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Grand Theft Auto III

Written by:  Hyuaki Hay

I.  Copyright and Contact Information
II.  Controls
III.  Missions
IV.  Extra Missions
V.  Hidden Packages
VI.  Rampages
VII.  Unique Jumps
VIII.  Car Boosting Jobs
IX.  Codes and Tricks
X.  Special Thanks
This FAQ was written with 75 characters to a line.
Okay, I will take a new approach to my FAQs and see how it works out.  I
do not care where my FAQs will end up at; or what websites they are on.
It is just that if you do want to place my FAQ on your website, then
please send me an email that has your web address that's all.  The only
things are that if you use my FAQ for a reference or something, give me
credit.  Do not use this FAQ for profit.  I did it for free, so free it
shall remain.  This FAQ is copyright July 15, 2002 Ty Nungester a.k.a.
Hyuaki Hay.  Please don't take anything from this FAQ without giving me
credit.  And also leave it in it's entire format.  Do not take anything
out.  My email address is [email protected].  If you have any questions
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me, put Grand Theft Auto 3 as the subject line.  Just check the FAQ first.
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it'll be there.  

Weapon Select:  L2/ R2
Center Camera (on foot):  L1
Change Radio Station (in car):  L1
Target Lock-On (on foot):  R1
Handbrake (in car):  R1
Move Around:  Directional Buttons or Left Analog Stick
Horn (in car):  L3 (press in Left analog stick)
Toggle Camera View:  Select
Look Behind (on foot):  R3
Toggle Vehicle Missions On or Off:  R3
Enter/ Exit Cars:  Triangle
Shoot:  Circle
Accelerate/ Sprint:  X
Brake/ Jump:  Square

I normally start with the story of what the game is about, but if you saw
the opening cinema, then you know what it's about.  Before tackling any
missions, I suggest that you learn the island that the missions are on
before you begin them, that way you will do better in the game.  When
I give directions I will use North, South, East, and West.  It will also
be easier if you go and get as many hidden packages as you can as early as
you can.  The reason for that is that you make very many enemies very
quickly in this game.  Okay enough rambling let's play.  By the way, I 
will have everything in this game divided up by the island that it is on.


"Give Me Liberty"
After the opening cinema, you are on the now blown up Callahan Bridge with
8-Ball.  He will tell you of a safe house he knows.  Just follow the map
to get there.  Get in the car and take 8-Ball to the hideout.  He will also
introduce you to your first "business associate."


"Luigi's Girls"  $1,500
Your first mission so to speak.  What you need to do is get a car (you
already have one), and go to the green dot on your map.  Pick up Misty
and bring her back to the club.

Note:  After this mission I suggest that you do the off road mission for
Portland Island and then go after some of the hidden packages.

"Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up!"  $4,000
First go get the bat in front of Luigi's place.  Then drive to the green
dot on the map.  After he's dead, get in the car and go to the Pay 'N'
Spray, it's shown onSpray, it's shown onSpray, it's shown onSpray, it'sls"  $2,000 
to $6,000
Get a car and get Luigi's ladies to the Old School Hall.  The ladies are
on the map.  Get at least 4 of them there, but the more you get there, the
more money you get.


"Mike Lips' Last Lunch"  $10,000
Drive to the red dot on your radar and get the car with the arrow.  Next
go to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop.  You'll see it on the map.  Then park the car
where you found it, and arm the bomb then get out of the car and run.

"Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong"  $10,000
Get a piece and go to the dot on your map.  Kill the henchmen that attack
you and then take out Chunky.  Just try to get him before he gets to his
car.  If he gets to his car, then you have to chase him down.  Very hard.

"Van Heist"  $20,000
Go to Greasy Joe's Cafe and get the Linerunner, then go to the red dot on
your map.  Keep ramming the van until the drivers bail then get in and 
drive it to the docks.  This sounds pretty easy, but the cops get

"Cipriani's Chauffeur"  $30,000
Take Tony to the laundry in Chinatown like he wants.  When he comes
running back to the car, floor it and take him to Momma's Restaurant.

"Dead Skunk In the Trunk"  $10,000
From the description this sounds pretty easy right?  Wrong!  Go to Greasy
Joe's Cafe and get the car and drive as fast as you can to the crusher by
8-Ball's.  Oh yeah, and the Ferrelli Brothers are out to kill you too.

"The Getaway"  $30,000
Go get a good car preferably a Mafia Sentinel.  Now go to the dot on your
map and pick up Joey's guys.  Take them to the pink dot on the map.  After 
you leave the bank, head through the alley dead ahead to the north and
then go to the Pay 'N' Spray.  Then drop the guys off.  Easy mission.


"Taking Out the Laundry"  $20,000
Yep.  You guessed it.  Tony is going to be sending you after the Triads.
You can do this the game's way, or the easy way.  Easy way is to go and
Jack the laundry vans (red dots on map) and take them to the crusher.

"The Pick-Up"  $10,000
Get a car and go to the blue dot on the map.  As soon as you touch the
money, the Triads attack you.  Once you have killed all of the Triads
take the money back to Tony's.

"Salvatore's Called A Meeting"  $15,000
Go get the Limo at Joey's place and get Joey there too.  Then go pick up
Luigi at his place, and then get Tony at his place.  After you have Tony,
the Triads will attack.  Just dodge them and go to Salvatore's place.

