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Here is a list of all the Golden Skulltula
You can print this out and use the ___ as a checklist

Young Link
__1. Kokiri Forest: On the back of the know it all brother’s house on the hill 
by where you got your sword, kill it with you slingshot or boomerang and use 
your boomerang or back flip to get it

__2. Kokiri Forest: Dirt patch in front of the shop. Use a bottle and a bug to 
get it out.

__3. Lost woods: In the lost woods go to the crowd of deku scrubs. There is a 
dirt patch there, use a bottle and a bug.

__4. Lost woods: Dirt patch just go left twice after you enter the lost woods 
from the kokiri forest.

__5. Deku Tree: Go to 2F and enter the room where you got the compass. Get the 
platforms up and go to the left alcove to find it.

__6. Deku Tree: In the basement, look up to the vines that can be used to 
climb back up to 1F. There is a skulltula there, use the slingshot.

__7. Deku Tree: On the bars in the water in the basement. Use the slingshot to 
kill it then jump to get the token.

__8. Deku Tree: Remember where you saw a weak wall (basement with 3 ways our). 
Return here and bomb it open and get the skulltula with your boomerang.

__9. Hyrule Market: In the room next to the drawbridge, roll to break the 
creates and in one of them is the skulltula

__10. Lon Lon ranch: Go to the tall silo in the back of the ranch at night and 
kill the skulltula with your boomerang or slingshot and then take the token 
with your boomerang.

__11. Lon Lon ranch: Behind the horse corral at the back at night.

__12. Lon Lon ranch: Again at night, go to the track and turn around look at a 
lit window. The skulltula is there, kill it and take the token with, your 

__13. Lon Lon ranch: Roll into the tree on the track to get the skulltula out.

__14. Hyrule Castle: Play the song of storms on the cornered tree in the 
Hyrule castle grounds. It’s near where you found talon and the moat. (This is 
where the skulltula trick is)

__15. Hyrule Castle: Outside the gate, roll into the tree.

__16. Kakariko village: From the entrance, roll into the front tree.

__17. Kakariko village: On the building that isn’t completed yet, around the 
middle at night.

__18. Kakariko village: On the ladder on your way to the top of the look out 
tower, use your slingshot to kill it at night.

__19. Kakariko village: On the back of the skulltula house at night.

__20. Kakariko village: At night, climb up the stairs leading to the death 
Mountain crater and turn left just before you pass the gate. Skulltula is on 
the side of the house.

__21. Graveyard: Nighttime. On the stonewall to the right.

__22. Graveyard: Dirt patch to the left of where you entered.

__23. Death Mountain Trail: Clear the Boulder to the cavern and you will see a 
dirt patch in the entrance.

__24. Death Mountain Crater: Go to the summit and go through the path that has 
rocks falling down. Climb up the wall and enter the crater the skulltula is in 
a crate that is near you when you enter.

__25. Death Mountain Crater: Play bolero of fire warp to the crater as a child 
and there is a dirt patch close to you.

__26. Goron city: On the top floor, find a passage that you can bomb through. 
At the end, roll to break open a crate for the skulltula.

__27. Zora’s River: At night go to the waterfall at the end and jump down and 
look around, you should see a skulltula on the ladder.

__28. Zora’s River: Roll into the first tree you see in the Zora’s river. It’s 
just after you enter the river.

__29. Lake Hylia: To the left of the platform with the big tree there is a 
platform with a skulltula at night.

__30. Lake Hylia: Right next to the lab is a dirt patch. Bottle and bug will 
__31. Lake Hylia: On the back of the lab at night.

__32. Zora’s fountain: Go on the log sticking out of the water and see the 

__33. Zora’s fountain: Go right of the entrance and go to the land with a 
tree, roll into the tree.

__34. Jabu-Jabu: In the room with a pool of water in the middle (B1F near 
ruto) climb up the vines to the right to find the skulltula.

