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Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Platform:PS2 (PlayStation2)
By: Amar Sejfovic a.k.a chainganger
E-mail: [email protected]
Version 1.0

Table of Contents					Search
Intro								1.00
What’s New?							1.01		
Crime and Punishment					1.02
Weapons							1.03
Cars								1.04
Characters							1.05
Main Story Missions						1.06
-Rosenberg							1.07		
	An Old Friend						1.08
	The Party						1.09
	Back Alley Brawl					1.10
	Jury Fury						1.11
	Riot							1.12
-Avery Carrington						1.13
	Four Iron						1.14
	Demolition Man					1.15
	Two Bit Hit						1.16
-Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez					1.17
	Treacherous Swine					1.18
	Mall Shootout						1.19
	Guardian Angels					1.20
-Diaz								1.21
	The Chase						1.22
	Phnom Penh ’86					1.23
-Colonel Missions (Cont.)					1.24
Sir, Yes Sir!						1.25			
		All hands On Deck					1.26
-Diaz Missions (Cont.)					1.27
	The Fastest Boat					1.28
	Supply and Demand					1.29
-Tommy Vercetti Criminal Empire				1.30
	Death Row						1.31
	Rub Out						1.32
	Shakedown						1.33
	Bar Brawl						1.34
	Copland						1.35
-Lovefist 							1.36
	Love Juice						1.37
	Psycho Killer						1.38
-Mitch Baker							1.39
	Alloy Wheels of Steel					1.40
	Messing with the Man					1.41
	Hog tied						1.42
-Lovefist (cont.)						1.43
	Publicity Tour						1.44
-Assassination Missions					1.45
	Road Kill						1.46
	Waste the wife						1.47
	Autocide						1.48
	Check Out at the Check-in				1.49
	Loose Ends						1.50
-Porn Empire							1.51
	Recruitment Drive					1.52
	Dildo Dodo						1.53
	Martha’s Mug Shot					1.54
	G-spotlight						1.55
-Umberto							1.56
	Stunt Boat Challenge					1.57
	Cannon Fodder					1.58
	Naval Engagement					1.59
-Auntie Poulet							1.60
	Juju Scramble						1.61
	Bombs Away!						1.62
	Dirty Lickin’s						1.63
-Cuban Missions (cont.)					1.64
	Trojan Voodoo					1.65
-Boatyard							1.66
	Checkpoint Charlie					1.67
-Kaufman Cabs						1.68
	V.I.P.							1.69
	Friendly Rivalry					1.70
	Cabmageddon						1.71
-The Malibu							1.72
	No Escape?						1.73	
	The Shootist						1.74
	The Driver						1.75
	The Job						1.76
-Phil Cassidy							1.77
	Gun Runner						1.78	
	Boomshine Saigon					1.79
-Print Works							1.80		
			Spilling the Beans					1.81
	Hit the Courier 					1.82
-Final Missions						1.83
	Cap the Collector					1.84
Keep your Friends Close…				            1.85
EXTRAS!!!!!!!!						1.86
Odd Jobs							1.87
RC Missions							1.88
Arena Missions						1.89
Cone Crazy							1.90
Pizza Delivery 						1.91
Taxi Driver							1.92
Paramedic							1.93
Vigilante							1.94
Fire Truck							1.95
PCJ Playground						1.96
Chopper Checkpoint Races					1.97
Shooting Range						1.98
Rampages							1.99
Unique Stunt Jumps						2.00
Hidden Packages						2.01
Conclusion 							END

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Dec. 25, 2005
I will only do the Mainland missions for now and update this later.
Dec. 26, 2005
I completed missions up until the end of the Rub Out mission. I will possibly 
update this somewhere after the New Year maybe earlier. I also made some spelling 
and grammar checks.
Dec. 27, 2005
I put a lot of hard work and did up until the Publicity Tour mission.
Dec. 30, 2005
I only did the Road Kill and Waste the Wife missions. Happy New Year!! (Spelling 
and Grammar corrections were done as well.) Also added the search system. Press 
Ctrl+F at the same time to open up the search box and type in what you are looking 
for. Or, you can just type in the mission name and it should take you there.
Jan. 7, 2006
Just finished up the rest of the missions up until the Waste the Wife mission. 
Happy New Year to you all! 
Jan.20, 2006
Got done with a few missions. Hopefully I can get more done by tomorrow. I expect 
to be done with this by early or Late February. Spelling and Grammar corrections 
were done as well.
Jan.26, 2006
I finished a few more missions. Plan to be done sometime in Feb. or March.
Jan. 28, 2006
Finished a few more missions and hope to get done soon.
Jan. 30, 2006
Got done with at least some of the Cuban missions. I hope you all enjoy the guide 
when it is finished.
Feb. 3, 2006
Finished with a few missions. More to come!
Feb. 24, 2006
Sorry why I was gone so long, I got really busy so here are some more missions.
Feb. 26, 2006
Finished up until the Malibu missions.
March 2, 2006
Finally got it up on the beautiful website of I'll try to get much 
more done!
March 3, 2006
I finished up all of the missions for the game and now I have to do the extras!
Intro	1.00

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps 
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation.

Grand Theft Auto
Vice City

Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. But all 
does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of 
Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his money back, but 
the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of 
Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over 
the city himself.

What’s New?  1.01  
I bet you’re wondering exactly, what is new in this game? Well my friend for 
example motorcycles. Yep, you heard me. Now you can cruise through Vice City while 
popping a wheelie here and there and making some radical stoppies. Test how long 
you can hold a wheelie or a stoppie. More on that in the EXTRAS!!!!!!

You can fly with the birds in your very own helicopter, plus a seaplane. Does this 
game get any better? Of course! There are new opportunities too! You can now shoot 
out tires. (OH YEAH!!) But be careful, cops will deploy spike strips which can blow 
all four tires, making it nearly impossible to drive.

Properties, you can now own your own real estate and generate money daily! But for 
that you need to buy asset properties such as:
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Kaufman Cabs
Car Showroom
Print works
Film Studio
The Malibu
Pole Position

There are some asset properties that you need to buy in order to complete the game. 
They are:
Print Works
Kaufman Cabs
Film studio a.k.a Porn Empire

The following are save house properties. You won’t be able to generate money, but 
you sure as heck can save! 
Elswanko Casa (Located in Vice Point, South of North Point Mall and east of Leaf 
Links view Apartments (Located east of Leaf Links island and west of the Vice Point 
Police station)
Ocean Heights (Located in Ocean Beach)
Hyman Condo (Located east of the Hyman Memorial Stadium)
1102 Washington Street (Located across from Ken Rosenberg’s Office)
3321 Vice Point (Located north of North Point Mall)
Skumole Shack (Located on a rooftop around the corner of the Biker Bar)

Robbing Shops, finally, you can rob shops. You must rob all shops to get 100% 
completion of the game. More in the EXTRAS!!!

Street Outfit
Soiree Outfit
Country Club Outfit
Havana Outfit
Cop Outfit
Bank Job Outfit
Casual Outfit
Mr. Vercetti Outfit

100% Completion:
To reach 100% you must do the following:
All main Story Missions
All Odd Jobs (You have to score 45 or higher at the shooting range)
All Rampages
All unique Jumps 
Collect all 100 Hidden packages
Purchase all properties
Rob All Stores

Trust me, all of this is worth it. You get a little surprise after you do all this!

Crime and Punishment	 1.02
Whenever you get a * (Star), that means you have a wanted level. A wanted level is 
a system where the cops try to bust you for any illicit activities you perform. Go 
into a pay and spray to “shake the heat”. But be careful, your wanted stars will be 
flashing. If you perform any more illicit activities, it will come back to how it 
was and you’re in even more trouble.

Wanted Level Breakdown

A cop on foot or in a patrol car will try and chase you and arrest you. When on 
foot, if they take you out of the car, you’re BUSTED. If they punch you enough to 
make you fall, you’re BUSTED.

Two police vehicles will pursue you. This one is pretty tough, they might resort to 
drastic measures and shoot you. The only way to get them off your tail is to visit 
a pay and spray or find a police bribe and lay low for a while.

Now a new heat joins in with their cheetahs. (There will be light roadblocks and 
possibly two cruisers barricading a street to stop you.) The cops still want you 
and they might deploy spike strips. Also, you'll be chased at by a helicopter.

