Don't even think about trying to pass a guard that is standing still.  If this
happens walk close to him and duck down in one of the nooks off to the side and
wait for him to walk by again.  I usually have to do this with the first guard
you see.  The door at the end should be the southern most door leading into the
control room.  Then straight ahead to the north tunnel out of the control room.
Walk around and enter from the east side of the server room.  Put a bullet in
the control panel at the bottom of the machine with your silenced pistol and
then walk to the exclamation point in the room attached to the guard room. 
Pick the lock and take the clothes on the bed.  If your going to keep your AK
from this point you need to holster it.  You'll still be carrying but you won't
get shot.  Then walk out of the tunnel and walk straight to the elevator and go
down to the second basement.
        You can run to the North door of the interrogation room and listen to
the silly conversation that the general has before he starts torturing your
friend.  Ok there is a nook, then there is the door well and then there is the
door.  Drop the pager to the right of the door inside the nook part, in the
corner as much as possible.  Then go to the other side of the door.  Pull out
the phone and use it.  The general will walk out and pick up the pager.  Sneak
up on him and lace his ass with the fiber wire.  The general is carrying the
combat knife.  Walk in free your friend and run back to the elevator when you
get to the 1st basement level use the save you’re awarded if you like.
        Then stroll to the room your supposed to use the bomb in.  Drop the
mini-bomb by the wall. Back up to the door use the remote.  And then mad dash
through the new door you made.  Ignore the guards who run out after you they
won't even notice you.  Then you get to see the cut scene where you get to see
how much you don't like your friend, agent Smith.  You're always saving his
ass.  I think you save like three times in the first one.  He just keeps
getting caught.  And he doesn't change his underwear.

----------Mission 5: Invitation to a party     ass5  -------------------

I personally don't know what the big deal is about this mission.  I've tried it
using the waiter uniform in the room just off the garage and poisoning his wine
and then waiting for the Spetznas guy to rob him and then stealing it back when
he's on the street.  And I know if you rob that guy walking to the party of his
clothes and invitation he doesn't tell anyone.  But that's not my style.  I
like the walk right in kill the guy steal what he's got and walk right out
method.  So here it goes.  Fresh off the boat run up the stairs, ignore the
waiter.  Run down the alley to the west run up to the door pick the lock and
walk up to the front door.  The general usually walks to the left as soon as
you enter the ballroom.  He'll then walk to the end of the hallway and step
into a room with a maid.  We can all see what he's looking at.  Sneak in and
fiberwire his adams apple to his hat.  Drug the made and go back to the ball
        At this point in the scenario the Spetznas agent will hold up the
ambassador.  Follow them to the room with the safe in it.  Go around to the
adjoining room sneak in behind the agent and drug him, then do the same to the
ambassador.  Just give the agent one or two bottles and don't waste much on the
ambassador either.  Then open the safe with the combination off the ambassador
take the briefcase and walk right out.  I usually run down the red carpeted
hallways just to put as much distance between me and the Spetznas agent as
possible before he wakes up.  He's not an early riser, let me tell you.  Use
the front gate entrance when you leave and just ignore the guard when he asks
for your invitation.  Running down the street to the boat takes a lot less time
((((SIDE NOTE))))))
What secret entrance.  You mean the one where you walk in the front door and
then go up the stairs on your left and then go to the door just to the south on
the second floor and then walk straight forward into the wall.  That one.  Yeah
I know it’s there but requires an extra shot and little bit of luck, so I left
it out.  But you can go to the secret entrance and then walk down to the end
and there is a balcony there.  Then instead of waiting for the Spetznas office
to walk out and drug him you could wait for him up her with the sniper rifle
and nail him.  Then with the tux you could walk down and pick up the briefcase.
 The only thing is where the guards will be and there is a guard that patrols
the other half of the balcony so you have to stay hidden behind the boxes.  But
other than that, it’s cool.

-----------Mission 6: Tracking Hayamoto        ass6    --------------------

        You might as well watch the animation at the beginning because it cuts
time off of having to wait.  Wait behind that rock that you start behind until
the guard waiting directly in front of the dojo goes inside and closes the
door.  The second he does start walking to the bush just off to your right.
When you get to the bush you can start to run up the first garage door.  I
usually go on the wood planks right in front of the dojo.  Open the garage go
in, close the garage and then walk up to the car.  Honk the horn and hide
behind the garbage can off to the right of the door leading into the house. 
When the guard comes out sneak into the house.
        Once the door closes behind you walk through the green cloth door thing
and then through the other one.  You can see a guy through the south wall.  He
walks slow but once he patrols to the right you need to open the door in sneak
mode and shadow him until you can sneak into the next door on the right.  You
should be in a room with furniture and a table with scrolls in the middle. 
Walk into the next room and go through the door there.  Once in the hallway you
need to be careful.  It seems like the guys patrolling the hallways are out of
sync every time I play this level. What you need to do is go to the right to
the kitchen.  There is a guard that's going through this area.  Once he starts
heading for the door to the east you need to sneak around the right side of the
table and place the transmitter in the food dish on the corner of the table. 
Then wait for him to go all the way out and for the door to close.  Then walk
down to the room with the fish once inside though begin running (the whole
point of walking is to give the guard enough room if you alert him he’ll get
all off track and you’re screwed).  Cut it quick and head back and put it one
of the two bowls.  I've always put it in the other bowl just in case.  I've
been told that you can put them both in the same bowl or even in the opposite
bowls from the ones I told you and they still get delivered in the right order,
but why fix what's not broken.  Then you must quickly run back to the room
opposite the fish room.
        The guard will come back in.  Look through the keyhole and wait for him
to pass back to the left.  Then sneak out the door and head to the right.  Use
the door here.  Shadow the guy circling the rock and head right around the side
of the house.  Here there is the guy walking back and forth.  If you want you
can hide in the garage until he's completely past.  This part is tricky too
since it's at random. The first time I ever got silent assassin on this level I
just kind of ran for the exit, of course waiting for the objectives to
complete.  But the guards are on different times completely and you just kind
of have to test it out until you get to the exit.   The guards never come
looking for you or anything though.  There is one annoying guard that'll come
out the front door.  The one you should be waiting on at the beginning.  He can
screw up the best time to make a run for the exit sometimes.
 Good luck, Silent Assassin.

