WWE WrestleMania X8

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"Goldburg" Guide for WWE WrestleMania X8

Name: Goldburg
Music: Test
Titantron: Test
Body Type: 4        Color: 3rd from left
Modify Figure: Default except for height  
Height: +6
Face: 4             Eye: Brown
Hair: 0
Facial Hair: 4      Color: Brown
Upper Body: 0       Tattoo: 3
Elbow: 1            Color: Black
Wrist: 0 
Hand: 4             Color: Black
Lower Body: 5       Logo: 13           Color: Black
Knee: 9             Color: Black
Foot: 1             Color: Black

Enterance#1: Steve Austin    Special#1: Gore
Enterance#2: Test            Special#2: Jack Hammer
Enterance#3: Rhyno           Special#3: Pump Handle Slam

Submitted by c_dawg1989 on July11,2003. 
If you have any further questions, e-mail me at c_dawg1989@hotmail.com.

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