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     In this guide I describe what to do in the begining of the game(sedya neen)

SEDYA NEEN: You begin the game as a prisoner on his/her way to Morrowind, a province 
newly opened for colonization in the Empire. A man (a dark elf) who was traveling 
with you asks for your name (give it to him) soon a guard will come and asks you to 
follow him. He'll lead you to the deck where you will step down on a dock. A guard 
there will ask where your from(what species you are). You have to decide. Different 
things are better for different classes(redguard=warrior,Orc=Barbarian, Kahjit=theif 
etc).The guard will then lead you to the cencus and excise office entrance. go 
through the door and talk to the old man in the robe. he will ask what class you are
(its ussually beter to decide before hand. (see the guide that comes with the game 
for classes and people you can be).you can either let him ask you some questions(10 
I think) that,depending on how you answer,will give you a class(I personnally think 
this is unreliable). You can also make up your own class(if your just begining dont 
do this). or you can choose a class from the class list (For starters do this).once 
youve chose you class he wants your astrelogical sign (once again they match with 
species and classes). two that are good for any class are the tower(open 50points 
lock on touch,and detect key animal and something else from 200 feet away) and the 
shadow (invisable for 60 seconds) but chose one that goes with your class the most 
if you the man will make you conferm all the info, change what you want to.
Now he'll set some papers on the table which you have to pick up to leave. now go 
through the door near the man in the armor(an imperial guard) and go straight to the 
sturdy door. go inside and take everything in the room[you can examine the bedroll 
and an in game help will tell you how to rest and wait but dont rest in it for now] 
(including the torches(to make SURE you dont get caught close the doors). now go 
back out the door and turn into the room with the table(these are the only two rooms 
so you wont get lost) an in game help will tell you to take the dagger but take 
everything in the room,use the lockpick on the table to open the chest[you dont have 
to be a theif](oh and if you didnt know you can take things in sacks and baskets etc 
as well). now go out the door in this room to a small yard with a wall around it. go 
up to the barrel and take all thats inside(you can take the lantern but you would 
just sell it if your following this guide to the letter.). now go in the door thats 
next to the barrel and talk to the man inside. simply talk to him about morrowind 
and your duties and he'll give you a package and some directions.(if you want more 
information you can talk to him about other things as well) now go out the door past 
the man and your free.go to a little man( a wood elf) named fargoth and talk to hom 
about a ring (which you got from the barrel) and give it to him (the ring I mean). 
he will tell you your his new best friend and you now get better deals at the local 
tradehouse. You should also talk to a man named voccidus or something like that 
about a little advice. he'll tell you that you should tell the local silt strider 
service that he told you to use it(we'll get to this later). you should now exit the 
town across the brigde to the east (a map on the top left of your screen shows what 
direction your going, up is North ,down is south, right is east and left is west.) 
where youll see a fork where one path is going into a swamp and the other is leading 
to another fork at the base if a hill(the hill is where the silt strider is but dont 
go there yet.). thke the one into the swamp(the left) and follow the path. in a 
small clearing youll hear a man sreaming. if you look up youll see hes falling. the 
man is tartheil a mage wood elf who developed a way to enhance your acrobatics by 
1000 points, allowing you to jump very high. unfourtunatly when you come down you 
die. walk up to the man and take all his stuff along with the book (the journal of 
tartheil) which is near him. when you take his stuff you will see three scrolls. 
these are the acrobatic scrolls(dont use them! if you jump you die, trust me I tried 
it). you may not be able to use them but they are worth alot of money and you can 
sell them. make your way back to town and go on the wooden planks that lead to the 
entrance of arriles trade house. the man behind the counter is arrile, a high elf. 
talk to him and hit barter. sell things like plates and forks because youll never 
need them. now if your cass is good at alchamy keep the ingredients (you can sell 
the drinks if you want) if not you can make some money off of them. also you should 
probably sell tartheils journal and the other book you got in the cencus office 
unless you collect books in this game. Sell tartheils scrolls for good money and you 
can sell his choths to if you want. finally sell all candles and lanterns you have 
except the torches and unless your a good long blade/short blade person sell the 
long sword of tartheils and the dagger you have. (if he ever runs out of gold go to 
the census and excise office and sleep for 24 hours in the bedroll he should have 
more money). I know, I know, you want to buy stuff now but Ill only tell you to buy 
a weapon that you specialize in the most(long blade blunt weapon etc). go upstairs 
and talk to the first man on top (he has a beard) about fargoths hiding place(for 
now dont worry about it). (FOR THOSE WHO CHOSE THE TOWER AS THEIR SIGN:go to the 
door  opposite of the census building. make sure no one sees you esspecally a guard 
and use your tower key spell to unlock the door go inside and loot the crates at the 
bottom and the top of the warehouse area( its to the left of the entrance) while the 
guard is upstairs. sell your goods or use them as you please.)now go out of the 
trade house and cross the bridge again. follow the coast untill you see some 
creatures around/near a dead body. the body is that of the  tax collector take all 
his stuff (you can use his cloths, sell them or keep them on him if you like, but 
take his tax records and gold) go back to sedya neen and enter the excise office. go 
to the man in the robe and tell him that the tax collector was murdered. he'll ask 
for the gold he was carrying and offers and 500 gold reward if you can kill his 
murderer. go to the lighthouse (its behind the excise office and is lit at the top, 
its huge! you cant miss it.)talk to the lady inside, the tax collectors girlfriend, 
and she'll tell you about an argument he had with some guy( Im not sure of his name).
he lives in a shack behind the tradehouse near the pond. he'll confess of the murder 
and you can let hom go, or beat the tar out of him. beat the tar out of him. once 
hes dead loot his house and make sure you get the ring on his body. talk to the man 
in the robe again and he'll give you 500 gold and praise you. now you can either 
sell the ring or give it to the lady in the lighthouse. its worth quite a bit but i 
gave it to the lady. she gives you two healing potions and you make a new friend. 
you now have 3 good friends in sedya neen. by now it should be nighttime. (if its 
not hit the black button and set the hour amount to wait at whatever would make it 
nighttime)got to the top of the light house and look for fargoth( he carrys a torch 
but so do guards so be careful not to mix them up.) he should eventually walk up 
near the lighthouse and then head towards the pond behind the trade house. he should 
walk up to the stump and start to sneak away. go down the light house( if you have 
good acrobatics you can jump down on one of the rocks). and go up to the stump. your 
journal will be updated. take all the stuff inside. now go into the tradehouse and 
talk to the man with the beard about the hiding place. he'll let you keep 100 gold 
and anything else in there (that includes the ring you gave fargoth). you now kow 
sedya neen prety well. Theres one more thing you need to do. go to the silt strider 
service and talk to the lady there about voccius(up on the hill, a giant bug is 
there). she'll tell you she thinks he doesnt like it here. go to voccius and talk 
about voccius. he'll tell you he is lonely here and wants to leave but doesnt have 
any money. all he has is a cursed ring. he askes you if youll buy it for 100 gold 
(it does increase your endurence). do it. he says hes leaving on the next boat (he 
really does leave). now go to the tradehouse. sell anything you want and buy 
anything you think you need. you can now go to the silt strider service and travel 
to Balamora.
                                    Note on sedya neen:
If you want a house/ more money go to daren thirlas house which is on the right past 
the bridge. kill thirlas and loot his house. sell his stuff and use his bed to rest 
and his house for shelter. you can also go near the silt strider port and find a 
door where bandits are. if you kill the bandits and take the keys you can free the 
slaves. sell the illegal stuff in a tradehouse in balamora.

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