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This part of the GTA: San Andreas Complete Guide tells all the main characters in 
the game along with the people who do their voices. It took a lot of time and 
research to find all these things for the GTA guide.

Characters (Main)
Carl ''CJ'' Johnson (Voice played by Chris ''Young Maylay'' Bellard
Sean ''Sweet'' Johnson (Voice played by Faizon Love)
Kendl Johnson (Voice by Yo Yo)
Melvin ''Big Smoke'' Harris (Voiced by Charlie Murphy)
Lance ''Ryder'' Wilson (Voiced by MC Eiht)
OG Loc (Voice by Jas Anderson)
Mark ''B-Dup'' Wayne (Voice by The Game)
Barry ''Big Bear'' Thorne (Voice by Big Boy)
Emmet (Voice by Eugene Jeter, Jr.)
Madd Dogg (Voice by Ice-T)
Cesar Vialpando (Voice by Clifton Collins, Jr.)
Officer Tenpenny (Voice by Samuel L. Jackson)
Office Pulaski (Voice by Chris Penn)
Officer Hernandez (Voice by Armando Riesco)
Catalina (Voice by Cynthia Farrell)
The Truth (Voice by Peter Fonda)
Jizzy B (Voice by Charlie Murphy)
T-Bone (Voice by Kid Frost)
Mike Toreno (Voiced by James Woods)
Woozie (Voice by James Yaegashi)
Su Xi Mu (Voice by Richard Chang)
Ran Fa Li (Voice by Hunter Platin)
Zero (Voiced by David Cross)
Kent Paul (Voice by Shaun Ryder)
Ken Rosenburg (Voice by Bill Fichtner)
Salvatore Leone (Voice by Frank Vincent)
Maria (Voice by Debi Mazar)
Jonny Sindacco (Voice by Casey Siemaszko)
Jethro (Voice by John Zurhellen)
Dwaine (Voice by Navid Khonsari)
Millie Perkins (Voice by Orfeh)
Barbara (Voice by Danielle Lee Greaves)
Denise Robinson (Voice by Alicia Simms)
Michelle Cannes (Voice by Vanessa Aspillaga)

Helena Wankstein (Voice by Bijou Philips)
Katie Zahn (Voice by China Chow)
There is all of the characters and the people who play them. This section of the 
guide is to tell you what the purpose of each character is and what they do. 
there are alot of characters it took me a long time working on this also.
Carl Johnson- Carl ''CJ'' Johnson is the main character in GTA: San  Andreas. 
is tired of dealing with the drugs and the gang wars that go on in Los Santos, so 
after his brother Brian died Carl left Los Santos and moved to Liberty City where 
he lived for 5 years. Earlier in his visit Carl's brother Sean ''Sweet'' Johnson 
calls him and tells him his mother has died. Carl decides that it is time to go 
back home to his sister Kindl, brother Sweet and two friends Big Smoke and Ryder. 
Carl's battle to end drugs and gang war takes him all over the state of San 
and you have no idea of what suprises he is in for.

Sean Johnson- Sean ''Sweet'' Johnson is Carl's brother and the leader of the GSF. 
Sweet gives Carl a hard time for leaving Los Santos just because times were rough 
and at first doesn't think that Carl will stay around when things get tough 
Once Carl starts doing things for the the Grove, Sweet then is confident that 
is there to stay. Sweet cares mainly about getting the drugs out of Los Santos. 
isn't very friendly but Sweet is one of the toughest characters in the game and 
there is no knowing what he will do next.

Kendl Johnson- Kendl is Carl and Sweet's younger sister and is dating Cesar, a 
member of the Varios Los Aztecas. This angers the brothers, espically Sweet. Once 
Carl meets Cesar Carl doesnt like him but when his Cesar's crew wants to jump 
Cesar stands up for him and tells Carl how much he loves Kindl. Carl then starts 
think that Kindl is going to be okay with Cesar, but doesn't know for sure.

Melvin Harris- Melvin ''Big Smoke'' Harris has always seen things differant from 
everyone else, but claims to be a strong member of the GSF.  It is safe to say 
Big Smoke is Carl's best friend besides Ryder. Big Smoke is always there for him 
untill Carl finds out a thing from Cesar and has proof while Sweet is away. This 
totally turns how Carl feels about Big Smoke. How does he feel? You will find out 
at the end of the game.

Lance Wilson- Lance ''Ryder'' Wilson is considered the most out of control person 
in the GSF. He doesn't seem to care what anyone else think's about him and it 
to get him in trouble from time to time. During the game, he also is successful 
making Carl mad a few times about his driving and some other things. Carl doesn't 
get mad at him untill he finds out a secret about Ryder. It totally turns Carl 
againtest Ryder, but Ryder doesn't care, if he did, he wouldent of done what he 
did. Want to know what I'm talking about? You are gonna have to be a good GTA 
player to get to that part.

