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                                      Getting Around Part 2

The newest addition to the GTA family of transportation is the bicycle. Ok, ok, try 
not to laugh - you won’t often be jumping out of a car to pick up a bike, but a few 
missions will require you to use them, so you might as well learn how they work. 

Obtaining One
You can get a bike in much the same way as you can a motorcycle, but getting a bike 
is even easier, due to the fact that they’re much slower than motorcycles. In most 
cases, people will ride slowly enough for you to pop them in the head with your 
pistol as they ride by, although you can, of course, just hit the triangle button 
to throw them off the ride and take it for yourself; either way, you’ll have a 
shiny new bike for yourself. 

Driving One

If you’re familiar with the motorcycle mechanics of Vice City, you shouldn’t have 
any trouble with the bikes. The one new inclusion is that you can tap X repeatedly 
to go faster, just like when you sprint; as with sprinting, though, you can’t do 
this forever, since you’ll eventually get tired out. As with motorcycles, it’s 
fairly easy to get thrown off a bike, especially if you hit something head-on, or 
get twisted around in mid-air and land awkwardly. You’ll also have a lower speed 
than most other vehicles while you’re on a bike, and will be completely open to 
enemy gunfire. 


Bunny Hop: Bikes are unique, in that they’re the only vehicle in which you can make 
jumps while riding over a flat surface. Anything can hit a ramp for monster air, 
but only a bike can hop over small obstacles in your path. Remember, though, if you 
drop too far, you’ll get thrown off the bike. To hop, hold L1 and release it when 
you’re near whatever you want to clear. 


Obtaining One
Motorcycles are a bit trickier to obtain than cars, if only because the people who 
ride them tend to make smaller targets and will often weave their way around you if 
you attempt to block their path with your body. It’s usually easier to jack them 
while they’re stopped at a light, or to just shoot them off of the bike, then take 
it for yourself. It’s quickest to jack a bike from the front, where CJ will execute 
a swift little kick to the driver and take off with tires squealing. 

Driving One
Driving a motorbike is much unlike a car, mostly in the way that they handle. While 
there are a number of different types of motorcycles, including choppers and 
highway cruisers, the ones you’re going to be looking out for are the sport bikes 
and dirtbikes. While they will leave you exposed to fire while you ride, bikes give 
you a benefit of high maneuverability, good acceleration, and relative durability. 

When you have to hit a jump in a difficult-to-reach location, you’ll probably need 
to fall back to a bike.

In order to turn on the sportbikes, you’ll need to rely on your handbrake (the R1 
button). Pressing the normal brake button will prevent you from making sharp turns, 
which is one of the reasons that you’re riding one, isn’t it? 
Be careful to avoid collisions while on a bike, as any shock too severe will send 
you flying over the handlebars. You take less damage from these impacts than you 
did in Vice City, though, so if you’re just running around a city, don’t be too 
One of the advantages of motorcycles is that they can accelerate very quickly 
compared to most cars. You can use this to make some of the unique jumps that have 
a short run-up space. 


Stoppie: While on a bike, press forward to shift your weight in that direction, 
then hit the brake (normal, not handbrake). If you’re on a crotch rocket, you 
should see your rear wheel lift up into the air for a few minutes. The longer you 
keep it off the ground, the more money you’ll get when it touches down; this is a 
good way to make small amounts of cash early in the game. 

Wheelie: This is essentially the same thing as a stoppie, save that you’re lifting 
your front wheel, and you have to keep it up while tapping on the gas. It’s much 
more difficult to do than a stoppie; just make sure you don’t tip too far 
backwards, or you’ll fall off. 

Drive-By: The main difference between car drive-bys and bike drive-bys is the way 
that you can shoot forward with your SMG. This can be a big help if you’re using a 
police bike to do Vigilante missions; just follow behind your target and unload on 
it until it catches alight. 

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