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Name- Brad Alonzo
Email- [email protected]
Date Submitted-11/6/03
Ratchet and Clank

Ok, I will start with the first planet, Novalis:

Planet Novalis-
1) At the end of the cave, look for a bomb wall just before unscrewing the gate.
2) Before the first door in the sewer, wall kick in the narrow space between the 
3) Need Hydro-pack, jump in the river, go underwater, use the Hydro-pack and swim to 
the end of the river and jump out. This will take you to a cave, and at the end is 
the gold bolt.

Planet Kerwan-
1) When you first enter the train station, high jump to the right luggages and it's 
right in front of you.
2) At the top of the second island fitness course, go to the top right corner and 
look over the edge for a building that has rates in it, and glide over to it.
3) At the beginning of the level, to the right of the Gadgetron Vender, jump over 
the rail and glide down into the traffic tunnel. Take it slow though, you can jump 
over the edge.

Planet Aridia-
1) In the center of the island surronded by mud, you have to long jump over the mud 
to get it.
2) Under the platform where the Tresspasser is aquired, look over the edge, and 
glide onto the moving platforms.
3) By the fifth and sixth Sandshark maker, there is a bomb away wall, behind it is 
the bolt.
4) On the same chunk of land that skids agent is on, but you need to use the 
Magneboots to walk on the metal trail.

Planet Eudora-
1) At the very beginning of the level, on a cliff to the right, need to the Jet Pack 
and you rocket up, then quickly while still in the air, shoot straight at the gold 

Blarg Station-
1) Outside the station, need jet pack and O2 mask to shoot over with Ratchet.
2) In the room with the second Gadgetron Vendor, on the top floor to the right, in a 
secret room.

Planet Rilgar-
1) At the beginning of the race to get out of the sewer before you drown, but need 
O2 mask to swim to the right at the beginning of the runway. At the end of a long 
2) At the end of the laser maze, use the shooting sewer top to glide over to the top 
of the walls, and just walk over to the box containing the Gold Bolt and jump in.

Planet Umbris-
1) Go around the tower located at the end of the fence where you have to run and 
jump over the Machine gun, then you use your Swingshot to swing over to the bridge, 
the tower to the right, go around it and hit the switches to open the locked door at 
its base.
2) After the first shark tank, look over the railing, there will be a large pipe 
line, jump to its right, and you will land right on the Gold Bolt.

Planet Batallia-
1) At the beginning of the level, the building to the left, wall kick where you are 
supposed to use the Tresspasser.
2) After you connect the first bridge with the wrench, go to the right and you will 
see a cliff, long jump over to it and follow the chunks of land to the Gold Bolt.

Planet Orxon-
1) Use your Guided missles to destroy the walls in the mine field once you get the 
O2 mask.Reminder, there are more than just one wall.
2) Wall kick in the lab where Clank previuosly walked through.

Planet Gaspar-
1) When you first get off the ship, follow the swingshot path to the end and the 
Gold Bolt is just waiting.
2) On the platform where you get the Pilots Helm, go to the top right corner, and 
glide into the Volcano, you have to kill a lot of guys down there, so make sure your 
ammo is full.

Planet Poktaru-
1) There is a cave under the water, its near the beginning of the level, you need to 
Jet Pack to slam the switch and reveal a bridge, follow the path and kill all the 
enemies to get the Gold Bolt, there are a lot of enemies, so once again, have full 

Planet Hoven-
1) At the very beginning of the level, where those fury guys keep popping up there 
is a moving platform, you have to use that to wall kick up, its a real pain. Its 
easier if you jump from the platform to the wall first, the Bolt is at the top.
2) In the area you fill with water, once it is filled up to the top, go back to 
where you extracted water the second time, and swim to the top of that cave.

Oltanis Orbit-
1) As soom as you get off your ship, send a Guided missle to the building to the far 
right, there is a hole you have to go through with it. Eventually you will reach a 
tower with it, and yes you blow it up. Later, when you are in the area that fills up 
with green stuff, look to the left and long jump over to the Bolt. Its in plane 
view, so no secrets.

Planet Oltanis-
1) On the ice trail, to the right of the guy who throughs mines at you, you can just 
see the gold shinmer on the platform below, just fall onto the platform to get it.
2) Pretty much the same place as the first gold bolt, but its to the far right of 
the side that you have to side sattle, on a platform.
3) After the first grind rail, look up for a green swingshot ball, and use it to 
swing up to the bolt.
4) When you get back to the beginning, a ship will blow up a statue, revealing a 
switch, press it and a swingshot path will appear. Follow it to the bolt, whenever 
you land, wait and look around for a ship carrying a green swingshot ball, you have 
to use that to get to the next set of swingshot paths.

Planet Quartu-
1) In a locked room awaits the bolt, but you have to go to the next planet and get a 
codebot to unlock to the door to that room.
2) When you find Clanks  "Mom", afterwards, look for a green swingshot ball and use 
it to take you to a secret room, that has the Gold Bolt.

Kalebo 3-
1) Hit the bus stop looking switches on the grind rail to open the laser sealed part 
of the rail at the end. The Gold Bolt is on the grind rail.
2) At the end of the grind rail, jump off the exact plave where the grind rail ends, 
and use the teleporter to take you to a room full of chickens and a Gold Bolt.

Veldin Orbit-
1) At the end of the Electric waterway, the path forks, go to the left for the bolt, 
don't worry about how much time you have, you get to restart it when you get the 
2) After you shoot down all the ships, you will end up in a room full of dog, but 
your upside down, get off the platform and go through the door for the Gold Bolt.

Veldin Orbit-
1) On the platform full of Elite Guards behind the laser door, use the Taunter and 
lure the guy in there to the switch and go in, at the end of the tunnel the Bolt is 
2) Before the first swingshot in the level, look to the right for platforms, follow 
them to the Gold Bolt.
3) Before the sewer tunnel, look to the right for a small grindrail area, glide to 
it, follow the path to the last Gold Bolt in the game.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any truoble finding Gold Bolts.

~ I will update for the second game, when it comes out.  Please do not copy this 
unless you ask my permission and tell me why you are copying it, thank you.

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