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1.Main characters
2.Main Missions (every single one!)
3.Other Missions (almost every single one!)
4.Places to Buy
9.Extra Outfits
13.Legal stuff

1.Main characters

Main man(you), 35 year old Forelli gang member that just got out of long term lockup 
in Liberty City. The Forellis sent him to Vice City to start a new criminal empire.

Ken Rosenberg
A 33 year old Vice City lawyer that trys to get along with the mob

The Colonel (Cortez)
A retired colonel that owns a large yacht in the bay. Ken Rosenburg knows him.

Lance Vance
A 32 year old guy that just arrived in Vice City. Vercetti’s goon wannabe 

Ricardo Diaz 
Known as mr.Coke, he is a major player in coke circulation.

Sonny Forelli
The head of the Forelli crime family in Liberty City.

2.Main missions
Note-these are just helpful hints for the missions, this isn’t a walkthrough. 

Ken Rosenburg
An Old Friend-just meet rosenburg
The Party-change clothes and go to boat
Back Alley Brawl-just kill the chef, steal his phone and run, go to ammunation
Jury Fury-don’t kill the jurors, just scare them
Riot-get coveralls, start fights. go inside, park vans near each other and blow one 

Juan Garcia Cortez (colonel)
Treacherous Swine-first kill the bodyguards, punch him down, then chainsaw him
Mall Shootout-park a fast car or pcj outside the mall,when swat team appears, just 
run to your car or bike and chase the guy down, get the chips, and visit the colonel
Guardian Angels-there are 3 or 4 cars that come so be ready to shoot  quickly
                      (after some of Diazs’ missions)
Sir,Yes Sir-snipe the soldier out through the small gap in front,get in the tank and 
All Hands On Deck- I recommend you use stocked up missles on the helicopters and 
boats, you can get them behind the hooker inn near the airport in the pool.

Ricardo Diaz
The Chase-go to the apartment and follow him until he gets in his car,keep your 
distance from him while following him, he shoots at you with his ruger when you get 
close to him
Phnom Phen ‘86- shoot all the red barrels and be quick about shooting every on 
closer to the helicopter because they cause more damage then the people at the 
bottom floor.
The Fastest Boat-The python will be useful in this mission if you can get a hold of 
Supply & Demand-The easiest way to win the boat race is to go around the bigger golf 
island and go into the gap between the big and small island. All the rest is pretty 
Death Row-park a fast car in front of the Malibu before you start the mission. An 
MP5 or a Python works really good for this mission. I prefer the MP5 because of its 
Rub Out-first, use a sniper rifle to take out anyone in front of the mansion, when 
you start getting close to people, the best weapon is the MP5.
Shakedown- park a bike outside the mansion before you take the mission. When you get 
to the mall, I recommend you use a gatling gun or rocket launcher, but you can use 
grenades if you cant get a hold of those.
Bar Brawl-just drive-by the guards, when you get to the security place use a grenade 
or rocket if you can, you might want to snipe if you don’t have those weapons.
Copland-be sure to plan your getaway before you plant the bomb.

Final Missions(you have to get assets and complete side missions before you open 
Cap The Collector-Just use a fast car to ram them off their bikes, then kill them
Keep Your Friends Close…-Just be sure to stock up on python and flamethrower ammo

3.Other Missions (almost complete)

Avery Carrington
Four Iron-Try to get a hold of a boat so you don't have to give up your weapons
Demolition Man- I like to start  at the top so you don't have to go out of your way 
to kill the workers while setting the other bombs.
Two Bit Hit-Drive up to the romeros hearse and drive by it before he gets in it.

Love Fist (rock band)
Love Juice-You should use a fast car for this mission.You can use a bike if your 
confident in your biking skills but its easier if you ram him off his bike.
Psycho Killer- It makes this mission a lot easier if you park a fast car right next 
to where your supposed to park the love fist car so you can hop out of the love fist 
and get in the fast car for the chase instead of the slow love fist car.
(after mitches missions)
Publicity Tour- just stay on the big roads.

