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Table Of Contents:
i: History
ii: Climate
iii: Government and Politics
iiii: Economy
v: Religion
vi:Population and People
vii:Getting Around
    1. By Car
    2. By Motorbike
    3. By Boat
    4. By Air
    5. On Foot
viii: Vice City Airport
ix: Entertainment and Nightlife
  1. Bars and Clubs
  2. The Greasy Chopper
  3. Restaurants
  4. Strip Joints
  5. The Arena
  6. Dirtbikes
  7. Golf
  8. Street Racing

i: History
Does anyone really care about the history of Vice City? Probably not. Today it's a 
city run by dealers and weasels. Expensive suits, flashy cars and beautiful women 
are the accesories of millionaires that spend their afternoons in the shade, 
determining the fate of Vice City's less fortunate and waging war on rival drug 

ii: Climate
Vice City's warm weather may be the only reason anyone would have dreamed of 
inhabiting the place at all. The weather is generally hot and sunny all year round 
with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

iii: Government and Politics
Congressman Alex Shrub is the Republican representative for Vice City and a figure 
to watch in the right wing world of Vice City politics. Hailed by many as the 
boy, Shrub promises solutions to difficult problems and charms everyone. But the 
gossip mill has him labeled as a drunken letch, who doesn't care about anything but 
apart from how to seduce the nearest intern, or where the next scotch is coming 
from. Who knows who to believe.
There is a strong military presence in Vice City with Fort Baxter Air Base located 
near the airport.

Vice City's economy relies heavily on tourism and the black market. There is a lot 
of money floating around in Vice City (some of it real,some not), much of it 
hands in large quanities and moves pretty quickly, flowing rapidly through the 
of those who know how to spend it.

v: Religion
In Vice City money is God. Even local TV and radio superstar evangelist Pastor 
Richards will offer you guaranteed entry to heaven for the right price. Make a 
donation and you will be saved.

vi: Population and People
The population of Vice City is approximately 1.8 million inhabitants. Many of its 
inhabitants are foreign born, the rest are imbred - a large proportion are Cubans, 
Haitians, rednecks and retirees.

vii: Getting Around
   1: By Car
Car rental? Don't bother. It has been said that Vice City is a city of sun, fun, 
fast cars and beautiful women. It's definitely the place to be if you love flashy 
sportscars, especially if you're not paying...
See one you look cool in? Even better if the color matches your outfit, press 
Triangle button and put your foot down (X button).
   2: By Motorbike
Need to feel the wind in your hair? You may want to learn a few tricks to impress 
whoever might be watching.
   3: By Boat
Vice City prides itself on its clean beutiful sparkling blue waterways - enjoy 
Boats are a great way to get around.
   4: By Air
The seaplane
Seaplane is a great way to see the city and make any urgent deliveries you need 
quickly. Tours leave from the docks regularly, not that most people seem to bother 
with a schedule.
Make an entrance. Arrive in style. In case you've never flown one before and need a 
crash course, its worth remembering the basics. X button :Ascend   Square button: 
Descend    R2 & L2 buttons: Rotation
   5: On Foot
Want to go for a stroll along the beach? Or don't want to crush your suit getting 
into a low sprotscar? Press and hold X button to run faster - but watch the sweat 
that suit. Fitness is a fad, and though you may not be into a full-on workout tape 
with legwarmers, a bit of training not only keeps you slim but also builds your 

viii: Vice City Airport
Escobar International Airport is situated on the southwest side of Fort Baxter Air 
Base and is easily reachable by road although you will have to pass through Little 
Havana to get there.

ix: Entertainment and Nightlife
  1. Bars and Clubs
The Malibu Club is Vice City's hottest night club. Door policy is strict, drinks 
expensive, the women are beautiful. Located in Vice Point.
  2. The Greasy Chopper
The Greasy Chopper is the place you want to be if you're feeling up for a fight or 
screaming through Vice City on two wheels. Definitely a spot to hit for an exiting 
night out, but we recommend you wait for an invitation. Regular Mitch Baker doesn't 
take kindly to strangers just wandering in off the street. Located in Downtown.
  3. Restaurants
Cafe Robina serves the best, most authentic rice and beans north of Havana. Make 
sure you stop in for coffee if you're in the area. Located in Little Havana.
  4. Strip Joints
Vice City's favorite daughters, packed to the gills with silicone. But no touching. 
Located in Ocean Beach.
  5. The Arena
Catch a show or enter the competition. Upcoming Events:
Blood Ring Destruction Derby
Dirt Ring Obstacle Course
Hot Ring Stock Racing
  6. Dirtbikes
Feed your inner redneck. Located on Ocean Beach and in north Downtown.
  7. Golf
Jack old rich dudes for their golf carts. Yeah, that's right, we said it. They can 
afford new ones. Located in Vice Point.
  8. Street Racing
Street racing is popular in Vice City. Locations and participants change frequently 
but you can usually find them posted on a noticeboard at Sunshine Autos.

Now you know a lot about Vice City and its citizens.

Happy Killing!

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