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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough

Table Of Contents

Hi I'm writing this FAQ because I love Vice City in fact I love the whole
Grand Theft Auto series. Also before you continue reading keep in mind
that only use this FAQ if you plan on cheating, also DO NOT use this if
you are shooting for a 100%. Oh also I WILL BE DOING the extra 
side-missions cause there are pretty fun. And a lot of the Asset Missions
AND also keep in mind that I will be skipping around here and there cause
some missions you can't do after a certain mission. SO let's start the

Alright you start off by standing near a admiral and a faggio choose
whichever one you prefer, and boy do I hope you no how to use a radar!!
Cause if you don't your in big trouble cause it's practically your
whole source except for the map. So follow the radar to Ocean View. Walk
into the pink circle thing. It will say to walk through the door go ahead.
It will give some more information. Walk into the 2nd marker. A cutscene
will take place with you and Sonny talking over the phone. You say how
the deal went bad and Sonny isn't too happy with ya. So he wants his
money back. When your done talking it's time to see your lawyer.
Ken Rosenburg. Follow the L on your radar. Now we will be doing missions
for Ken.

Ken Rosenburg

The Party
Reward $100

Okay you go see Ken now after the cutscene go to Rafiel's then go to
the Colnel's boat. You will see A LOT of different people there that you
will be working for in the future, but after the cutscene take Mercedes
to the Pole Position Club. Easy 100 bucks.

Back Alley Brawl
Reward $200

You have to go to the Malibu to find Kent Paul when you get there he'll
be talking to a slut. He'll say that there's a guy who's been very pleased


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