----------Mission 7:  Hidden Valley     ass7   ---------------------------

 	This mission can suck very much if you haven’t updated to the latest version
of the game, v1.01 or something.  It’s recommended you do this because
otherwise this level becomes a series of luck.  Let’s talk about the bugs,
shall we.  First off you don't get to kill anyone.  That's what sucks the most.
 Second off the guards can see through your disguises if they can see you at
all; even though the disguise covers every inch of your body.  Then even if you
do everything right you still don't get silent assassin, because  sometimes you
get credit for the trucks in the level running over ninjas.  If you ever see
anyone drive in the game you'll understand.  When they turn they always run
over the huge ass curbs.  Another thing about the truck is that they'll get
stuck.  They're all on an invisible rail.  When one of them stops for some
reason, so do the other ones.  I've seriously sat for 20 minutes once waiting
for the trucks to start going again. That's when I decided they're not going to
move again.  Now after a minute or so I just restart the level. If for some
reason the you get a guards found a dead ninja info, or a guards alert warning
don’t fret.  Just don’t kill anyone and walk through the level.  Third off
there is a bug in the way the ninjas see through your costume that comes in
handy.  They run up to and check your I.D.  When they're running up to you, you
can run away and it goes down as a close call.  But if they get close enough
there'll be an info thing that says he's checking your I.D.  At this point you
can walk around behind him take out the anesthetic while your doing it and drug
him.  If you try running away when he's done checking your I.D. it's over.
Ninety ninjas will seemingly drop from the sky by helicopter transport and
issue you a death warrant.  So basically if you’re playing on professional you
have a slim chance that any method will get you SA if your playing on anything
don’t be afraid to use those saves.  You’ll need them.
    So we begin.  First off just turn to the left and run following the outer
tree line.  This prevents you from being seen by the sniper.  Even if you got
spotted it doesn't really matter at all.  When you get to the last tree run
through the trees up as close to the big gray building on your left as you can
and using the last tree as a shield from the sniper and the truck as a shield
from the guy in front of the tunnel looking at you run at a 45 degree angle up
to the gray building.  When you get to the side there is a guard patrolling by
the truck.  Wait for him to turn his back on you then sneak by him.  If you
want you can pick up the crossbow right there, but you'll have to wait till he
comes back one more time.  Walk behind the truck.  Once you clear the truck run
to the first tree you see and then run south to the next tree.  Hide there
until the guard walks towards you again and then to your right for about six
steps.  Then run for the ladder to the south.  Stop about halfway down the
ladder and wait for a guard to patrol the room your about to go into.  Once he
leaves go down the ladder and sneak over to the door.  I noticed if you make
any noise in this room he'll come back to investigate it before going into the
other room.  If you did think you made noise look through the keyhole on the
door.  If you see his shadow before you hear him open the other door then you
made a noise.  But once he's in the other room you can run/walk into the tunnel
and hop into the truck that's waiting there or will be soon waiting there, but
don’t I repeat don’t get on a truck until the guard you just passed has
patrolled back out of the room he went into, you run a much higher chance of
being seen.  It's Japan so you always drive in the left lane.  Wait in the
truck until you take two turns.  It'll come to a complete stop then run out of
the truck and run to the left and follow the wall to the right until you enter
a door well.  Watch through the keyhole here until you see a guard walk in and
out of the room.  Then wait for the door to close.  Open your door, walk to the
door directly to the right, go into sneak mode, open that door and sneak up on
the ninja in there and drug him.  Take his clothes and then go up the ladder in
the next room.
        At the top of the ladder go around the shed and head south.  You should
see a lone man patrolling to avoid being seen by him at all go to the tower and
press yourself up against the cliff as much as you can.  Then as soon as you
see the guard let him become fully visible and take off running hugging the
mountainside as tightly as possible on your left side.  OR with drugs in hand
just run up to him.  He'll do the I.D. thing.  When he approaches you stop dead
in you tracks.  When he's standing still hold down the button and run behind
him.  Two bottle dose the guy, then steal his clothes and trade them back. 
Then run down the path he was blocking and enter the hut from the north side
and go down the ladder.  Wait halfway down the ladder again and wait for the
guard to patrol through.  Get off the ladder I.D. bug him and drug him too with
the rest or you could full dose the second guy and just try and shadow this one
until you can get by.  I'd go with the second option full dosing the guy lasts
long enough but the guards never see you after you get past those two guys.  To
shadow this guard all you need to do is wait until he leaves the room with the
ladder and then sneak down the ladder and after him into the next room.  Then
sneak over behind the boxes there.  When the guard goes into the next room he
looks everywhere and he’ll see you otherwise.  Wait until the door closes then
walk up to and go into sneak mode.  Then sneak through the door there and the
door to your immediate left.  Then run to the truck waiting outside of there. 
Same thing wait until it turns twice and stops.  Then get out and turn to the
right follow that wall over until you get to an open garage.  Shadow the guard
around the outside of the truck, but watch it because it gets a little tricky
when he goes around the front of the truck.  He kind of does some random
things.  He'll check behind the boxes sometimes even walk back to the part
where you should be and then go back around.  Once you can, go up the ladder
and run straight for the gray building keeping the trees between you and the
sniper tower. Then run up to the mountain with the tower embedded in it and
follow it over to the exit.

((((((((((((ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION))))))))))
It is possible to make it through this mission without initiating any contact
between you and the patrolling guards.  The hardest part is timing the truck
trips out right so you don’t get caught.  I still think it’s easier to knock
out at least the first guard, just in case.
When at the first guard sneak up behind him and take his clothes.  Then run
east until you can see the two snow ninjas walking east as well.  Then go into
walk mode and follow the cliff wall to your right.  Then when you arrive at the
tower cross over to the right side.  Then follow that wall until it starts
curving around.  Go around and you should see the hut to your south that you
would come out of if you had taken the first truck.  Then proceed as before. 
Doing it this way I find it very easy to get all zeros.  And it’s a little
If you get to the spot where you’re supposed to jump in the truck and ride past
the second group of pole weaving ninjas but the truck has stopped; then you
should try just running past them.  The ninjas here are not as tightly woven
and it’s very possible to just get around them.  Wait for the guards to be as
far apart as possible.  Then follow them.  Just sneak when you’re on the
opposite side of a pillar and remember to move quickly because there is a guard
coming up behind you as well.

--------- Mission8: At the Gates     ass8   ------------------------------

        This level is a little tricky.  First off run to the hill south west of
your starting location and drug the guy walking back and forth there.  He’s got
a really long patrol and he just follows the outer edge.  Sit behind some trees
and when he passes sneak out behind him.  This particular guard looks around a
hell of a lot though so you have to sneak up directly behind him.  Drug him
with only three bottles or so.  Then take his clothes.  Don’t worry about
anyone seeing you or him after he’s drugged.  Then run south for a while and
fall down off the cliff when you can’t go any further.  There’re some trees
that you should run up to and run behind.  The guard here only has one point
where he turns and walks directly at you.  He’s not looking around that much
anymore.  Run to the last tree in this bunch.  If you got the first guy
sometime during his first patrol, the next guard is in the middle of the path
walking towards the castle.  Get to the next bunch of trees.  The trees are
sparse here and the snipers are plentiful so you have to do a lot of walking. 
Wait for him to come back towards you and pass.  There might be another guy
doing the same patrol so you have to be alert because if he starts coming
you’ll have to turn around again and duck behind that tree.  Then walk aiming
yourself at the next bunch of trees.
        By the time you get to them you should realize that you’re now on
another hill.  Stay on that hill and follow what now appears to be the chasm
wall.  You’ll get the new mission objectives somewhere in here. Don’t fall down
anymore until you get to the generator.  When at the generator just run up to
the guy using the I.D. fault, drug him.  (note: I have shot the generator
before and the explosion killed this guard and when I finished I still got SA. 
I don’t know if it works every time yet.).  Then quickly run and turn off the
generator and head south hugging the castle wall.  Hide off to the right of the
door when you get to the castle entrance.  Let the guard patrol by to the left.
 Then just make a run for it.  Head into the underpass run to the right open
the secret door there, the one the guard uses, then run up the stairs and
through the first door on your left.  Then turn right and hide behind the first
corner you see.  A guard will most definitely follow you up until he comes
outside.  He’ll never get to check your I.D. and he’ll go away.  Then turn
south and walk to the second generator and flip that baby off.
        The last one is easy.  Turn around and walk up the ramp that goes up
the side of the stone building directly north.  Once inside you can run the
whole distance, ignoring the ready to pounce ninjas, to the end of this hallway
and the generator is right there.  Turn it off.  Then turn around and you want
to go to that door to your left.  You need to sneak up to the exit or you can
do what I normally do and wait for the guard patrolling just outside to get as
far away as possible and do a mad dash for the exit.  You can see him through
the keyhole unless he’s right next to the door.  Run out to your left through
the laser gate, now deactivated.  Then hug the right wall and go through the
door there.  Run up and around the stairs and straight out the door ahead.