OG Loc- OG Loc is a wanna-be Gangster Rapper. He is first seen when Carl, Sweet, 
and Big Smoke go to pick him up from jail. In the first scene for OG Loc, he 
you he has to go kill somebody named Freddy. He claims that Freddy did something 
not so bad, but when you go to his house with Loc you find out something very bad 
happened. Since Loc wants to be a rapper he has you do thing's to help him. You 
will find that out in the game. Also it is intrusting what happens to OG Loc and 
his rapping life.

Mark Wayne- Mark ''B-Dup'' Wayne was one of the first guys to resort to the 
He moved away from the Grove and doesn't want anything to do with them anymore. 
now lives into Ballas territory as a pusher, selling drugs to OG's.

Barry Thorne- Barry ''Big Bear'' Thorne followed B-Dup to the drugs, and somehow 
became B-Dup's slave. Finally Big Bear get's tired of being B-Dup's slave and 
rejoines the Grove.

Emmet- Emmet is only seen once in the game. He is the ''gun guy'' and provides 
pieces to all of the East Los Santos. If there is ever a time you need a gun for 
free, Emmet's is the place to be.

Madd Dogg- Madd Dogg is real when it comes to Gangster Rapping. He has good 
he has good girls, and he has alot of cash. It's to bad that he can't quit 
and ends up losing everything from his manager. Thanks to Carl Johnson, he gets 
back on his feet and in sometime he retains his spot as the number one rapper in 
Los Santos.

Cesar Vialpando- Cesar is not liked by the Carl and Sweet at the start. Cesar is 
dating Kendl, Carl and Sweet's younger sister and after a few times meeting up 
Carl, they form a partnership. Cesar is the one who tells Carl exactly what is 
going on. Since Cesar loves cars and street racing, he plays a big part in 
the Johnsons garage underway. Cesar is no doubt Carl's best friend throughout the 
whole game.

Officer Tenpenny- Frank Tenpenny is the bad and mean cop. He hates every gang 
is and will do whatever it takes to get them out of his city. Maybe thats is why 
Tenpenny gives the gangs (mostly Carl) dangerous missions.When he seems like he 
trying to help, there is always a thing you have to do that is harmful. He gets 
angered when Carl completes evrything he throw's at him and it always helps Carl. 
Tenpenny doesn't care how many laws he breaks, he will do anything to get the 
out of Los Santos.

Officer Pulaski- Officer Pulaski is Tenpenny's law enforcing sidekick. He tries 
be as tough as the leader Frank. He hates gangs, espically Carl and the Grove 
Street Family.

Officer Hernandez- Officer Hernandez is probably the only good cop in the state. 
wants to get rid of the citys gangs just like his two partners, but he wants to 
it in a way that's right. Because he is a good cop, he is disliked by the other 
members of his team C.R.A.S.H. 

Catalina- Catalina is Cesar's cousin. She's a crazy love-struck girl who can't 
really make her feelings clear enough for the lucky man Carl, and although she 
fun robbing everything, her crime partnership with Carl is the best she can get 
before moving onto other things with her new boyfriend Claude.She clearly still 
feeling for Carl though as she is constantly "accidentally" calling his cell 
and speaking about her love.
The Truth- The Truth is perceived as a crazy drug smoking hippie, but it's not 
before people start to work out that he's not just called "The Truth" by name, 
that some of the stuff he says could well be true too. He strongly hates the 
and is always thinking of ways to screw it. Apart from his love of drugs, he's 
interested in aliens or other undisclosed information, especially about 
agents and what really goes on at "the place that's not on the map".
Jizzy B- Jizzy B is the biggest pimp in San Andreas. He is also involved in the 
biggest drug smuggling campaign the city has ever seen. He'll use whoever he 
to get the job done, but soon finds out that he can't just go trusting everyone 
expect to get away with it.
T-Bone- Bone Mendez is another member of the Yay Smuggling team ran by Jizzy. He 
really only cares about getting the drugs and getting paid, but will also risk 
life to ensure the job is done.

Mike Toreno- Mike Toreno would appear to be another member of the Yay Smuggling 
squad, however after Carl gets in deep he discovers that he's more than just a 
dealer, but a government agent with a massive knowledge base. Toreno is not 
of anything, but knows that stuff has to be done and when the helpless Carl 
is looking for a way to free his jailed brother, Toreno will capitalise on that.

