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2-Player FULL guide

   This guide includes all the stuff you need to know about 2player San 
Andreas – Glitches, Locations, Fun things to do etc. May well contain little 
spoilers so read at your own risk:

1. Description + Characters available 
   a. Interactive Location map
   b. Free Roam
   c. Girlfriend Dates
   d. Rampages
2. Glitches
   a. Headless CJ
   b. Drive-by with AK, Shotgun etc.
   c. Double Jetpack
   d. Walk Underwater
3. Fun things to do
   a. Flying Fun
   b. Train Fun
   c. Truck Fun
   c. Funner way to kill each other
   d. Hide ‘n’ Seek 
   e. Two boats
   f. Survival Challenge

1. Description, Locations + Characters Available  

  There are 2 different types of 2 player modes in San Andreas; free roam + 
Rampage. They are found dotted around SA (look at map below) + when you 
collect them press X on the 2 player controller to start. 

   a.   Free Roam: These icons look like 2 red people spinning around. As far 
as I know there is NO way to complete this; just do whatever you like + check 
parts 2 + 3 for things to do. You can press SELECT to zoom the camera onto 
you + have the single player view. 2- Player automatically gets player1s 
weapons, (not armour) + his gym moves, weapon skills, also doing the weapon 
cheat will change both inventories. **Just copy + paste this address 
into the address bar for a 2-player interactive map by**

Roam 1:
Where: Go to the place marked F1 on the map + head through the little arch 
door way – it should be straight in front of you.
Who: 2-player can choose from: prostitute, a fat balla, a fat grove street 
member, grove street member with chequered shirt, police man dressed in black 
+ bald guy with suit.

Roam 2:
Where: It’s under the building in the map below; you can enter it either 
through the north or south side.
Who: Second player can choose from Cat suit woman, black suit Elvis, 
paramedic, old woman, beige outfit fireman + some woman in bra + panties.

Roam 3: 
Where: In the car-park where the map says.
Who: 2-Player can be: 2 different types of the cyan gang, beach woman, two 
other half naked women + a black outfit fireman.

Roam 4: 
Where: Along the street of the Ammu-nation, look below.
Who: Second player can be: Rural woman, rural man, retard bald man, cowboy. 
Cowgirl + desert policeman.

Roam 5:
Where: In Dillimore in the doorway of the building shown in the map below.
Who: Exactly the same as roam 4 ^.

   b.   Girlfriend Dates: When your girlfriend is at home along with the pink 
marker there is a 2 player icon, getting this will unlock a 2-player date. 
This is, as far as I’m aware, a standard free roam + wont affect your 
relationship with the girl.
You can play as:

   c.   Rampages: Remember the Rampages from Vice city? These are just like 
them but you can only do them with 2 players. To complete these you need to 
kill/blow up whatever it tells you to – otherwise you fail. They get harder 
each time you complete a level, heres a list of what you need to do – they 
correspond with the locations guide map.

*‘D’ stands for difficulty*

Rampage 1: Kill 15 peds in 3 mins using Micro SMG D: 2/10
Rampage 2: Destroy 5 bikes in 3 minutes with motorbike + Micro SMG D: 4/10
Rampage 3: Destroy 5 Vehicles in 3 minutes with sentinel + Micro SMG D: 2/10
Rampage 4: Destroy 10 vehicles with police maverick + Tec-9 D: 7/10
Rampage 5: Drive-by + kill 15 peds in 3 minutes with buffalo + Micro SMG D: 

*To make things a little easier get hitman on Micro SMG + full driving, bike 
+ flying skill

2. Glitches

   a.   Headless CJ
Description: Walk around + maybe do the whole storyline without CJs head!! He 
constantly bleeds + bleeds, try talking or grabbing something to eat – he’s 
automatically cut off when speaking (haven’t tried it in a cut scene).
How + Pic: You need to get yourself a Katana then go to a 2-player icon. Once 
you start let second player swipe off CJs head then when you respawn back its 
till missing. You can then walk around headless. 
**I recommend NOT saving it while headless lol**

   b.   Drive by with AK, shotgun etc.

Description: Drive-by + 2-player can shoot with a shotgun, AK, M4 (haven’t 
tried it with anything else). 
How + Pic: Follow the steps:
~Get 1 player in a car with 2+ seats
~Get player 2 to use ALL drive-by gun ammo up till disappear
~Change to the gun you want to drive-by in
~Use the weapon cheat to get ammo for that gun
~Get in the car and shot with it!!