SWAT teams in Enforcers jump out and try to kill you. And that helicopter not only 
brings down SWAT members but also shoots at you.

Now you got the FBI involved in this. They'll shoot at you and you will still have 
even more trouble on your tail.
Now you get the army on your tail. You might even be shot at by a tank. So you have 
6 stars, right. The cops deploy spike strips, chase and shoot at you. The FBI 
chases and shoots at you as well as ramming you with their car. The tank, not much 
to say except your doomed! And I won't go on about how bad of a mess this is.

Weapons 	 1.03
Ahh, the beauty of life, weapons. You have different types of weapons that you can 
put in your slot.

Slot1: Camera

Slot2: Fists of Steel
Brass Knucks (or your fists, either one is fine.)

Slot3: Melee Weapons/Chainsaw
Screw Driver
Golf Club
Night stick
Baseball Bat

Slot4: Explosives

Slot5: Pistol Family
45 pistol

Slot6: Shotgun Family
Chromed Shotgun
Spaz Shotgun
Stubby Shotgun

Slot7: Sub-Machinegun Family
Mac 10
Uzi 9mm

Slot8: Rifle Crew

Slot9: Big Guns Crew 
Rocket Launcher

Slot10: Snipers
Sniper Rifle

Cars  	1.04
The beautiful transportation in our modern day lives. Vice City features a variety 
of different cars like:
Blista Compact
Cuban Hermes 
Sabre Turbo
Bloodring banger
Hotring Racer
Sentinel XS
Baggage Handler
Love fist
Romero’s Hearse
PCJ 600
Barracks OL
FBI Rancher 
Fire Truck
Kaufman Cab
FBI Washington
Ultimate Vehicle (Unlocks the Mission “Brown Thunder” for Vigilante
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy
Zebra Cab (Unlocked after completing all cab missions)
BF Injection
Mesa Grande
Spand Express
Gang Burrito
Top Fun
Police Maverick
Sea Sparrow
VCN Maverick
Coast Guard
Cuban Jetmax
RC Bandit
RC Raider
RC Baron

Characters 	 1.05
Tommy Vercetti-
A 35 year old washed up punk from the streets of Liberty City. He just got out of 
the slammer for 15 years and is now connected with the Forelli Family. He is the 
Main character you play in the game.

Lance Vance-
A well dressed 32 year old intent on avenging his brother’s death. He has a deep 
hatred for Diaz because he has a suspicion that Diaz killed his brother.

Ken Rosenberg-
Not much too say about him. He is 33, and is your lawyer. He plays a major role in 
the Forelli Family Business.

Sonny Forelli-
The guy you work for. He is the head of the Forelli family. After learning that 
Tommy lost all the money and cocaine, he gets real mad and is intent on either 
Tommy getting his money back, or killing Tommy for not getting the job done. 

Main Story Missions   1.06 

Rosenberg      1.07
Missions					Search
An Old Friend 				1.08
Payoff: N/A
Description: Visit Rosenberg to get your first set of missions.
Sonny is totally mad because of the fact that you lost his money. You swore to him 
you would get it back so you have to go visit your lawyer Ken Rosenberg to get your 
first set of missions.

The Party					1.09
Payoff: $100
Description: Put on some party clothes and go to the colonel’s yacht.
Your lawyer will tell you about a colonel that goes by the name of Juan Garcia 
Cortez. To meet him, you have to attend one of his boat parties, and yes, you have 
to dress the part. Follow the T-shirt icon on your map to get to Rafael’s where you 
can get a snazzy new 80’s dud. Once you come out, a dork will intentionally leave 
his bike out in the open. Go and take it. He will scream but just make sure you 
don’t jack it while a cop is around. Now, cruise down to the party and enter the 
pink marker. Once you get on, the colonel apologizes for the inconvenience that 
happened. You know, the drug deal where you lost all of Sonny’s money. (Hey it 
rhymes!) He daughter, Mercedes, asks you to take her to the Pole Position, A strip 
club. (Kinda weird.) Once you get off, jack a nice ride, preferably Diaz’s Limo. 
Follow the blip on your map to get there. Once you drop Mercedes off, you get your 
little reward. I meant the $100. You will also get the Soiree outfit available at 
all safe houses. (That junk you’re wearing, Unless of course you like it!)

Back Alley Brawl				1.10
Payoff: $200
Description: Beat the crap out of a chef until he gives you info.

Ken Rosenberg will tell you to find Kent Paul at the Malibu. So, I guess go there. 
When you get there, Ken suggests you find a chef at Ocean Drive. He could use a 
little beating. Follow the blip on your radar to find the chef. Now you have to 
kill him and take his cell. What is pretty cool is you get a car, drive it in the 
alley so fast that when it shows the chef (if it worked) talking on his cell, your 
car will run him over and instantly kill him! You don’t have to fight now. Just 
pick up his cell and watch the scene. Then a guy named “Lance Vance” shows up. He 
starts talking to you and then hands you a pistol. 3 chefs appear I believe with 
machetes? Anyways, don’t waste your ammo killing them because, a cop could hear and 
that will put you on a wanted level and you’ll waste your ammo. Just follow Lance 
and hop in his car. He will tell you to drive all the way to Ammunation. Park in 
the pink marker and learn a brief history on how to buy guns of steel. Now drive 
all the way to your apartment and you will be rewarded $200. Nice Job! Also, take 
the time to go inside and save your game for safety precautions.

Jury Fury					1.11
Payoff: $400
Description: Beat up two jurors cars to change their opinions.

After your cell phone chat, go to your lawyer’s office. I think he feels lonely 
don’t you? Anyways, Giorgio, a member of the Forelli Family, is on trial and Ken 
wants you to make the two jurors change their minds. How, you ask? Watch. When you 
get outside, a car will hit a dude with coveralls, and the lady inside of the car 
will run away. (I think it’s a lady.) Luckily for you, you can take his hammer. So 
take it! And you can go in the car too. But careful, if a cop is around, he will 
think you’re jacking it! First things first, DON’T KILL THE JURORS! You will, and I 
repeat, you will fail the mission! Just beat them into submission. Go to whichever 
juror you feel like first. Personally, I went to the juror who was in a building. 
All you need to do is whack his car until it is close to burning up. He will come 
out screaming. The next one is talking to a girl. Just hit him once with the hammer 
and he’ll run to his car. Then a truck full of hammers will block him. He smashes 
into it, yes, unfortunately. Notice his voice when you’re beating his car, He 
sounds like that one dude from Cheech and Chong, doesn’t he? Anyways, the easy way 
is to take the hammer and smack the driver seat until it busts open. Then press 
triangle and take him out of the car. He will then scream his head off and run. 
Note that if you hit his car with a hammer and a cop sees, you get one star for 
vandalism. But, you get a nice reward of 400 smackers. So go buy yourself a beer or 

Riot						1.12
Payoff: $1000
Description: Disguise yourself as a worker and start a riot.

Well, go to Ken’s office and you will meet Avery Carrington. (You will work for him 
very soon)  Avery wants you to take care of people who are eager to sell a 
property. First, go to the clothes shop and get some coveralls to disguise 
yourself. Now, this is the easy way to do this mission. First, go to the police 
station. Then, go to the parking lot and you should find some grenades. Take them, 
grab a car you want and head to your destination. When you get there, you have to 
kill four people to start a riot. Just simply run them over. Now this is the sort 
of hard part. The gates will open, enabling you to get to the 4 trucks. Kill the 
officer and take his gun. Quickly switch to the grenades and aim them for the 
trucks and take cover. After they blow up, go to the other side and throw them to 
the other trucks. As soon as you blow up the trucks, you pass your mission and get 
$1000. Feel free to take any money left over from the people who got killed. The 
hard way is when you get inside, take the gun from the police man or whatever he 
is. (A guard maybe.) Take the gun and shoot at the barrels. This is pretty hard 
because, you have to aim properly and if you miss, you’re out of ammo. Or at least 
you are wasting it. Then some people can punch you and kick you and your in big 
trouble now. So it’s your choice, you can take the easy way or the hard way. Either 
way, you still get 1000 smackers. What are you going to do with it? Spend it on 
guns, DUH!