Woozie- Wu Zi Mu is the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a division of the 
Chinese Triads. Although he is completely blind, he has trained his other senses 
a point where you could barely tell the difference. Or so he says. He is blessed 
with extreme good fortune however though and manages to come through numerous 
street races without a scratch. He then moves onto bigger things and opens a 
in Las Venturas which causes a lot of problems. Especially when trying to run a 
Triad Casino in a Mafia run town. Woozie is definitely one of the coolest people 
the game and makes instant friends with Carl.

Ran Fa Li- Ran Fa Li is a man of few words. Well, none actually. You will however 
hear the occasional grunt, but in all honesty he's just one of the side 
who is said to be high up in the Triads. He eventually goes on to be Wu Zi Mu's 
partner at his casino, but doesn't play a very big role in the game

Zero- Zero is a computer genius who runs a Remote Control Vehicles shop and has a 
constant on going battle with Berkley; some guy he beat in a science fair who now 
wants revenge in a war using only Remote Control Vehicles. He turns out to be a 
useful asset in the running of the garage and also in the Triad Casino as his 
gadgets make jobs easy, no matter how complicated the device names may be.

Kent Paul- Kent Paul is the manager of a band, but loses them as soon as he gets 
into San Andreas. He wakes up in the desert with his friend Maccer and eventually 
meets up with his good old friend Rosie who he helps get back onto the idiot fuel 
and takes him through a few wacky adventures before going to to help Madd Dogg 
produce his first gold record.

Maccer- Maccer is a strange character who has a problem with frequent 
No matter where he is or who he's thinking of, all he's doing is giving himself a 
little bit. He's pretty obsessed with tits too and also enjoys doing all sorts of 
drugs. He was in a band called the Gurning Chimps but is just out for the 
in San Andreas. Maccer is definitely one of the funniest characters in the game 
his cutscene in the mission "Don Peyote" is an instant classic.

Ken Rosenburg- Rosie has been through rehabilitation to get off his addiction to 
cocaine and soon finds himself in charge of a huge Mafia run casino. He knows 
he'll be popped for any wrong move but thanks to his friend Paul and his new ally 
Carl, he's back on the drugs and is tough enough to stand up and let people know 
that he's the boss.

Salvatore Leone- Salvatore Leone is the man in charge of the Leone Mafia. He 
a stake in the Sindacco Casino but also wants a say in the way things are run. 
a man not to be messed with, but he can see things in more than one way and will 
whatever is necessary to make any sort of gain. He makes quick friends with Carl 
and sends him off on a few dangerous jobs involving rival organizations from 
Liberty City but is surprised to find that Carl's allegiance is elsewhere

Maria- Maria plays an extremely small role in the game. She is seen working as a 
maid or waitress for Salvatore Leone in a few cutscenes and wants to make as much 
money as she can. Salvatore takes an immediate shine to her and it would seem 
may be more than just friends in the future.

Jonny Sindacco- Jonny is the man in charge of the Sindacco Mafia. He's originally 
the guy running the Caligula's Casino, but needs Salvatore's money, so allows 
organizations to be united, despite the growing feud between themselves. Jonny 
doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, but he's caught trying to destroy some 
hardware and is made to pay for it.

Jethro- Jethro owns a small hotdog selling business in central San Fierro. He is 
great with cars though and eventually moves onto work in the Johnson Garage.

Dwaine- Dwaine is old friends with Jethro back from their times in Vice City and 
works for a small garage in Easter Basin. That is before his friend The Truth 
invites him to work at the Johnson Garage for a real job.

Millie Perkins- Millie is a kinky girl who becomes good friends with Carl. She 
loves her dirty clothing and bondage and can't help her feelings for any man 
wearing a gimp suit. She works for Caligula's Casino and is the security breach 
which eventually allows the heist to go ahead. 

Barbara Schternvart- Barbara is a divorced cop with two kids. She likes the look 
Carl and wants to date. Not really much more to be said than that. She'll give 
some free Police gear to anyone who shows affection to her though.

Denise Robinson- Denise is saved by Carl early on in the game from a house fire 
becomes his first girlfriend. She lives extremely close to Grove Street and is 
of the only gang-banging girls in and around the Grove. She's not too fussy about 
what she does or where she goes on dates and offers a nice Pimp Suit to Carl for 
dating her well.

Michelle Cannes- Michelle is sort of similar to Cesar. She works at a garage and 
loves cars. All she ever talks about is cars and although Carl only pretends to 
take an interest, she is kind enough to fix any of Carl's vehicles for free if 
in the San Fierro area.

Helena Wankstein- Helena is a Lawyer by trade who lives on a farm just off Los 
Santos. She's rather strange, but is just like any other girl in a way. She has a 
lot of high firepower weapons to give to Carl for dating her though.

Katie Zahn- Katie is a Nurse who lives and works in San Fierro. She loves car 
accidents and anything involving blood. She's a bit strange really, but she'll 
Carl out of hospital for free if he treats her nicely.

