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                  |            Secrets FAQ               |
                  |              GTA IV                  |
                  |           Version: 0.15              |
                  |         By: The Duff Man             |
                  |      Email: [email protected]     |
                  |     Site:    |
    Secrets, Easter Eggs, Glitches, Tricks, Rare Vehicles, Tips, Signs...

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|                       \__, /\__/\__,_/  /_/ |___/                         |
|                      /____/                                               |  
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|                                     __          ____                      |
|           ________  _____________  / /______   / __/___ _____ _           |
|          / ___/ _ \/ ___/ ___/ _ \/ __/ ___/  / /_/ __ `/ __ `/           |
|         (__  )  __/ /__/ /  /  __/ /_(__  )  / __/ /_/ / /_/ /            |
|        /____/\___/\___/_/   \___/\__/____/  /_/  \__,_/\__, /             |
|                                                          /_/              |
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Table of Contents

1. Version Updates

2. Intro

3. Submit and Contact

4. Secrets [SR01] |

          Heartbeat of Liberty City
          Bully Easter Egg
          CJ Sightings
          Wall Tributes

5. Glitches [GL01] |

 [5.A] Fun Glitches
          Blue Hell Jump I
          Blue Hell Jump II
          Blue Hell Jump III
          Blue Hell Jump IV
          Floating Cars
 [5.B] Problematic Glitches
          Dating Problems 
          Invincible Cop 
 [5.C] Glitches that Need Verifying
          Blue Hell Jump A
          Race by Yourself

6. Tricks [TR01] |

          ZiT Hotline 
          Revive Your Car
          Blow Your Tires

7. Hidden Details [HD01] |

          In Game Websites
          Television Channels
          Meet the Serial Killer
          Halo Parody
          Free T-Shirt
          Ice Cream Truck Music
          San Andreas Porno Shop
          Roman Punches Niko
          Little Lacy Surprise Police Sting
          VIP Luxury Ringtones Homage  
          Unleash Ninja Guru  
          Criminal List  
          Iggy Pop and Peanut Butter    
          Your Dating Life Blogged
8. Rare Vehicles [RV01] |

          Sultan RS

9. Tips [TS01] |

          Free Perks
          Maps In-Game
          Get Up Stairs Faster
          Use 911
          Get One Man Army Achievement Easily
          Quick Cash

10. Unlocking [UL01] | 

          Flying Rats

11. Cheats [CT01] | 
12. Legal Disclaimer

13. Thanks

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1.   Version Updates

0.15; May 26th, 2008: Yet more reader updates.  Those that contain spoilers 
have been marked for me to read later.  Added new section 5.C - glitches to 
test.  Looking for verification from readers before moving the glitch to a 
more permanent section.  

0.14; May 14th, 2008: DP Comet removed.  Random additions throughout.

0.13; May 11th, 2008: More reader email updates.

0.12; May 5th, 2008: General updates.

0.11; May 2nd, 2008: Updates from readers and more new information.

0.10; April 30th, 2008: Game is now out and the FAQ has begun!

2.   Intro

This FAQ is simply a collection of all the hidden details, secrets, glitches, 
tricks, and any related matter from GTA IV.  I've been playing GTA for a 
while now, and have also run a site dedicated to the GTA series for a 
few years.  I enjoy just playing around in GTA, looking for glitches and 
secrets, more than I play missions.  Many of you may remember me from the GTA 
San Andreas Secrets FAQ - I'm the same author, and hope that this one is just 
as successful.

Please remember this FAQ is for things that have been found, only.  You won't 
find any rumours here.

I've tried to keep this FAQ clean and simple, so it's easier to look through.
I've also tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible, so you can look 
through this at any point in the game without giving anything away.  The 
biggest spoiler you'll find are simply character names.  If a spoiler is 
absolutely necessary, it'll be mentioned.

Luckily, I have a TV tuner card, so all the items listed in the FAQ that 
would benefit from a picture have a link to it.  Just copy/paste the URL into 
your address bar and go there. 

What this FAQ doesn't, and won't, have (so don't email me about them!): 
Rumours/Myths: Unless it is proven, they're all fake.  
Made-up missions: For obvious reasons.
Mission help: Things needed to do are summarized here, other FAQs can help 
you out if need be.

3.   Submit and Contact

If you know of a secret that is not listed here, please send an email to me 
at [email protected].  Also, please try and be as specific as possible.  
You get full credit for your find.

Please use proper spelling and grammar when writing an email.  If I can't 
read it, I can't respond to it.

Be sure to include a username, so I can credit you appropriately.  If you 
don't leave a username, I'll just use the one in your email.