Mitch Baker (biker)
Alloy Wheels of Steel- careful driving wins this race
Messing with the Man-One of the toughest missions in the game, there is no easy way 
to beat this mission. A rocket launcher or gatling gun work well.
Hog Tied- pretty easy mission compared to the last one, just have armor& guns

Assassinations (pay phone missions)
Road Kill-Just use a car to ram him off the moped, then kill him.
Waste the Wife- Just don't use any guns, you'll fail the mission. Just ram her
Autocide-You can kill most of them with the sniper rifle.
Check Out at the Check In- Don't shoot him to early or you'll fail the mission
(after the Malibu mission "the shootist")
Loose Ends- Use a sniper rifle to kill most of them before they spot you

Steve Scott (film studio)
Recruitment Drive- just drive by the car and ignore his goons
***** Dodo- It may take a few trys, start with the southernmost checkpoint.
Marthas Mugshot- After takin the pictures you'll get a 5 star wanted level.
G-Spotlight- just be careful to plan your jumps before you make them.

Umberto (cuban)
Stunt Boat Challenge- An easy mission that tests your "cojones"
Cannon Fodder- be sure to have a sniper rifle and python, with lots of ammo.
Naval Engagement- Use a rocket launcher to blow up the boats.
(after haitan missions)
Trojan Voodoo-Don't bother to kill anyone unless they get near you. just run

Auntie Poulet (haitan)
Juju Scramble- be sure to use a fast car.
Bombs Away- I like to crash the first plane in the middle to kill a lot of them.
Dirty Lickins-Take the adrenaline pill under the stairway to snipe easier.

Checkpoint Charlie-pretty self explanatory mission

Kaufman Cabs (taxi company)
V.I.P.-Be sure to face west when you honk the horn. Drive-by the other cab.
Friendly Rivalry- You can leave the kaufman cab to shoot the other cabs.
Carmageddon- Park your cab in 8-balls garage and get rigged with a bomb, then wait 
for all the opposing cabs to get in. now get out of the cab and hit the switch.To 
defeat the boss, just get him to ram a wall and pull him out of his car.

The Malibu
No Escape?- get the uniform, get cam , get out. Sound easy? It's not
The Shootist- In round one, just aim for the back target. The rest is easy.
The Driver- This is definitely the hardest mission. Hilary doesn't drive nearly as 
crazy as the street racers, but he is ten times faster. You get to drive the worst 
car in the game too. The trick is to make him spin out.

Phil Cassidy (as seen in GTA3)
Print Works

4.Places to buy

Cost: $10,000  Profit:$2,000 per day
Ice cream company
Cost:$20,000  Profit:$3,000 per day
Kaufman cabs
Cost:$40,000  Profit:$5,000 per day
Car showroom
Cost:$50,000  Profit:$1,500 x car collection garages completed
Print works
Cost:$70,000  Profit:$8,000 per day
Film studio
Cost:$60,000  Profit:$7,000 per day
Cost:$100,000 Profit:$10,000 per day
Pole Position
Cost:$30,000  Profit:$4,000 per day

Places To Buy-Save Points

Elswanko Casa
Cost:$8,000 Profit: 1 garage
location-south of north point mall
Links View Apartments
Cost:$6,000 Profit: 1 garage
location-west of vice point police station
Ocean Heights
Cost:$7,000 Profit: 1 garage
location-southmost block in ocean beach
Hyman Condo
Cost:$14,000 Profit: 3 garages, helipad w/ helicopter
location-east of stadium
1102 Washington Street
Cost:$3,000 Profit: N/A 
location-across from Rosenburgs office
3321 Vice Point
Cost:$2,500 Profit: N/A
location-north of northpoint mall
Skumole Shack
Cost:$1,000 Profit: N/A
location-on rooftop near biker bar

blista compact      Cuban hermes       Hermes       manana     phoenix 
sabre turbo            voodoo          sabre       stallion    banshee
cheetah              deluxo           infernus      comet     stinger    
bloodring banger      admiral         glendale      idaho     perennial        
hotring racer       sentinal xs       esperanto    greenwood   oceanic
regina               sentinal         virgo        washington  baggage
love fist            caddy            romeros       stretch     angel
faggio              PCJ-60            freeway      sanchez     ambulance 
cabbie            fbi rancher        barracks OL   enforcer   FBI washington
fire truck        kaufman cab        pizza boy      taxi      Mr. whoopee     
police               rhino           zebra cab   bf injection landstalker
patriot             bobcat          mesa grande    rancher     sandking
benson               bus             flatbed        mule        walton
boxville             coach          linerunner      packer     securicar
trashmaster        spand express     yankee         burrito   gang burrito
moonbeam             pony            rumpo          top fun 