__35. Jabu-Jabu: Kill the green tentacle and go back to where you first met 
Ruto and go to the hole that the tentacle was in. It is the northeast hold, 
when leaving the tentacle room, drop down into the hole for the skulltula.

__36. Jabu-Jabu: Another one near #35

__37. Jabu-Jabu: In the room before the boss, the skulltula is on the vine 

__38. Bottom of the well: In the northeast door of the large room in the 
middle. Go to the part with the like-like. There is a skulltula there.

__39. Bottom of the well: In the other door (that is locked) of the middle 
room, a skulltula resides up on the wall.

__40. Bottom of the well: In the same path as #39but a little further. Use 
your lens of truth to get there.

__41. Gerudo valley: On the thin plank in the beginning, turn around when you 
cross it and you will see a skulltula at night.

__42. Gerudo valley: Grab a chicken and fly down the chasm to a thin piece of 
land. There’s a patch of dirt there.

__43. Desert Colossus: Dirt patch near the entrance to the spirit temple.

__44. Spirit temple: The room with a fence that can be made into a bridge and 
with an Anubis. (1F) The skulltula is on the fence.

__45. Spirit temple: On your way up to 2F, the skulltula is on the wall, can 
get as an adult)

__46. Spirit temple: The room before the one with the Iron knuckle. Look up 
above the entrance and you can get it.

Adult Link
__47. Kokiri Forest: On the back of the house of twins at night.
__48. Lost woods: Plant a magic bean on the dirt patch (#3) in the crowd of 
scrubs. Return as an adult and ride the leaf to a skulltula

__49. Sacred Forest Meadow: At the end, climb up the ladder and look left. You 
will see a skulltula at night.

__50. Forest temple: In the first room (outside by the wolfos) look up at the 
vines and you will see a skulltula

__51. Forest temple: From the main room, go north. Enter the room and you 
should see a skulltula on a wall

__52. Forest temple: At 2F, go to the northwestern room and fight off the 
babas and look around for a skulltula. You can get on the platform by dropping 
through the hole in the twisted corridor.

__53. Forest Temple: Near #52

__54: Forest temple: In B2F push the walls and check the alcoves each time. 
Eventually you will find one.

__55. Hyrule castle: On the ruined gate. Use the hook/long shot to get it.

__56. Kakariko village: With a hook/long shot at night use it to get to the 
roof of the skulltula house and hookshot back to the roof of impa’s house for 
a skulltula.

__57. Death mountain trail: Climb up the wall after the falling rocks part. 
Use your hammer to break the red rock and find a skulltula.

__58. Death mountain trail: Go back to the bomb flower where you used to clear 
the big rock from Dodongo’s cavern. Use your hammer to break the boulder for a 

__59. Dodongo’s Caver: From the main room, enter the southeastern door and 
look around Navi should point to an empty location. Play the scarecrow’s song 
and get to Pierre for a skulltula.

__60. Goron city: Remember where the spiritual stone of fire stood as a child? 
Go to platform in the middle and look behind it. There’s a skulltula there.

__61. Fire temple: In the room to the right of the first room. (Play the song 
of time to open a door to the room with the skulltula).
__62. Fire temple: With your hammer, get the statue out of the way and enter. 
Pass though the first room and the next room has the skulltula. (Room with 
spinning tiles)

__63. Fire temple: At 3F, with the boulders rolling around. Go to the north 
side and bomb around the wall. If you get lucky the weak wall will break, 
uncovering the skulltula.

__64. Fire temple: Where you got the hammer the entrance of that room.

__65. Fire temple: The top part of 3F look up and you will see Navi flying 
around an invisible person. Sing the scarecrow’s song and Pierre should come 
up. Longshot to him and longshot to another target to 5F, the skulltula is 

__66. Zora’s River: Go to the wooden bridge and look up. Use your longshot to 
get that skulltula at night.

__67. Zora’s River: Get to the high platform by climbing a ladder behind it. 
Then walk to the left wall and should be able to see one at night.