Okay I think we pretty much covered the characters, and the parts they play in 
game. Now I am going to tell you how I got involved in the game and how I got 
involved in Vice City and GTA III.

I never actually played Grand Theft Auto III untill after I played Vice City. I 
just got my Playstation 2 in December for my Birthday. My older brothers have a 
Playstation 2 so before San Andreas I played Vice City whenever I could. Then my 
friend let me borrow Grand Theft Auto III. I liked that game, but Vice City was 
favorite. Then my brother got San Andreas and I had to borrow it. I honestly 
know how they are going to make a better Grand Theft Auto than this one. Finally 
bought my own Grand Theft Auto. Many people don't think I should play it because 
am only 13. I had to beg the guy at the store to let me have it. But now that I 
have it, I am gonna paly it non-stop. My first mission I ever failed because I 
coulden't do it was ''Wrong Side Of The Tracks''. But I got past it and beat the 
game. I am currently trying to beat the game and I got to The ''Wrong Side Of The 
Tracks'' mission and stopped playing for a while. I am going to be giving a 
complete guide of San Andreas and many other games in the future. By the way, 
is my first guide I ever did. So if it's bad, it's not my fault. In the rest of 
this guide you will find cheat codes (I do not cheat in San Andreas, but some 
people do). You will also find every mission, what it's about and the difficulty 
and some missions will have tips. You will also find alot of things about girl 
friends and secret missions, locations of certain things an more. Like I said, 
my first guide but I will do as much as I can to help you, and I hope I can help 
you with your Grand Theft Auto gaming.

This section will be covered with EVERY mission in the game and some thing's that 
go along with them. This is probally the longest part of the San Andreas guide 
it is probably the easiest thing for me since I know every mission by heart. But 
took a long time to find them out. I just turned the subtitles on and I started 
writing and it was hard. I had to fail missions sometimes because I didn't get 
everything they were saying. AND...I am also working on a complete script for the 
game of San Andreas. Here is the mission guide. (Coming Soon)

This section will be covered with EVERY mission in the game and some thing's that 
go along with them. This is probally the longest part of the San Andreas guide 
it is probably the easiest thing for me since I know every mission by heart. But 
took a long time to find them out. I just turned the subtitles on and I started 
writing and it was hard. I had to fail missions sometimes because I didn't get 
everything they were saying. AND...I am also working on a complete script for the 
game of San Andreas. Here is the mission guide.

Ride the bike home and just get a feel for the controls

         A. Sean ''Sweet'' Johnson----Your Brother

          1. *Big Smoke*
	Difficulty: 3/10
This is actually a hard first mission because you are on a bike getting shot at 
the Ballas and you have no way to defend yourself. Watch the two cutscenes and 
follow Sweet. When Sweet goes a differant way, follow Ryder. The Ballas can't die 
unless you use a cheat for weapons. It is hard for you to die. Ryder get's hit 
like 5 clips and he just keeps going and yelling.
			Reward: Sweet becomes a boss/ Respect earned
								Additional Tip
If you want to kill the Ballas, use a cheatcode to get weapons, get off the bike 
and get your Rocket Launcher, stand back and shoot. Their car should be destroyed 
and you can get back on the bike and follow Ryder with no worries.
          2. *Ryder*
              Difficulty: 1/10
Get in Ryders truck and drive to Reece's barber shop and get a new haircut. Then 
head to the Well Stacked Pizza CO. and get something to eat. When Ryder gets shot 
at leave the Pizza shop and take him back home to the Grove.
		Reward: Respect earned

          3. *Tagging Up Turf*
             Difficulty: 1/10
If you can read, this mission is easy. Just do what the messages say and go to 
blip. Sweet will tag the first sign. He wait's for you as you do two other tags 
that neighborhood. After the tags are complete, go back to the car and go into 
Ballas territory. Sweet drops you off and after the rest of the tags are complete 
he comes back to get you. Drive back to the Grove and the mission is finished.
								Additional Tip
If you don't know where to go to find the tags (I don't know why you woulden't) 
follow the blips on your map

          4. *Cleaning The Hood*
                Difficulty: 2/10
Take Ryder To B-Dup's house and watch the cutscene. Check your map for the crack 
dealer, target him and start punching him. When you kill him, go across the 
and start targeting people, start with the one with the bat. When their all dead, 
go back to Sweets
          Reward: Respect Earned

