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Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix Rivals Guide
Info by Ardian164
Managed and put together by Ventwig

(I would do one of those shape things if I knew how to...)

()Table of Contents

Table Of Contents......... (Must I?)
  Update Guide............[UPDATE]
How to Use................[HOWUSE]

If you would like to skip, press CTRL+F snd type in the code [with]
the [] characters.

You can also search the name of your desired part without the [] characters.

NOTE: A new section will be introduced by a long line of (), where as
a sub-section will be introduced by a short line of ().

()Introduction     [INTRO]

Hey reader! This is my second guide, and also my second MK7 guide!
Just so you know, this partly goes hand-in-hand with my other guide
(Kart Parts And Character Stats) just for the sorting of the weight.

Also, please note, this information is not found by me. I'm just simply
managing, writing it out, and adding a little bit of my info
but credit goes to Ardian164 of the GameFAQs Mario Kart 7 message boards.

So, simply use this to help you out... well, it's mostly just here
for a note
()Updates       [UPDATE]
Version 1 - December 29 2011
  Started everything up =)

Version 1.15 - January 5 2012
  Fixed Ardian164's name... oops
  Added in Ardian164's new info about the third rival.
  Added Ardian's info about the Mii.
  Added my new reasons about the third rival.
  Added James T.'s reason as why Daisy/Wario rivalry exists.

()How to Use     [HOW USE]

You may have noticed from playing Mario Kart 7 that when you
play in the Grand Prix or Battle Modes with the AI, there is always
two of them that stick out - ones that are there to annoy you because
they seem to always be infront of you.

There is also a third that isn't always there, but may be.

There is a Rival one and Rival two that always appear to annoy you,
and rival three that might be in the race and annoy you as well.

Also, remember that if there is a Mii in your GP (streetpass),
You'll have three rivals, and a chance for four. Yoww.

There may be others just as a roulette that annoy you
(I got a message that Daisy annoys Rosalina sometimes),
but that's just chance - there are three that stick out.

This guide details who they are for which character.
Please note that for this to work properly, you must have
all the characters. 
Ardian164 has updated the info to show a rival three.

Also, All rival three's are one
of the original 8. So if you don't have one of the rivals
(e.g. You're Yoshi, but don't have Wiggler), the third rival will
be there to replace the second.

It will be sorted like this:

There will be a section per weight class, and each character will
have a little section like this:

Rival One
Rival Two
Rival Three
Rival Reasons in my thoughts.

()Lights [LIGHT]

1. Rosalina
2. Peach
3. Koopa Troopa
R. I guess because Toad serves them, they're close enough to have some
   rivalry fun. And third because they're both small.

1. Yoshi
2. Shy Guy
3. Luigi
R. I'm guessing Yoshi kills alot of koopas in his game? 
  Or when Mario gets Yoshi, he kills them. Shy Guy is out of thought.
  Nobody rivals Luigi. I guess Luigi just murders them with Mario.

1. Toad
2. Lakitu
3. Koopa Troopa
R. Toad maybe because he serves the Princesses, and Lakitu or Koopa because
   they're both trying to kill Mario. 

1. Donkey Kong
2. Honey Queen
3. Mario
R. I'm speechless here. But maybe because he tries to kill Mario...

()Fair [FAIR]

1. Lakitu
2. Donkey Kong
3. Toad
R. Well, maybe she doesn't like Lakitu because he helps bowser, and
  Donkey Kong likes to kidnap her. Also, Toad may have a "Royalty/servant"
  relasionship with his princess.

1. Wiggler
2. Toad
3. DK
R. Wiggler, I guess they're both nature buddies, or Yoshi
  kills Wigglers. And Toad is a friendly rivalry. DK is out of mind.

1. Peach
2. Wario
3. Luigi
R. Peach is a friendly princess rivalry obviously, and Luigi a love

Here is a not by James T. for why Daisy Rivals Wario:
Wario hired Tatanga to capture Daisy leading to the events of Super Mario Land.
Wario stole Mario's castle when Mario went to save Daisy from Tatanga leading 
up to Super Mario land 2: Six Golden Coins.
Tatanga reappeared in Super Mario land 2: Six Golden Coins as one of the 
main bosses under the control of Wario.

