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GTA Vice City


1: General Tips
2: Introduction to Vice City
3: Ken Rosenberg
       .1: The Party
        .2: Back Alley Brawl
        .3: Jury Fury
        .4: Riot
4: Avery Carrington
        .1:Four Iron
        .2: Two Bit Hit
5: Colonel Juan Cortez
       .1: Treacherous Swine
       .2: Mall Shootout
       .3: Guardian Angels
       .4: Sir, Yes Sir
       .5: All Hand on Deck
6: Ricardo Diaz
     .1: The Chase
      .2: Phnom Penh ’86
      .3: The Fastest Boat
      .4: Supply and Demand
7: Tommy Vercetti
     .1: Death Row
     .2: Rub Out
     .3: Shakedown
8: Love Fist 
     .1: Love Juice
     .2: Psycho Killer
     .3: Publicity Tour
9: Biker Gang 
     .1: Alloy Wheels of Steel
     .2: Messing with the Man
     .3: Hog Tied


Before I start with the walkthrough guide I thought that some these tips might 

• If 1 cop is running after you be careful because if he gets the chance he will 
pull you out your car and you will be busted.

• If a few police cars are after you find a pay ‘n’ spray or grab a police bribe 
you can find one.

An Old Friend

Tommy gets out of jail after 15 years and Sonny wants to keep Tommy out the way 
he sends him on a little mission, which he screws up because of an ambush. So 
is mad because he didn’t get his cash. And Tommy told Sonny that he would take 
of it.

Ken Rosenberg

(3.1) The Party

Stop by Rafael’s first (it’s in the Washington Beach area) he will give you a 
suit. A biker then shows up in a fmv and Vercetti says ‘nice bike’, take if you 
want it and then go to the party at Colonel Juan Cortez's yacht. If you can’t 
it is south to the southern bridge that connects the right island to the left 
island but you have help from a little pink blip anyway. 

You’ll meet up with Cortez and then he’ll introduce you to his daughter, 
Mercedes will take you around the yacht and she tells you about each person, she 
then wants you to take her to the Pole Position Club. Pick a car and go to the 
Position Club which isn’t to far from here, but if you like bikes then a PCJ 600 
nearby if not get in the car near the entrance gate and turn left down the road 
you will find the bike.

Reward: $100

(3.2) Back Alley Brawl

Go back to Ken Rosenberg, the lawyer, so that he can introduce you to your next 
mission, he will tell you about this guy known as Kent Paul and then Rosenberg 
tells you to go to the Malibu Club to meet with him.

It is located right in the centre of the right island. When you’re there go 
and you will find Kent drunk. Just watch the fmv and he will tell you to go and 
find a chef in an alley. Beat him up and take the phone, which will now be used 
a way for other people to contact you. Ignore the chefs that come after you and 
and get in Lance’s car.  This time take a trip to ammu-nation represented by the 
gun symbol and get yourself a piece and armour and any other item that your heart 
desires and then return to the hotel to complete the mission.

Reward: $200

(3.3) Jury Fury

Ken found out that there are guys coming down there, he thought Tommy said he 
take care of it, he also asked for the money. Tommy told him to relax and not to 
worry about the money. After you leave the office a guy gets run over and a 
is left for you to pick up. There are 2 yellow dots on your radar which, 
the juror’s cars, so smash them up.

Reward: $1000

(3.4) Riot

This is the best mission which Ken sets you, he wants you to create a riot by 
beating up at least 4 workers but first you have to look the part so take a trip 
Rafael’s and then head over to the location. After you have created the riot you 
have to destroy 3 vans by either shooting the barrels or getting into each van 
bash it into the walls until it catches on fire. Once you have destroyed all the 
vans you have completed the mission. And that’s end of Rosenberg’s boring 
you will now work for Avery Carrington.

Reward: $1000

Avery Carrington

(4.1) Four Iron

Avery wants you to go to the golf course and take out a guy that he hates; he 
you a membership card so that you can get in. Go to Rafael’s to look the part and 
then get to the golf course. If you park the car to the right of the course by 
white gate and then jump across the corner of the gate, you can smuggle weapons 
Then go and kill the guy.

Reward: $500

(4.2) Demolition Man

Avery is out of town and he wants you to go and demolished construction site with 
remote controlled helicopter (controls will be shown). 
You have to go to the Top Fun van to start it. Pick up the bombs and drop them on 
the designated targets. If you like blood you can cut the builders up with the 
blades of the helicopter. Follow the blips to locate the gas canisters.