"Triads and Tribulations"  $30,000
Take the suits and get a car.  Now go to the 3 green dots on the map and
kill the guys with the arrows over them.  End of mission.  If your suits
get wasted, who cares.

"Blow Fish"  $30,000
Drive to 8-Ball's place and pick up the Trashmaster.  Then CAREFULLY drive
to the Triad Fish Factory on the south side of Portlato the Triad Fish Factory on 
the south side of Portlato the Triad Fish Factory on the south side of Portlato 
the Triad Fish Factory on the south side of Portlato the Triad Fish Factory on the 
south side of PoER JOBS
You get paid to steal the cars on the lists and bring them to a specified
location.  When you complete a list, you get any vehicle on that list for
free when you want it.  

Import Export Garage  $1,500 (per car)  $200,000 (completed list)
Location:  Portland Docks
Small warehouse with a vehicle listing on the front of it.
Vehicle Listing:  Securicar, Moonbeam, Coach, Flatbead, Linerunner,
Trashmaster, Patriot, Mr. Whoopee, Blista, Mule, Yankee, Bobcat, Dodo,
Bus, Rumpo, Pony

Securicar:  Hard to find.  When you start doing the Donald Love Missions
on Staunton Island, you should be able to find them easier then.  You get
one of these handed to you when you do the mission Decoy for Donald Love.

Moonbeam:  Can be found all over Portland.  It is a van with a large rear

Coach:  One of the newer model busses.  There are a couple on Atlantic

Flatbead:  A large flatbead truck.  They can often be found in Staunton.

Linerunner:  They can be found everywhere.  A semi truck.

Trashmaster:  A garbage truck.  You can't find them parked anywhere.  But
they can sometimes be found at night just driving around.

Patriot:  Can you say Hummer?  They can be found everywhere.

Mr. Whoopee:  One of the hardest vehicles to find in the game.  Wait until
you are doing the "I Scream, You Scream" mission for El Burro.  You can
one then.  Yes, an ice cream truck.

Blista:  New Model van.  Can be found in Staunton Island.

Mule:  One of the delivery trucks.  It has an extension of the trailer
over the driver's cab.  Can be found in Portland.

Yankee:  Just like the Mule, but without the extension over the driver's
cab.  Can be found in Portland as well.

Bobcat:  Pick-up Truck.  Can be found everywhere.

Dodo:  Airplane.  Can only be gotten at the airport.

Bus:  School bus.  On Staunton Island.

Rumpo:  Just a regular van with a split back door.  Can be found in

Pony:  Just like the Rumpo, but taller.  Can be found in Portland.
Import/Export Crane
This is located very near the Import/Export Garage in Portland.  Go to the
edge of Portland Harbor (close to the water as possible) and there is a
large ocean liner parked by the land.  There is a Yankee parked nearby
also.  Park the vehicles on the yellow striped area in front of the ocean
liner.  They are only interested in emergency vehicles.  Here's the list:
Police, Firetruck, Ambulance, Enforcer, Barraks OL, Rhino, FBI Car.  Also
you get $1,500 per car and a $200,000 bonus for getting all of them.

Police:  If you can't find this car, you don't need to play this game.

Firetruck:  If you can't find this truck you don't need to play this game.

Ambulance:  If you can't find this, you don't need to play this game.

Enforcer:  Can be found in the back of the Staunton Police station.

Barraks OL:  Go to the same place as in the "Arms Shortage" mission.

Rhino:  Go to the same place as in the "Arms Shortage" mission after
completing all the missions.

FBI Car:  Get a wanted level of 5 stars or more.  It looks like a black
Import/Export Garage 2
From the lot you use in the mission Bait, turn right, and then make
another right.  When you get to where the road turns make a right into the
lot there in front of the left warehouse.  That is the place.  You get
$1,500 per car and a $200,000 bonus for all of them.  Here's the list:
BF Injection

Sentinel:  This can be found in both Staunton and Shoreside Vale.  Not as
sporty looking as the Mafia Sentinel.

Cheetah:  Looks like a Ferrari and is the fastest car in the game.  There
is one parked in a driveway in the Cedar Grove area of Shoreside Vale.

Banshee:  Can be found on all islands.  It has a white stripe running down
the center of it.  

Idaho:  Can be found in PortlandJIdaho:  Can be found in PortlandJIdaho:  Can be 
found in Portl truck to
your hideout.

BULLETPROOF BOBCAT:  During the mission "Evidence Dash" get a heavy
vehicle and flip the Bobcat over.  Then flip it back over before it blows.



I would like to thank everyone who worked on making this beautiful game.
To any of you that made this game and happen to read this;  I love you
man!  I would like to thank CJayC of for running such
a great site.  CJ, you da man!  I would like to thank the following FAQ
authors who wrote guides before I did and it was them who helped me when
I got stumped:  6 SiXeS reppin' InFaMouZ 2k2, minesweeper, Sweetpimp324,
MineSweeper1, Kurt Kanellos, and GheddonLN.  You all rock!  I would also
like to thank myself for writing this.  Lastly I want to thank you the
reader for using this FAQ.  Have a nice day!

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