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Appendix 1 : Offensive Tactics
Appendix 2: Defensive Tactics
Appendix 3: Soldier Classes & Supporting your Teammates

One note before I start. You CAN NOT blow open roofs of most buildings, so 
mortars and artillery are useless againt enemies inside a building.

This first tip is universal, and should be the golden rule of multiplayer....

Always fire from a covered or concealed position. This limits or eliminates 
your exposure to gunfire, but weapons like grenades can still hurt you.

Appendix 1: Offensive/Attacker Tactics

On this side of the battle, you and your team can only die so many times before 
losing. The main goal is to capture Gold, but you need to keep your enemies 
from halting the assault. These tips should help you on your conquest.

Tip #1: A good assault team will throw a grenade into an enemy house before 
entering. If you are trying to sneak around, skip this step. (Note: your enemy 
will yell a warning if your grenade is close to them)

Tip #2: Try to flank a tricky high-ground position if possible. If you are 
pinned down, have someone throw grenades or call in mortars.

Tip #3: A good attacker team will head for the objective quickly after they 
spawn and/or grab a vehichle. Holding back allows defenders to make ready.

Tip #4: Eliminate enemy cover if you can. This will open them to gunfire or 
force them to displace (find a new position).

Tip #5: After a charge is planted, hide near the crate and cover all the 
entrances you can. If upstairs, set behind the stairs and hose any bad guys who 
come up. Beware of grenades through.

Appendix 2 Defender Tactics

Tip #1: Try to keep a high-ground advantage if you can. Shooting down is easier 
than shooting up.

Tip #2: If you're "defensive perimiter" is forward of your base, leave a few 
guys behind just in case.

Tip #3: Support troops are best suited to covering the crates from above. 150 
or 200 rounds per magazine is a lot to use up, especially when fired in short 
bursts. The sound of the bursts should bring other defenders to the scene.

Tip #4: If attackers abandon a vehichle you don't have access to, repair it if 
possible, and put it's weapons to good use no matter what condition the vehicle 
is in.

Tip #5: To flush out attackers hidden in buildings, shoot a few grenades at the 
walls or through the windows. Another possibility is to call in mortars for 
those pesky snipers in the attic.

Appendix 3 Team Support Tips

Your team must rely on each other to stop an enemy advance or capture your 
objectives. Each class of soldier has responsibilities that he should carry out 
to the best of his ability. Below are the uses and unique features for each 
class of soldier.

Assault Class: All-round shooter. Can hit targets at a fair distance and decent 
at close range. Good for covering other troop classes and providing some extra 
punch with up to 13 total grenades. Can also heal themselves with the 
unloackable health injector.

Demolition Class: The Anti-Tank man. Great for taking out vehichles, or doing 
close-in work. These boys pack Anti-tank rockets and unlockable AT Mines. This 
class also carries 5 grenades.

Recon Class: Snipers, plain and simple. Good for distance shooting, but they 
pack pistols for self-defense. Thier motion sensors let you know where bad guys 
are within a certain range of the sensor. The unlockable Laser Designoator is 
great for taking out tanks provided you can steer the bomb correctly.

Specialist Class: Ghosts of the Battlefield. Great for tagging vehicles which 
guide friendly rockets. With the unlockable plastic explosives, these guys can 
take out any vehicle. Simply place a charge on the vehicle, or place a number 
of them at a narrow point of passage. 

Note: DO NOT reload before detonating placed charges, or they will be lost.

Support Class aka Medic/Nurse: The Heavy Artillery. Good for providing cover, 
repairing vehicles, or healing teammates with the MedKit. Use the Power tool to 
repair vehicles or break through walls. The unlockable Mortar Strike provides a 
knockout punch to destroy light vehicles or kill exposed infantry.

Here are some tips for supporting your comrades.

Teammate Support Tip #1: DO NOT shoot at a friendly helicopter because you 
didn't get to fly it. This makes everyone else mad, and costs your team spawn 

Teammate Support Tip #2: Providing fire support ,healing troops, or repairing 
vehicles are acts of courtesy and are greatly appreciated. This is especially 
appreciated on Attacker teams, as you have limited death tickets.

Teammate Support Tip #3: DO NOT shoot at friendly Anti-Tank mines. They WILL 
blow up and kill you if close enough. Demolition guys placed these for a 
reason, and may get ticked off by you blowing them up and exposing a potential 
booby trap.

Teammate Support Tip #4: If you base is destroyed, hang around and kill as many 
enemies as possible, even if you're the last man standing at that base. Five 
dead now is five less you have to kill later.

Teammate Support Tip #5: If your kit is inadequate for the current tactical 
situation, exchange your kit for one dropped by a recently fallen player. You 
can also pick up ammo from fallen players, the amount you pick up depends on 
class and ammo counts.

Teammate Support Tip #6: Blue Icon or Blue X on crosshairs = Hold fire. Red 
Icon = Let 'em have it! Team killing on purpose isn't cool.

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