---------- Missions 9:  Shogun Showdown   ass9   ------------

        Go through the secret door in the middle of the wood planks directly
north-west of you when you start.  Go all the way up the stairs until you get
to a door.  In the next room you have to walk along the grid like boards that
stretch from column to column.  If you walk anywhere else on the floor the wood
will creak.  You’ll need to take out the ninja patrolling back and forth here
in this room.  Wait until he’s walking away then walk up to the first column. 
When he comes back it gets tricky.  You’re going to drug him.  Wait for him to
come back again and turn around then sneak out from the column behind him. 
Hold down the attack button and line yourself up.  He’ll get too far away too
fast so while holding the attack button run at him.  The floor will squeak but
you’ll nab him without a hitch.  Then take his clothes and head west and go
down those stairs keep staying to the grid like beams.  Other guards will see
through your disguise in a second if they hear you’re a creaky walker.  Go down
the stairs and turn to your right on that wall there is a hidden door.  Run
through it and down the hallway and through the next door.  Walk out and pick
up the card to your right.  Then turn around and walk out that door.
         White suited ninjas won’t get at suspicious at all in this level.  In
front of you will be the helicopter.  Walk to the left and take a right.  In
front of you will be a torch go to it and turn right.  You should be facing
west.  You want to go through the door with the torch next to it.  Once through
go left and go through that door.  Then walk to the first door on your left go
in and walk back using your key to deactivate the lasers.  Take the bomb and
the bomb remote walk back out and place the bomb on the helicopter.  You’ll
have to play around with the guards a little bit.  The easiest way to do it is
follow the path I’ve given you then on your way back walk as close the
helicopter as possible and then walk up to it and plant the bomb as soon as you
can using the tire well thing as a shield.  One guard will start to come up the
stairs but you’ll be back down before he gets all the way up.  Then go back to
where you knocked out the first ninja and go through the laser door their.
        Take a right and go down the stairs there.  Once down head across and
to your left go through the door there down to the lasers deactivate them walk
right in and take the guidance system.  Walk back up to the stairs to the
second floor.  On the second floor you can run all the way around the perimeter
of the shade things and up to the third floor.  Go around to the right though
because there is a lone guard and he should be to the left.  On the third floor
walk to the exclamation point.  Use the save right before you press the button.
 Then walk/run to the stairs you just came up and go up to the fourth floor. 
There’ll be another shade room there go inside and talk to your friend from the
first game.  Wait in the room with her until all the guards escorting Hayamoto
walk by.  Then go upstairs to the sixth floor walking past all the guards and
climb out the window.  You might want to use the save she awarded you because
this last part is sort of just luck to the silent assassin.  Walk down all the
planks and when Hayamoto gets in the helicopter wait for him to get a little
off the ground and blow it.  Then just make a mad dash for the exit.  Fall off
the planks next to the stairs and walk to the exit.

----------   Mission 10:  Basement Killing       ass10 ------------------

        Right away run off to the right and get the smoke bomb.  You need to
take your time so you don’t run straight into the guard there.  Don’t pick up
the pistol.  In fact if you equipped one from the weapons menu just before you
should get rid of it.  The best place is by dropping it in that desk area that
you start the level off in.  Then walk to the gentlemen’s bathroom on the west
side of the building.  The pizza delivery guy will come in here to use the
washroom in about five minutes or so.  It’s a long wait but doing the level any
other way is shear luck for a silent assassin ranking.  When he comes in and
goes to the last stall drug him.  Then take his clothes.  Then go out of the
bathroom and WALK to the pizza delivery place and pick up the pizza that needs
to be delivered to Mr. Sidjan.  Then walk through the security fields and go to
the elevator.  Don’t get near any of the guards.  They are all best buds with
the other pizza delivery guy because he makes most of his money as a pimp and
the guards get an employee discount.  Once in the elevator walk down and sneak
up on Mr. Sidjan and use the fiberwire on him.  Be wary of the chips.  You
can’t shoot Mr. Sidjan because then you don’t get the SA rating.  I don’t know
why, it seems silly to me too.
        Then you go back by the door and hold the smoke bomb in your hand and
press the fire button.  You’ll arm and drop the smoke bomb.  Now you have to be
careful and wait for the guards to run away.  Then run up the stairs open the
locker by the elevator, take the gun out and shoot the computer that says
ENABLED on it in big green letters.  Then walk into the elevator.  Or if you
want to do it the safest way here it goes.

(((((((((((((((((ALTERNATE SOLUTION)))))))))))))))
         Run to the locker and get the gun and the smoke bomb.  Then go to the
bathroom and drop the in the stall next to last.  Go wait for the pizza guy to
come back.  Then drug him and deliver the pizza walk back up.  Drug the poor
pizza guy again.  Get the gun.  Then while holding the smoke bomb hit the fire
button.  Run to the door next to the fire dept.  Then wait for the six firemen
to run out of the fire dept. section and then rush in get the fireman uniform
run into the empty basement and fire a silent shot into the computer and then
get on the elevator.
        (((((((((ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION)))))))
        Run and get the smoke bomb, go directly across from there and sneak
past the two guards.  To do this wait until the one guard that is standing
there to go inside.  Head up to the door and go into sneak mode and then head
through that door and then through the next one directly in front of you.  Then
close the door and wait for two guards to go back out.  Then when the outer
door shuts run into the laundry room and hide behind the last dryer.  Then a
guard will come in shortly after and look at the laundry chutes, just like most
people would.  Then he’ll leave again.  Then run over to the laundry chutes and
then shadow the guard that just left until he’s outside of hallway, then you
can just run right by him without an incident.  The alarm will go off.  Then
run and get the fireman’s suit.  Then run down the stairs and head to the
computer, shoot it out and then run into the basement.  Give no concern to the
fact that he calls the guards and run right up behind him and axe him/shoot him
in the head.  Then quickly run back to the elevator and leave the level.  I
don’t find that this always works and it’s very easy to get two close calls
this way and which takes away your SA ranking.