Avery Carrington 1.13
Four Iron					1.14
Payoff: $500
Description: Get to Leaf Links and practice killing one of Avery’s targets.
 Visit Avery to get your next set of missions. This mission is the hardest so far 
in the game. Avery wants you to go and kill some guy there. Guns are not allowed. 
But, if you want to, you can do a weapon cheat when you are inside the golfing 
area, switch to the sniper rifle, aim and kill the guy and that will net you the 
$500. But, if you don’t want to use cheat codes then, puck up because this is 
really hard. Trust me. If you have weapons on you, hopefully you won’t, they will 
appear outside of the area and the guards will more than likely chase you. When you 
get in there, grab a club and jack a cart. Don’t worry cops are too busy eating 
donuts than worrying about a stolen golf cart. Drive all the way to your 
destination. This part is extremely hard. You will have to climb up the stairs, 
attack all of his guards, and while you’re doing that, he is getting on his cart 
and speeding off. Grab a cart and chase after him. There is not much you can do 
except chase him and bump him. Soon enough, he will get towards the exit and that 
gives you an opportunity to attack him and kill him. If you don’t, he will hop on 
his car and speed off. Now you have to get a fast car and chase after him and hit 
him until his car starts burning. He might get out of his car and start running but 
I don’t think he will. When you kill him you get $500 and a nice golfing suit.

Demolition Man				1.15
Payoff: $1000
Description: Plant four bombs on various floors in a soon to be built building.

There isn’t much I can tell you on this except that you have to be really careful 
of the workers. They have hammers and they aren’t afraid to use it. But, you on the 
other hand have an RC helicopter. If you want to, you can fly lower and your wings 
will slice them up! When you get to the 3rd or 4th floor, there will be guards with 
guns. So do the same thing if you want to kill them. Lower yourself down and let 
them be ripped! Your objective is pretty much to drive the RC baron, take the 
detonators and plant them on explosive barrels. If time runs out, you failed the 

Two Bit Hit					1.16
Payoff: $2500
Description: Start a gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians.

Avery introduces you to Donald Love, Remember him from GTA3 I believe? Donald takes 
notes while Avery explains to you the situation. You have to go get dressed in gang 
clothes and kill the Haitian gang lord. The easier way is to go into the alley 
behind where he is at and throw a grenade or you can get a sniper rifle, aim at him 
carefully and make sure they don’t see you. Then FIRE!! When you kill him, you get 
rewarded $2500. Finally you get paid more.

Colonel 		1.17
Treacherous Swine			1.18
Payoff: $250
Description: Pay violent and brutal visit to Gonzalez.

The Colonel calls you on your cell and tells you to come over sometime to his 
private yacht. Don’t mind if I do. The colonel thinks he has found out who set you 
up. Your target, Gonzalez. The Colonel hands you a chainsaw. Go over to Gonzalez’s 
and kill him! If you have a colt python, don’t hesitate to use it because it will 
cause a one hit kill. Or so it says. Also, if you don’t have one you can run him 
over with a car, or use the chainsaw. If you use the chainsaw, select another 
weapon to catch up to him and then kick him down and use it. The chainsaw will make 
you run very slowly and Gonzalez will be beating you like you’re an old grandma! 
Either way you do it, you get a 2 star wanted level. Go to the nearest pay and 
spray and the colonel will reward you with 250 bucks.

Mall Shootout					1.19
Payoff: $500
Description: Meet a courier.

The colonel sends you to the Washington Mall in Ocean beach to meet a courier. When 
you get there, a swat team will arrive and the courier will run. You won’t get a 
wanted level but they will shoot. You now have to chase the courier and get him off 
of his motorcycle and kill him. He will drop a briefcase so you have to go pick it 
up when he drops it. The cops will probably want you at this point so you have to 
start doing some evasive action. Try to avoid the cops, possibly going to a pay and 
spray, then giving the briefcase back to the colonel. When you do, you get you 
paycheck of $500.

Guardian Angels				1.20
Payoff: $1000
Description: Protect Diaz while a deal is happening.

The colonel wants you to grab a weapon he left for you in the parking lot and 
protect Diaz. When you get there, Lance shows up and you two go together to protect 
Diaz. When you are there, climb up the steps and watch as the deal goes down. Soon, 
you learn that it’s a setup and you need to protect Diaz now. Don’t let Diaz or 
Lance die. If you do, you fail the mission. Aim and kill the enemies and soon it 
will show two bikers on Sanchez’s. Lance manages to blow one of their heads off, 
and the other runs away. Go get on the Sanchez and chase after the guy. Don’t let 
him get away or you fail the mission. If you have a sub machinegun, use it. When he 
falls off his bike, pick up the briefcase and drive back. Diaz will then thank you 
and you will unlock the strand of Diaz missions. Plus you now unlocked Starfish 

Diaz	1.21
The Chase				1.22
Payoff: $1000
Description: Find out where one of Diaz’s dealers are hiding.

This is a pretty tough mission. Diaz instructs you to find out where one of his 
greedy dealers are hiding. When you gain control, hop in a car or bike and follow 
the pink blip on your radar. When you get there, peek inside his window. You find 
out he is not there but actually he shouts at you and you have to chase him up the 
steps. When you climb the steps, he will shoot at you but you already dodged it. 
Keep chasing him and make sure you walk carefully on those planks between the 
houses. When you get to the explosive barrels, if you are lucky, you can dodge them 
from exploding if you are really close to him when you are chasing him. If not, you 
can go through the fire and lose a little bit of health, or you can wait till the 
fire stops which won’t be long. Then prepare yourself for a big jump. If you lost 
some health while chasing him, feel free to pick up the health icon. Then hop on 
the Faggio. Your vehicle is pretty small compared to his BF Injection. His buddy 
will drive while he shoots at you. Now this is the hard part. You have to dodge the 
bullets because they have a 95% chance of hitting your tires if you drive straight 
and only dodge cars. He is using an assault rifle so you should see where the 
bullets are going. Don’t lose him or you will fail the mission. Sooner or later, 
you will find out where he hides out, and you get $1000. Congrats.

Phnom Penh ‘86			1.23
Payoff: $2000
Description: Shoot the skimmers house from a heli. 

Ricardo Diaz tells you that you need to kill that little dealer and Lance shows up 
with a helicopter. Get on the Helicopter and Lance will start talking. You have 
unlimited bullets when you are in the helicopter so shoot like James Bond or the 
terminator. First, Lance will take you to different floors of the houses. There 
will be those gang members so you need to kill them from your heli. Don’t take too 
long to kill them or they will shoot and decrease the helicopter’s health making it 
blow up. Once you clear all the areas, Lance lets you down and you can go inside 
one of the houses. Shoot all the gang members and proceed upstairs. Take out the 
guard at the door and take the briefcase of money. Lance will then pick you up and 
you are Hasta La Vista! Baby!

Colonel Missions (Cont.)		1.24
Sir, Yes Sir!					1.25
Payoff: $2000
Description: Steal and Tank and put it in the Colonel’s lockup.

This is a pretty tough mission. The colonel wants you to go steal a military tank 
that is going around town. Head to your destination and this is where the trouble 
starts. The tank is heavily protected by armed guards. Make sure you have some guns 
and full armor or you’re dead meat. Go over to the tanks door and hit it with a 
melee weapon. The driver will come out and you can take the tank. Then the military 
will activate a bomb on the tank and you have until detonation time to get the tank 
in the lock up. Note however that you have a 99% chance of getting 3 to 4 stars. 
But don’t worry, just use the tank to blow them up. Once you finish the mission if 
you had any wanted level stars they should go away and you will also get $2000 for 
completing the mission.

All Hand on Deck				1.26
Payoff: $5000
Description: Escort the colonel safely through the sea.

The colonel decides to escape town and he asks you to escort him to safety. You 
will however be on his boat with a weapon and you will have to shoot anyone who 
stands in your way. Not the people on deck you hear? This is basically simple. For 
the first part you will have to shoot at boats so you can go in the lower level to 
get a better vantage point or you can stay put on the upper area and shoot them. 
Either way is fine. Then a bunch of ships will block a path under the bridge. This 
is also simple. Shoot at the ships until they blow up. Once you blow up 2 or 3, 
they will clear the way. Continue shooting other enemies that approach you and you 
will soon end the mission. When you beat it, the colonel will give you 5000 
smackers and give you a boat to get out of here. Good Job! You now finished all of 
the colonel missions!