          5. *Drive-Thru*
               Difficulty: 3/10
Big Smoke is hungry and wants fried chicken, so you all go to the Cluckin' Bell. 
After they order, they get their food and they see a Balla car and see that their 
planning a hit. Pin the Tornado againtest a wall (the easiest way to do it) and 
the Ryder and Sweet shoot them. Make sure that when the car is on fire, your car 
isn't touching it. This mission is also funny because while Sweet and Ryder and 
Carl are in a drive-by, Big Smoke is just eatting everyone's food. After that 
calls about the gym. Go there and spend an hour working out and saving. (There 
limits about working out so when you worked out enough for the day, go to the 
house and save, then go to the gym and work out again)
          Reward: Respect earned

          6. *Nines and AKs
             Difficulty: 1/10
Go see Emmet and go through the tutorial. Drive to Binco and try on some cloths 
(make sure that the cloths look good because that will raise your Sex Appeal and 
might help you on differant missions) After that, leave Binco
          Reward: Respect earned

          7. *Drive-By*
             Difficulty: 3/10
Get in the car and let Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke take them out. After you kill 
all of the Ballas you have a two-star wanted level. Go to the Pay-and-Spray and 
a tune- up and a new paint job.
          Reward: Respect earned, Ryder and Big Smoke become bosses
								Additional Tip
If you want to kill the Ballas faster, you can just run over most of them. If you 
like to use cheatcodes, when your car health is bad, use the cheatcode that gives 
you life and armor and money.

          8. *Sweet's Girl*
             Difficulty: 2/10
At the end of the cutscene, Sweet will call you and tell you him and his girl are 
trapped. Go to his location, shoot all the people, then shoot the one on the 
and he will call you again. This time you must get a four-door car and pick him. 
Drive hm back to the Grove and you have completed your mission.
          Reward: Respect earned

          9. *Cesar Vialpando*
             Difficulty: Depends on how good you are at Amplitude/10
Go to the garage on the map. After the cutscene, back into the garage and start 
making your lowrider (id doesn't matter how you make it.) When you are finished, 
to the lowrider meet on your map. Drive in the blip and place your bet. You can 
$50 to $1000. This mission is easy because the beat is slow and all you have to 
is use your control stick.
          Reward: Your bet winnings and Respect earned.
B. Lance ''Ryder'' Wilson---- The Outta Control Gangster
          1. *Home Invasion*
             Difficulty: 2/10
Go to the guys house and watch the cutscene. Go in the house and pick up all the 
box's. I am not going to tell you where they are since they are easy to find. 
you get each box, take it out to the truck and put the box in it. After you have 
all the box's, you can drive to the safe house and the mission is done. If you 
to get more box's (I don't know why you would becayse it doesn't help anything) 
can go in the house and get them.
          Reward: Respect earned.

          2. *Catalyst*
              Difficulty: 2.5/10
Drive with Ryder to the location of the train, get out and kill all of the Vagos. 
After they are dead the Ballas show up. Kill them also. When they are dead, walk 
into the red blip and that will put you on the train. Some guy from the Grove 
be driving and Ryder will be standing up in the back of the car. They will follow 
you, and as they are behind you throw box's at Ryder and he will catch them. When 
you have enough, Ryder will tell you. You will get off the train and into the 
Work your way around the police and go to Pay-and-Spray. Drive to the lock up and 
the mission is done.
          Reward: Respect earned.

          3. *Robbing Uncle Sam*
              Difficulty: 3.5/10
Follow the directions to the docks, jump over the wall, shoot the guard, blow off 
the first security panel. Then shoot out the second security panel. Run in and 
out all of the National Guards. Get in the forklift but expect to get pulled out 
a guard. Shoot the guard that pulled you out of the forklift and get back in. You 
need six box's before you can leave. After you get all of them, get in the truck 
and drive away. Some of the  soldiers will follow you. (I don't really think this 
will help you any) If you want, you can get Ryder to throw box's at the guards. 
Another way to kill them is by doing a drive-by to their trucks and blow them up. 
Drive to the lock-up and park and the mission is finished.
          Reward: Respect earned.
								Additional Tip
(This really help's you!) From time to time, get out of the forklift and go by 
Ryder and shoot the National Guards. As you keep doing this Ryder will keep most 
his health and you can kill the National Guards faster that Ryder.
          C. Cesar Vialpando---- Brother From Another Mother (Just Kidding)

          1. *High Stakes, Low-Rider*
             Difficulty: 5/10
I beat this mission on my second try, so it's not that hard. But you might get 
because if the CPU hits a pole, it just falls right over but if you hit a pole, 
go all over the place. I never cheat, but I'm pretty sure if you use the Perfect 
Handeling cheat, it will make this mission much easier. Floor it on the three 
straightways and take it really slow during the turn section. It may be hard for 
you to get ahead of everybody because you start in last place, but when you get 
the lead it's not that hard to stay there. This mission is required to advance in 
the story, but it's not a storyline mission.
          Reward: $1000
								Additional Tip
For the people that can't seem to find lowriders easily, Los Santos ghetto is 90% 
lowriders. Most of the Ballas and the GSF have one. There is a few in Cesar's 
neighborhood. There is one right across the street from him. You can use any type 
of lowrider for this mission. There are seven different lowriders: Blade, 
Remington, Savanna, Slamvan, Tornado, and Voodoo.
D. Melvin ''Big Smoke'' Harris---- Loves Fried Chicken

