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version number 1.0
last updated:1/26/03

Q:What Is The Criminal Rating Thingy?
A: It is just a way to say you're better at the game than your friend
(nothing bad happens if it goes down)

Q:How Do I Get To The Other Island?
A: By Completing missions, the weather forcast eventually allows the 
bridges to be opened again (yay!)

Q:Does Anthing Happen If You Die Or Get busted?
A: You lose some of your money and all of your weapons and you fail
any mission that you were on

Q: What happens whaen you get all 100 secret packages?
A: You get a really cool milatary helicopter with guns.( you can do 
vilgilante mission in it! )

Q:Can cops bust you over for speeding, running a red light, etc. ?
A: No, They wont but you unless you steal a car, kill someone, etc.

Q:Can cops pull you over?
A: No, They hit you, shoot you, arrest you but don't pull you over

Q:Can you do a mission over if you fail it?
A: Yes, you can fail a mission as many times as you want, the taxi will
always be outside the police station or hospital( depending if you died
or got busted )

Q:i beat the game what else is there to do besides the missions?
A: CONGRADULATIONS! you can still continue playing and buying buissnesses,
properties, etc. you can also collect hidden packages, or just play around.

Q: will I be writing more FAQs?
A: I might, depends if I want to( muhahahahaha )

by: Stealth_Assasian


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