Diaz Missions (Cont.)			1.27
The Fastest Boat				1.28
Payoff: $4000
Description: Steal the fastest boat in Vice City and take it to Diaz.

Diaz tells you he wants the fastest boat in Vice City. What you have to do is head 
over to the boatyard to get it. Once you get there, Workers will try to stop you. 
Just simply shoot them. But beware, you might get a wanted level. Press the control 
panel to release the boat and go to it. Get in the boat and you will get a 3 star 
wanted level. Police will chase you on the water but don’t worry. Diaz’s mansion is 
right across so just hold the X button so you go very fast. Reach Diaz’s mansion 
and park the boat in his boatyard. You will also get $4000 on completing this 
mission. Nice work!

Supply and Demand				1.29
Payoff: $10,000
Description: Use the new boat to get coke to Diaz’s dealer first.

This last mission of Diaz’s is pretty tough. Diaz wants you to get to a dealer’s 
boat before other people do so you can sell cocaine to the guy. Head out to Diaz’s 
dock to find Lance in Diaz’s new boat. You have to race other boats to get to the 
destination. Just simply follow the pink marker on your map and avoid obstacles in 
your way. Lance will try to shoot them if you get close but they can also shoot 
back. When you get there, Lance will then drive the boat and you have to protect 
it. You have unlimited ammo so blast away like the terminator and tell them you’ll 
be back. Remember to shoot every boat because your boat health will deplete letting 
the boat blow up and you failing the mission. Keep shooting and Lance will 
eventually get to Diaz’s place. When he does, you get rewarded 10,000 smackers! 
Good Job on completing the Diaz missions.

Tommy Vercetti Criminal Empire		1.30
Death Row					1.31
Payoff: None, but the guys you kill drop a ton of cash!
Description: Rescue Lance before he gets murdered.

Follow the K on your radar/map to get to Kent Paul’s. He tells you that Diaz 
kidnapped Lance and is attempting to murder him. You need to save his butt so get a 
fast car and hurry to the junkyard!! Make sure you have some guns ready because you 
need to get ready for the fight of your life!! Shoot all the dudes hiding behind 
the car and proceed on forward. Kill more guys until you reach a big building or a 
warehouse. Kill the dudes inside and get to Lance. He tells you he did it to avenge 
his brother’s death. You now need to take him to the hospital. Get in the car that 
is close to the garage and speed on out of there. Take Lance to the hospital shown 
on your map and you complete the mission. Don’t get mad if you don’t get money. You 
could have taken them from Diaz’s men that you killed. But the next mission has its 
share of surprises.

Rub Out					1.32
Payoff: $50,000 (and Diaz’s mansion!!)
Description: Kill Diaz at all costs!!!!

This is the moment of truth where you can kill that little S-O-B Diaz. Follow the 
marker on your map to the outside gates of Diaz’s mansion. Lance shows up and gives 
you a weapon. You can use this or some other weapons if you’d like. Approach the 
mansion and kill the men in front. Head up the stairs to learn that the door is 
locked. Go down the steps and go to your left which would technically be your right 
when you where going to go into the front door. Lance tells you to follow him so 
you should do so. Lance will guide you through this maze and you should help him 
kill the men who shoot at you. If you don’t have a lot of weapons then let Lance do 
all the shooting. You will need all the ammo you have to kill that little prick 
Diaz. Lance will lead you to a secret entrance in Diaz’s mansion. Follow the marker 
on your radar. On your way to your destination, you will find 2 of Diaz’s men. Kill 
them and feel free to take the health and armor icon if you lost some health. Keep 
going until you reach the hall. Diaz will come out armed and ready to kill you. 
Apparently it’s gonna be the other way around. You can stand where you are and 
shoot that little prick but he will eventually run into his office. Prick. Proceed 
down the stairs shooting more of his men. Stand by the doorway and make sure you 
have some cover or Diaz will kill you without a sweat. Once you kill him, a scene 
will occur where Tommy and Lance both point a gun at Diaz and put him out of his 
misery. When you complete this mission, not only do you get 50,000 smackers, but 
you also get Diaz’s mansion!!! Plus there is a helicopter on the roof!!!!!! Pretty 
cool, huh? How great is one man’s death? To tell the truth, if it is Diaz’s death, 
it’s like a whole new year!!

Shakedown				1.33
Payoff: $2000
Description: Destroy the windows of shop owners to make them pay protection money.

After the Rub Out mission you can start these next 3 missions outside of Tommy’s 
office. Go into the pink marker and start the mission. Now that you have money, 
fast cars, and a mansion, you still need to get protection money. Some shop owners 
at North Point Mall are refusing to pay their protection money. You have 5 minutes 
to change their minds. Get a good weapon, preferably a Rocket Launcher, and head to 
the mall. When you get there the mission is very simple but also hard. You need to 
destroy all the windows of the shop owners who refuse to pay protection money. 
Pretty easy, right? Wrong! Cops will also try to hunt you down. Just shooting one 
window can get you a 2 star wanted level. Simply blow out all the windows and avoid 
the cops and this mission should be a piece of cake. When you beat it, you deserve 
$2000. Spend it on some new clothes. Note that at the mall there is a place called 
Gash. If you have wanted levels you can go into the shop in the clothes icon and 
that will remove any 2 star wanted levels.

Bar Brawl					1.34
Payoff: $4000
Description: Take out the thugs protecting the Front Page Bar.

Take your two guys to the bar indicated on your map. You’ll find two posers 
pretending to be protectors. Kill them. You can do a drive by or run them over 
doesn’t matter as long as you kill them. Then go into the pink marker and the owner 
will tell you where the guards came from. Now the clock starts ticking to 5 
minutes. If you don’t kill all the targets in the allotted time you will fail the 
mission. Go to the DBP security headquarters as shown on your radar. This is a good 
place to cause mayhem. Kill the targets. Then once you dispose of all the targets, 
two sissies flee on bikes. Just chase them, preferably in a car ram them over and 
that should kill them. You get $4000 for doing this devilish deed. (Mwahahah.)  

Copland					1.35
Payoff: $10,000 (+ $5000 generated daily.)
Description: Detonate a bomb in the Tarbrush Café.

This is the 2nd hardest mission in the game. The 1st is the last mission. You have 
to bomb a café in the mall. First you need to get at least a 1 star wanted level. 
Let a cop chase you and lure him into a garage, you’ll actually need two cops. 
Then, when you have the cop outfit, go behind the garage to find a police cruiser. 
This is the hard part. But I’ll just explain the easy way. Head west across the 
street into an alley. Find a helicopter and take it. Go all the way to the mall and 
park it. Go in the mall, bomb the area, and get out as fast as you can. Now you 
have a 5 star wanted level. If you took the car (hopefully you didn’t) you will 
have to face cops and spike strips and all that hard junk. But, if you took the 
helicopter like I told you to, then go inside it and fly as fast as you can back to 
your mansion. Head into the pink marker and complete the mission. You then get 
$10,000. And it gets better. For every wanted level you get daily in the game, you 
can get $5000 by just taking it in the little icon on the stairs!! I really don’t 
know how to explain it to you perfectly but just play it okay. 

Lovefist Missions		1.36
Love Juice						1.37
Payoff: $2000
Description: Get some love juice for Lovefist.

When you get in the studio, the band tells you they want some love juice. So you 
have to go pick up these drugs. When you get there, make sure you have a fast 
vehicle or otherwise you will not be able to catch up to the dealer. Park in the 
pink marker in a way where you can get in your car and just press X and speed off. 
When you park, honk your horn. The dealer will come out and steal your money! 
Quickly get in your vehicle and chase him. Luckily for you he is on a bike so you 
can do a drive-by to kill him. Once he’s down, get the ingredients and head off. 
Lovefist calls and tells you they want some company. Quickly head to Mercedes 
apartment to pick her up. Then the clock starts counting down to 1 minute and 30 
seconds. Get Mercedes over to the studio A.S.A.P. or you will fail the mission. 
When you get her there, you will be rewarded with $2000.