Keep in mind that your submissions may be reworded to properly fit the 
context it's being put in. 


4.   Secrets                                                           [SR01]

--- [Heartbeat of Liberty City] ---

Description: To do this, you'll need a helicopter.  Now, head to the Statue 
of Happiness using your map.  Once there, bail out near the top.  From here, 
enter the statue and climb up a ladder to see a beating heart chained down at 
the very top.  You've now found the beating heart of liberty city!

--- [Bully Easter Egg] ---

During the television show "I'm Rich," the hosts talk about how one of the 
celebrities attends a private school. During that bit of narration, you'll 
see Bullworth Academy grace the screen, it being the setting for "Bully," 
another Rockstar game.
Sent by: Andrew W.

--- [CJ Sightings] ---

Quite alot of past Rockstar games made it into the TV shows. Also during an
episode of "I'm Rich" they show various expensive items and activities. One 
of them is a man parachuting. It's CJ from GTA:SA (wearing the worst outfit 
in the game, as well). In a commercial for a Nascar-type sports event also 
features CJ driving a racecar at the LS Airport. A commercial for a western 
movie on Weasel uses footage from the Rockstar game "Red Dead Revolver".
Sent by: [email protected]

--- [Wall Tributes] ---

On certain walls in the game, such as ones in apartments and safehouses, 
there are knife-etchings that say R.I.P to people, one of which is "Claude", 
and one that appears to say "Tommy". These may be Claude from GTA3 and Tommy 
Vercetti from Vice City.
Sent by: [email protected]

5.   Glitches                                                          [GL01]

                     -----------[5.A Fun Glitches]----------

Fun glitches that you'll want to do...
--- [Blue Hell Jump I] ---

Description: Take a car over to Francis International Airport, but use a big 
one like an SUV.  Then, drive sideways under a moving plane so that the 
wheels are pushing into you.  There's a good chance you and the car will drop 
below the world and after a couple of seconds, you'll respawn back on the 
land with the car now gone.  This is the first known blue hell jump in GTA 
Found by: xUrban Monkeyx

--- [Blue Hell Jump II] ---

Description: Get to the north part of the map, just northwest of Butterfly 
Street in Bohan.  For the exact location, refer to the video below.  Once 
there, get down to the outskirts of the land and walk towards the corner 
between the brick wall and the cliff.  You can walk through this wall as it's 
invisible, and then lookup towards the city and see the city from below.  You 
can also continue onwards and swim under the city!
Found by: sephXclad

--- [Blue Hell Jump III] ---

Description: On the mission "Your Shirt, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle" when 
you get to the part were you go into the subway (about half way through the 
mission), stay to the left and when the subway car comes towards you keep 
left and try to get in-between the wall and the subway car.  Doing this will 
drop you into blue hell for a couple of seconds before popping you back up!
Found by: davidlissfan

--- [Blue Hell Jump IV] ---

Description: "Head to "Fishmarket South" (where you do one mission for 
Bernie). Go and find the Anchor statue thats by the sea. Head towards the 
water and over the little dock into the water.

Have a little swim right (South) until you see a wooden pier thing against 
the wall, or whatever you'd call it. Should have square gaps that you can hop 
in through. If you jump through the one to the far right (The first one you 
swim past) and simply head towards the wall. You'll fall down into the blue 
Found by: Sirchino

--- [Floating Cars] ---

Description: If you go on top of a tall building and cheat-spawn a car near 
the edge, the car will appear in mid-air and just float there.  If you shoot 
it with a gun, it will fall.  It doesn't work with all the vehicles... eg the 
boat just falls down immediately.
Found by: Chris

                 -----------[5.B Problematic Glitches]----------

--- [Dating Problems] ---

More people have been emailing in and confirming this problem.  Now, the 

Sometimes when I take Michelle out on a date, I'll be driving down the main 
road from your first safe house to her house and the game will suddenly 
subtract 50 dollars from my cash and say I'm taking her to the cabaret, but 
worst of all it won't let you actuallly use the club! This means you'll never 
finish the date and thus not be able to do other missions. Presently I've 
found the only way to avoid this glitch is to not go to that half of town at 
all when I'm on a date with her, and if you find yourself in the glitch you 
have two options- 1 Hit her until she calls the date off, but this will drop 
you down 50% fondness, and she won't go out with you for awhile, OR my 
preference is to walk away from the car so she'll follow you and then sprint 
to the car to ditch her. Then all you need to do is die and, so long as your 
med bills don't bother you, no other negative effects.
Found by: Sheppardde

Another account of the problem with Michelle: I had the same problems when 
trying to take her to the bar down near the safehouse. The car suddenly 
stopped and charged me 50 dollars. I still tried taking her to the bar but 
for some weird reason she got frustrated and made me take her home. Still 
have no idea what caused it.
From: Gamer mr. v

A possible reason for the "glitch"?  I'm wondering is that really a glitch? 
You remember when you go into her house for the first and she has all the 
tags on her household items. I'm wondering if she's a kleptomaniac and likes 
to steal things. Wouldnt it be funny if she's stealing $50 from you while 
you're driving?
Sent in by: Rob L.

