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_/        /       _ _    / 
    /    /                                            /    /                        
 /      /_ _/   /
	               /    /       _ _ _ _ _ _ 
_                 /    /                         /      __      /
                          /    /       / _ _ _ 
_        /               /    /                         /      /    /    /
                         /    /                    /      /                /    /   
                      /      /    /    /
                        /    /                    /      /                /    /    
                     /      /    /    /
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_/                /_ /                          /_ _ /    /_ _/  
1.	Introduction
a.	Story
b.	People
c.	Weapons
d.	Vehicles
e.	Your House
f.	Extra Jobs
2.	The Guide

1.	Okay people this is my first FAQ so bear with me hear. I helped out Gary on 
Faq so I decided to make mine. This will not be complete scince today is only 
Oct/16/02 . I will get more info as it comes if you have any questions or want to 
give me some info email me at : [email protected], or I am registered in . Okay hear it goes…

A. The Story
Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch in 
maximum security, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny 
Forelli. They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in Liberty City, 
so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go smoothly upon his 
arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. He's set up and is 
left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his money back, but the biker 
gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of Vice City 
seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over the city 
From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's 
rise to the top of the criminal pile as Grand Theft Auto returns to the 
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system this October. Vice City is a huge urban 
sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the 
most varied, complete and alive digital city ever created. Combining non-linear 
gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with 
delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you 
As a major gateway to South America and the Caribbean and attracting migrants, Vice 
City is brimming with diverse characters, so there's a friend for everyone. It is a 
sociable place and the new guy in town is sure to meet all manner of friendly 
people in the sunshine capital of America. Athletes, pop stars, real estate 
developers, politicians, trailer trash, everyone is moving to Vice City to find out 
what makes it the number one growth city in America. But, as Tommy quickly finds 
out, trust is still the rarest of commodities.
B. People

Sonny Forelli - Your old boss , head of crime family most suspected by cops

Ken RosenBurg – partner at Rosenburg & Assosiates legal firm, suspected problems 
with narcotics and drugs

Ricardo Diaz – Extreamly dangerous , bribed INS for Green Card in 1978

Steve Scott – movie director hoping to make it big

Candy Suxx –women of extreamly ill repute

Pastor Richards – Rumor has it he does drugs and drinks beer 

Phil Cassidy- FROM VICE CITY, is a red neck arms dealer

Cam Jones- currently in trial for an attempted robbery

Hilary King – good driver who says she works with Phil Cassidy and
Cam Jones

Alberto Robina – 

Umberto Robina – 

Eugene – 


Leo Teal –

Mr. Black –

Big Mitch Baker – 

Pedro Garcia-

Ice Cream Lady- 

Auntty Paulet-

Swat –

C. Weapons

D. Vehicles

Taxi cab

E. Your House 
Finally! This game gives you some decent houses! No more druggy place’s in the 
ghetto for you! You get fences a real garage, go inside your house for once . You 
don’t need to Unlock things that’s cheap! Whats better GTA3 or GTAVC ?

F. Extra Jobs

NEW!!  Pizza Dilivery, you can get  a pizza delivery car , go inside peoples 
houses , and get boneses .

Taxi Driver- I get the dirty Iraqs don’t want to give up do they?
Well you pick up and drop off people and get money.

Ambulence- save people get money whoop de doo

Fire fighter – water down fires let people incinerate them selves same idea

Police Officer – yay! Lets save people by killing criminals, but hey the Police 
Force are on your side , try RENTING a helicopter.

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