Psycho Killer				1.38
Payoff: $4000
Description: Kill the so called Lovefist “fan”

I know the description doesn’t sound so nice but to tell the truth, the guy is more 
of a murderer than a fan. He wants to kill Lovefist for some particular reason. 
Once you get outside, get in the Lovefist Limo. Drive down to the record store to 
find a bunch of fans waiting to get autographs. Then a so called “fan” will be 
dressed up as a girl. He will shoot the security guard and run like a coward, 
leaving the cop to bleed to death. Get in your Limo and chase after him. (Or her. 
He should really stop dressing that way.) Just do a drive-by and try to avoid the 
cops. When you blow his car to smithereens, you get $4000. Now it is time to prove 
yourself to Mitch Baker before you can do Lovefist’s last mission.

Mitch Baker				1.39
Alloy Wheels of Steel					1.40
Payoff: $1000
Description: Race to prove your worth.

This is a pretty easy mission. Mitch tells you that you need to prove yourself by 
winning a race against some of his guys. When you get outside, simply jack a bike 
from one of the bikers outside. The race will immediately begin. What you can do is 
a drive-by to kill them. Or, if you don’t want cops on your tail, you can take a 
bunch of cars and put them in front of the racers giving you the advantage to get 
to first place. You get 1000 dollars for this mission and Mitch’s respect goes with 
it too.

Messing With the Man				1.41
Payoff: $2000
Description: Cause mayhem to max out your chaos meter.

This mission is pretty simple. Mitch wants you to raise heck around town. This will 
get you some wanted levels and when you beat this mission, the wanted levels are 
still gonna be there. When you get outside, cause as much mayhem as you possibly 
can. Shoot cops, people, blow up cars, anything will do as long as you make this 
city cry your name. (Or just raise some mass destruction!) When your chaos meter 
reaches its full state, you will complete this mission netting you $2000. Also, 
note that if you got any wanted levels you will still have them after completing 
this mission. Go to the nearest pay and spray or just simply find a police bribe.

Hog Tied				1.42
Payoff: $4000
Description: Get Mitch’s precious bike back.

I have never seen a man love his motorcycle so much as this man, Mitch Baker. A 
group of gang members have stolen his bike and he wants you to reclaim it. (Why 
doesn’t he buy a new one?)  Grab one of the bikes outside and head to Ammunation.  
When you get there, feel free to get some weapons. When you are done, drive your 
bike as fast as you can up the stairs. You will jump all the way to the rooftop of 
Ammunation! Now shoot a bunch of these gang members. After you kill them, grab 
Mitch’s bike in the garage. Now you have to find a way to get out.  Drive the bike 
west then north and head up the steps as fast as you can. Get ready for a big jump. 
When you get out, you will need to bring Mitch’s bike back to him. Easy, right? 
WRONG!!! The gang members will be chasing you part of the way. Your only hope is to 
blow them up, or pray that they hit something hard enough to stop them. When you 
get his bike back to him, you get a whopping $4000. Mitch then calls you and tells 
you that you can now do the final mission for Lovefist.

Lovefist Missions (cont.)			1.43
Publicity Tour					1.44
Payoff: $8000
Description: Drive around town in Lovefist's limo fast enough for the members to 
deactivate the bomb.

When you get in Lovefist's limo, one of the members will pop in a tape. It will 
play the voice of Lovefist's stalker. He says he rigged the limo with a bomb. If 
you drive to slow, it will blow up, leading to your demise. You have to drive 
around very fast and be very careful of traffic. Hitting one car could result you 
to slow down a bit and get the meter full. If you fill up the meter, the limo will 
blow up. It takes about 2 minutes and 20 seconds until they defuse the bomb. When 
they do, a message will confirm it. Then, simply drive to the concert arena. You 
get to see a little scene and then not only do you complete all the Lovefist 
missions, but you also get 8000 smackers to spend!!

| ***Note*** the following missions are optional. They are NOT part of the main 
story |
| Missions. If you decide to do them, you will get a little bit more money. At 
least I think|   |they aren’t main story 

Assassination Missions				1.45
Road Kill		1.46
Payoff: $500
Description: KILL THE PIZZA BOY!!

To get these missions, you will receive a call from a mysterious guy and he will 
tell you to go to different phone booths. Follow the phone icon on your map to 
start the mission. The cell phone that you stole from the chef is actually a phone 
to start assassination missions. Your mystery man tells you that you have to kill 
some pizza boy before he makes 50 deliveries. This seems evil for some strange… 
and….. Unsuspicious reason. *cough* Oh No!  Just simply ram him off his bike and 
kill him. Then you get money. If you want to, you can take the bike and do some 
pizza delivery missions. Ta-Da?

Waste the Wife		1.47
Payoff: $2000
Description: Kill Mrs. Dawson but make it look like and "accident"

Your no-named compadre wants you to kill a woman. When she gets out of the jewelry 
shop, chase her down! Keep bumping into her until you make her car start on fire. 
Then it will tell you to get your butt away from her. If you don't you will fail 
the mission and they might link the murder to you! When you get away far enough, 
her car will blow to smithereens and you get paid…. $2000. Oh Yeah!

Autocide			1.48
Payoff: $4000
Description: Eliminate 5 gang members around town.

This is probably one of the hardest missions so far. You have to foil the 
intentions of 5 gang members. Meaning, you have to kill them. You need to get a 
sniper rifle though. Just simply follow the blue blip on the radar. What you need 
to do is go on top of the rooftop of the car parking lot. When you get to the top, 
follow the blip until you get to the billboard. Your first target is a man that is 
on top of the billboard. Simply equip the rifle and blast his head. Then, if you 
grabbed the bike with the sniper rifle, get on and go to the next person. Your next 
target has the possibility of seeing you. If he does he will run away in his van. 
Just ram him over or do a drive-by to kill him. If he gets out just simply run him 
over. Note that if you get any wanted levels just ignore it. Don't go to a pay and 
spray because this is a timed mission. Next guys are near a jewelry shop. When you 
get there, you will see 2 guys. One will drive away on the pick-up truck while the 
other stays behind and tries to shoot you with a shotgun. Just run him over a few 
times until he is dead then go for the next guy. When you do this car chase, it's 
just like the last guy you had to kill. Just ram him off the road or do a drive-by. 
His car should start on fire and blow up. The next dude is on a boat. Just get as 
close as you can on land and snipe him without getting that nice suit wet. The last 
guy is riding a PCJ 600. Simply run him off his bike and teach him a thing or two. 
When you complete this mission you get 4000 dollars. Don't worry my friend. Soon 
you will be getting more money…..Soon.

Check Out at the Check-in		1.49
Payoff: $8000
Description: Use the sniper rifle to kill your target and acquire the briefcase.

This mission is started in Escobar International Airport. Your mystery caller tells 
you to get the sniper rifle he hid and shoot some man and retrieve his briefcase. 
Go get the sniper rifle and find a good vantage point. There will be a woman that 
you need to keep your eyes on. Don't shoot her because she will go to the man you 
need to kill. I recommend going up the stairs to the top area of the building. 
Don't get to close or you'll raise your Distance Meter. If you do, you will fail 
the mission. While she is talking to him, get your sniper rifle ready and shoot 
him. You will net yourself a two-star wanted level. Run and retrieve the briefcase 
and get in the closest car possible. Drive as quickly as you can to the downtown 
Ammunation and drop off the briefcase. This is not a timed mission so feel free to 
just go to a nearby pay and spray to "shake the heat" and when you do, you finally 
get awarded 8000 dollars.

Loose Ends 			1.50
Payoff: $16,000
Description: Just collect some dumb briefcase.

This mission becomes available after you do the mission The Shootist for the 
Malibu. For your last mission, your mystery employer tells you to head to the top 
of the ice cream factory and collect a briefcase. Go through the gate around the 
corner and shoot those guys in those nice looking suits. Go up to the car and look 
to your right and you'll find a man far away. Snipe him! Equip a sub-machine gun 
and run up the stairs. Shoot the explosive barrels to dispose of a few of the guys. 
Keep going where it tells you to go and you'll eventually reach the top of the Ice 
Cream Factory. Pick up the briefcase and enter the helicopter. Take it to the 
airport and land it. You'll soon finish the mission and that mystery man will not 
call you anymore! Finally, its about time!

Porn Empire		1.51
Recruitment Drive			1.52
Payoff: $1000
Description: Find some girls for your film venture.