          1. *OG Loc*
              Difficulty: 1/10
This mission is funny, but also annoying. Pick Jeff... I mean OG Loc up from 
and take him to Freddy's house. After Freddy makes fun of OG Loc for what 
in prison, Freddy takes off on a PCJ. Get on the bike and follow him. You have to 
follow him for quite a while. After a little bit, he parks on a sidewalk with 
of the Vagos. Get off your bike and kill them all. When that is finished, drive 
Loc to Burger Shot and the mission is complete.
          Reward: Respect earned.
								Additional Tip
I tried this mission three times. If you don't want to follow Freddy all over, 
shoot his tires out. It is very hard to do, I just got lucky. The first time I 
out his tires and he wrecked and died. I failed the mission because when I was 
taking OG Loc to Burger Shot, I wrecked and killed him. The second time I tried 
mission, I shot out his tires and he wrecked and tried to get back on the bike, 
I shot him and again failed because this time, I got in a gun war with the Ballas 
and OG Loc got shot and died. The third time I just did it the reagular way.

          2. *Running Dog*
             Difficulty: 1/10
Drive to the location and watch the cutscene. Super sprint and take out the Vago 
with a few gun blast's. If you fail this mission, you need more Stamina. Get it 
bike riding the bike or the treadmill at the gym.
          Reward: Respect earned

          3. *Wrong Side Of The Tracks*
              Difficulty: 5/10
This is probably the first hard mission in the game. It is mostly hard because 
Smoke can't shoot worth crap. Go to Unity Station and watch the cutscene. Get on 
the Sanchez and start chasing the Vagos. There will be four of them but one will 
die before you shoot. There is a car on the tracks and the train hits it and the 
car will blow up. Make sure you are not by it. After they hit the car, start 
after them again. At one point Big Smoke tells you to take the high road on the 
right. After you do it, keep driving and you will meet them at a tunnel. If Smoke 
doesn't kill all of them before they reach a certain point, the mission is 
But, if all of them are dead, drive Smoke back to his house and the mission is 
          Reward: Respect earned.
								Additional Tip
As I said two times in the guide, I do not cheat but I was at my cousin's house 
he coulden't get the mission done. I put in the cheat for weapons and the cheat 
the jetpack and I drove ahead of the train for a while and I stopped while I was 
ahead of them and put on my jetpack. I flew up and I shot two of them. It takes 
longer to kill them because if you have to shoot somebody on missions, they have 
more health. I killed two of them and I shot one untill he was almost dead. If 
do this, make sure you are far ahead of the train because if you have to follow 
them, it says you left Big Smoke behind and you have to go get him. If you leave 
Smoke behind, the Vagos will dissapear. And make sure not to get to far ahead 
because you can lose them that way too.

          4. *Just Business*
             Difficulty: 5/10
The first part of this mission is easy, the last is kinda hard. Drive with Big 
Smoke downtown. Watch the cutscene. Carl will go in and then it's your turn to 
play. Make sure Big Smoke's health stay's good. After you shoot everyone in the 
building, you go outside. Kill those people as well. After that there will be a 
cutscene and Big Smoke will get on a motorcycle and people will chase you. You 
on the back of the bike shooting people. Shoot whoever is in sight. Make sure the 
bike health stays good. Smoke will tell you what to do and make sure you do it or 
you'll fail the mission. After that, you split up and Big Smoke dumps the ike 
          Reward: Respect earned.
E. Jeffery ''OG Loc'' Martin---- The Biggest Wanksta in San Andreas

          1. *Life's a Beach* (Must start between 20:00 and 6:00)
             Difficulty: 2/10
Most people don't like OG Loc, but I do even thou he is a Wanksta. The voice of 
Loc (Jas Anderson) does a exelent job of making OG Loc really annoying. Watch the 
cutscene, drive to the beach and go into the blip. The DJ will ask you if you 
to dance. Press right on the D-Pad (I shoulden't have to tell you because it says 
what to do) Start dancing by tapping the buttons on the D-Pad. You must score a 
4000 or higher to get the DJ's attention. If you score the right amount of 
she will ask you to ''Step in her office.'' When you are in, drive away and try 
get to the lock-up. Two car's will follow you and try to stop you. Once you make 
to the lock-up, the mission is completed. (My first time playing this mission was 
the first time trying to beat the game. I haven't played these missions in a long 
time but I am doing much better this time. It took me like 3 weeks to get this 
last time, and I did this in three days) If you are reading each mission before 
play that mission I highly suggest doing each mission as listed. For example: Do 
every mission after you read the guide for mission. This makes it much easier.) 
          Reward: Respect earned, Dancing available whenever you want