------      Mission 11:  Graveyard Shift      ass11  

        This level is cool there’s a couple different things you can do to win
this one with a silent assassin ranking witch is nice.  The only thing that
sucks is sometimes you get to the end and a guard you need to pass for some
reason doesn’t go on patrol.   I’ve been testing it out trying to find the
solution.  I think I’ve got it.  It’s worked four times I think that’s enough
but he could have randomly gone on patrol four times too.
        Right out of the elevator take a right, then a left.   You should be
facing south and there’s a door in front of you.  Look through the keyhole
until a guard walks by to the right.  Sneak out and when you get the chance go
to the left.  Take another left and there is a door here.  Pick the lock and
walk inside and pick up the keycard to the air conditioning room.  Next go out
of the room and take a right.  Wait at the corner for a guard to come out of
the door you first walked through.  He’ll go over to the left and then stand
there for a long time so sneak past him.  And go back towards the elevator and
go to the north door.  You should be able to just walk across to the AirCon
room.  In here shoot one bullet into the machine that says server cooler.  Wait
awhile and the server will overheat.  You can watch on your map as the
administrator runs from his office into the server room.  When he goes in the
server room a guard should just be showing up too so walk over to the server
room door and go into sneak mode.  Sneak in behind him, drug him and then place
the hacking device on the computer.  Take his clothes.  You can’t get very
close to the guards and you can’t run at all but it makes it more typical to
get around.  Then just march to the window you need to shoot out. To get there
you’ll need to come out of the server room take a right, then another right and
walk along the right side of that dividing wall.  Once behind there you can run
a little if you want.  There are six office doors you want to use one of the
two left most doors.  Otherwise you’ll run into other workers or guards.  Then
walk through the office so you are not to alert the lone guy working in there. 
Run by and he’ll go tell you.  “47 was running in the hallway again.”  The
window is directly in front of you when you clear this office and if you’re on
time the guard that patrols the window is far away.
        One shot to take it down.  Here’s the trick I’ve been trying.  There’s
one guard that just stands in the middle.  I think the trick to getting him to
walk around is to be right next to the window when you fire and shoot the wall
on the other side of the sky deck directly in front of you.  Try not to shoot
him.  The first guard moves very often and the second guard moves back and
forth at a longer interval.  I’d just wait until they both move to one side and
then run right past them.  It works every time.  It’s okay to run out on the
sky bridge as long as you don’t step on the metal pipes.  Whether it’s too
windy, or the tar roof, or something they can’t hear you run.  I don’t even
know why these guys are out here.  It looks like a storm is brewing, it’s
raining and the only way off the sky bridge is using the window washer thing.  
I think if you wait long enough the guards will die of hypothermia.  If the one
guy isn’t moving around I usually try to go a safe place and fire a shot into
the air.  The one guard comes looking for you.  Use the fact that you can duck
walk under the wires when you’re right up against the vents.  The guards don’t
have this advantage and they have to be right up on you to see you’re an
intruder on the sky bridge if you have the administrator disguise on.

-------------- Mission 12:  Jacuzzi Job   ass12  

        Follow the edge around just past the window with the girl playing the
piano and jump over the ledge.  The door right in front of you to your left is
where a guard will come from shortly.  Here’s another time the doors come in
handy.  Just go into sneak mode, take out the anesthetic, and wait off to one
side of the door so you’re shoulder up against the door frame.  Then the guard
will open the door.  Hold down the fire button.  Count 2 seconds. “1-1000,
2-1000” and then close the door and press forward.   If you do it right should
have drugged the guard no problem and since you shut the door the other guard
never sees you.  Then go through the door off to your right.  If you go through
the door the guard came through you’ll walk in on the piano player.  Once
through the door you could quickly grab the night vision on the table to your
right.  Otherwise there are two double-doors directly in front of you.  Run up
to the one on the left and do the same thing again as the guard walks through. 
Shoulder on the frame.  He opens the door.  2 seconds.  Close the door.  Take
one step forward and boom.
        Then go through the door on the right again.  Head down the hallway,
you should be heading east.  Go in the door on the left.  Walk to the wall with
the circuit board and break the circuits.  Come out of that room open the
painting and take the money.  Close the painting.  Then go get the statue. 
You’ve got a lot of time so don’t worry.  Once the technician comes wait until
he’s leaving in the elevator, then walk up and call the elevator.  You have to
wait for him to get out first though.  The down arrow will be illuminated if
he’s in the elevator.  You don’t need to worry about the innocent woman running
around.  She screams alarm and what not and no one cares at all, seriously; I
don’t even know why she tries.
        Then walk down to the room where Charlie is.  Open the door and sneak
over to that mobile wall thingy and hide behind the bowl on the ground. 
Eventually the bikini guards will leave the room.  As soon as they’re a step
past you, you can start to sneak up behind Charlie.  I’ve tried shooting the
poor bastard before.  I don’t know if it takes more than one shot to the head
to kill this fat man or if it’s not stealthy enough I just don’t know. 
Anyways, fiber wire will get the job done just in time.  Then run for that
elevator like a bat out of hell.

-----------   Mission 13:  Murder at the Bazaar   ass13    -----------------

        This mission is easy for getting a Silent Assassin ranking in.  One fun
thing to do though is to get the sniper rifle in the house by the gate and
snipe both the officers but you don’t get SA that way and besides the guard
wakes up after the shots and guards are all over you.
        First off, run to the back door of the house that the lieutenant is in.
 Run past the door, maybe just a little around the corner and then sneak back
to the door and pick the lock.  You do this so that the lieutenant is looking
to the west so you can walk up right behind him and strangle him.  You’ll
notice you can’t sneak around if you run right up to the door because he’ll be
looking right at the steps so you’re screwed.  If you’re a quick gun though you
can take him out with the silenced pistol before he notices you.  Take the
coordinates off his person.  Two guards will then come in the bottom.  Their
conversation starts at random.  It’s fairly short though so if they start
talking right away you’ll have to wait for them to leave.  Some times they’ll
be budding to talk to each other and they may start talking the second they
come inside even over Diana’s orders.  Other times they stand around in an
awkward silence for a while before talking.  While they’re standing there you
can go into sneak mode and creep right out the back door.
Once outside walk to the right and after a while walk keeping the same set of
buildings to your left.  You need to make to the back or East side of the
bazaar.  Then went you get there go into the first shop on you left.  Then go
behind the crates all the way in the back of the shop.  Eventually the colonel
will come in here to have a cigar.  His body guard will go out to the side and
not watch as you walk out behind the colonel and wire his trachea out his eye
socket (because that’s just cross).  Then drag the colonel’s body back behind
the crates and take the key.  Then wait there until the bodyguard goes back on
patrol harassing the market place.  Then just walk right out of the level.  All

---------------Mission 14:  Motorcade Interception     ass14  

        This is a quick level.  Thank god too.  The shot that you are going to
have to take at the guy in the car is tight.  You have to shoot him in through
the back of the car.  I’ve tried shooting him before he gets to the city and he
always runs someone over and that’s the end of your silent assassin ranking.
         So as soon as you’re in the level run over to the area where you meet
up with the special agent.  But instead of getting the gun walk a little past
the entrance to that area.  As you get there, there will be two guards walking
by the west side of that group of buildings.  The guards in this town don’t
give a rat’s ass about you.  You can run up right behind the guards there and
go into sneak mode and they forget about you.  Drug the one in the back and
hide him behind the crates inside that group of buildings where the contact is.
 Take his clothes.  Then walk around the corner and talk to the agent.  He’ll
give you the m195.  Pick it up and then holster it.  This way you can walk
right over to the place where you need to snipe this guy.  Come out of that
area and head east.  Try to avoid hugging the guards.  And go up the stairs
there.  Check the map if you want.  The stairs are due east of the hitman
symbol.  Then walk along the plank across the building and then go up the
ladder.  Once you’re up there it’ll set off a trigger and the motorcade will
start to come.  Walk down to the other side of the plank and face west at the
big doors.  You should be right behind that wooden knob on the wall.  This is
the only place I know of that guards can’t see you.  If you run or don’t hurry
enough a guard will be walking in the area directly behind you.  He will kill
you before you can jump down. To avoid this run until you get the gun and then
walk to this spot.
        Once the motorcade comes through town shoot through the back window of
the limousine and kill the guy sitting in the middle of the back seat.  Then
walk/run to the south and leave the level.  On the way out the only guard you
will run by is the guard patrolling the temple grounds.  Just stick to the red
brick wall, so your shoulder is rubbing off and he won’t notice you until
you’re gone.  It’s just that easy.