More problems with girlfriends, by Thomas B:
This has to do with the dating section.  I myself have had a problem with 
Carmen.  After getting her ability to get a "Health Boost" I try to use it 
and it doesn't work.  It goes though the whole process of healing you.  For 
example i call and ask for help and she says apply pressure or rest some poor 
baby but nothing.  This is at 100% fondness.  Also it doesn't matter how much 
health you have, red caution, or half heath, still never works.  I have also 
read at on the gta4 forums that some people have the same 

--- [Invincible Cop] ---

Possible Spoilers: This is for the mission "Three Leaf Clover" where you rob 
the bank with Packie, Derrick, and Michael. It has happened to me twice where 
all I was left to do was reload my game.  At the last group of cops before 
you run up the subway tunnel, there was a cop that was invincible.  I myself 
put 200+ rounds from my assault rifle into him and 12 headshots with my 
sniper.  All this while packie is about 2 feet infront of him constantly 
shooting and reloading.  The second time I even stabbed the officer with no 

More people have experienced the same problem: I put about 4 clips into him 
before I ran away.  The cop didn't give me any trouble, but he wouldn't die. 
(from SiC).  

The best advice from Michael B seems to be "all i can tell you is to just run 
out of the subway. grab the calvacade and run for the nearest pay and spray".

           -----------[5.B Glitches that Need Verifying]----------
--- [Blue Hell Jump A] ---

Get a helicopter (use cheats to spawn one if you don't have one) I used the 
annihilator, hit into a building with your phone out, have the health cheat 
highlighted and then when you crash into the building the back of your 
helicopter should come off, and you will start falling, use the health cheat 
right before you hit the ground and you should go through the ground.
Sent by: scja25
--- [Race by Yourself] ---

This could be a possible glitch where you can race by yourself and obviously 
win the race.  The email: Not sure if the following is a glitch, but I would 
be interested to know if it’s happened to anyone else. I made the call to 
Brucie to do the Boulevard street race but afterwards spent ages looking for 
a good fast car before going to the green marker. There weren’t many around 
as it was the very early hours of the morning. I then drove up boulevard 
towards the marker but on the way I passed a group of cars which looked as if 
they’re getting ready to race - it wasn’t at the marker though and no space 
for me. When I got to the marker there weren’t any other cars and I could 
start the race on my own! Needless to say, I won the race hands down.
Sent by: Tanya A

6.   Tricks                                                            [TR01]

                    -----------[6.A Gameplay]---------- 

--- [ZiT Hotline] ---

While you can call the ZiT number to save a song you like and buy it off 
Amazon later, you can also use it in another way.  The Zit number not only 
works with the car radio, but if you hear a song indoors, calling the number 
will identify it. Useful for some of the songs found exclusively in places, 
like at the Triangle Club.
Sent by: [email protected]

--- [Revive Your Car] ---

Whenever a car stalls, dial 911 and hold the gas button. The car will 
magically sputter to life. The car will keep running unless you damage the
engine further. But you can keep calling 911 and reviving it as long as it 
doesn't catch on fire.
Sent by: [email protected]

--- [Blow Your Tires] ---

If you do a burnout (hold gas and brake to make the wheels spin in place) for 
a couple seconds, the back tires will eventually overheat and explode. A very 
cool looking trick with no uses.
Sent by: Glowinggerm and [email protected]

7.   Hidden Details                                                    [HD01]

--- [In Game Websites] ---

There are many websites you can visit in game to check out.  Hop on a 
computer and give them a visit.*

--- [Television Channels] ---

Here's a list of what you can see when you turn on a TV.

