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December/10/2004- I got the game today and I can't stop playing it.

Introduction- I got this game a little bit after the release date. I want to give a 
thanks to Chase Ansok who gave me the idea for this guide by reading his. I hope you 
like it and if you don't then you don't. I have a basketball team, work and I have 
to play this game alot so this takes up much of my time. It may take me a while to 
get this completed, but I promise it will be done sometime.

Update: January/3/2005- Incase you don't know, I do cheat in the Grand Theft Auto 
Games. I won't lie. Beleive it or not, I almost beat the game. The first time I 
started playing, I didn't make a guide. This is my second time through the game, and 
after every mission, I am writing down what happend, and what you have to do. It may 
take me a while because I am not going to cheat this time, and I have never played a 
Grand Theft Auto game without cheating.

Update: January/6/2005- I just got done with my San Fierro missions. I don't have 
them posted yet, but they are finished and I am waiting to see what missions I have 

Legal Stuff- You may not use this guide for your website unless you have my 
permission. If you wish to use this guide on your website e-mail me at 
[email protected] Also, if you see anyone using this guide e-mail me 
about that also. If you have suggestions or any questions or anything else I have 
missed please e-mail me. I love to get e-mail;s with info. Also PLEASE e-mail me and 
tell me what you think of the guide. Even if it's bad e-mail. I love getting stuff 
about that even more! If you send me questions, they are sure to be posted in this 
guide, along with the answer. Also, after the mission guide is completed I will post 
everyones e-mail about the game. Anyway, if you use my guide as your own or use it 
on your website without my permission, you will be prosecuted to the full extent.

Right now the only website that has permission to use this guide is-

Update: January/9/2005- If you use cheatcodes in this game, it may cause glitches. 
Glitches could prevent you from completing the game 100 percent.

Update: January/12/2005- I got an e-mail yesterday. Somebody wanted Vice City info. 
If you are going to send in a question, it can't be about any other GTA games. They 
will not be posted and I won't even read them. This is San Andreas, not any other 
GTA game. This is my first GTA guide I ever did so I haven't done Vice City. I 
haven't even played any missions in Vice City. After this guide, I might make one 
for GTA III and Vice City but not until I am done with this. Please don't send me 
any questions about Vice City or GTA III.

Update: January/18/2005- I just got the rankings for the game today. To find out 
what you are, go to your pause menu and go to stats and it will say what you are at 
the top. I haven't been playing the game for 6 days because I have been gone with my 
basketball team so that will set back the date for the guide. Remember, I am going 
to beat the game first, then post them so it might take a while. Anyway, here are 
the rankings:

Playa-Hater	-1 and less
Vic		-0-19
Square		-20-49
Civilian		-50-74
Rat		-75-99
Snitch		-100-119
Dry Snitch	-120-149
Transformer	-150-199
Punk-Ass Bitch	 -200-239
Sucka		 -240-269
Poot-Butt	 -270-299
Buster		 -300-339
Mark		 -340-369
Chump		 -370-399
Trick		 -400-499
Red-Headed Stepchild-450-499
Peon		 -500-549
Pee-Wee	 -550-599
Prankster	 -600-609
Fool		 -610-649
Street Cat	 -650-699
Thug		 -700-799
Hustler		 -800-999
Playa		 -1,000-1, 009
Playa Partner	 -1,010-1, 299
Pimp		 -1,300-1, 299
Crime Partner	 -1,500-1, 699
Homeboy	 -1,700-1, 999
Homie		 -2,000-2, 009
Road Dawg	 -2,100-2, 299
Hoodsta	 -2,300-2, 499
Hard-Ass	 -2,500-2, 749
Banger		 -2,250-2, 999
Lil' G		 -3,000-3, 499
Loc		 -3.500-3, 999
Jacker		 -4,000-4, 999
Shooter	 -5,000-7, 499
Foot Soldier	 -7,500-10,000
Hoo-Rider	 -10,000-19,999
Soldier		 -20,000-29,999
Hawg		 -30,000-39, 999
Gangsta	 -40,000-49, 999
Ghetto Star	 -50,000-59,999
Monster	 -60,000-79,999
Big Homie	 -80,000-99,999
Boss Hawg	 -100,000-149,999
Shot Caller	 -150,000-199,999
OG		 -200,000-299,999
High Roller	 -300,000-399,999
4-Star		 -400,000-499,999
General		 -500,000-749,999
Godfather	 -750,000-999,999
King Of San Andreas-1,000,000+