----------- Mission 15:  Tunnel Rat           ass15   -------------

        Oh god this mission can take forever sometimes.  In this level you have
to completely wait on this guy who at random takes different shifts, other than
that though the level is very easy.  It seems all the guards in this level work
in a random sort of way.  First off, start running to the west.  Since you’ve
hopefully played before, you know that you want to go to the south underground
entrance.  The trick here is to run along the south side of the outer wall
right off the bat.  Then take the first right and the next right.  You should
be running directly at the back side of the underground entrance.  The guard
here is on some complete random trip.  Sometimes he’s walking out behind the
entrance so wait for him to turn the other way and run up and pick the lock. 
Otherwise run around the north side of the circular wall that surrounds the
entrance.  When you get to the hole (more like a giant chunk missing) in the
wall that’s right at head level start walking, and as soon as you see the guard
start sneaking.  If he’s not there for some reason, which sometimes happens
just walk right in.  If he is how he usually is then he’s standing with his
back to the door.  Watch his head movements.  He turns it in 180 degrees from
right to left.  When he has looked completely in your direction and then starts
to go back the other way make your move.  Sneak around to the door and pick the
lock.  Don’t worry, even though you could grab his ass with one hand and unlock
the door with the other he won’t even notice you.  Sometimes just as you start
to sneak he’ll decide he wants to go patrol again and will turn around and look
right at you, man that sucks (restart).
        Then go down the stairs.  Stand by the last torch and watch the actions
of the guards.  Directly in front of you is the guard (1st guy) that I was
talking about earlier.  He has three routes that he takes.  First off he
patrols back and forth in the middle of this area stops once.  Patrols stops
twice and then takes a route.  One is to go talk to his friend.  The other is
to go off to the left and stand next to the crates, the other is to go stand in
the hallway to the north.  The most important thing to watch for is the guard
(2nd guy) who is walking east to west just off to the right at the end of the
entrance tunnel.  Wait here for a clear shot and then head down the ladder into
the water.  This is actually easy to do.  If he’s talking to his friend you
don’t have to worry about anything but the 2nd guy.  If he is behind the boxes
wait until the 2nd guy is walking away and walk to the edge of the tunnel and
watch for 1st guy to walk behind the crates again and then run for the ladder. 
If he’s the other way then you only need to worry about the 2nd guy.  Once in
the water walk behind the crates so you splash and make the guy standing still
look towards you.  Then go into sneak mode, stick to the wall and walk over to
the steps to the north.  You can come up onto the steps and hide behind the
column.  As long as the 1st guard doesn’t walk to the north you can sneak up to
the night vision goggles on the crate and then walk up the north tunnel.  I’ve
had him randomly go up to the north six times in a row before.  After that I
crept up and shot his body around on the floor until the other guards killed
me.  So he got what he deserved.  I like to walk behind that column on the way
so you pass over the water just to save some time.  Then take the first right.
        You should be in a tunnel with the guy standing in front of the
generator.  Sneak up behind him and toggle the generator and then sneak to the
wall and run down the dirt tunnel to the east.  When you get to the end sneak
over to the bed to your right and pick up the officer’s uniform. If you want
you can behind the gun rack there just incase the guard decides to follow you.
Then head to the tunnel a little to the north east. You need to just stand in
this tunnel and wait for the right situation.  Watch for the two guards that
pass by the end of the tunnel.  Interesting fact I noticed.  There is a guy
that’s got an m60 and a guy with no gun.  When the guy with no gun is standing
in the doorway in front of the room with Hussef then the guy with the m60 can’t
investigate.  If you walk into the room and the guy with the m60 walks by then
he walks right in checks on Hussef  and leaves again.  If he spots you he might
fill you with lead.  So wait for the guy with a gun to walk to the right
followed almost immediately by the guy with no gun to walk to the left (give or
take 3 seconds).  You can use your own judgment here.  Some times they’re a
little off.  Then wait for the guy with a gun to walk to the left as well.  The
guy with no gun goes and tortures the civilian down there so this way it’s
timed out pretty well.  Unfortunately these guys are at random as well. 
Sometimes the guard with the gun will take a longer time walking back and
forth.  In this situation you want them both to walk to the left, the guy with
no gun first.  Then when the gun guy goes back to the left watch him, he’ll
stand by the door and then keep walking the other direction, that’s your
chance.  Then walk across the moat take a right, head down to the door.  Once
inside sneak up and into the closet there and strangle Hussef while he’s
reading his mail.  Then head back to the outer door and watch through the
keyhole until that guy leaves.  Jump in the moat and head to the left until you
get to the 1st guard again.  Repeat the previous process to get to the
        This time toggle it and take off running for the elevator.  The guard
there may or may not see you.  Stay away from the guards on your trip and when
the lights come back on call the elevator.  If you do alarm the guards a little
wait behind the boxes in the room with the elevator until the coast is clear. 
Get in and go to the ground level.  Hide behind the missile crate.  Even if
they start shooting at you here don’t worry.  You’ll still get the SA rating,
probably.  Then you’ll be told you have to take down the two guards by the
helipad.  You have all the time in world.  Go north of the underground entrance
there and wait for the one guard to be standing by himself.  Then drug and drag
his body into the little nook in the wall.  Then just go watch the other guy. 
He kind of patrols in the area off to the east of the underground entrance. 
You can stand in the same area and just watch him.  Eventually, before the
other guy wakes up he’ll take a wiz. Jump him too.  “Find the guy with urine
all over him.”  That’s what he’ll say when he wakes up.  But you’ll be long

Instead of walking past the guy by the generator the first time You could watch
down the hallway for the correct situation with your binoculars then drug the
guard take his clothes and walk down kill Hussef and then walk back, turn off
the generator. And run to the crate.
To get SA and still keep the m60 when you go on.  Here’s what you should do. 
Pick up the m60 and then carry it with you.  When you get to the last two guys
drug the first one; then pick up the m60 and shoot the second guard.  One shot
though.  Make me proud.

-------------Mission 16:  Temple City Ambush       ass16   -------------------

        Oh, this level is hard to give a walkthrough to.  This level unwraps
completely at random.  Go straight ahead take a left and down to the last store
on the left.  There is a guy in there that will give you a map location for
agent Smith.  You can’t take the sp12 shotgun with you unless you go on a mass
murdering spree and kill all the cult members you come up on.
        You go visit agent Smith in his shop and he’ll ask for you to take a
picture of each of the assassin brothers, dead.  They’re most likely hanging
out in the market place.  Investigate the market place by running through the
city streets and looking at the windows.  Don’t risk walking into the market
place unless you see that the purple turban assassin and the NY hat assassin
are gone. Immediately the guy with the straw hat will go up into one of the
buildings and take up a sniping position.  I usually go up strangle him and
then take his picture, his clothes and the rifle.  Then I wait for his brother,
the guy wearing the NY hat, and snipe him.  I make sure there is a minimal
number of cult members around.  It’s even better if he walks by right outside
your window.  That way you can use the pistol SD on him.  And if you get a
message like an assassin has seen you.  That goes down as an alert.  I’ve
gotten a silent assassin ranking with one of these before I haven’t tested it
for more than that.  Drop the rifle and do a run by photo of the NY hat guy. 
If you give it too much time the guy with a purple turban will come up and even
though he has no reason to be suspicious of you from the beginning he will
follow you around.  I would consider this to be a bug in the game.  You can’t
shake the guy unless you run through the streets like a mad man.  He doesn’t
actually do anything to until you either pull out a weapon or talk to agent
Smith.  Sometimes he catches you before you even see the brothers, when this
happen you might as well restart the mission.
        After you give the pictures your contact he’ll give the exit location
in the north-west section of town. Take off running for the store.  If you’re
lucky you’ll get one of the two shops in the same area as the exit and you can
make a quick run there no problem.  If you get the spot just north of the
market place then you’re screwed the only way to do this mission is to take
down the purple turban guy before you kill the snipers.  Maybe this would
always be a good idea.  It’s just next to impossible to sneak up on him.  That
guy is chalked full of bugs.  When you get to the exit it’ll be inside the rug
shop.  Run around a couple rugs and there’s one patching an obvious hole in the
wall.  Walk up to it and you’ve got a SA ranking for yet another level.

