Grand Theft Auto Carl Johnson:How-To-Make - Guide for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

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Ok.I was bored,and I though,CJ from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,would be GREAT
for WWE's Smack Down vs Raw 2010 Video Game!So,I made him!(I'll put more on
later,my PS2 overheated)


1.Template #9

Just edit the eyes,that's it!Everything else,you choose.The hair,though,you
should make short.


1.Shirt-Any that can be made to a sleeve-less shirt,and make it white(If you
don't think its white enough,you can edit it.)

2.Pants-Make them any but business pants,and make them blue(Don't edit)

Application Form:

Name-Carl Johnson


(I don't know what the word is)-Middle

Abb. Name-(Choose one)The OG CJ or CJ

Ring Name-The Gangsta

Weight-212 pounds

Show-Free Agent

City-Los Angles,California.

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