Channel: Weazel
- Republican Space Rangers (cartoon)
- John Hunter (Political commercial)
- Vinewood Cunts (only on Weazel)
- VIG Insurance (commercial)
- Weazel Wednesdays
- Terror Marathon (only on Weazel)
- Venturas Poker Challenge

Channel: CNT
- Patriot 500
- I'm Rich
- The history of the Civil War and Beyond
- CNT advert
- LCPD Recruitment - Join LCPD
- Fear the Dark Finger (movie commercial)
- The Men's Room

List compiled by: Synchronizer, mark p

--- [Meet the Serial Killer] ---

You'll notice when playing the game that the radio, tv and internet talk 
about a serial killer in the game.  The good news is you can meet him in-
game: He is located in an alley close to the Auto Eroticar dealership, which 
is in Alderney City. When you get close to the alley a circle called "friend"
appears. He asks you for a ride, and you get to listen to all the crazy stuff 
he has to say.
Found by: meltzer

--- [Halo Parody] ---

In the "Republican Space Rangers" cartoon on the television in the game, they 
are making fun of the popular Xbox game "Halo." Their space suits look almost 
exactly like the suit Master Chief wears in the Halo series. Not only that, 
but during the cartoon, their space ship even flies to a planet that looks 
like a Halo ring.
Found by: GTA_Tom_V

--- [Free T-Shirt] ---

Head to the Statue of Happiness.  Once there, there are stairs which lead all 
the way up.  Keep going up the stairs.  Once you have climbed the last 
staircase a security guard will appear.  Check or try to enter in all the 
doors which are located around there and one of them will let Niko enter and 
the screen goes blank.  Once he comes out, he appears with a Free Statue of 
Liberty T-shirt.
Found by: Hot_Boy_From_Brooklyn

--- [Ice Cream Truck Music] ---

If you use the horn on the Ice cream truck it will play a repeating jingle. 
If you use the horn again a different song will play, theres 4 or 5 jingles 
that you can hear if you keep useing the horn. The faster you drive the 
faster the song will get and if you drive in reverse the jingle will play 
Found by: SourLuck

An addition by [email protected]: The first song that plays is the theme 
to the Nutcracker Suite, and one of the last ones you can play is The Soviet 
Connection, also known as The Theme to Grand Theft Auto IV. Another 
siren/horn based trick involves the cop car. If you roll the cop car and 
break some of the lights on top, the siren will be distorted and weak.

--- [San Andreas Porno Shop] ---

The porno shop that's in San Andreas makes an appearance in GTA IV.  It's in 
star junction near the corner of lorimar st and denver-exeter ave, almost 
right in the middle of algonquin.  It's a really bright area.  Just a cool 
hidden detail.
Found by: Argon Lightray

--- [Roman Punches Niko] ---

You can get Roman to punch you and try to steal your car if you're still at 
the stage of the game where you drop him off at Bohan. If you park a car such 
that it covers most of the yellow triangle for "destination" (meaning it has 
to be set up before you're done the "date"), then is possible to drive up 
with him being unable to open his passenger door. If he cannot open his door, 
he will punch Niko in the cinematic and say "give me that" or something 
similar. This actually hurts your health, so it is possible (though not 
tested by myself) that he can kill you doing this. This can only be done at 
Bohan (and maybe Broker, untested), because later safehouses do not have the 
destination marker in the parking/car-storer square, so you can't guarantee 
that he won't be able to open his door.
Found by: Traius

You can also get characters to slap you; here's SiskoBlue's account:
When you have a passenger that can't get out because you've parked too close 
to something and blocked their door, they will bitch-slap Niko out of the 
driver's seat before getting out. It has to be a friend, girlfriend or 
hooker. Not one of those slow friends of the guy you just carjacked.

If you can park the car so it prompts them to get out but make it impossible 
for them to do so (usually by slapping the passenger door right up against 
another parker car) they will bitch-slap Niko out of the driver seat as if 
they're car jacking him. Often with comments.

Also happened the first time I picked up a hooker.  Paid for the full service 
but got more than that as she slapped me out of the car to get out.

--- [Little Lacy Surprise Police Sting] ---

Go onto a computer and visit  Once you get 
there, you are redirected to a Police website and informed that you basically 
just fell for a police sting. You're given an instant 4-star wanted level.  
Have fun :)
Found by: [email protected]

--- [VIP Luxury Ringtones Homage] ---

Go onto a computer and visit  An interesting note 
about the site is that most of the MP3 ringtones featured are original songs 
created by Rockstar that first appeared in GTA: Liberty City Stories.
Found by: [email protected]

--- [Unleash Ninja Guru] ---

At any TW@ internet cafe, go behind the cashier desk and look at the printer. 
It displays a strange error message that says "Unleash Ninja Guru, lol".  
Found by: [email protected]