        SIDE NOTE
	The guy with the purple turban is very easy to get.  He also doesn’t count as
an enemy kill.  If you run into before you kill the brothers just lure him to a
shop and as he runs in to follow you fiberwire him.  Otherwise if you’re in a
spot that is too far to run to before the purple turban guy kills agent smith
you can stand by the door again and fiberwire him.  If you’re looking at one of
the shop doors stand off to the right.  Then get the fiberwire out and as he
runs through the door press the attack button and boom, one dead purple turban
wearin’ fool.
------------   Mission 18:  The Death of Hanelore        ass17  

        This woman’s jive hair makes me glad I have to kill her.  And she stole
that guys candy.  Man, what a bitch.  So we’re going to deliver her into the
arms of her angel, nice and simple.
	There will be two guards directly in front of the boat.  Wait for the one 
usually comes up to the boat to start going into his stair climbing animation
when he goes up the hill just to the left. If he just stands there like a moron
you should run past him on the beach.  Then run along the beach pressing into
the water until you get to the sewer entrance.  The hill you run around will
shield you from being seen by the returning guard.  Head for the ladder in the
sewer, then when you get to the ladder don’t go up.  Instead look at the room
around the ladder.  There are four drainage ditches.  As soon as you come into
the room take a right and go into the first drainage ditch.  There will be
another ladder that puts you in the south east corner of the temple.  Wait
there for the guard to go over then go up the ladder until you can see along
the bedrooms.  Wait for the doctor to walk out of the farthest room and then go
all the way up.  The civilians in this level are sort of random.  Come up the
ladder and start running north from the sewer and use the columns to hide from
the civilians.  When you get to the north most room there will be a set of
doctor’s clothes or patients clothes (debates with friends lean either way but
it looks like you’re not wearing any pants) on the bed put them on.
        Next you’re going to need the key by the hitman symbol in the
south-west corner of the first floor.  Go into the room where the cult member’s
clothes are on the bed and look through the keyhole into the tunnel just south
of that room.  When the guard patrolling in there goes pee sneak in behind him.
 Use the chloroform on him and then run and get the key.  Next, walk to the
temple in the center of the north part of the building.  If you approach the
nurse and the doctor sitting on the couch there she will lead you to the
doctor’s office.  The doctor will start talking, strangle her and drag her to
the closet marked on your map and walk out of the place.
        Go down the other side from the way the nurse brought you up.  The
guards, on second glance, will see through your disguise.  Guards make me
nervous so I’d use the sewer way again, if I were you, to get to the exit.  
When you get to the sewer exit, where it hits the water, watch out for the
guard on top of the helipad.  He doesn’t like his patients getting away.  Then
walk out and wait for the other guard to be going up the hill again with his
stair climbing animation.  Then run for the boat. Good Job 47.

--------------  Mission 19:   Terminal Hospitality         ass18  

        Ah, another mission that would appear to be very hard on the surface
but is actually quite simple.  First off go around the corner and wait behind
the rock there for the guy on the yacht to start moving around the side.  Then
the guard to your right will start patrolling.  Hide behind the first set of
boxes there.  As he comes to the boxes stay on the exact opposite side as him
while in sneak mode.  Then sneak on until you get to the door on your right and
run straight west.  You’ll see a path cut into the mountain along the right. 
Go through there and you should emerge with the temple on your left and a pool
on your right.  Run to the clothes directly in front of you and put them on. 
Then run forward more and stick to the mountains on the right.  Then when you
get close to the temple wall follow it.  There will a giant courtyard here and
the temple on your left.  Walk up and go through the front door.  Walk upstairs
and stay the hell away from nurses, man they’ll report you like you’re their
abuse ex-boyfriend who came back to claim some loving against his restraining
        On the second floor, stay away from the guards.  Sometimes the one
guard likes to follow you.  You can loose him by hiding behind one of the
pillars so he can’t see you.  Sooner or later he’ll walk away.  Then go into
the room in the south-west corner.  There will be a nurse here that on an often
basis will go out to look over the balcony.  While she’s out, pick the lock on
the door.  Take the room key and the night vision goggles from the box.  Then
walk into the next room and put on the doctor’s uniform (we all agree this is a
doctor’s uniform.  He’s got pants now.).  Then head to the elevator in the
north section of the building and take it down to the basement.
        Once out of the elevator take a left.  Go straight back.  If you go all
the way down to the back wall there is a door.  In there is the generator. 
Across from it is a doctor’s office.  Walk into the office and take the scalpel
off the table.  At random there is a nurse in here.  So peek through the
keyholes.  If she’s in there go to the room just north of that one.  You’ll
have to make sure there are no guards in the immediate area so you can pick the
lock.  Then walk in and go into the back room and get the scalpel.  The nurse
is usually in the northern room.  Then go to the generator make sure guards
aren’t around again and pick the lock.  Then turn the generator off.  You can
run up to the operation rooms as long as you don’t bump right into the guards. 
The cult leader is randomly placed in one of the rooms.  Most often he is in
the south-east room (I’d say 1 out of ten times he’s in the north-west room). 
Walk in there take out the scalpel kill the cult leader.  And walk back out. Go
up the stairs and remember the entrance is to the south.  Even though the
scalpel has that special option and everything you don’t really have time to
use it unless you run the whole way there with the scalpel in hand.  The only
danger is if you get close enough to a guard they start firing at you.  I’ve
preformed this level flawlessly several times in a row by just walking in to
the operating room with the Silenced pistol, fire a round into his head and
walk right out.
        When you’re upstairs you can run if you’re nervous.  The only guards
you need to watch out for are the cult dressed guards.   Again I don’t like
guards, but once you get to the courtyard just stay a good ten feet from anyone
and you’ll be fine.  When you’re about at the boat you start getting shot at. 
Duck back for a little while.  Then run to the boat.  You’ll get silent

-----------    Mission 19:  St. Petersburg Revisited      ass19   

        This level is cool.  This is one of those levels you should’ve played
through before you read the walkthrough.  It’s awesome.  A lot of the story
unravels here and I’m going to assume you’ve already beaten it once.  If not
the problem most people have is sneaking up on the sniper.
* HINTS:  It’s fairly easy to sneak up on the sniper.  Don’t run under the
sniper window because he’ll hear your footsteps and pull out a deagle and chase
you down.  When you get inside walk.  The sniper looks back off to his left
very heavily so when you’re behind him try and stay to the right half of his
	Now for those who have beaten the level or care nothing for the story line
here’s the walkthrough for Silent Assassins.  Forget about going to the locker.
 Run up to the street using the stairs.  Then head north, follow the wall to
your right.  You pass a couple dumpster, some boxes that say IIHBO on the side
another dumpster and then you come upon a truck.  Then you get to the center of
the town, you should be on the north side of the Embassy.  Run around the west
side of the building and through the front door.  Then head up the stairs to
the right.  When you get to the top go into sneak mode.  In spite of what you
might have heard it is indeed very possible and very simple to strangle 17.  Go
into the room then head right sticking to the wall.  When you get to the column
there look at 17.  He glances back over his left shoulder.  So you’re going to
walk up to him staying right on the edge of the table to your right.  When you
get close enough pull out the fiber wire and get him dead.  Then after watching
the cut scene pick up his gun (if you want) and take his clothes.  Then make a
mad dash for the sewer that’s almost straight south of the Embassy.  Once down
there head to the subway train.  Yeah, there are guards down there but if you
holster your gun and walk they won’t even notice that you’re the clone that
they’re now looking for.  Then pick the lock and run all the way to the train.
        Easy right?  Too easy.

