GS Codes - Guide for Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

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(M) Must Be On  0E3C7DF21853E59E

Full Weapon OHGI OHGI = Weapon Charge (R1+Square) D161108EBCA99B82 


Low Game Time D17A4FFABCA9A053

Max Defeated C1611532BCA9C292 

Max Critical C160F39ABCA9C292 

Max Total Souls D161165ABC413102 

Always 1st Save D17A4E76BCA99B83 


Hat & Sunglasses D161FAF2BCA99B84

Yagyu Armor Lv2 D161F982BCA99B84 

Yagyu Armor Lv3 D161F98ABCA99B84

Yagyu Foot Armor Lv2 D161F99ABCA99B84

Yagyu Foot Armor Lv3 D161F9A2BCA99B84 

Yagyu Arm Armor Lv2 D161F9B2BCA99B84

Yagyu Arm Armor Lv3 D161F9BABCA99B84

Red Necklace D161FF8ABCA99B84

Blue Necklace D161FF92BCA99B84

Yellow Necklace D161FF9ABCA99B84

Green Necklace D161FFA2BCA99B84

White Necklace D161FFAABCA99B84

Black Necklace D161FFB2BCA99B84

Purple Necklace D161FFBABCA99B84

Orange Necklace D161FF42BCA99B84

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