__68. Zora’s domain: The guy that offered you the diving game, go back there 
and look left.

__69. Zora’s fountain: Go to the right side on solid ground where you crashed 
into a tree and the skulltula came out. This time pick up the boulder with the 
silver gauntlets and bomb the hole. Use the lens of truth to kill the 
skulltulas and find the golden skulltulas at the end.

__70. Ice cavern: It is in the room with the heart piece and the compass.

__71. Ice cavern: In the room that you have to push the ice blocks around.

__73. Lake Hylia: On top of the dead tree, use your longshot.

__74. Lake Hylia: Go into the lab and equip your iron boots roll into the 
crate at the bottom of the pool of water.

__75. Water temple: With all the water drained, go to the south path and go 
through the path to a grate. Use the charged spin to hit the switch, which 
gives you access to the skulltula.

__76. Water temple: In the tower, 2f.

__77. Water Temp. In the underground river with the vortexes, equip your iron 
boots and look around carefully. When you find it longshot will work.

__78. Water temple: 3f, west room. The skulltula is on the right wall in the 
room with the moving platforms and the waterfall.

__79. Water temple. In the river with the rolling rocks, go against the water 
and drop down the hole to find a skulltula.
__80. Shadow temple: In the room that has two spikes that drop down. Use the 
block to make your way to a cell. In that cell a skulls is there. (B3F)

__81. Shadow temple: Again in B3F. Go to the room with the invisible grim 
reapers. A skulltula is on a wall.

__82. Shadow temple: In the room that you have to throw a bomb into a skull 
for a small key. The skulltula is behind the skull.

__83. Shadow temple: Get on the boat and look left you can see a small cell, 
use longshot to get there or the scarecrows song, for a skulltula.

__84. Shadow temple: From the maze with the invisible walls, go to the room 
with three spinning skulls, and find the skulltula.

__85. Gerudo valley: Get to the other side of the broken bridge and look 
behind the stone pillar to your left for a skulltula.

__86. Gerudo Valley: same place as #85 but look behind the tent.

__87. Gerudo fortress: At night go to the last target of the archery range, 
Skulltula on the target.

__88. Gerudo fortress: On the wall at night it is around 3F where you have to 
go out and jump to a diagonal platform to a skulltula.

__89. Haunted wasteland: In the Poe’s hut.

__90. Desert colossus: In a tree near an oasis at night, use the longshot 
don’t roll.

__91. Desert colossus: Magic bean in front of the temple, ride the leaf at 
night and ride to the stone with a skulltula. 

__92. Spirit temple: In the room that has rolling boulders in a trench go to 
the block of time and play the song of time to get rid of it and take the 

__93. Spirit temple: In the room with the big statue, go up the left staircase 
and go up to 3F. Use the scarecrows song to get on the other side of 3F wit ha 

Young and Adult Link

__94. Hyrule field: In the front of the Kakariko village’s entrance, bomb the 
tree’s base. In the hole, you should be able to find a skulltula.

__95. Hyrule field: Near the entrance to Gerudo’s valley, bomb the place in 
the middle of the circle of rocks. In the hole, use din’s fire to burn down 
the webs, look behind the cow to find a skulltula.

__96. Death mountain trail: Bomb the smooth wall at the base of the trail and 
find the skulltula.

__97. Dodongo’s cavern: Go to the southeastern room from the main room and 
bomb up the breakable wall to find a room with skulltula.

__98. Dodongo’s cavern: From the main room, go to the northwestern door and 
enter. Go up the stairs and the skulltula is at the vines.

__99. Dodongo’s cavern: In the skull go to the end of the room with weird 
walls and bomb the wall at the end to reveal a room with a skulltula.

__100. Dodongo’s Cavern: In the room with the staircase that you brought down 
with the bomb flowers, it’s on the left side. 

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