()Medium [MED]

1. Metal Mario
2. Bowser
3. Peach
R. Mario's two main enemies.. 
   And Peach as a love-rivalry.

1. Mario
2. Daisy
3. Yoshi
R. A brotherly rivalry and a loveer-ly rivalry, and green-friend-ly rivalry.

()Big [BIG]

1. Wario
2. Koopa Troopa
3. Bowser
R. Again, why? I don't think they match... Mario and Peach would make sense.
   Maybe Bowser because they both hate Mario.

1. Honey Queen
2. Peach
3. Toad
R. Honey Queen because it's a friendly, space queen rivalry, and Peach...
  as a rivalry for Mario?
   See "Peach" for Toad, but replace "princess" with "queen"

1. Shy Guy
2. Yoshi
3. Bowser
R. I'm not sure about Shy Guy or Bowser. For Yoshi,  see "YOSHI"

()Heavy [HEAVY]

1. Mario
2. Rosalina
3. Luigi
R. Three heroes who try to stop him together. Simple.

1. Luigi
2. Mario
3. DK
R. Wario, for sure, hates the Mario Bros., but why DK?

1. Bowser
2. Rosalina
3. Mario
R. Bowser and MM have a rivalry for Mario? I don't know about Rosalina...
  But Mario is obvious.

1. Koopa Troopa
2. Metal Mario
3. Yoshi
R. No clue. They probably just wanted those three to be a rival.

()Positions [POS]
These are the positions everyone starts in on the first race.
1st Metal Mario
2nd Bowser
3rd Peach/Any Other Character
4th-7th Any Other Character
8th Mario (Player)

Player (Mario) starts 8th, where as Rival one takes the top 
and Rival two in second. The third rival, if in, will NEVER 
appear anywhere but third (other than a Mii race)
The rest may be filled with others, rivals or not rivals,
in any order.

But if there's a Mii.

1st Mii
2nd Metal Mario
3rd Bowser
4th Peach/Any Other Character
5th-7th Any Other Character
8th Mario (Player)

The Mii will play out differently.
The player (In this case, Mario) starts 8th, with the Mii in 1st.
Then Rival 1 and 2 take the next two spots, and rival three might appear.
The rest are random.

()FAQs     [FAQS]

Q: I have a question!
A: Email me at [email protected]

Q: That character sucks in my race!
A: It just may be the luck of the roulette is against them.

Q: I saw this as a post on the Message Board Before!
A: I PM'd Ardian164 and he said I could make this guide.

Q: This person is annoying and not a rival!
A: They might be a "Temp Rival" out of chance. There is the chance
   randoms might be really annoying, but it's not as common as the
   other three rivals.

Q: I can't find ______ on this guide!
A: Click ctrl+f, then type in the name. It's all there.

Q: What's your Friend Code?
A: Sorry, but I only add people I actually know.
   But if you find "Ventwig" online, I'm your man!

Q: Can I use this guide at my site?
 Q: Can I use parts of this guide in mine?
A: Email me, then link me to the site you want it on or what you're
  guide is about/what you need from mine - I will most likely say yes.

Q: I emailed you, but you credited someone else! Why?
A: I, for sure, emailed you back as thanks and someone lese did
  it before you.

()Closing/Disclaimers/Copyright    [END]

Thanks for reading this guide! There's not much to it, 
but who cares?

Please note Ardian164 did the work in collecting info, and I have
permission to post this.

This guide may only be posted on GameFAQs.

Please email me at [[email protected]] if you would like to use
any part of this guide in anything. 
On your website, in your guide, etc...

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


To Ardian164 for collecting all this information.
To me, for making this (Who credits themself?)
To you, for reading this
To Nintendo, for making an awesome game to make this on
To GameFAQs, for hosting this
To any contributers, for adding info!
To anyone I missed, thanks!

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