--- [Criminal List] ---

Go to the Liberty Tree website's main page, and click the link to the
LCPD website. There's a few interesting things, like the Threat Level,
but aside from that, it looks bare. But when you go to the bottom and
look at the copyright info, the word database is a link to a huge
profile list of criminals. It's a pretty big feature to be confined to
such a tiny hidden link, so I think it's a notable secret. Of special
importance are Lola Del Rio, the hooker featured on the box art, Eddie
Low, the No-Name Killer, and yours truly, Niko Bellic, among others
Found by: [email protected]

--- [Iggy Pop and Peanut Butter] ---

When listening to Liberty Rock Radio, the host, Iggy Pop, will sometimes go 
on rants. In one of them, he blurts out something about hard it is to get 
peanut butter off of your chest. This is a reference to a famous moment 
during a concert in which Iggy Pop was handed a jar of peanut butter by an 
audience member and proceeded to smear it on his chest.
Found by: [email protected]

--- [Your Dating Life Blogged] ---

When dating Alex, the girl you can meet on craplist, she will write a post on 
her blog (LiberatedWoman on Blogsnobs) after every date with Niko. It will 
mention many things, like where they went, how the date was, and even if Niko 
"got lucky" (and how). I haven't tested everything yet, such as what happens 
if you scare her, are late for the date, or if you hit her, but I'll try it 
in the future.  Maybe someone can give Spencer and the FAQ a hand with this.  
Found by: [email protected]

8.   Rare Vehicles                                                     [RV01]

--- [Sultan RS] ---

Not entirely rare, but lots of readers have been submitting it so I'll add it 
in.  The Sultan RS, a tuned version of the Sultan, much like a Mitsubishi Evo 
Lancer street car. Anyway, it's parked in the top of Alderney near the 
partymode-spawn and the bike showroom. It's sort of hidden behind a shed in 
the bushes in the outback.  
Sent by: Andrew G and MeMB

--- [Hearse] ---

While not exactly being the coolest car in the game, you can grab and keep 
yourself a Hearse during the Francis Mcreary funeral mission.  
Sent by: T_soprano7

9.   Tips                                                              [TS01]

--- [Free Perks] ---

There are a couple of ways to get free items quickly.  By entering an 
ambulance, you will get a small health increase.  By entering a police 
cruiser, you automatically get 5 shotgun shells.  Also, getting into a Noose 
(SWAT) Van will give you a bit of body armour.  The perks will also carry 
over to multiplayer mode as well.
Van submission: Bleet Tameheart

--- [Maps In-Game] ---

Visit the website on a computer in-game to 
get maps of all the collectibles in the city.  In total, there are 9.  
The pictures are at:

--- [Get Up Stairs Faster] ---

If you're looking for a way to get up stairs faster than normal, try jumping.  
It's more effective than trying to sprint and will get you up quicker.

--- [Use 911] ---

Sballa2 points out that calling 911 on your cell phone can give you help if 
you need.  When your car dies if you call 911 they'll restart the car, if 
you're almost dead and call 911 they heal you, or even if you need help and 
call 911 police will come.

--- [Get One Man Army Achievement Easily] ---

When the helitours are unlocked, simply go steal a helicopter from the 
landing pad, then fly it over to the third island (if you do it right when 
you unlock the helitours,t he third island will still be locked). This is the 
only way I've seen to get six stars as the add a star cheat code won't go 
past five.
Fly the helicopter over the island and you will recieve the six stars. Then, 
all you have to do is fly around, avoid the police helicopters, I only saw 
three, not that bad, just go in a big circle, east to island one, south to 
the bottom of the screen and then west, then north a few times and you will 
use five minutes of time. It didn't give it to me immediately. After about 
nine minutes, I flew to Happiness Island and landed, because the cops weren't 
there, and as soon as I touched down, it gave me the achievement.
I also recommend getting the bridges on the third island at this time for 
Under the Radar. This will prevent you from getting six stars multiple times, 
as I did and will make it so you can get both of the achievements at the same 
Tip by: Daniel H

Another way: I don't have the GTA map in front of me, but if you look at it, 
there is an island right between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It's the island that 
has a bridge running directly through it connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
If you haven't unlocked the island yet, jump in the water from the Brooklyn 
side and swim toward the island. You'll see some wooden docks and 2 barges 
standing in the water. They are located almost directly under the bridge that 
runs through the island. If you get out of the water you'll automatically get 
6 stars. Jump back in the water and swim in between the barge and one of the 
concrete bridge pillars. There is a barge right next to one. The boats cannot 
get there, helicopter cannot shoot you b/c you are under the bridge, and cops 
on the island cannot shoot you either. I got the achievement and could have 
been sitting there for a lot longer. You may have to swim around the barge a 
little bi t b/c some stray bullets may hit you. If you have full life you can 
do it. If you also have armor, you'll definitely get it.
Tip by: shyruk

