Great Fairy Fountains - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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Throughout your quest, you will be able to find many hidden fairy fountains through 
hidden passages. The fairy will give you helpful power-ups and magic spells that 
increase both your offensive attack and your defense. 

Spinning Sword Attack
Items needed: Hylian shield, slingshot, slingshot ammo, bombs

Climb up death mountain trail and take a left at the red flag. The rock on the left 
isn't in the way of anything but you can blow it up for a blue rupee. Blow up the 
rock on the right and climb up.  You'll have to jump to the other side but you won't 
be able to with the rock across the way blocking the path.  Throw a bomb so that it 
gets stuck up there or time it so that it blows up on contact (bombs have about a 
five second fuse).   Cross down the path until the volcano starts erupting.  Make 
sure you have your Hylian shield equipped and press "R" to duck down.  Once the 
rocks stop hitting your shield, you’ll have a few seconds to walk down the mountain 
until it erupts again. Once you get to the end, kill the Skulltula on the wall and 
climb up. Continue to the top, killing the other two Skulltulas as you work your way 
up. Once you get to the top, place a bomb next to the cracked wall. The fairy inside 
will give you a new spin attack.

Din’s Fire
Items needed: bombs

Get past the Hyrule Castle gate by going around it or paying the guard off. Go right 
at the fork and blow the rock up with a bomb.  

Farore’s Wind
Items needed: bombs

Go to the partially frozen lake where Jabu-Jabu used to be. Located on the opposite 
end (bottom right on your map) is a rock that can’t be blown up or hammered. Place a 
bomb near it anyway and the wall behind the rock will blow up instead. 

Longer Magic Meter
Items needed: hammer

Go through Darunia’s throne room to the entrance of Death Mountain. Use your hammer 
to break the two rocks on the right of the entrance. 

Nayru’s Love
Items needed: bombs

Warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Find the cracked tree and blow it up with 
a bomb.

Half Damage
Items needed: Golden Gauntlets

Get the Golden Gauntlet from Ganon’s Castle and lift up the giant pillar outside of 
the castle. The pillar is around the same area where you found Din’s Fire as a child.

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