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Glitch City Guide for Pokemon Red
By Jessica B.
E-mail: [email protected]

What Is Glitch City?

Glitch City is a glitch in the game created when the game makes a mistake in the 
map. Some people say that a factory worker put it in the game as a joke. This is not 
true, it is simply created out of programming errors.

How Do You Get To Glitch City?

First of all, have a pokemon capable of using fly or teleport in your party and have 
the gym badges necessary to use it. Then fly or walk to Fushia City. Go into the 
safari zone and pay $500 to go in. Then leave. The man will ask you if you’re 
leaving early. Say no. Then save your game in the safari zone. Restart your game. 
Now leave again. This time the man will ask you if you’re entering when you’re 
actually leaving. Say no. Then exit to Fushia City. Fly to another city. Walk for 
500 steps and the little Ding-Dong! Thing will go off. You will be back at the 
safari zone room with the two men in it. Then exit normally. You will then be in 
Glitch City. Sometimes it doesn’t work and you exit at the gym or mart in the city 
you flew to. Just do it again except go to a different city.

    If you plan on saving the game in Glitch City, MAKE SURE you can fly away or you 
will have to start your game over!

What is there to do in Glitch City?

There is not much to do in Glitch City. Most of the time you cannot walk, you can 
only turn around. In some places you can surf. Most people say the trainers are 
there and will trade Pokegods (mew, articuno, etc.). I have not found anyone yet. If 
you do please e-mail me with the details.

What Does Glitch City Look Like?

It is gust a bunch of jumbled up areas, like I saw a half-cave-half-pokemon center 
with no door, some trees in water, and everywhere there are 9’s and 2’s. Most people 
believe this to be parts of the Pokegods.

Whatever Glitch City is there for, I find it to be one of the best glitches in the 

         Copyright 2006 Jessica B.

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at the above address.

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