Yet another possible way for those early in the game: I was playing and found 
a really oddball way to get the one man army achievment easily.  Call up 911 
and order a fire truck to your location, steal it, then head to a police 
barricade blocking you from going on to another area (i dont remember for the 
life of me which one i went to, i am not very far into the game and have not 
unlocked any extra areas so far to my knowledge).  Use LB to spray water at 
the cops.  I know it sounds cheesy and fake but it's legit, I couldn't 
believe or understand why that gave me 6 stars, but you're already in a fire 
truck, so staying alive/not busted for 5 minutes is really really easy at 
that point.
Tip by: David F.

Another: Just wanted to point out that before you unlock the second island 
you can take a motorcycle into the subway in north Bohan and drive right 
under the second island to get the achievement.
Tip by: momo mimi

Last one: There is another way to get the achievement "One Man Army" I got it 
when i unlocked the little island above the starting island. I stole a boat 
(Jetmax) by randomly shooting at boats passing and luckily managed to get the 
Jetmax then all i did was drove/sailed/piloted(?) it round the third island 
until i got the achievement but the only problem i found was i had to keep 
slowing down to let the boats and helicopters keep up with me and the bonus 
of that was i was able to speed away from them near to the first island to 
get rid of my wanted level.
Tip by: Chazm1983

--- [Quick Cash] ---

If you go to a store and see a cash register, walk up to it.  You will get a 
prompt to open the register!  You will usually end up with over 100 dollars 
but you will also get a 1 star police rating as soon as you walk out of the 
store.  If there is a clerk by the register you can still open it.
Tip by: Glowinggem

10.   Unlocking                                                        [UL01]

--- [Achievements] ---

Here's a list of achievements, for the Xbox 360 version only.  They are 
listed below by category.

| Title           | Description                              |  GS   |
|                           Main Missions                            |
| Off the Boat    | Complete the first mission               |     5 |
| Lowest Point    | Complete mission Roman's Sorrow          |     5 |
| Fed The Fish    | Complete the mission Uncle Vlad          |     5 |
| Gracefully      | Complete mission I'll Take Her           |    10 |
| Taken           |                                          |       |
| That Special    | Complete mission That Special Someone    |    10 |
| Someone         |                                          |       |
| Impossible      | Complete mission Museum Piece            |    10 |
| Trinity         |                                          |       |
| Liberty City    | Complete the story missions in less than |    30 |
| Minute          | 30 hours                                 |       |
| You Won!        | Complete the final mission               |    60 |
|                             Side Missions                          |
| Courier Service | Complete all 10 package delivery jobs    |    10 |
| Over Fulfilled  | Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders     |    10 |
| Manhunt         | Complete the most wanted side missions   |    15 |
|                 | from the police computer                 |       |
| Finish Him      | Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes  |    15 |
| Assassin's      | Complete all 9 assassin missions         |    20 |
| Greed           |                                          |       |
| Cleaned the     | Capture 20 criminals through the police  |    20 |
| Mean Streets    | computer                                 |       |
| You Got the     | Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text |    20 |
| Message         | message                                  |       |
| Genetically     | Come first in 20 singleplayer street     |    25 |
| Superior        | races                                    |       |
| Dare Devil      | Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps  |    30 |
| Endangered      | Collect every hidden package in the game |    50 |
| Species         |                                          |       |
|                               Unlockables                          |
| Dial B For Bomb | Unlock the special ability of phoning    |    10 |
|                 | for a bomb to be placed                  |       |
| That's How We   | Unlock the special ability of helicopter |    10 |
| Roll!           |                                          |       |
| Driving Mr.     | Unlock the special ability of taxi       |    10 |
| Bellic          |                                          |       |
| Retail Therapy  | Unlock the special ability of buying     |    10 |
|                 | guns from a friend                       |       |
| Full            | Unlock all the islands                   |    20 |
| Exploration     |                                          |       |
| Key to the City | Achieve 100% in Game progress statistic  |   100 |
|                             Miscellaneous                          |
| Warm Coffee     | Successfully date a girl to be invited   |     5 |
|                 | into her house                           |       |
| Sightseer       | Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty   |     5 |
|                 | City                                     |       |
| It'll Cost Ya   | Complete a taxi ride without skipping    |     5 |
|                 | from one island to another               |       |
| No More         | Meet all random characters               |     5 |
| Strangers       |                                          |       |
| One Hundred and | In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts   |    10 |
| Eighty          |                                          |       |
| Pool Shark      | Beat a friend at pool                    |    10 |
| King of QUB3D   | Beat the High Score in QUB3D             |    15 |
| Chain Reaction  | You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10       |    20 |
|                 | seconds                                  |       |
| Wheelie Rider   | Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet   |    30 |
|                 | on a motorbike                           |       |
| Under the Radar | Fly underneath the main bridges in the   |    40 |
|                 | game that cross water with a helicopter  |       |
| One Man Army    | Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level |    40 |
| Walk Free       | Lose a 4 star wanted rating by           |    50 |
|                 | outrunning the cops                      |       |
|                                Multiplayer                         |
| Cut Your Teeth  | Earn a personal rank promotion in        |     5 |
|                 | multiplayer                              |       |
| Take it for the | Be on the winning team in all ranked     |    10 |
| Team            | multiplayer team games                   |       |
| Join the        | Win a ranked multiplayer race without    |    10 |
| Midnight Club   | damaging your vehicle too much and with  |       |
|                 | damage enabled                           |       |
| Top of the Food | Kill 20 players with a pistol in a       |    10 |
| Chain           | ranked multiplayer deathmatch            |       |
| Let Sleeping    | Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked    |    10 |
| Rockstars Lie   | multiplayer match                        |       |
| Join the        | Win a ranked multiplayer race without    |    10 |
| Midnight Club   | damaging your vehicle too much and with  |       |
|                 | damage enabled                           |       |
| Wanted          | Achieve the highest personal rank in     |    20 |
|                 | multiplayer                              |       |
| Top the         | Come first in 20 different ranked        |    20 |
| Midnight Club   | standard multiplayer races               |       |