I am currently ranked at Ghetto Star

Update: January/23/2005- I found out that even if you complete all the missions, you 
will not have 100 percent in the game. You must complete taxi missions, pimping 
missions,etc. Also, you must have all of the tags and horseshoes and all that stuff 
done. Like I said, cheating MIGHT or Might NOT prevent you from getting 100 percent.

Update: Febuary/9/2005- I BEAT THE GAME!!! I also have 100 percent! Now I will be 
posting the missions and everything else. And... this guide will include many other 
things after all the missions are completed.

Update: Febuary/10/2005- Today, I am going to start posting missions. I know that 
all of the questions stuff I said was back in January but I want you to ask them, 
all the way up until I finish the guide. Feel free to ask questions whenever you 
want. I will be posting only about 5 or 6 missions at a time. Please keep checking 
back for updates on the missions.

		Missions Guide

	      Los Santos Missions
      Opening Mission: Ride the bike to the Grove

	1. Big Smoke- Difficulty: 2/10

I gave this mission a two because it is a hard first mission. You have to follow the 
Grove while the Ballas are shooting at you and you can't do anything about it. Watch 
the scenes then get on the bike and follow Ryder. If you lose them and can't see 
them, the mission isn't yet failed. If you lose Ryder, follow the blue dot on your 
map. Once you get to the Grove, the mission is done.

Reward: Sweet is boss, Respect Earned

	2. Ryder- Difficulty: 1/10

Drive to the barber shop and get a haircut. Then, go to the Well Stacked Pizza CO. 
Ryder will get shot at, run in the car and get back to the Grove. (If you want a 
weapon, go behind the pizza guy when he is shooting at Ryder and keep punching him. 
When he is dead, you will get a shot gun. It doesn't have many bullets, but it's a 

Reward: Respect Earned

	3. Tagging Up Turf- Difficulty: 2/10

Drive to the blip and Sweet will do the first tag. There are two other tags you have 
to do in that neighborhood. When they are done, go to the Ballas territory and let 
Sweet go and do tags somewhere else. Just go to the blips on the map to find the 
tags. When you get done with all the tags for that mission are done. 7 out of 100 
tags are finished.

Reward: $200, Respect Earned

	4. Cleaning The Hood- Difficulty: 1/10

You and Ryder go to B-Dup's house. Watch the scene, then find the crack dealer on 
your map. Kill him and take his bat. Go inside the house across the street and start 
targeting people and hitting them untill they all die. When they are all dead, go 
back to Sweet's.

Reward: Respect Earned

	5. Drive-Thru- Difficulty: 4/10

Drive the Grove to the Cluckin' Bell. You see a Balla and relize that they are 
planning to kill a Grove member. Go after them and let Ryder and Sweet shoot at them 
while Big Smoke eat's all the food. When the Ballas car is on fire, make sure your 
not touching it. If you do, your car will blow up and the mission is failed. But if 
you kill them, head back to the Grove and mission completed.When it is done, Sweet 
calls about the gym.

Reward: $500, Respect earned.

	6. Nines and AKs- Difficulty: 1/10

Go to Emmet's and shoot everything it tells you to. When you take Big Smoke home, 
Sweet will call. Drive to Binco and try on some new clothes. (More Missions Coming)

Reward: Respect Earned

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