---------------- Mission 20: Redemption at Gontranno     Assholieo   

        This level will be one of the most difficult and fun levels to get
silent Assassin on.  Why?  Because there’s like 30 guys you have to kill but
they’re all in fortified positions.  Disguises here are completely useless. 
Don’t even bother.  These guys are going to all know each other.  So there’s no
point in trying to fool them. Note their matching tattoos.  The first two guys
are the hardest guys to kill and then……  mmmwwhaaahaaa  ::evil laughter::
        Okay to get started, you probably realize that you don’t have a gun. 
In the first room (I know it’s outside but what ya gona do about it) there are
two guards over to the right.  One walks around the outside at a quick pace and
the other walks at a slower pace right next to that big door.  What you should
do right away is run and squat down by the wall right by the tree off to your
right.  Once you’re squatted on the west side of the wall the fast walking
guard will walk past you.  I know the west side of the wall is just big enough
to hide behind but make due, move so that you’re arms aren’t even hanging out
and there’s no chance you’ll get spotted.  Then get on the North side of the
wall so the fast guy doesn’t see you when he comes around the other direction. 
Then get back on the west side again ducking the whole time.  Now the timing
should be right.  The fast paced guard passes a second time.  The guard that
has been patrolling in front of the door walks up the corner that’s nearby. 
Move to the column there ducked down the entire time.  Make sure not to get
seen by him.  Then when he turns around go into sneak mode and fiberwire his
uvula to his ear.  Then drag his body around the corner on to the grass so the
fast walking guy doesn’t see him. Then duck and press yourself up against the
wall.  The fast walking guy may be on his way back when you’re busy dragging
the guy so just walk on the opposite side of that big pillar.  I’ve dragged his
body around that pillar as he’s approaching a couple times and I like it so
much I’d recommend it.  Then take the 9mm pistol the guy dropped.  Since it’s
not silenced there is only one place you can use it.  Follow the fast walking
guy around to the path that is on the west side of the courtyard and while he’s
heading north and south here shoot him in the back of the head.
        Then go to the double doors on the east side of the courtyard and look
through the keyhole.  You need to be pressed up against the doors and as far to
the left as you can be.  Wait for the guard patrolling there to show up in the
keyhole walking to the right.  As soon as you can see him fling open the door
sneak out and strangle him.  Next jump down from the south most part of the
ledge there.  There is another guard that is patrolling along the side of the
ledge.  Strangle him or shoot him in the back of the head, something.  Then the
next best thing to do is go to the shed.  Get a silenced pistol and sniper
rifle.  There is a sniper in the training building opposite the shed with the
laptop in it.  So walk around the back of the weapons shed and out to the well.
 Using the well as cover, snipe the guy in the training area.  Once he’s down
enter the side entrance of the church into the dungeon there’s a guard on
patrol in here.  You can walk up to the top of the steps and watch him walk
back and forth.  Strangle him.  Then go all the way down to the door on the
right.  Pick the lock and go in and get the church key.  Then return to the
laptop shed.  Due west of the shed there is a secret entrance into the church,
use the church key here.
        ONCE INSIDE YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN SNEAK MODE for the rest of the time
you’re in the church unless you need to stand up all the way to take a shot. 
This is very important because any noise, and you’ve got guards looking the
wrong way, and you won’t have an easy time after that.
        At the top of the stairs look to your left.  There are two doors on
this wall.  Go through the left door.  There will be a guy here.  Use the
fiberwire on him and then go around the corner to your left.  There is another
guy.  Use your fiberwire on him as well.  Then go back to the last room and go
up the wooden stairs there.  Open the right door but don’t go through and kill
the sniper standing right in front of you with your sniper rifle.  The sniper
rifle will not alert them since they don’t know where it’s coming from.  Then
scoot through the door and look up and to your left.  In the top balcony in the
far left corner there is a sniper, take him out.  Then sneak up the stairs in
the previous room.  At the top there is a door to your left.  Open it.  There
should be two guards facing the other direction.  Fire a sniper shot into them
killing both of them with one shot.  Every sniper weapon has this ability minus
the crossbow and the m195.  Then step back to the other door at the top of the
stairs.  Open it as well, but stand off to the left a bit.  If you stand
directly in the door you’ll get shot.  Move until you can see the guy standing
right in front of the door and snipe him.  Then go back through the door on the
left.  You can stand out here and snipe everyone on the floor level, just
remember that there is a guy in the far corner on the top balcony to the right.
 If you move slowly across you will come to a spot where you can see this
snipers head and he can’t see you.  Snipe him.  Then take out the five or so
more guards on the floor level.  Then go west through the door and open the
door directly to your right.  Here there is another guard with his back to you
snipe, strangle him, then head down the stairs and there is a guard with his
back to you shoot him in the head and the objective status will change.
        Then there’s the final shoot out with the Russian guy.  To initiate
this you need to find a good sniping spot, preferably on the top balcony, then
shoot out the small piece of stain-glass in the confession booth.  If you
sniper him with one of the custom rifles one shot to the body will do it. 
He’ll run around franticly for awhile and you can easily kill him in that time.
 Otherwise he runs up the balcony and sees where you are and then will run to
the side you’re on.  You can just wait by the door and when he opens it pop a
round off.  Enjoy the ending. I’ve heard that you can lure to him one side by
walking back and forth if you miss him while he’s on the floor and then when he
comes pop him and you still get the silent Assassin Ranking.  And if you’ve
watched the ending your saying how do I know that you got the silent assassin
ranking.  Well I specifically held off getting any silent assassin rankings,
then beat the last level like this, then when you load the last save
(redemption at Gontranno) you get to go to any level blah blah blah and I have
the ballers SD.  Like I said I’ve got a lot of times on my hands.  Actually I
recently discovered that as long as you beat this level you get an SA rating on

((((((((ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION))))))))))
Annihilate everyone.  Just run to the shed and get the m4.  If you load the St.
Petersburg Revisited you get the objectives screen in the bottom center there
is the mission select option.  Here you will be able to select levels and go
back and pick up other weapons you’d like to kill everyone with.  The best gun
is the m60 in my opinion.  Shoots through multiple people, 100 round clip,
semi-automatic fire, what else could you ask for?

