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1. Characters & Limit Breaks

1. Characters

 Cloud Strife

 At the beginig of the game , you are told Cloud is from Soldier , but he quit and 
joined up with the group Avalanche. He is probably the strongest character in the 
game ( except for Sephiroth , who comes in later) , and is the only one at this 
point with materia. 

 Cloud's Limit breaks include:
 Level 1

Braver and Cross Slash

 Level 2

Blade beam and Climhazzard

 Level 3

 Meteorain and Finishing touch

 Level 4



 Tifa Lockheart

 A childhood friend of Cloud's and powerful fist fighter.  Tifa runs the bar above 
Avalanchhe's hideout and looks over Barret's daughter named Marlene. After seeing 
Cloud in Midgar , Tifa joins up with them.

 Tifa's Limit breaks include:

 Level 1

 Beat Rush and Sumersualt

 Level 2

 Waterkick and  Meteordrive

 Level 3 

 Dolphinblow and Meteor strike

 Level 4

 Final Heaven

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