You can only get these missions by buying the Porn Empire or the movie set. When 
you do, you have access to these missions. Tommy wants to make a "bad, bad film", 
so, you need to go pick up Candy Suxxx and Mercedes and bring them back to the 
studios. Follow the blip on your radar and pick up the girls. Make sure you have a 
four door car. Take them back to the studio and mission passed! How easy!

Dildo Dodo			1.53
Payoff: $2000
Description: Pass out flyers via helicopter.

This mission is a little hard or tough, depending on how well you can fly a plane 
like air-borne vehicle. You can go in any order, but the easiest way would be to 
start on the marker over the dirt bike trail downtown. From then on just follow the 
markers. After you complete this mission you get your pay.

Martha's Mug Shot		1.54
Payoff: $4000
Description: Frame Alex Shrub, the congressman.

This mission is very hard at the near end. (I hope you enjoy the CG!) Alex Shrub is 
trying to get your porn films shut down and you need to use Candy as bait. Steve 
gives you a camera and you have to go to your destination. The house on the 
opposite end of the house that Alex is inside of is a good vantage point. Just go 
up the stairs and reach the top of the building. I am not talking about the 
building where Alex Shrub is. DON'T GO THERE!! Instead go in the building across 
from it. When you get a good vantage, take 3 photos and this is where the mayhem 
starts. Your wanted level goes up 5 stars. When you try and go down the stairs, 
some agents will try to shoot you. Just shoot them back and make your way out of 
the building. I hope you have a fast car because you'll need it! Quickly hop in 
your car and head back to the studio. Make sure you AVOID the spike strips that the 
police will deploy onto the street. Remember, you don’t want to drive with four 
blown tires. That would just end the mission abruptly. When you get back to the 
studio, cops will be in there trying to kill you. Ignore them and run as fast as 
possible to the pink marker. As soon as you do, you get awarded 4000 dollars. Go 
spend it on some guns because you will need them later on.

G-Spotlight		1.55
Payoff: $8000
Description: Redirect a spotlight to Tommy's star, Candy Suxxx.

This mission is a little tough so you need to read carefully. You need to go 
downtown and redirect a searchlight to an office building. This gets tricky. As 
soon as the CG finishes, head and grab the PCJ and head to your destination. Once 
you get there, you will see several blips that lead to an office building follow 
them to get in. When you get inside, go in the elevator with your bike to advance a 
level. Then, drive forward, turn left, and then get ready. Drive the bike as fast 
as you can through the windows and into the next building. If you don’t make it, 
you can always try again. Remember, this shouldn’t be timed in any way, shape, or 
form. Take your time to jump across building to building and remember that nobody 
is rushing you. Follow the blips on each building and you'll eventually reach the 
spotlight. Halfway in this mission, you'll reach a building that will have stairs 
plop down. So, if you fall off a building, you can start there instead of doing the 
whole thing over again. Once you reach the spotlight, get off your motor vehicle 
and head into the pink marker. Tommy will project a Candy Suxxx image on a 
building. When you finish, you get 8000 smackers and the asset for the studio. You 
are close to the end my friend!

Umberto		1.56
Stunt Boat Challenge		1.57
Payoff: $1000
Description: Navigate your boat through some checkpoints.

This is an easy mission. Once you enter the pink marker outside the café, you will 
be introduced to Umberto. He wants you to prove to him that you have some "cojones" 
or whatever he said. So hence forward he tells you to go to your destination and 
get in a boat. Proceed into the checkpoint to start the challenge. There isn’t much 
I can tell you about this mission. Just keep focused and on the high jumps, go 
really fast so you can pull 'em off. Follow the pink blips on your radar and oh 
yeah, you only have 3 minutes to finish this shindig. Try your best to avoid any 
corners because when you try to back up its nearly impossible because the boats 
backing up system is very sluggish. But above all, just try your best to avoid any 
corners and by the time you finish this mission you will get a measly 1000 dollars 
for your troubles.

Cannon Fodder			1.58
Payoff: $2000
Description: Steal a van full of drugs.

Umberto wants you, (yeah YOU! And a couple other guys with you) to deliver a car 
full of Cubans into Haitian territory. Get a four door vehicle and wait outside 
Robina's Café. Then, once the guys are in the car, head towards your destination to 
proceed on with the mission. Once you get to your destination, hop out of the car 
and shoot the enemy gang members. DON’T SHOOT THE CUBANS. Remember, you are working 
for them, not against them. There are ways to get through. You can either blast the 
car to smithereens or you can blast it to smithereens! Both options are fantastic. 
Besides, if you do that, you also kill the Haitians behind the vehicle. After all 
that commotion, you try to move forward but suddenly, (dum-dum-duuuuummmm!) There 
is a sniper on the roof! Come on! Just shoot him with a weapon that supports first 
person view. After that head forward. This part is a little tough. When you get 
here, shoot some of the Haitians until one of your gang members tells you to get in 
the car. When he gets in, drive the car back to Robina's Café. Whatever you do, 
don’t run over any Cubans, (if you run over too many you will fail the mission.) 
and more importantly don’t let the car blow up. Don’t do drive-by's or anything 
like that. Just drive full speed ahead to your destination and you will get a 
paycheck with your name on it. Finally finished but wait there's more! (Ugh…..)

Naval Engagement		1.59
Payoff: $4000
Descriptions: Gun down the enemy and steal the drugs.

Well, to start off Umberto is really mad with the Haitians. (GOD, IT NEVER ENDS!!) 
But as usual, he wants you to do the dirty work. He wants you to grab a shipment of 
cocaine or some drugs from a boat. Why? Because the drugs are in a house, by a 
boat, you, umm, uhh, forget it. Grab a good weapon, if you don’t have one, go to 
Ammunation. I highly recommend buying an assault rifle, and a lot of ammo, I'm 
talking lots! Well, not a whole lot but about 2000-3000 ammo. Head over by Rico and 
his boat and head off. Well, he'll drive, you shoot. When you get there, go into 
first person aim with your assault rifle and shoot the gang members on the boat. If 
possible, try to shoot the boat to blow it up. After you do, you will land on well, 
land! Shoot a couple of guys and always cover. Around this time, switch to maybe a 
colt gun and shoot. Head over to the little shack and grab the first shipment of 
drugs in the briefcase. Then, shoot all the guys near the house and grab the last 
briefcase of drugs. Now, not only do you have to go back to your destination and 
deliver the darn thing, but you also have five stars. Yes, FIVE. So, hightail out 
of there and get in a quick car. I beg you to go to a pay and spray to shake the 
heat. Please. Then after all this delivering, and stealing, you get 4 grand. Wow, 
$4000. Seriously, we need more.

Auntie Poulet		1.60
Juju Scramble		1.61
Payoff: $1000
Description: Get money in briefcases and avoid the cops for Auntie Poulet.

Little, sweet Auntie Poulet wasn’t always sweet. She wants you to go around town 
taking wads of money hidden inside briefcases. Get in a car or bike and follow to 
your destination. See the briefcase? That's what you need to collect, four of them. 
When you grab the briefcase, you get wanted levels. Each time you grab a briefcase, 
the wanted level rises. So, when you watch the short, short scene, run FAST out of 
there. Cops will be shooting bullets at you! Get in your car and quickly go to your 
next destination. I hope you parked your car in a good position because you need to 
get to your next briefcase fast. This mission is timed so feel free to HURRY UP! 
Get out the car, grab the next package and go for the next one, with the car. Drive 
as fast as you possibly can and grab the next one. Then, deliver it back to Auntie 
Poulet. Tough mission, I know. What? $1000! For this hard mission. She is one cheap 
aunt. Next mission why don’t you give me a nickel. (Chuckles in a dumb way) 

Bombs Away!					1.62
Payoff: $2000
Description: Bomb the Cubans!

Funny, isn’t it? You worked for the Cubans and now you work against them. You work 
with the Haitians. After Auntie Poulet's last mission, you'll again work for the 
Cubans! Good grief this just never ends! I'm getting a restraining order after 
this. Anyways, Auntie Poulet wants you to bomb some Cubans with a teeny tiny RC 
plane. Gee, thanks. Anyways, for this mission, you simply need to get overhead the 
Cubans and bomb them with your plane. There isn't much said for this mission except 
good luck. Once you destroy almost everything, you still need to get the little 
Cuban running away in his car. Bomb him and mission complete. And yet again, you 
get really low cash.  

