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Robot Wars        Arenas of     Destruction!!!   Gregsys Guide To Metal Mashing!     

By Gregor  T  E-mail me via my contact option thing

27/1/02 – started and done until Halfway through section 3
27/1/02(later that night) - a bit more done- not to much
28/1/02 - just some more vital things
29/1/02 - some arenas done
31/1/02 - just some more things
10/2/02 - finished some mistakes
18/2/02 - edits

2:Stuff to know before you view
3:Areas of robot wars
5:Building a bot and buying stuff
6:Sorting out your robot

 You are a roboteer new to robot wars and want to build robots, fight robots and of 
course make the opponent worthy of the scrapheap. Who knows you might even pick up a 
few trophies along the way. If this metal munching, destruction causing is too much 
for you take up something less stressful like gardening.

Stuff to know before you view!!
All the usual stuff applies here like not posting this guide on any website without 
me knowing- all you have to do is ask! The e-mail address is at the top of this 
guide if you want to use this on any website or want to send comments- please not 
any with foul language just down to the point e-mails and also tell me what I can do 
to make it better. (If your computer has a virus get it fixed before sending or just 
don’t send it– your choice I don’t want it!) And also this is not to be published 
for anyone other than you and maybe your friends use!!Copyright GThomson2002
if anythig is sent to me about this FAQ i will give the sender full credit unless it 
was already destend to be on this FAQ.

Areas of robot wars
The areas are : Championship where you earn money and get trophies new arenas 
                      : Free play mode- where you can hammer random opponents with 
your own bot
                      : Vengance battle- send an opponent to the scrap yard if you 
hold a grudge but note you can only fight one of your own bots.
                      : Training- bought a new bot  or even built  one. Try 
this to see how they work your choices are : SLALOM- weave in between things – not 
TRAINING FIGHT- go against any robot in what I call a proper grudge match
HOUSE ROBOT FIGHT- go up against any of the 5 house robots for the ultimate 
challenge in trying to win – I’ve beaten all of them and would recommend Razer or 
Hypnodisk if there is anybody else to use please tell me so that I can put it up 
here but I’ll judge that after you tell me.

                      : ROBOT WORKSHOP- build a bot – I’ll cover this more in 
5 and 6 
                      : Trophy room - view trophies won in championship mode



Main Arena London- the one that is well known as the T.V show takes place in it and 
this is 
where you will first battle the problems that I yes I sometimes have problems with 
but only on a bad day are as follows 
                                     :House Robots-Very annoying if you accidently 
go in because there on you like nothing else on earth and they just rip your shell 
right off even if it is titanium yup it's true it's true.
                                     :Flame Throwers, Flame pit and flamers under 
the aerena - quite dangerous for your robot as fire can take some toll on your bot 
although not mutch is taken if you are only passing through.
                                     :Spikes on the side of the aerena- if you get 
one of your drive motors duffed up its quite annoying as when going into one can rip 
your shell right off.
                                     :THE PIT- VERY dangerous if your robots drive 
is immobilised as steering away is impossible but also dangerous if you let your 
guard down and miss ramming another robot in.

Kilamanjaro Tanzia - the seacond place you should visit in the game a large rocket 
dominates the arena here are the problem areas 
                                     :Rocket pit- alright not too chalenging as you 
can escape but if you come in at the wrong angle youl be flipped and if you dont 
have a self righter your out big time!
                                     :House Robots - same as London. 
Military Base Siberia- The third place to go. This base has a massive pit dominating 
the arena and also there are mines here- easy to miss but still a problem.Here are 
the problem areas.
                                     :House Robots - same as London. 
                                     :Land Mines - They blow you up and might even 
flip you - this is the time for a self righter!
                                     :Massive pit- Open it by driving up in behind 
the house robots and going over the red button this is dangerous for jumping off the 
roof of the spectators hut as you will trigger the button and the pit opens asyou 
come down to land in it!!

Rooftop Japan - Based on a roof of a skyscraper, this is a really cool arena as you 
have permanent access to a semi pit.Here are the problem areas.
                                     :House Robots - same as London exept they come 
after you at the start of a fight!
                                     :Genarators - not a problem
                                     :Skylight - a big problem if you are on it when 
it gives way -  usually happens when a heavy robot goes on it.
                                     :Ege Of The Roof.easy to miss as its quite 
small but it's a good way to finish a fight.

Sorry for any inconvenience as I’ve only got to here.



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