**Doesn’t work with ALL weapons, not heavy or throwing weapons either**
i didnt know how to show this in a pic but CJ is shooting with a shotgun...

   c.   Double Jetpack

Description: Simple glitch, both players in 2 jetpacks.
How + Pic: Once in two player mode, do the jetpack cheat with player 1. Press 
triangle + make player 2 get it. Do the cheat again with player 1 + you now 
both have jetpacks. Try shooting each other – it’s bloody hard.

**Might fail the mission if you get too far away from each other**
   d.   Walk Underwater

Description: 2-player can stay underwater without the blue breathe bar + use 
all his weapons.
How + Pic: Get a boat in 2-player mode + drive off when both of you are on 
the boat. Stop the boat in a clear bit of sea – no sides, boats etc. Then 
stop the boat + press triangle to exit it. Now face each other + press L1 to 
kiss – CJ will then PRETEND to kiss someone as 2-player is on the sea bed.
   e.   KIDNAPPED 

Description: 1 or 2 player can be kidnapped by a member of the public.
How: Jack a taxi with the player you DON’T want to get kidnapped and as soon 
as the other player can get in as well – get in. Now both players are in the 
cab, hopefully the driver should try to get it back so let him. He pulls out 
the driver and drives straight off with the other player. This can be done 
with any vehicle but the reason I choose a taxi is because when he nicks it 
back he uses nitro lol (only if you complete taxi missions).

3. Fun things to do
   a. Flying Fun 

Difficulty: 9/10
Fun Meter: 8/10

This is a hard trick to do – first get yourself a Hydra or a Shamal + on a 
long strip to take off on. Now get a player in the aircraft + let the other 
jump on the wing of the plane (your need a car to help get on the hydra). Now 
steadily take off but you need to keep the plane level at all times otherwise 
the player will fall bringing the plane with it. Some times the player will 
need to walk forwards to stop falling off – it might be easier on the body of 
the plane. Try + beat mine + my mate’s record of 57 seconds.

   b. Train Fun

Difficulty: 2/10
Fun Meter: 8/10

Just like ‘flying fun’ but with a train – get down to Unity Station + wait 
for the train. Once it stops at the station; jack it + kill the driver. The 
player not in the train now gets onto the train with either jetpack or 
footbridge. Now the train driver can go – watch out for the footbridges if 
you leave from Unity Station. After a while of drive-bys + stuff you will 
eventually derail the train which when I did it crushed CJ to bits lol. Have 

*Flatbed trains work the best + while i was taking a pic of this i realised 1 
player could drive the train + the other could get in the passenger seat*

   c. Truck Fun

Difficulty: 4/10
Fun Meter: 7/10
Get yourself a Yosemite, Bobcat, Monster, Slamvan or Sadler. Now let one of 
the players drive and other in the back of the truck. You can use ANY weapon 
for drive-bys including my favourite – the minigun :P.

   d.   Funner way to kill each other

Difficulty: 1/10
Fun meter: 6/10

Everyone loves a good blow the fu*k out of each other but try these:

Round 1: Boxing match only allowed knuckle dusters.
Round 2: Katanas only sword fight
Round 3: Micro SMGs, pistols, melee weapons
Round 4: Satchel Charges only *note* pressing the button blows other players 
charges as well :D
Round 5: Heavy + thrown only weapons 
Round 6: Flat out massacre – all weapons, cheats, tanks, cars etc.

   e.   Hide ‘n’ Seek

Difficulty: 1/10
Fun meter: 5/10

Pretty self explanatory – one player looks away from the screen + the other 
presses select + hides. He then presses select on the other controller so it 
zooms in on the seeking player. Then try + find him lol.

   f. Two boats

Difficulty: 1/10
Fun Meter: 6/10

Nothing special just you can drive two boats at the same time – better with 
flying boat cheat.

   g. Survival Challenge

Difficulty: 8/10
Fun Meter: 12/10

Add the following Cheats: (don’t save with cheats on)

Peds have weapons: R2, R1, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down
Peds Riot: Down, Left, Up, Left. X, R2, R1, L2, L1
Peds Attack: Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2, L2

Now try and survive when people are constantly firing RPGs, shotguns + M4s at 
you + each other lol.

I don’t mind this guide being put on other sites as long as you give credit 
to me, thanks.

Many thanks to: for their brilliant interactive map for hosting all my images

Copyright 2004 Dan Scott

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