Dirty Lickin's		1.63
Payoff: $4000
Description: Help the Haitians in a gang war against the Cubans.

This mission is simple if you know how to keep your allies alive. If you don’t then 
you're screwed for this mission. But above all, it's relatively simple. Auntie 
Poulet gives you a sniper rifle and expects you to help the Haitians in a gang war. 
Go across her neighborhood and up the ladder to the top of the building. Stand in 
the little marker and aim. Shoot the guys in white not in purple. Color code: 
Purple=Haitians, white=Cubans. If they have a white shirt with a circle on it, then 
they are Cubans. After you shoot some, you will pass this mission. Feel free to go 
down and take the leftover money when the mission is over. Remember this too, if 
you start to lose to many allies, you will fail the mission. Also, during the 
mission, NEVER GO DOWN BY THE GANG WAR! They will spot you and you'll fail the 
mission. That does it all for her dumb missions. Bye Auntie Poulet, we'll visit 
soon. *whispers* in a gazillion years!

Umberto (Cont.)			1.64
Trojan Voodoo			1.65
Payoff: $10,000
Description: Enter enemy territory at all costs!

Sorry if the description didn't help but this will! Umberto wants you to first get 
one of those voodoo cars. There is by Auntie Poulet's house so that wasn't too 
hard. Follow your destination and you'll meet up with Rico. Follow them until you 
get to the Haitian territory. The guards get fooled by the car and let you in. 
While you are driving, run over some of the Haitians so when you try to escape, 
you'll have and easy time doing it. While you are driving, if you spot some steps 
somewhere remember where it was. This will help you a lot. Once you reach the 
building, run inside and plant bombs in all of the places shown. After you got all 
the ones on the bottom, run on top of the stairs on the inside of the factory and 
plant more. Then, hightail out of there! You shouldn't even bother going back to 
the gate entrance because that is closed. Remember those steps I told you about? Go 
run up those steps and run down to the street. You'll see the factory blow up and 
you'll receive a whopping 10,000 dollars. That about sums it up for all the Cuban 

The next mission is not a main story mission so feel free to skip this section. If 
you want to do this mission then read on. You might be disappointed.

Boatyard Missions			1.66
Checkpoint Charlie			1.67
Payoff: N/A
Description: Go through all the checkpoints.

If you read the note then you might have seen that I said you might be 
disappointed. That's because you don't get paid in this mission. But, if you pass 
it you unlock the boatyard asset which will generate cash daily. Simply follow all 
the checkpoints until you complete this mission. Just go fast on the jumps, okay? 
Completing this mission is not worth it to me.

Kaufman Cabs				1.68
V.I.P. 			1.69
Payoff: $1000
Description: Attack your rival cab and get your passenger to the airport.

First things first. You need to buy the Kaufman cab place in order to do these 
missions. For this mission, you need to go pick up an exclusive V.I.P. and take him 
to the airport. You only have one minute to reach the area where you must pick him 
up so drive real fast avoiding any possible collisions. When you get there, stop in 
the pink marker and honk your horn. He'll come out but then your rival cab will 
come. He will take the passenger and you need to get the V.I.P. back. Do some drive-
bys and eventually the guy will come out of the car. Get close to him and he will 
get in your car. Drive all the way to the destination and you have won yourself a 
fabulous 1000 dollars! Wow! 

Friendly Rivalry			1.70
Payoff: $2000
Description: Destroy the other taxis. MWAHAHAHAH!!!! 

VC cabs are your rival cab and they are stealing your fares. You need to get rid of 
them. Chase the 3 VC cabs one by one and shoot them. Try to make them blow up so 
you can laugh. After you destroy all 3, you get $2000. Pretty easy mission if I do 
say so myself!

Cabmageddon			1.71
Payoff: $3000
Description: Survive the brutal VC cab attack.

Mercedes wants you to pick her up so head to the destination. When you get there, 
sound the horn. Then a bunch of VC cabs want to play demolition derby with you as 
the main target. You can go to 8-balls bomb shop which is the last blue door of the 
garages that is by the water. Go in there and the cabs should follow you. After all 
that, your car will be rigged to explode. Try to start a pile up in that same 
garage. Hop out and away from all the cars and detonate your car. That will blow 
them all up and now you have to face their boss. He drives a zebra car so you can 
do 1 of 2 options. One, if you have a rocket launcher, run away from him and fire 
or two, you can shoot its tires with a sniper to slow it down, run up to the cab, 
throw the man out of the cab and run him over with his own vehicle. Either way is 
fine. You get 3000 dollars in cash and you completed the Kaufman cab asset. You 
also get the Zebra cab in your Kaufman Cab's building.

The Malibu				1.72
No Escape? 		1.73
Payoff: $1000
Description: Bust out a man in jail.

This mission is really hard and you don’t get paid a lot which stinks. During these 
Malibu missions, you need to get some powerful people so you can complete a bank 
heist later on in the game. Ken Rosenberg wants you to go and bust out Cam Jones 
who is an expert safe-cracker. Head for the police department and park a fast car 
by the entrance. Get inside and make sure that on the little box for your weapons 
you only see a fist because cops will get mad at you. Go up the stairs and you need 
to go into one of those little offices that they have and take the key card. Then 
head downstairs and into the jail area. Use the key card to bust out Cam Jones. 
Now, not only do you have to drive him back to his house but you also have 4 stars. 
Now I hope you parked a fast vehicle because now is Bond, James Bond, time. Hop in 
the car and wait for Cam to get in. Don’t wait to long or cops will bust you. When 
Cam gets in the car, speed or hightail your way outta their and take him to his 
house. Try your utmost best to avoid any of the cops and the spike strips that they 
deploy while you are driving. When you get Cam back home, you get a measly $1000.

The Shootist		1.74
Payoff: $2000
Description: Get a higher score at the shooting range than Phil Cassidy.

If you are very good at aiming those first person guns then you are going to have 
an easy time on this mission. When you get to Ammunation, go inside the shooting 
range and talk to Phil. You're gonna ask him to join your merciless crew in an 
attempt to do a bank heist later. He says that he will cooperate, only if you can 
shoot better than him. There isn’t much to say about this mission. Just make sure 
you aim precisely, meaning directly, at the targets and you'll have no problem. Try 
not to waste any ammo because if time runs out or if your ammo runs out, the course 
is over. You're aiming to get at least over 60 points. Then, after the first round, 
you are prompted to go into the next room. In this room, aim as best as you can at 
the cardboard people. My tip is when you have that first person mode for shooting, 
take the little dot inside the big circle and place it on your enemy and fire! Just 
make sure you do it quickly because they won't stay up for long! After you complete 
this mission, Phil agrees to join you in your quest and you get 2000 smackers. Just 
one more person left.

The Driver		1.75
Payoff: $3000
Description: Beat Hillary in a car race or in German, Autorenfahren. 

You just need one more person to conduct your little heist. You need a driver, and 
Rosenberg says that he knows the best person for the job, Hillary. Unfortunately, 
Hillary will only comply if you beat him in a race. Go outside the Malibu and 
you'll meet Hillary. The disadvantage is that he has a much faster car than you. 
Soon enough, you'll get a two star wanted level because of illegal racing. Since 
Hillary's car is much faster than your car, you can only hope that the cops bump 
into him or he gets slowed down by traffic. If you manage to make it all the way to 
the end, Hillary will join you and you have one mission left!

The Job	1.76
Payoff: $30,000
Description: Its bank heist time!

Aren't you a little concerned as to why all the missions start with the? Oh well! 
Now that you have everyone, you can finally go and do your little bank heist. Make 
sure everyone gets in the cab before it leaves. You'll be taken to a bank which you 
will rob. When you get there, hop out of the car and head into the pink marker on 
your right to change into some bank clothes. Bank robbing that is! When you get 
inside, Phil will stay guard while you and Cam go upstairs to the safe. Make sure 
you have some weapons equip because guards will attack. There is some armor on the 
second floor if you need it. Head into the elevator and into another room. Kill 
some guards if there are any and head to the vault. Cam says it will take a while 
so head downstairs to find the manager. Take him upstairs to the vault but walk! 
Don’t run because he needs to be there with you and if you run ahead of him he 
might get lost! Leave the manager upstairs with Cam and head downstairs with Phil. 
Someone set the alarm of so you now have a 3 star wanted level. When downstairs, 
head into the pink marker and Jones opens the vault. But then suddenly, the SWAT 
team comes to the rescue! Shoot them and make sure you keep good ol' Phil alive 
because you'll need him to beat the game! Once the area is clear, head into the 
pink circle by the doors and meet your makers! Hillary pulls up the taxi but gets 
shot. Quickly dispose of any cops who you think can get you out of the car in a 
jiffy. Eliminate those people and get in the car. When everyone gets in, drive all 
the way back home, (not Liberty City I mean your destination!) and you'll get your 
paycheck of a whopping $30,000 plus you just completed the asset for the Malibu. 
Only 6 more missions left and you beat the game!