--- [Flying Rats] ---

Flying rats, or pigeons, are the hidden packages of GTA IV.  You'll need to 
collect all 200 of them if you are aiming at getting 100%.  Instead of just 
touching them as in previous games, this time around you'll be shooting them.  
For now, this section will give you a hand in finding some of them.  There 
are also maps of them on the in-game website  

I've put up shots of the maps at  
Here are some of the locations of pigeons, sent in by a reader.  If you know 
of any more, feel free to send them in at [email protected].

20 - At Hooper St and Valley Forge Ave, head west on Hooper St.  Follow the 
road until it turns north.  Once you go under the East Borough Bridge, on 
your right will be a footpath.  Follow the footpath south and it will turn 
into a tunnel.  The pigeon is in the tunnel.

1 - On Dukes Bay Bridge - the 6th pylon north of the water's edge of Dukes. 
Grab a boat and shoot it while on the boat or if you're really good try to 
snipe it from the water's edge.


2 - Where Downrock loop meeting the Northern Expressway - go the water, 
pigeon is on a pile of rocks on the water's edge.

3 - At the end of Caterpillar Street is a circular loop. The pigeon is 
sitting on a sign in the middle of loop. Very easy to see (at eye level) - 
you can practically stab it to death.

4 - Just SW of the Planche Street/Northern Expressway intersection is a tall 
square building above the train tracks. Climb on the wall and make your way 
over to the building. The pigeon is on the roof of the building.

5 - North of Green Ave are three broken down wooden piers. The pigeon is on 
the sand at the water's edge between the central and eastern piers.

6 - At the intersection of Lompoc Ave and Worm St. The building at the SW 
corner has 3 levels - it has ladders on the back. Climb two ladders up - the 
pigeon is on the SE corner - by the alley.

7 - SW of the Drill St/Lompoc Ave intersection on the coast is a rusted tug 
boat on a broken pier. The pigeon is perched on the bow on the boat. Shoot it 
from the pier.

8 - Go into the alley next to Drop St. and Mill St. At the alley fork, turn 
left. The pigeon is sitting on a chain link fence.

9 - Underneath the East Borough Bridge (Bohan side) is a construction site. 
There are two large concrete pipe pieces - the pigeon is inside the one lying 
on it's side.