          2. *Madd Dogg's Rhymes*
             Difficulty: 3/10
This is your introduction to stealth missions. I would tell you everything you 
to do, but the game already tells you what you need to do. Last time I played 
mission, I was very quiet and it took me a while to finish the mission, but this 
time, I didn't feel like waiting. I shoot the guards and anybody who came after 
The book is in Madd Dogg's recording studio. Get out of the mansion and drive to 
Burger Shot to give OG Loc the book. When all that is done, mission completed.
          Reward: Respect earned, Tenpenny becomes boss

          3. *Management Issues* (Must start between 12:00 and 17:00)
              Difficulty: 3/10
Drive QUICKLY to the Burger Shot so you can jack the car before it goes anywhere. 
pulled him out of the car and drove away. If you damage the car, you will have to 
go to Pay-and Spray and get a tune-up. Get to the location on your map without a 
scratch on the car. Park the car between the two other cars. When they start 
driving, you must stay between them at all times, without wrecking. When the guy 
get's in your car go to the pier and floor it! (I love this mission, this is my 
favorite part!) Before you go into the water, press triangle to jump out of the 
car, and the guy will go down with the car and into the water. Make sure you have 
good timing on jumping out. If you jump out to early, the car won't go in the 
and the mission will be failed. If you jump out to late, you will go in the water 
and the mission will be failed that way also.
If you punch the car to make the guy get out, once you are in the car you have a 
time limit. If you don't want to go to Pay-and-Spray, you can use the health and 
armor cheat. You can use this frequently. If you wreck into one of the car's when 
you are between them, I think if you wreck, the mission is failed but I can't 
remember since I didn't hit them this time.

          4. *House Party*
             Difficulty: 3.5/10
After the cutscene, go back to the Grove. You don't have to get a hair and new 
clothes. Get to the OG on the map by 20:00 to get a call from Loc about his prty. 
Go to the blip for the cutscene. The Ballas start attacking and you have to 
Sweet, after you kill all of them some more Ballas show up on the bridge. It 
that hard since you have some member's of the Grove helping you. If Sweet dies, 
fail but if you kill all of the Ballas and he is alive at the end, you have 
completed the mission.
          Reward: Respect earned.
F. Officer Frank Tenpenny---- Samuel L. Jackson Is A Bad Cop!!!

          1. *Burning Desires*
              Difficulty: 4/10
Go to the molotov in the alley and head over to the Vagos gang house. Use the 
molotov to shoot out the window's. The window's you need to break have red arows 
over them. If you cheat, use the rocket launcher. It is much easier. Make sure 
have a back-up gun with you because as you burn down the house the Vagos shoot at 
you sometimes. Go upstairs to find Denise. When you see her, you have to go to 
kitchen and get a fire-extingusher. I found it hard to find but it might be easy 
for some people. When you have it, go to her again and start putting out fires or 
she will not follow you. When you are both out of the burning house, she kisses 
you. Drive her home and she tells you to call her. She is now your girlfriend. 
you want more info on her, wait for the girlfriends guide that is apart of this. 
will not be done untill I am finished with the mission guide you are reading)
          Reward: Denise is now your girlfriend. (Sweet also calls after this 
mission, but as I said if you want the game to be easier do missions in the order 
you read them on here. So you should finish with Tenpenny)

          2. *Gray Imports*
              Difficulty: 4.5/10
This mission is easier. Go in with the AK-47 and start shooting. Somebody might 
in a forklift and try running you over. Shoot the forklift and it will blow up. 
Shoot the switch and it will let you in the garage. Keep going in and keep 
everyone. Once you get in the office, shoot the two Ballas and the Russian guy 
run. There is three ways to do this.
Hard: Let him go in the car and follow him on the PCJ. Do drive-by's untill he 
explodes. (I did it this way and it wasn't that hard. I passed my first try)  
Medium: Shoot him alot on his way to the car. He has a lot more health, and you 
need to target him. There is like 8 people shooting at you when you are following 
so when you try to target him, you may target somebody else.
Easy: I have no easy way. Sorry!!!
Reward: Not A Thing except Sweet calls and tells you that Ammunation is open. So 
check that out.
Sean ''Sweet'' Johnson---- The Return Of Sweet