Phil Cassidy		1.77
Gun Runner			1.78
Payoff: $2000
Description: Make four trucks drop their cargo and take it.

Phil will call you after the mission called The Job and offer his services. Get 
over to his house now! Phil wants you to blow up 4 different vehicles and collect 
the cargo they drop. This is fairly easy so get a sub-machine gun and get in a car. 
I prefer a fast one. Try to find them one by one and do some drive bys. When you 
manage to at least get the car smoking and almost about to blow up, they drop the 
cargo. Get your butt outta the car and go collect it. Do the same thing for the 
rest and you'll pass this mission in no time.

Boomshine Saigon		1.79
Payoff: $4000
Description: Get Phil some medical attention quickly!

Phil is one whacked up man. He tries to blow off his own arm now. You need to get 
him to a hospital before he dies. You'll have a really hard time driving because of 
all the Boomshine. Don’t exceed your speed to much or the screen will get blurry 
and you'll have a whole lot more trouble driving. When you get to the hospital, 
Phil starts complaining and tells you to take him to an ex-army surgeon downtown. 
Take him there before he passes out and or dies. When you complete this mission, 
you get the money, Phil's asset complete, and you get some pretty cool weapons over 
at his place. Life is sweet in Vice City, ain't it?

Print Works		1.80
Spilling the Beans		1.81
Payoff: $2000	
Description: Extract some info from a shipping officer.

Just 4 more missions and you are done with the game! Now in this mission, you need 
to first buy the print works for about 7-8000 dollars. I know it's a lot but you 
need it in order to beat the game. The old man that owns the print works can print 
up some counterfeit cash but will need some plates in order to proceed. Go outside 
and get in the taxi which will take you to the Malibu. Speak to Kent Paul and he 
mentions something about triads. Leave the Malibu and go to your next destination. 
You'll find that it is on a huge boat. Go up the boat and kill some people who try 
to shoot you. After you kill most of them, head to your destination and watch. 
Then, you get a 2 star wanted level. Hurry downstairs and get in a fast car. Drive 
to the nearest pay and spray to get rid of that 2 star wanted level. Then head back 
to the print works and collect your pay.

Hit the Courier	1.82
Payoff: $5,000
Description: Assassinate the courier to get the plates needed for counterfeiting. 

This mission will get you the asset properties done for the print works and will 
also unlock the last two missions for the game. Part two requires you to retrieve 
plates from the courier. She'll arrive via a heli. (Helicopter) Go down to the 
docks and wait a while. She'll get in a car and speed off. I hope you have a fast 
car because you'll need one in order to keep up with her! Do some drive-by 
shootings to make her get out of her car. Kill her and retrieve the plates. Also 
kill any other female guards to make sure your escape shall be easy. Run, well 
actually drive, all the way back to the print works. You completed the asset for 
the print works, got 5000 bucks, and you got two more missions left till the end of 
the game! What are you waiting for?

Final Missions	1.83
Cap the Collector		1.84
Payoff: $30,000
Description: Stop any of the enemy gang members from putting you out of business.

Even though you already did all the print works missions, you still need to go 
there again to get this mission. It turns out that Sonny is tired of waiting and 
wants the money. He sent a few henchmen to get to your asset properties and steal 
the money. Quickly hop in a car and speed off! Do drive-bys do anything to kill the 
Forelli men from stealing your money! They are riding in Sanchez's so run them 
over! There are six collectors so go kill 'em all! If they tax all your properties, 
you fail the mission! When you kill all six, you beat the mission and you unlock 
the final mission!

Keep Your Friends Close…		1.85
Payoff: $30,000
Description: The moment of truth. Stop the Forelli's from taking your money!

This is it. You've worked so hard to get this far so don't screw it up. Sonny is 
fed up and he's making a little visit to your house. Before he comes here, you tell 
Ken to get the fake cash and you tell Lance to go get the Forelli's. When Lance 
comes back, you find out that he betrayed you! He told Sonny all about your little 
counterfeit operation. Sonny is mad, and he will kill you. You start out behind 
your desk. Shoot all the goons from taking your money. Soon you'll see a short 
scene with Lance outside the office. Kill that little prick traitor! Run outside 
and shoot him. That little punk runs away so chase him. Also make sure to kill some 
goons while you are chasing Lance. Keep shooting at him whenever you get the 
chance. You'll eventually end up at the rooftop of your mansion. Shoot Lance as 
well as all the goons. Take cover so you don't get wounded too much. Make sure you 
have some rocket launcher ammo because you'll need it later. If you do have rocket 
launcher ammo and you have about 5, use them on Lance. Make sure you have at least 
3 rocket launcher ammo left because you'll need it. When you send that prick to the 
dumps head back downstairs and go into you office. Keep shooting some more goons 
until Sonny shows up. Remember those 3 rocket launcher ammos I told you to keep? 
Well, equip the rocket launcher and tell Sonny to say hello to your little friend! 
3 rocket launcher shots should kill Sonny. After all this ruckus which totally 
reminds me of Scarface, watch the ending credits and enjoy yourself. Oh and one 
more thing. The game doesn't really "end." You get an extra 30,000 dollars and you 
can cruise around Vice City and show people who truly owns Vice City. Thank you for 
reading this guide and congrats on beating this magnificent masterpiece, created by 

Extras!!!!!!!!		1.85
Odd Jobs
Odd Jobs are the founding society of Vice City in which we can make a little bit 
more than we earn .Don't get me wrong, most of these "Odd Jobs" are quite 

The only way you'll be able to do distribution missions is if you buy the Ice Cream 
factory. You'll have a nice little old lady greet you in a creepy yet non-
sophisticated way. Hop in your little Ice Cream truck and head off. Keep selling 
over and over and you'll eventually get a few wanted levels. The easiest way to get 
rid of them is by going to a pay and spray that's close by. Some gangs might even 
start to attack you. But remember, Pay and Sprays don’t work on gangs!

Car Showroom pt. 1: Street Races
For those who are looking for the RC races, you'll have to wait awhile or skip 
ahead. That's if I've updated this thing. There are 6, yes 6, different street 
races that you can compete in. Below is a list of the six races, how much it costs 
to enter, and how much you get if you win.

Street Race				Entrance Fee			
Terminal Velocity                                 
$100                                                  $400
Ocean Drive                                          $500			
Border Run				  $1000				 $4000
Capital Cruise				  
$2000                                                 $8000
Tour!                                                     $5000			
V.C. Endurance 		             $10,000 				 $40,000

They are all a lot of money to enter but you get a bigger prize if you win. When 
doing these races, I recommend starting small and going up until you get enough 
experience. These races do give out a ton of money but they also make you lose some 
too! Also, the races are tougher and tougher as you go along. To access these 
missions you need to buy the car showroom which also unlocks the next part.

Car Showroom pt. 2: Stolen Cars
Okay, for this part, you need to steal a few cars that are on the list and drop 
them off at the Car Showroom garage. The following list is what you need in each 
Remember, you need to get all the cars on the list in order to go to the next on.

List 1
Blista Compact
Prize: Deluxo
List 2
Prize: Sabre Turbo

List 3
Prize: Sandking

List 4
Cuban Hermes
Baggage Handler
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy
Prize: Hotring Racer

I'm liking that prize in list 4. The Hotring Racer is a really fast car and now you 
have it with you all the time! If you don't know what car is what then here is a 
useful tip. When you get in a car, you notice the in the right hand corner it says 
a certain name. For those of you who don't know that means that that's the name of 
the car you are driving. That's only when you enter a car. So don't get it mixed up 
when you are driving and you notice in that corner it says Vice Point. Well, you 
get the picture.

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