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 X             X          X                  X   X
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Big Smoke---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ok here's da easiest part of the game....the beginning.well lets see...CJ is 
unarmed in gang territory and he has no body armour on...not a good idea to get 
into fights..yet at least..hop onto the bike with the purple marker over u 
start moving,the game explains to you most of the stuff about a bike.cycle over to 
the CJ icon on the map.or if you want,explore los santos first.just don't go around 
hitting cops or anything lame like that.just take your time...
Big Smoke---------------------------------------------------------------------------
walk into the red marker.u watch a cutscene of BigSmoke,entering the room and 
chatting with CJ.once thats over,there'll be another cutscene of CJ and bigsmoke 
getting in to BigSmoke's new car.u dont have to drive....yet.den another cutscene 
plays where CJ meets up with sweet and his sis,kendl.after a bit of arguement,the 
ballas arrive.(woohoo..just when things were getting easy)
hop onto the bike with the purple marker above it and follow sweet.he's represented 
by a blue blip on the map.when u hget close to him,a blue marker will appear above 
him.keep up with him and dodge the bullets those ballas shoot at you.try swerving 
from left to right,or if ur mister-im-a-macho-man,brave the bullets and just follow 
sweet.after a while,another cutscene plays,and ryder takes over.follow him back 2 
grove street and cycle into the red marker.-----------------------------------------
mission passed-----------------------------------------respect+
i knoe dis a very short faq,but just hang with it..i did dis in like 5 mins...when 
i haf morer time ill cover the whole game..and i mean it..

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