-----------   WEAPONS LIST     g30 gunsinmyass   ------------------

1) Fiber Wire:  Available from the beginning
2) Kitchen Knife:  Available from the beginning
3) Ballers:  Available from the beginning
4) 9mm Pistol SD:  Available from the beginning
5) 9mm pistol: Kill a body guard, anywhere in the game
6) Deagle: Easiest to snatch off the lieutenant in murder at the bazaar
7) Balers SD:  Gift for getting the first Silent Assassin ranking
8) Revolver:  Easiest from Don in Anathema
9) .45 Pistol: Grab off the Spetznas agent in Invitation to a party
10) .22 SD:  In shogun Showdown in the museum.
11) Combat knife: On the general in Tube way Torpedo.
12) Scalpel: the two basement locations in Terminal Hospitality
13) Golf club: Anathema, either on the Don when you snipe him or in his bedroom
14) Katana sword:  In Shogun Showdown, the ceiling mounted ninjas have them
15) Axe: In basement killing they line the walls in the fire dept changing room
16) SMG:  On the bodyguards in Tracking Hayamoto or you can grab one on your
way to the kitchen in the marked room.
17) SMG-SD6: On the all the ninjas in Hidden Valley and At the Gates
18) AK: You can take one with you from Tube way Torpedo easily
19) UZI:  All cult members (orange cloaks) in Terminal Hospitality
20) M60:  Best gun only found in Tunnel Rat get it from the locker in the room
with all the sleeping guards.
21) M4:  Silent Assassin ranking four times
22) Shotgun:  In Anathema on the lawyer (guy in the green suit) or the guard
out front.  Careful when getting this gun.  It first only comes with two shots.
23) SP12: Temple City Ambush at first contact.  Awesome gun as well.
24) Sawn-off shotgun:  Silent Assassin Ranking twice.
25) R93 Sniper:  Anathema in the garage.  Look at the alternative route.
26) SVD: your given it in St. Petersburg Stakeout, and can pretty much just
walk around with it after you get the officer’s uniform.
27) Crossbow: Hidden Valley at the weapons pick up point
28) M195:  is given to you in the Motorcade Interception, You can just holster
it and keep it with you as you run off the level.
29) W2000 Rifle:  You shouldn’t have missed this one in St. Petersburg
30) Custom Rifle: Pick it up at the end of Redemption at Gontranno and shoot
the last guy with it.  Then when you load the last save and you can pick any
level you’ll have it already.
31) The empty spot in the garage.  I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails about this and
have spent a lot of man hours trying to figure out what this is, but alas I’ve
found the saddening answer.  It “was” a rosary, it was to be used as a
strangling type item you could find it in the dungeon on that alternate hook. 
But since it was a strangling weapon, pretty much the same as the fiberwire
which you automatically get at the beginning of each level, they decided to
leave it out.  But they left the hook there for you to ponder.

-------------  Storyline: complete spoiler      journal    ---------------

	My memory is a little rusty about the first hitman but here goes the story. 
The government starts funding these experiments to create the perfect human
being, mainly for soldier reasons and what not.  Well the main scientist in
these experiments takes up in a clinic for the mental handicapped.  Then Sergei
the big Russian crime lord/political figure and when his brother gets caught
when an arms deal goes bad he has him banished to a clinic after bashing him in
the head a couple times.  Well the government realizes that his brother is not
going to be missed and starts there weird experiments.  In the process they
completely suspend Sergei’s brother, thus killing him.  Then the production of
the hitmen begins.
        The scientists have many problems at the beginning of the course and as
their remorse for the dying clones wears on they stop giving the clones name
and are much more satisfied with giving them numbers instead to depersonalize
the process.  On the 17th try the scientists have what would be considered a
genetic person.  The person has a higher learning curve and increased strength
and few other advantages over the regular man, but to their unease it is still
in a child like manner.  So the clone has to grow up before it can do anything
else.  The clone is then let out into the world to live amongst the
handicapped.  Then the doctors start insisting on a mind control for the
augmented persons and the ability to download information directly into their
neural pathways.  So the cloning is put on hold until this is perfected.  Once
it has though the main doctor has come up with many better ideas for the clones
and spits out test-clone after test-clone until he finally gets the one he
believes to be perfect.  47 is born.  The doctor then releases the mind control
from the hitman to see what will happen.  Just as expected the hitman escapes
from the clinic and goes into hiding.  Since the mind control device has been
lifted there is no way to contact him though and using his skills he quickly
falls in with the Agency, a faceless, nameless corporation that hires and
directs the service of assassins.
        47 makes his name known amongst the industry.  His legend exceeds him
and he is hired time and time again.  The government funding stops for the
cloning as 47’s existence becomes more and more known.  But the doctor still
tries to perform the cloning to make his own army of perfect soldiers. 
Eventually 47 is hired to take out his fellow clones and his own surrogate
father through the agency.  Surrounded by his own remorse 47 goes into hiding
and breaks off contact with the agency.
        This is where hitman 2 picks up as he has tried to change his life into
one of purity.  Word of the experiment gets out and Sergei thinking he could
use it to his advantage goes to recover his brother.  Unfortunately he finds
only the mess that 47 has left behind.  But still bent on using the perfect
being for his own bidding he thinks of a way to use 47 for his own means.  So
he has the local mafia in Sicily kidnap Vittoro, 47’s new mentor and friend,
and then leave a handsome ransom for his return with no intention of playing
fair.  47 follows the trail like a bird after bread crumbs and ends up doing
Sergei’s bidding.
        Sergei has a plan for world domination and he figures he can use 47 to
do his bidding.  So he starts off by having 47 kill his partners in crime, each
of them representing political power, wealth, and all a share in his plan. 
Then he wants to find the location of a nuclear warhead to declare war, but
first he needs a device to control nuclear warheads.  So he sends 47 after the
crime lord Hayamoto who has in his possession a missile guidance system.  Once
that is retrieved 47 is sent by Sergei to collect the codes necessary to
activate the nuclear warheads.  But 47 arrives too late and the codes Sergei
needs have already been tracked by an unknown source in India.  Sergei sends 47
on a mission to track down the warheads.  Then right after 47 has secured the
missiles for Sergei they are stolen back by another Indian crime lord,
supposedly the sole owner of these weapons.  17 makes his first appearance in
the hijack video.  17 has been hired through another agency.  Unaware of his
past 17 finds work with his talents the same as 47.  He is obviously a kin
master of silence and shadow.  47 is then sent out by Sergei to track down the
owner of these missiles and kill him.  The owner is luckily enjoying his stay
on Hospital Island, for heart surgery.  47 uses this time to sneak onto the
island and kill the unsuspecting owner.  Then just as 47 is leaving the island
he runs into 17.  17 is caught off guard and fires a few shots at 47.  47 takes
cover before he is hit and when he looks back he sees nothing, but deep in his
mind he thinks he saw another clone.  Sergei’s next plan of action would be to
retrieve bombs, but the death of the crime lord leads into a local
investigation and the bombs are recovered U.N.  Sergei is pointed out to be the
prime candidate for the death and attempted stealing of these nuclear weapons. 
The agency realizing what has happened send 47 out to kill Sergei.  But by now
Sergei knows 47’s routine and sets up a trap for him to fall into.  He gives 47
blanks, and a fake target.  Sergei also knows that 47 is unstoppable by
reputation and thinks that if he can kill 47 not only will he not ever die but
his crimes will be covered up because 47 is the only link left.
        In a desperate measure Sergei hires 17 for his own bidding.  17 is
little to no match for 47 though and as he falls Sergei contacts him.  Sergei
longs to hear that 17 has been successful but instead hears the questioning
voice of 47.  Sergei pulls tries to stay afloat and grabs at his last life line
to capture 47.  He reveals that he has Vittoro.  47 realizes that he has been
double crossed and the best place to ambush him now would be at his own home. 
47 arrives back at home just in time to see Vittoro dragged inside by his
throat.  47 quickly makes due of Sergei’s henchmen.  He confronts Sergei who
has locked him and Vittoro in the confession booth, that 47 has many a time
confessed to the killings he has felt so guilty for.  47 fires a shot into the
confession stand wound Sergei.  Sergei, ranting and raving in anger hits
Vittoro in the head with the butt of his shotgun.  Sure his shear strength can
defeat 47 he bursts through the side of the confession booth.  47 wastes no
time and pierces Sergei’s gut with a single shot from his sniper rifle.  Sergei
keels over in a puddle of his own blood.  47 walks upon his twitching body and
lets off a final shot into his head.  47 then consoles with the dying Vittoro
and emptily promises to remember everything the man has taught him until he
passes away.  Then he leaves the church leaving everything behind except for
the lesson that the only thing that matters in his life are his abilities and
        The End

------------    THANKS: TO ALL MY PEEPS !!!!

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