10 - On the SW coast of the Bohan island is a large rock outcropping. The 
pigeon is perched on the very end of the rocks. Snipe it from the shore.
14 - Take Attica Ave south from Rocket St.  When road starts to turn, head 
off the east side of the road and take the stairs halfway down.  The pigeon 
is directly under the road.
15 - There is an alley that runs from Rocket St. to Spin St.  The pigeon is 
perched at eye level on a stair rail on the north side of the alley (behind 
two parked big-rig trailers).
16/17 - At the SW corner of Switch St and Joliet Ave is a brick building 
called "Cleaners".  The two pigeons are on the roof, at the SE corner of the 
building.  Shoot them from Joliet Ave, or climb some cargo containers in the 
alley and snipe them.
18/19 - On the west side of Walkill Ave, S of Switch street is a ruined brick 
building.  The first pigeon is at eye level.  The second pigeon is very hard 
to see, but it is on a steel beam directly above the first pigeon.  I got two 
police stars for this one (two stars for killing a pigeon - Liberty City 
Police priorities are really messed up).
20 - At Applejack St and San Quentin Ave is a construction site below the 
subway station.  The pigeon is inside a small wooden structure on the site.
22 - For this one you need to be traveling (I recommend walking) on the 
sidewalk.  At the intersection of Grand Blvd and Elbow St, head east on Grand 
Blvd. A little past the first alley on your right is the pigeon.  It is 
sitting on the railing of the entrance to 1665 Grand Blvd, a little above 
head level.
23 - Take Elbow St north from Grand Blvd.  Note the posts in the brick fence 
on your left (the west side of the street).  Count the posts.  The pigeon is 
on a ledge on the OTHER side of the fence between the 7th and 8th posts.  
Carefully hop the fence and shoot it at point blank range.
24 - In the NW corner of Brohan island are two broken down piers.  Behind the 
piers is a large concrete area with junk in it.  The pigeon is perched on a 
cinder road block in the middle of the concrete area - it is at eye level.
25 - From Turtle and Valdez St, take Valdez St east.  When the road turns NW 
instead follow the footpath straight.  The pigeon is on the 4th post/rise 
thingy in the fence on your right.  Climb on one of the planters to shoot it.
26 - The pigeon is in the middle of the alley that connects Planche and 
Flanger St.  It is at eye level - very easy to find.


11 - On Charge island along the west coast, north of the East Borough Bridge 
is two piers. Where the northern pier meets the regular coast is two small 
wooden boats (on land). The pigeon is perched on the bow of one of the two.

12 - In the Humbolt river east of Obsidian St is two garbage barges. The 
pigeon is on the north barge. Grab a boat and hop onto the barge to shoot the 


13 - NW of the intersection of Franklin St, Dukes Drive, and Concord Ave is a 
park/cemetery. Follow the footpath until you come across a small hut. The 
pigeon is perched on the roof.

Broker Bridge, the pigeon is on the very top of the western tower of the 
bridge. It's hard to spot, but if you take a helicopter up there and land, 
you'll see it on the northern railing. - Bugeaster93.
Thanks to: Ceris, Bugeater9 for one

11.   Cheats                                                           [CT01]

Enter any of these cheats by using your cell phone in-game.  Call the number, 
but be warned that doing so will disable your ability to earn achievements.  
You'll need to reload a clean save file to re-enable achievements.

           | Health And Weapons            | Call GTA-555-0100 |
           | Weapons                       | Call GUN-555-0150 |
           | Advanced Weapons              | Call GUN-555-0100 |
           | Health                        | Call DOC-555-0100 |
           | Wanted Level Down             | Call COP-555-0100 |
           | Wanted Level Up               | Call COP-555-0150 |
           | Climate Change                | Call HOT-555-0100 |
           | Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) | Call CAR-555-0142 |
           | Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike)     | Call MBK-555-0150 |
           | Spawn FBI Buffalo             | Call CAR-555-0100 |
           | Spawn Turismo                 | Call CAR-555-0147 |
           | Spawn NRG900                  | Call MBK-555-0100 |
           | Spawn Comet                   | Call CAR-555-0175 |
           | Spawn SuperGT                 | Call CAR-555-0168 |
           | Spawn Police Chopper          | Call FLY-555-0100 |
           | Spawn Jetmax (Boat)           | Call WET-555-0100 |

12.   Legal Disclaimer

This FAQ cannot be used on any site other than the ones listed:

This FAQ may not be used on any other site.

If you've found a site that is illegally posting this guide, please email me.
Any site that posts this FAQ without permission will have the appropriate 
legal actions taken against them.

13.   Thanks

First off, thanks to the following contributors that have submitted minor 
corrections, or additions to the FAQ.  Their submissions were too small to be 
credited in the part they added, but here's a list so they aren't forgotten 
(in no particular order): 

Thanks to which has many great 
FAQ tools for FAQers, including a table maker I used for this FAQ!

No thanks goes to Microsoft's Word for randomly screwing up line breaks.

Also, thanks for sites like GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker for hosting my guide 
and spreading the word about all the secrets in GTA.

To view my other works, take the time to visit my contributor page at                   

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