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                                                Ryan's Grand Theft Auto:Vice City FAQ

4.Other GTA Games
5.Extra Jobs
6.Weapon List
8.Hidden Packages
9.Special Thanks

Remember the '80s?Piano ties and skeleton shirts.The year of the balk.Duck Hunt on 
NES.Yep. But do you remember Tommy Vercetti (voiced by Ray Liotta) running up and 
down the street,killing people and stealing cars?Well,maybe GTA:Vice City will 
refresh your memory.Up to 40 weapons and famous people (including Dennnis Hopper) do 
the voices!Motorcycles to ride free!Yeah what a video game.So far it's only been 
known to release for PS2.But mybe GTA 3 will make it to the X-Box,you'll never 
Enter the cheats at anytime during gameplay but not while paused.A message in the 
top left corner will confirm correct entry of a code.

Armor Cheat
Press R1,R2,L1,X,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left

Health Cheat
Press R1,R2,L1,O,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left

Perfect Handling
Press Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1.

Spawn A Rhino
Press Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, 
L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

All Weapons Code 1
Press R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, 
Up, Left, Down, Down, Down.

Lower Wanted Level
Press R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down. 
-The fastest motorcycle is the regular one
-Get into an ambulance for some health if your low
-Cop Cars will give you a shotgun
-Collecting 100 hidden packages gives you an Ultimate
4.Other Grand Theft Auto Games
Playstation Games
Grand Theft Auto (1998)
Grand Theft Auto:London 1969 (1999)
GTA 2 (Estimate:2000)

Playstation 2 Games
Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (DUH!2002)
5.Extra Jobs
Pizza Dilivery(New Job) - get the pizza delivery faggio and bring pizza's to peoples 

Taxi - pick up people and drive them to the location they want to go

Ambulance - go around and pick people up and drive them to the hospital

Fire truck - use the fire hose to put out fires

Police Car - kill some criminals to get the cash

Most People thought the limo would also have R3 missions,
well,I have the game and startegy guide and it doesn't have R3
missions.(Plus:I've driven the limo!)
6.Weapon List(In Order)
Brass Knuckles
Screw Driver
Golf Club
Baseball Bat
Tear Gas
Colt 45
Colt Python
Chromed Shotgun
Spaz Shotgun
Stubby Shotgun
Tec - 9
Ingram Mac 10
Uzi 9mm
Colt M4
Rocket Launcher
Flame Thrower
Sniper Rifle
PSG - 1
All missions I have are in order from the beginning.I'll try to put on as many as I 

Ken Rosenberg Missions
An Old Friend
Simple.First,if you want,get to know the city.But to finish this mission simple,just 
go to the hotel and go up to your room then save the game.It won't say mission 
complete or you won't get cash but once you go to the purple circle by the 
stairs,the mission is complete.

The Party
Follow the T-Shirt icon to Rafael's and then walk into the purple circle.You come 
out of Rafaels with a snazzy '80s suit.Once you have the clothes,a guy leaves his 
motorcycle across the road.Steal the bike and follow the blip on your map to the 
Colonel's.The blip will lead you to a gate with the purple circle in front of 
it.Enter it to board the ship.You befriend his daughter,Mercedes,on the ship during 
the cinema scence.Once it's over,grab a car and drive Mercedes to the Pole Positon 
Club by following the blip on the radar.Drop Mercedes off and you'll complete the 
mission,getting 1000 dollars!

Back Alley Brawl
Follow the blip on the rader to the alley outside the chef's restaurant.Kill him and 
grab his cellphone.Then a strange guy (Lance) shows up and throws you a pistol.Kill 
the other three chefs that come out and run to Lance's car by following the blip on 
the radar.Get into his car and drive to Ammu-Nation and then back to the 
hotel.Mission Complete for 200 bucks.

Jury Fury
When you exit Ken's office,a car runs over a guy.The guy drops a hammer.Grab the 
hammer and steal the Glendale.Then,follow the yellow radar blips to two jurors that 
you must not kill(just intimidate).The triangle blip on the radar will lead you to a 
hotel parking lot.The juror's car is pointed out.Smash the doors with the hammer you 
picked up from the dead guy and he'll come out of the hotel in fear and run away.ONE 
DOWN.Follow the last yellow blip to the juror.Hit him once and he runs for his car.A 
truck cuts him off before he get's away.Now,bash his door down with the hammer and 
beat him into submission.You'll get 400 dollars for completing this mission.

Head over to Rafael's to disguise yourself as a worker.Then,follow the blip on the 
radar to the construction zone.Start a riot by getting in a fight with four 
workers.Keep moving to avoid taking too much damage.A security gate opens when you 
start the riot and guards try to break it up.You'll have to destroy three vans 
inside the compound.Kill a guard and grab his gun.Then,next to the trucks,are red 
barrels.Shoot one to blow up the two trucks.For the third,get inside it and just 
trash it until it's on fire.Then get out and you'll get the thousand dollars.

Colonel Cortez Missions
Treacherous Swine
Follow the pink blip to Gonzalez's hotel.He'll be on the rooftop.He starts to run as 
soon as he see's you but first take out his guards and then chase after him.If you 
want to use the chainsaw,de-select it and catch up to him.Knock him out and kill him 
with the chainsaw.That will reward you with two wanted level stars so grab a car and 
drive it to the Pay'N Spray and get it resprayed.Once that is done,you'll get a 250 
dollar reward.

Mall Shootout
First,head to Ammu-Nation and buy some armour and an Ingram Mac 10.Then,head for the 
Washington Mall on Ocean Beach.Go to the second level of the mall.When you meet the 
Courier,a french SWAT team comes out and the courier flees.What you have to do is 
track down the courier and take the chips he has.Get the heck out of the mall 
(because you'll now have two wanted level stars) and then steal a car and chase 
after the courier.If he grabs a motorcycle,knock him off with a car and kill him.If 
he grabs a car,chase him and find a way to get him out of the car then kill him and 
grab the chips.Now,drive to the Colonel to deliver the chips,or if you are close to 
a Pay'N Spray,stop there and then it's off to the colonel's for the 500 big ones.
8.Hidden Packages
Here are rewards you get from collecting certain amounts of hidden packages.

#of Packages - Reward                        - Reward Loctaion
10                    Body Armor                  Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island 
20                    Chainsaw                       Ocean View Hotel & Starfish 
Island Mansion
30                    Python                           Ocean View Hotel & Starfish 
Island Mansion
40                    Flamethrower                 Ocean View Hotel & Starfish 
Island Mansion
50                   Laser Scope Sniper Rifle  Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island 
60                    Minigun                           Ocean View Hotel & Starfish 
Island Mansion
70                    Rocket Launcher             Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island 
80                    Sea Sparrow                   Starfish Island Mansion 
90                     Rhino(Army Tank)          Fort Baxter Air Base
100                   Ultimate Secret Vehicle   Fort Baxter Air Base
9.Special Thanks
Thanks goes to:
Members of Cheat and other websites for cheats.
Official US Playstation Magazine for most the hints.
Rockstar Games for all the effort put into making the game.
The official strategy guide from Brady Games for some info.
And for more info, go to
FAQ written by Ryan Etherington
email: [email protected]
Made for:Cheat

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