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Instruction Guide Version 1.1

For those who are just starting the game
(It's best to print this out)

NOTE: Don't think that this is for GTA: Vice City 'cos it's NOT!

Check for updates frequently.


1. So, what is Grand Theft Auto?
2. About these missions...
  a) Main missions
  b) Never-ending missions
3. I just CAN'T beat this!
4. FAQ - your "i need..."s and "i want..."s
5. Cheats and Secrets (you lucky people)
6. That boring legal stuff (you don't need to read this)


1. So, what is Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto (or GTA)is created by Rockstar Games.  (Check out
It is where YOU must climb the ladder of crime as an escaped gangster with some 
from many buisnessgangsters.  The game takes place in Liberty City, a city made 
of three major districts: Portland (Industrial), Staunton Island (Commercial), 
Shoreside Vale (Residential).  You start the game in Portland.  A guy named 8-
had his hands messed up and needs you to get them to the hideout....


2. About these missions...

Complete 73 missions to get to the top of the ladder of crime.

a) Main missions

If ya wanna clime da ladder of crime, ya might as well start with da lowest rung.
After you get to your new hideout, 8-Ball explains of Luigi Goterelli who owns a 
strip joint in Red Light District.  Luigi gives you jobs to complete.  While you 
doing them, you are introduced to Joey Leone.  He runs a Garage in Trenton.  He 
knows you and asks you to come back later.  Complete Luigi's jobs first.  This is 
how things go around here.

In case you need help on any mission, e-mail me at [email protected]

b) Never-ending missions

Ok, swipe that taxi/cabbie, "That is my damn cab!" Yeah, yeah, shut the heck 
up, run the guy over....
`Press R3 to do Taxi Missions`.  In some vehicles, you are instructed to press R3 
(right analog stick).  These are the infamous never ending side missions.  You do 
not have to do them to complete the game.  These vehicles are: Law Enforcement 
Vehicles (Police, Enforcer, Barracks OL, Rhino), Taxi/Cabbie/Borgnine, Ambulance, 


3. I just CAN'T beat this!

E-mail me for help of any kind on a mission or whatever you want.  E-mail: 
[email protected]


4. FAQ - your "i need..."s and "i want..."s

Send in questions and I'll post them on this FAQ for others to see!  (E-mail: 
[email protected])

Q: I can't seem to get into Police cars.  The door is stuck/locked.
A: Yes, some cars just won't let you in.  Come back frequently to see if they are 

Q: How do I get to Staunton Island?
A: Complete all of Portland's jobs.  Of course, you could e-mail me for another 
sneaky way...hehehe...

Q: How do I get to Shoreside Vale?
A: Same as above, except with Staunton Island's jobs.

Q: When I try to get over 4 stars (police-are-after-you stars), I can't.  Why?
A: When you complete a specified mission, you can get over 4 stars.

Q: The mission Bomb Da Base... I can't beat that.
A: I keep getting e-mail about this one.  Ok, when you arrive at the ship, 8-Ball 
says he'll make a dash for the hull when you fire the first shot.  Head towards the 
ship, and turn right.  You'll see a balcony.  Head up the balcony and snipe the two 
guards at the entrance of the ship.  Then, kill all the rest while 8-Ball makes his 
way to plant the explosives.


5. Cheats and Secrets (you lucky people)

Okay, fine, you want a cheating area?  Well, wish granted (if you don't want cheats 
to beat the game, then this area is not for you).  How about we start with the 

Secret No. 1: The never-ending missions never go unrewarded.  You can get cash and a 
few other things...  complete 100 taxi/cabbie missions and head over to the Head 
Radio station (Portland).  Next door is a building labeled 'Borgnine Taxis'.  If you 
completed 100 missions on taxis (they don't have to be in order), then a new taxi 
will be sitting there.  This is the super-rare Borgnine taxi.  Your customers will 
never complain about the time taken again...  complete 100 vigilante missions to get 
2 (thats right, 2)wanted level stars at your hideouts.   Use them to escape the 
police...  complete level 16 on the parademic missions to receive the Infinite 
Sprint.  Now you can hold X while running to sprint for as long as you want...
complete 100 fire truck missions to get the flamethrower delivered to your hideout.

Secret No. 2: When you collect all 100 hidden packages, you can get all weapons and 
armor delivered to your hideout (doesn't include the flamethrower.  Sorry).

Secret No. 3: Want to get a fast car early?  Still in Portland?  Head on over to 
Auto Cars (outside of 8-Balls Bomb Shop)and smash the glass to find the Portland-
rare Banshee!

Secret No. 4: Have you visited the airport?  Go to the alley that leads around the 
back, charge the gate down, follow the road and you'll find the super-rare Dodo!  
(Well, to be honest it's a Cessna Skyhawk, but that's what the game calls it).  Use 
the up and down buttons to fly the Dodo.  HINT:  TAP the buttons to keep the Dodo in 
the air.

Secret No. 5: Have you had a woman just step into your car for no apparent reason?  
Drive into a deserted alley, and watch the car and your health...

If you have any other secrets you want to share, e-mail me!

Okay, now for some cheats (the moment we've all been waiting for).

Dodo Mode (cars fly for short distances: Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1.

All weapons (enter more times for more ammo): R2 twice, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, 
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Certain weapons can take off heads, arms, and legs (nasty): Square, L1, Circle, 
Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X.  Note:  There will be no confirmation message.

Wanted level zero: R2 twice, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

Wanted level rises by two: R2 twice, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

Tank appears: Circle six times, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Pedestrians fight each other (careful - this cheat cannot be removed!): Down, Up, 
Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1

Pedestrians have weapons (careful - this cheat cannot be removed!): R2, R1, 
Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down

If you know cheats not listed here, e-mail me.


6. That boring legal stuff (you don't need to read this)

Copyright Adam Dooling a.k.a. doogy.  E-mail: [email protected]
Adam Comix Inc.  Don't forget to e-mail me! 

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