Maverick          Police Maverick    Skimmer        Sparrow    Sea Sparrow
VNC Maverick        Hunter

7. Boats
Coast guard         dinghy          reefer         speeder    cuban jetmax
Marquis              rio            squallo         tropic      Predator

Brass knuckles    Screwdriver       Golf club       Hammer     Nightstick 
Baseball bat        Knife           Cleaver         Machete     Katana
Chainsaw           Grenades         Teargas         Molotov  Grenade w/detonator 
Colt handgun      python (magnum)   Shotgun      SPAZ shotgun  Stubby shotgun
TEC-9             INGRAM Mac 10       Uzi            MP5         Ruger
Colt M4         Rocket Launcher       M60           Minigun    Flame thrower 
Sniper rifle         PSG-1 

9.Extra Outfits
Soiree outfit     Coveralls        Tracksuit       Bank Job   Mr. Vercetti
Casual         Country Club        Havanna          Cop           Normal 

10.Q&A (No Longer Accepting Q&A- Sorry)

  Q.Where can I get the Army helicopter without getting 100 hidden packages?
  A.You can get the apache (Army helicopter) using another helicopter to land in the 
    back of fort baxter air base next to the apache and hopping in. (Thanks to the 
    person who brought this to my attention)
  Q.How do I get the property I own to generate profits?
  A.You have to complete a different task for each property before it generates      
    profit. Ex.-to get profit from the pole position, you have to spend $600 on the 
    dancer in the back room before you'll get profit.

  Q.I beat the game and I still have a low percentage complete, why?
  A.To get 100%, you have to complete every mission and you have to get all hidden
    packages, hit all unique stunt jumps, and even R3 missions like Vigilante.

11.Codes (all confirmed to work)

Fill Health- R1,R2,L1,O,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Fill Armor - R1,R2,L1,X,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Weapons #1 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Weapons #2 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Down,Left
Weapons #3 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Down,Down
Lower Wanted Level - R1,R1,O,R2,Up,Down,Up,Down,Up,Down
Raise Wanted Level - R1,R1,O,R2,Left,Right,Left,Right,Left,Right
Cars Drive on Water -Right,R2,O,R1,L2,Square,R1,R2
Dodo Car Flying - Right,R2,O,R1,L2,Down,L1,R1
Caddy(golf cart)- O,L1,Up,R1,L2,X,R1,L1,O,X
Tank - O,O,L1,O,O,O,L1,L2,R1,Triangle,O,Triangle
Sabre Turbo - Right,L2,Down,L2,L2,X,R1,L1,O,Left
Black Vehicles - O,L2,Up,R1,Left,X,R1,L1,Left,O


  Bulletproof and Explosionproof Sabre Turbo- In the Malibu mission where you race 
  Hilary to get him to work for you, don't race him, just stand in front of the 
  malibu and wait for his car to come in front of you, Hilary isn't really in the 
  car, because it is just the AI that drives it, anyway after the race the car will 
  just sit there, but the door will be locked. The trick is to push it with another 
  car to your mansions garage. After its been in there and the garage door has closed
  the cars door will become unlocked and you have your new supercar. You should note 
  though that the car isn't entirely collision proof and the tires can be blown out.

  Dodo Helicopter glitch- If you try to enter a helicopter with the Dodo code on, 
  the game will freeze up and you will lose all unsaved progress.

  Helicopter drive-by glitch- Normally, you can't do a driveby in a helicopter, but 
  if you change the camera angle to cinematic (the one that switches around), you 
  can press R2 or L2 and circle to do a driveby.

13.Legal stuff

Anyone can use this on their site as long as they tell me([email protected])
before they do, please acknowledge that I wrote this too. If you see this strategy 
on a website besides the two I have listed under the title, please tell me.

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