Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Weapons guide

---------------------------Grand Theft Auto Weapons Guide---------------------------
Type 1:Hand
Weapons in this slot allow you to attack and block.To block,hold R1 to select a 
victim and press Square to block.---------------------------------------------------
FIST:No weapons,just the good old fist.
BRASS KNUCKLES:Much more damagind than the fist.
Type 2:Melee Weapons
Weapons in this slot allow you to attack and block.To block,hold R1 to select a 
victim and press Square to block.---------------------------------------------------
BASEBALL BAT:Whack 'em up and hit a homerun with this weapon.
KATANA:Go up to an enemy gang member and slice and dice him to pieces with this 
razor sharp sword.
KNIFE:Move and follow a victim without him or her noticing you and press R1 to 
target the victim,and when CJ's hand is raised,hit Square for a silent kill.
SHOVEL:Really useful when you wanna take someone down,fast.
GOLF CLUB:Come on,lets see you hit a hole-in-one.
CANE:Remeber when mom or dad used to use it on you??Now you have the power to give 
anyone a sore butt.
POOL STICK:You can get it by entering a bar and killing the person who challenges 
you to a game of pool.
NIGHTSTICK:Really useful to take someone by surprise.
CHAINSAW:Press R1 and target a victim.Then press Triangle for single attack.Circle 
for brutal attack.Or if your feeling extra ruthless,hold circle until CJ buries the 
chainsaw into the victim's gut.
MYSTERY WEAPON:I don't wish to talk about this weapon,but you can find it in the 
LSPD toilet in Los Santos.----------------------------------------------------------
Type 3:Handguns
Every weapon in this slot has its own weapon skill.All Hitman Skill Levels are 
reached at 100% Weapon Skill.-------------------------------------------------------
PISTOL:Ganster level reached at 10% Pistol Skill.
SILENCED 9mm:The silenced pistol is as good as its name and it's 5 times as 
powerful as the pistol.Gangster level reached at 20% silenced pistol skill.
DESERT EAGLE:this is a very powerful handgun that must be held with both hands to 
control the  recoil.Twice as powerful as the silenced pistol.Gangster level reached 
at 20% Desert Eagle skill.----------------------------------------------------------
Type 4:Shotguns
Every weapon in this slot has its own Weapon Skill.All Hitman Skill levels reached 
at 100% weapon skill.---------------------------------------------------------------
SHOTGUN:Gangster level reached at 20% shotgun skill.
SAWN-OFF SHOTGUN:This weapon is more powerful than the shotgun.Gangster level 
reached at 20% Sawn-off shotgun skill.
COMBAT SHOTGUN:Most powerful shotgun of the lot.Gangster level reached at 20% 
Combat shotgun skill.---------------------------------------------------------------
Type 5:Machine pistols
TEC-9:Weakest of uzi type weapons.
MICRO MP5:More powerful than the tec-9,but can't beat the MP5.
MP5:The next best thing than an AK.-------------------------------------------------
Type 7:Assault Rifles
AK-47:Quite a powerful weapon,and it packs quite a punch even at long range.
M4:This is the top-dog military weapon.It's pretty powerful,though its hard to 
compare to the AK.------------------------------------------------------------------
Type 7:Rifles
COUNTRY RIFLE:A powerful and very popular brand of rifle.Extremely accurate.Can't 
move while using targeting though.
SNIPER RIFLE:Hold R1 to raise the scope to your eye,L2 and R2 to Zoom in and 
out,and L3 to crouch for better stability.Cannot move while holing R1.--------------
Type 8:Heavy Artillery
ROCKET LAUNCHER:You cannot shoot this weapon without pressing and holding the R1 
button.Press circle to fire.You'll take damage if your too near the object or 
person your shooting.
FLAME THROWER:Press R1 for targeting reticle and let it burn man.Don't get too 
close to your own fire though,or you might become a phoenix.
HEAT-SEEKING ROCKET LAUNCHER:Press and hold R1 for auto-aim until targeting reticle 
turns red.Press circle to fire one round of missiles.
MINIGUN:Make swiss cheese of anything.Use it a weapon to quickly destroy any 
vehicles.My personal favourite.
Type 9:Thrown Weapons
MOLOTOV COCKTAIL:Poor man's grenade.Bottle of gasoline with a burning rag.
TEAR GAS:Tears up the eyes,preventing attackers from engaging and attacking CJ.Can 
kill if you use enough.No effect whatsoever on CJ.
REMOTE SATCHEL EXPLOSIVE:Sticky bombs.Make your personal suicide terrorist by 
thowing it onto victim.Then.switch to the remote control and press Circle.ENJOY!!
Don't get too close or you'll take damage or get wasted.----------------------------
This is it for the weapons in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas...Go look out for some 
other items that i did not mention in this guide.
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