Reward: $1000

(4.3) Two Bit Hit

Avery introduces you to Donald Love, from GTA 3. Avery wants you to stir up 
between the Cubans and the Haitians. Go to Rafael’s and pick up a disguise. Head 
over to where the pink blip is located. Kill the gang leader and get out of 
Havana, if you fail to kill him and he gets into the hearse then DO NOT drive 
behind him as he will drop explosives out the back of the car. Do a drive-by and 
shoot the car till you blow it up.

Reward: $2500

Colonel Juan Cortez

(5.1) Treacherous Swine

Cortex tells you about Gonzalez, he gives you a chainsaw. Head over to the pink 
blip. You will watch a fmv sequence when he tries to run away. When he goes out 
the door just shoot him, if you don’t have any guns then use the chainsaw.

Reward: $250

(5.2) Mall shootout

Cortez wants you to go and meet someone with some guidance chips. The yellow 
triangle is facing upwards this is because he is on the second floor of the mall. 
You can drive a car or bike in there if you want to. Go up the escalator and a 
will appear. FBI agents have been spying on you and then the guy with the 
chips runs off and you have to chase after him. He gets on a bike and you can use 
car or a biker to shoot/knock him off. Get the briefcase and return it to Cortez.

Reward: $500

(5.3) Guardian Angels

In this mission you have to make sure a deal goes smoothly. You have to go to the 
car park and collect a gun. Lance comes and meets you and you both go to the 
After the fmv go to the pink blip up the stairs and wait for another fmv. I know 
usually go down to where the guys are and WAIT until the shooting has started and 
then kill all of them. A couple of guys take Diaz’s money on dirt bikes. Chase 
after them and get the money and then return it to Diaz.

Reward: $1000

(5.4) Sir, Yes Sir

You have to steel a tank from the army on left island. Get over there and then 
until they stop off for doughnuts. Then get out/off you car/bike and get in the 
tank. The army then starts the detonation for the tank so it will eventually blow 
up. Get it to Cortez’s lock up before the detonation bar is full to complete the 

Reward: $2000

(5.5) All hands on Deck

On this mission you have to defend Cortez’s boat from the French. Destroy the 
and then a couple of helicopters will come shoot them down before they can 
disembark some guys, if not just shoot the guys then the helicopter. Destroy 
everything necessary and then the mission is complete.

Ricardo Diaz

(6.1) The Chase

Follow the pink blip. Once you are there look through the apartment window he 
then spot you, chase after him across the roof NOT shooting him. He will 
jump off the roof. Grab the faggio because it is the closest vehicle to you and 
follow him until you find where his hideout is.

Reward: $1000

(6.2) Phnom Penh

You and Lance get into a helicopter, Lance is the pilot whilst you take care of 
groups of men trying to shoot you down. You then land and have to kill a guy. 
that run to the pick up point.

Reward: $2000

(6.3) The Fastest Boat

Get to the docks and kill all of the guys if possible or quickly run inside the 
house and run into the pink blip, the boat is the lowered using the switch. Run 
over to it and drive it to Diaz’s mansion.

Reward: $4000

(6.4) Supply and Demand

You have to be the first boat to the yacht to get the cargo. When driving stay to 
the left of the islands. Then when you see the entrance to the pink blip (yacht) 
turn right. The next thing to do is stop the other boats from blowing you up by 
using the gun on the back whilst Lance is driving.

Reward: $10,000

Going it Alone

This is a big part of the game as you head over to the K on the radar to find out 
some bad news.

(7.1) Death Row

You have to go and rescue Lance as he has been taken hostage. Take a car or 
helicopter and kill all the men before Lance’s health bar has run out. The 
fly/drive to the hospital, if you are in a car then try to drive down alleys to 
avoid the guys after you.

Reward: None

(7.2) Rub Out

This is when it gets good, you and Lance decide to kill Diaz to get his mansion. 
Lance gives you an M4. You find out that the door is locked (duh) so you have to 
round the back of the mansion, just follow Lance and on the way kill all the 
Once inside search for Diaz, once you have found him make sure to stay out of the 
way of his gun, he takes longer to kill than any normal guy. Once you have then 
will see a cut scene. YOU NOW OWN THE MANSION (WOOHOO)

Reward: $50,000

(7.3) Shakedown

You have to go to the mall and destroy all the required windows in 5 mins so that 
they pay protection money, take the infernus (outside your mansion) or helicopter 
(on top of your mansion). When you get there go in and destroy the windows. When 
you get the cops on you it is useful to go a certain store with an escalator and 
get a change of clothes so that the cops will be off your back for a minute. Once 
all the windows are destroyed you have completed the mission.

Reward: $2000
(You can also buy properties!)

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