          1. *Doberman*
              Difficulty: 3/10
Go to Ammunation and get some weapons. This is your first ''wave'' tutorial. Head 
to the Ballas turf in Glen Park. Find a group of Ballas with at least three 
Kill all of them and you survived your first wave. Little dot's will show up on 
your map to let you know more Ballas are coming. Shoot them and you have survived 
your second wave. Do it one more time and you survived your third and last wave! 
After this mission the turf will be yours. You can then take over any territory 
want using the waves. On your map the whole area in Los Santos will be covered 
Green, Purple, or Yellow. Green- Grove Street/  Purple- Ballas. Yellow- Vagos. 
can take over the Purple or Yellow parts. When the territory becomes yours, It 
go under attack. It will turn red when somebody tries to take it over. You get 
respect each time you take over a a territory, and save a territory.
          Reward: Respect earned.

          2. *Los Sepulcos*
              Difficulty: 4/10
Sweet wants revenge on the Ballas, and their all going to be at a big funeral in 
Vinewood. One of the biggest name in the Ballas is Kane and he is going to be 
there. You have four minutes to drive there. Once you get there, do what Sweet 
says. Go straight for Kane and ignore all the other Ballas. Let the two homies 
have with you get them. When you kill Kane, get in the car and drive Sweet back 
the Grove. I don't know if you have to have your two homies with you to go back 
the Grove and complete the mission, since my homies never died. Just drive to the 
Grove and mission completed.
          Reward: More respect earned.

          3. *Reuniting the Families
              Difficulty: 5/10
I love this mission!!! It is long but very fun. I think the only hard part is at 
the end. To do this mission, the following six must be completed: Sweet's Los 
Sepulcos; Ryder's Robbing Uncle Sam; Cesar's High Stakes, Lowrider; OG Loc's 
Party; Big Smoke's Just Business; and Tenpenny's Gray Imports. If any of those 
are NOT completed, this mission will not appear. You also need some respect. If 
don't have enough, take over some territories.
 Drive the crew to the Jefferson Motel and watch the police ambush. Smoke goes 
inside and Big Smoke and Ryder want to leave, but Carl stay's. Go in the motel 
shoot every SWAT you see. Follow the blue dot on your map to find Sweet. When you 
go out, you have to save Sweet from the plane. Give it about three shots or more 
(depending on what gun you use) Ryder and Big Smoke show up and Ryder gives you a 
sucky gun he got from Emmet. Get through the police with some car health 
Then you will pass the mission. If your car health runs out, you will fail the 
mission. Watch the cutscene afterwords, it's funny.
          Reward: Respect earned.

          4. *Green Sabre*
              Difficulty: 4/10
This is the final mission for Los Santos. If you want to do anything else in Los 
Santos, do it now. This mission turns Los Santos into a worse place than ot was 
before. Sweet is planning to kill all of the Ballas. Before you get a chance to 
Cesar calls and begs you to see to go see what he has to show you. Go into the 
blip, get in the car in the alleyway and watch Ryder and Big Smoke show their 
disrespect to the Grove. Sweeth's health bar appears and you must get to his 
location quickly before he dies. Once you get there, you find out Sweet got shot. 
Keep shooting ALL of the Ballas. Once they all die, your screen goes black and 
are in the back of Tenpenny's car. Your now in Badlands, Angel Pine.
          Reward: Respect earned.
V. *The Badlands Walkthrough*

A. Officer Frank Tenpenny---- I Love Sam, but I hate Tenpenny

          1. *Badlands*
             Difficulty: 3/10
My way to do this is: Sneak up behind the guy and kill him while re runs out. 
he is dead, take a picture for evidence to C.R.A.S.H. that he is dead. Go back to 
the trailer to end the mission. Then you get a phone call from Cesar. His cousin 
Catalina (she shot you in GTA III) is staying in Dillimore, and you should go see 
          Reward: Respect earned, Catalina becomes boss
B. Catalina---- The Bi*** From Grand Theft Auto Three

          1. *First Date*
Catalina, the ? on the map, is robbing a diner when you walk in. There are four 
robberies you do with Cataline: the gas station in Dillimore, the OTB in 
Montgomery, the licqor store in Blueberry, and the bank in Palomino Creek. It 
doesn't matter which order you do them in.

          2. *Tank Commander*
              Difficulty: 2/10
Head over to the gas station and follow the instructions. Make sure that the cab 
backed perfectly in. Being off a little won't attach it. When you start to pull 
away, the gas attendants follow. Ignore them. They will crash, or flip, or fly 
the water if you just drive safely. Use the pause menu map to plan a route and 
drive slowly and steadily. No insane stunts or hairpin turns. If the cab 
you fail. Park in the blip and watch the attendants run into the gas tanks. 

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